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Authorization Application Form
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This form will allow the following organizations (henceforth referred to as "system/district offices") to apply for authorization to request a .edu domain name:

University system offices, state coordinating offices or boards, community college district offices, or equivalent entities located within the United States having as their principal activity the management and governance of a collection of “Accredited Institutions” that themselves meet the eligibility criteria for .edu. Each entity, in order to qualify under this category, must be commissioned, established, or recognized by a state, local, or national government to perform this management and governance activity.

NOTE: If your organization already has a .edu domain name, you are not eligible to request another.

Organization Information

City State/Province Zip/Postal Code


Government body that recognizes this organization as a system/district office:

Documentation of recognition:
Available at this URL:
The documentation will be faxed to (303) 440-0461

Eligible institutions that are part of the system/district: (please list all institutions; one per line)

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