October 1998

Learning, Communications
and Information Technology

Educom Review explores the changing ways we will work, learn, and communicate in the digital world of the 21st century. The accelerating pace of development in computer and communications technology is transforming education. Educom Review monitors those developments along with related issues in management, planning, law, and policy.

An EDUCAUSE publication

Surfing with a Purpose
Process and strategy put to the test on the Internet.
by Keith Gresham

Law and Disorder in Cyber-Italy
Internet server gets the boot.
by Bernardo Parrella

Educom: A Retrospective
Sharing resources, sharing ideas, sharing a vision.
by Robert C. Heterick, Jr.

Transforming Higher Education
Implications for state higher education funding policy.
by Dewayne Matthews

The Internet: Library or Encyclopedia?
Court considers more free speech-related issues.
by Edmund B. Burke

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New and Noteworthy
Corporate Universities


Talking with Brian L. Hawkins
Insight from the new President and CEO of EDUCAUSE

The Plot Thickens
Janet H. Murray on the interactive narrative