Request a New Domain

This form will allow a System / District Office to apply for authorization to request a .edu domain name.

Before you begin, verify that your organization meets all of the eligibility requirements and that you have reviewed domain name policies.

University system offices, state coordinating offices or boards, community college district offices, or equivalent entities located within the United States having as their principal activity the management and governance of a collection of “Accredited Institutions” that themselves meet the eligibility criteria for .edu. Each entity, in order to qualify under this category, must be commissioned, established, or recognized by a state, local, or national government to perform this management and governance activity.

NOTE: Please use the Institution or Association / Consortium forms if you are not a System / District Office.

Organization Information

UNITED STATES  (For international institutions, see eligibility requirements)

NOTE:  Verify that your desired domain name is available by performing a WHOIS lookup.


Eligibility Information

U.S. government body that recognizes this organization as a system/district office:

Eligible institutions that are part of the system/district:  (please list all institutions with one institution per line)

Contact Info

NOTE:  EDUCAUSE will verify the information provided and send outcome notification to the contact listed below.

Visit the FAQ to learn more about the .edu top level domain.

Please contact Educause if you have questions or concerns: