General Copyright Information

Unless otherwise noted, EDUCAUSE holds the copyright on all materials published by the association, whether in print or electronic form. In certain cases the work remains the intellectual property of the individual author(s) (see Special Circumstances below). These are noted where appropriate. In general, permission to copy or disseminate EDUCAUSE materials, either print or electronic, is granted if the following conditions are met:

  • Copies are not made or distributed for commercial advantage.
  • The EDUCAUSE copyright and its date appear on the reproduced materials.
  • Notice is given that copying is by permission of EDUCAUSE.

To disseminate otherwise, or to republish, requires written permission.

For further information, contact:

Colleen Keller
Electronic Resources Librarian
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phone: 303–939–0309
e–mail: [email protected]

For information on ECAR publications, contact:

Mark McCormack
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Linking to the EDUCAUSE Website

When referring to pages on the EDUCAUSE website from another website, please link to the web page from which individual files are linked rather than to the individual files themselves (including but not limited to PDFs, PowerPoint slides, Word documents, or graphics). Such files should never be linked to or copied from the EDUCAUSE server for use on another site.

Permission is never needed to link to pages on the EDUCAUSE website. We appreciate that you find value in our site and that you encourage others to use it by linking to our materials.

Special Circumstances

Conference Presentations

Papers that have been presented at EDUCAUSE or EDUCAUSE–affiliated events are the intellectual property of the presenters/authors, even though they are published on the EDUCAUSE website.

Permission to print or disseminate all or part of such papers is granted provided that the copies are not made or distributed for commercial advantage and that the title and authors of the paper appear on the printouts. To copy or disseminate otherwise, or to republish in any form, requires written permission from the authors.

To locate an author or presenter, try using the EDUCAUSE Member Directory feature of this website. Many authors/presenters are EDUCAUSE members and can be found through this information service.

Publications (including EDUCAUSE Review)
  • Authors retain the copyright to their intellectual content, with EDUCAUSE owning the copyright to the physical presentation (whether as an article, a book, or a monograph).
  • Authors retain the right to publish their material elsewhere, providing that the original EDUCAUSE publication is acknowledged. Others will need to contact authors to obtain permission for reprinting or distribution.
  • EDUCAUSE has the right to edit the material to meet the association's standards.
Electronic Discussion Forums

The EDUCAUSE website may contain discussion lists that permit you to communicate with EDUCAUSE members and/or the broader higher education IT community. Use of these services is limited to post, send, and receive messages and materials appropriate to the service.

EDUCAUSE does not regularly screen or monitor these services; however, EDUCAUSE reserves the right to review information or materials posted and to remove any such information or materials if it violates the intention of the service. EDUCAUSE reserves the right to block access to the service by anyone who has routinely disregarded applicable terms of use guidelines and policies.

EDUCAUSE does not control or endorse the content, messages, or information found in any of its community web services. EDUCAUSE does not endorse or otherwise verify the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of any information provided unless it is provided by an authorized EDUCAUSE spokesperson. Any statements made on EDUCAUSE web services reflect only the views of their authors, and reliance on any such content is at your own risk. EDUCAUSE web services will be managed or hosted by either employees or designated EDUCAUSE members who are not authorized EDUCAUSE spokespersons, and their views or actions in managing or hosting services do not necessarily reflect those of EDUCAUSE.


Intellectual Property:

All materials in the Library are the intellectual property of their contributing authors or institutions. These materials may be used for educational and other noncommercial purposes. To use otherwise requires permission from the individual author or contributing campus.

Submissions to the Library:

The Library is a digital collection, accepting only submissions in an electronic format. If your resource is already available online, we can point to the URL from our library. If you would like us to put your document on our website,

  • provide us with an electronic copy (word-processing format, PDF, or HTML);
  • complete the copyright release; and
  • email your document and the copyright release to: [email protected]
Copyright Release

DOCUMENT: I hereby acknowledge and agree that EDUCAUSE shall have the right to make the above document available online through the EDUCAUSE Library. I also acknowledge that EDUCAUSE has the right to modify the format of the submission (leaving the content intact) if necessary to facilitate the various distribution mechanisms.


The EDUCAUSE Name and Logo

EDUCAUSE is a registered trademark. Use of the EDUCAUSE® name or logo in any form is not allowed without permission. To request permission and obtain the EDUCAUSE logo, please email [email protected].

When referring to EDUCAUSE, the name should be written in all capital letters, as it appears here.

The tagline for EDUCAUSE is: Uncommon Thinking for the Common Good

If you need to describe the association, please use one of the following:

EDUCAUSE is a higher education technology association and the largest community of IT leaders and professionals committed to advancing higher education. Technology, IT roles and responsibilities, and higher education are dynamically changing. Formed in 1998, EDUCAUSE supports those who lead, manage, and use information technology to anticipate and adapt to these changes, advancing strategic IT decision making at every level within higher education. EDUCAUSE is a global nonprofit organization whose members include U.S. and international higher education institutions, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and K-12 institutions. With a community of more than 99,000 individuals at member organizations located around the world, EDUCAUSE encourages diversity in perspective, opinion, and representation.

