.edu ACICS Notice



U.S. Department of Education (ED) De-recognition of ACICS Impacts .EDU Domain Eligibility

In December 2016, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) ceased to recognize ACICS as an accrediting body and announced that ACICS-accredited institutions would have 18 months to reestablish accreditation with an ED-recognized accreditor. During this transition period, which ends in June 2018, ACICS institutions are “deemed accredited” by ED. (Please see www.ed.gov/acics for more information.)

ED-recognized accreditation is an eligibility requirement for registering a .EDU domain name or renewing one registered after October 29, 2001. .EDU registrations granted prior to that date were “grandfathered” under the current eligibility requirements and thus do not need accreditation to maintain their registrations. Institutions with grandfathered .EDU domain names (please see the .EDU eligibility FAQs for details) are not affected by ED’s de-recognition of ACICS and may renew grandfathered domain names as long as they continue to follow .EDU domain policies.

The “deemed accredited” status of ACICS institutions maintains their eligibility to renew .EDU registrations in 2017. To minimize confusion about how the ED deadline will impact .EDU renewal dates, affected institutions will also be eligible to renew their .EDU registrations in 2018. An ACICS institution must reestablish accreditation with an ED-recognized accreditor by its 2019 renewal date to renew its .EDU registration at that time. ACICS institutions that do not now hold a .EDU domain name will not be able to register one until they have ED-recognized accreditation.

EDUCAUSE may soon allow registrants to renew .EDU registrations for a three-year period. However, because the “deemed accredited” status will expire in 2018, ACICS institutions will only be allowed to renew .EDU registrations for one year at a time until they have accreditation from an ED-recognized accreditor.

An ACICS institution with questions about its .EDU registration status or the renewal process should contact EDUCAUSE at edu@educause.edu or (303) 449-4805. If you have reestablished accreditation with an ED-recognized accreditor (see the .EDU eligibility page for a list), please send an e-mail to edu@educause.edu identifying your accrediting agency contact. EDUCAUSE will work with the agency to verify that you have the accreditation necessary to maintain .EDU eligibility moving forward.

EDUCAUSE thanks ACICS institutions for working with us to manage this unprecedented event. We will continue to monitor ACICS developments and announce any changes in the handling of affected .EDU registrations that may result as soon as possible.