.edu Billing FAQ

Under the terms of Amendment 11 of the Cooperative Agreement with the Department of Commerce, EDUCAUSE is authorized to assess an annual $40.00 administration fee to recoup the expenses of managing the domain. Please note that payment is just one step of a two step renewal process. All registrants are also required to accept the customer service agreement annually.

Yes, along with payment for your domain, you will be required to agree to and sign the Customer Service Agreement.

The billing contact will receive an initial invoice and renewal instructions via email before the domain expires. If there is no billing contact set up, the invoice will be sent to the administrative contact. Please make sure the contact information is up to date by having the administrative or technical contact log in and update the information.

EDUCAUSE, with approval from the U.S. Department of Commerce, has been authorized to begin assessing an annual fee for managing each .edu domain address, starting in 2006. There are several factors that went into the calculation of the $40 fee:

  • The time required to administer the various eligibility requirements.
  • The allocation of total costs over the total number of edu domain names.
  • The high level of customer service provided to all .edu domain holders.

EDUCAUSE will accept credit cards and checks for payment of an edu domain name. EDUCAUSE accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

EDUCAUSE’s agreement with the Department of Commerce does not allow us to collect and hold funds for more than one year in advance.

EDUCAUSE’s agreement with the Department of Commerce does not allow for any change in the initial billing date. Renewal dates are based on the initial date.

The billing contact is the individual at your institution who should receive the .edu domain name invoice. The billing contact initially established was the current administrative contact. The billing contact will not appear in the public Whois information for your .edu domain.

The administrative or technical contact needs to log into the domain and update the contact information.

No. EDUCAUSE’s agreement with the Department of Commerce allows one .edu domain name per institution.

Visa and Mastercard:

In the signature field on the back of your credit card, there should be a three-digit number following some of the digits from your actual credit card number. The CVV2 value is the three-digit number at the end.

American Express:

There should be a four-digit number located on the front of your credit card, on the right side and above the actual card number. The CVV2 value is that four-digit number.

There will be no refunds or credits for names deleted prior to the end of a paid period. Names may be changed, however, with the new name covered by the previous name's payment.

After consultation with the U.S. Department of Commerce, we have determined that a Registrant that loses its .EDU domain name as a result of enforcement by EDUCAUSE of approved and appropriate policies and procedures may reapply for that or any other .EDU name only as a new applicant, satisfying current eligibility requirements. In particular, a previously "grandfathered" Registrant would no longer be grandfathered, and would need to meet current .EDU eligibility requirements at the time of reapplication.