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Forum Futures 2010

Forum Futures 2010 is a compilation of summaries of the papers presented and discussed at the Forum's 2009 Aspen Symposium. Papers address topics such as the financial crisis and the future of higher education, ethical leadership in hard times, and the polarization of the U.S. labor market and its implications for educating the nation's workforce. Scholars include Martin Feldstein, who discusses the short and long-term prospects for economic recovery; Sebastian Mallaby on the geopolitical consequences of the financial crisis; Clayton Christensen on managing the disruption of higher education; Candace Thille and Joel Smith, who describe technology-based efforts to overcome Baumol and Bowen's cost disease; and Paul Marshall and Bill Massy on managing in turbulent times.

Table of Contents

Maureen Devlin
[472 KB PDF]

Martin Feldstein
[676 KB PDF]

Sebastian Mallaby
[654 KB PDF]

Henry Bienen and David Boren
[770 KB PDF]

Clayton Christensen
[732 KB PDF]

Candace Thille and Joel Smith
[667 KB PDF]

Michael McPherson and Morton Owen Schapiro
[691 KB PDF]

Sandy Baum
[680 KB PDF]

Harry Brighouse
[684 KB PDF]

David Autor
[695 KB PDF]

Paul Jansen
[658 KB PDF]

Paul Marshall and William Massy
[669 KB PDF]