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Welcome to The Forum

The Forum for the Future of Higher Education is a community of academic leaders and scholars from across the country who explore new thinking and ideas in higher education. The Forum facilitates shared inquiry and collaboration on issues likely to influence the future of higher education, primarily in economics and finance, institutional strategy, new learning media and technology, shifts in the global political economy, advances in the cognitive and neurosciences, the student and workplace of the future, and the relationship between campus and community. The Forum sponsors and creates research, presents scholarship at annual Aspen symposia, and disseminates findings throughout higher education. The Forum also collaborates with the Council on Foreign Relations to explore globalization and higher education, and with the Brookings Institution to examine the relationship between the domestic and global economy and higher education. The Forum is resident at MIT. Previously, the Forum has been resident at Yale, Stanford and Columbia universities.

EDUCAUSE and the Forum have a long-term strategic partnership designed to make available to campus leaders and scholars new thinking on key and emerging issues likely to affect their institutions. EDUCAUSE disseminates Forum scholarship on new learning media and technology through EDUCAUSE Review and other publications. EDUCAUSE designed and hosts this website.

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