Apply for a New Domain Name

Interested in obtaining a new .edu domain name?

Note: The .edu Cooperative Agreement with the US Department of Commerce, under which EDUCAUSE administers the .edu domain, currently does not allow EDUCAUSE to register more than one .edu domain name for a registrant. However, registrants that registered multiple .edu domain names prior to the Cooperative Agreement taking effect on October 29, 2001 were allowed to retain those registrations under the "grandfathering" provisions of the Agreement.

Review the application steps below:

  • Review the eligibility requirements to determine if your organization qualifies for .edu domain name registration.
  • If eligible, check the availability of your desired domain name via our domain search tool below. The domain name being requested must reasonably represent the name of the institution or organization applying to register it. The domain name may not be deployed to identify any organization other than the registrant institution or organization and may not be a "generic" name.
  • If the domain is available, click on "ADD TO CART" and complete the application process.
  • EDUCAUSE staff will review all applications for eligibility as well as accuracy and either approve or deny the application via an email notification. Applications are reviewed and vetted in the order in which they are received. This process can take 4-6 weeks or even longer depending on the application volume. Until your application has been reviewed, the domain name for which you applied will not be active nor will it appear in the WHOIS Lookup as registered.