For more information please visit

Basic Policy for Use of the EDUCAUSE Name

EDUCAUSE is: (i) the sole owner in the United States of all rights in the tradenames "EDUCAUSE", "CAUSE" and "EDUCOM" and in the official insignias and logos of EDUCAUSE, CAUSE and EDUCOM; and (ii) the sole owner in the United States of all rights in the trademarks, service marks and association marks "EDUCAUSE", "CAUSE" and "EDUCOM", the marks "EDUCAUSE", "CAUSE" and "EDUCOM" and the EDUCAUSE, CAUSE and EDUCOM logos relating to all services and activities of EDUCAUSE and goods provided by EDUCAUSE (all of which are hereinafter referred to as the "Marks" or "EDUCAUSE Marks."

It is the policy of EDUCAUSE to exercise due diligence to assure that misuse of its Marks does not occur or is corrected. Any unauthorized use of the EDUCAUSE Marks will be referred to the Board of Directors for review and action.

It is the policy of EDUCAUSE that the EDUCAUSE Marks shall not be used without the express written authorization of EDUCAUSE. Such written authorization will be in the form of a grant of license to use one or more of the EDUCAUSE Marks.

EDUCAUSE will grant the use of its name in cases where it is deemed to be of interest or value to the association and its purposes. Examples of situations where EDUCAUSE may grant use of its name include allowing the use (i) by corporate exhibitors in written materials to conference attendees; (ii) in connection with events sponsored by EDUCAUSE but hosted by other organizations; (iii) in connection with co–sponsored events. The President of EDUCAUSE has the authority to permit such use and such use shall be reported to the Board of Directors at its scheduled meetings.

Authorized users may only do so in accordance with law, in connection with lawful activities and within the scope of the written authorization from EDUCAUSE. Authorized users must use the Marks in a dignified manner and consistent with any standards established by EDUCAUSE. Authorized users must not use the Marks in a way that would bind or give the appearance of binding EDUCAUSE.

Uses of the EDUCAUSE Marks must include the registration symbol ® and include a statement that the Mark is owned by EDUCAUSE and that unauthorized use is prohibited. In a publication with multiple references to one or more EDUCAUSE Marks, if the notice of ownership is printed on the cover of the document, then only the first reference to a Mark must include the ® symbol. If the ownership notice is printed elsewhere then each reference to the Mark must include the ® symbol. An example of the ownership notice which should be used is as follows:

"The registered trademark "EDUCAUSE®" is owned by EDUCAUSE, Inc. Unauthorized use of any EDUCAUSE trademark is strictly prohibited."

EDUCAUSE has the right to disapprove of any use which, in the sole discretion of EDUCAUSE diminishes the prestige or reputation of EDUCAUSE or the value of the EDUCAUSE Marks. EDUCAUSE may terminate its authorization to use the Marks at any time that EDUCAUSE determines, in its sole discretion, that the requirements of the written authorization or this policy have been violated.

Questions concerning this policy should be directed in writing to the President of EDUCAUSE for clarification.

Other EDUCAUSE Trademarks

The following is a non-exhaustive list of EDUCAUSE trademarks.


EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative®


EDUCAUSE, Uncommon Thinking for the Common Good

EDUCAUSE 7 Things You Should Know About ...

ELI 7 Things You Should Know About ...


Core Data Service

Language for Use in Membership Materials

By becoming a member of EDUCAUSE, you (i) are granted a personal, nonexclusive license to use the name EDUCAUSE and the EDUCAUSE logo(s) ("EDUCAUSE Marks") in your governing documents, contracts, advertisements, corporate stationery, promotional literature, brochures educational materials, and the like and (ii) grant EDUCAUSE a personal, nonexclusive license to use your name and logo(s) in EDUCAUSE's governing documents, contracts, advertisements, corporate stationery, promotional literature, brochures, educational materials, and the like.

Your use of the EDUCAUSE Marks must be in accordance with the policies of EDUCAUSE. Our use of your marks must be in accordance with the policies of your organization. No use by your organization of the EDUCAUSE mark shall indicate an agency relationship or give the appearance of binding EDUCAUSE for any of your representations, acts, omissions, or agreements. No use by EDUCAUSE of your marks shall indicate an agency relationship or give the appearance of binding your organization for any of EDUCAUSE's representations, acts, omissions, or agreements.

Language for Use in Brochures and Other Materials Soliciting Corporate Supporters

As a corporate supporter of EDUCAUSE, you will be granted a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited License to use EDUCAUSE's tradename and mark "EDUCAUSE" and the EDUCAUSE logo, known collectively as "the Marks" or "EDUCAUSE's Marks" in accordance with the policies of EDUCAUSE, within the United States and its territories, in connection with any advertising, promotion, administration, or distribution of [For Profit Corporation]'s activities and programs for as long as you remain a corporate supporter. Such use shall be in accordance with the policies of EDUCAUSE.

By becoming a corporate sponsor, you agree that EDUCAUSE may use the name "[For Profit Corporation]" and the [For Profit Corporation] logo and may identify [For Profit Corporation] as a corporate sponsor in any EDUCAUSE advertising or promotional materials that describe the [For Profit Corporation] Program or the general activities of EDUCAUSE.