Southeast Regional Conference 2012 Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

Academic Project Coordinator20.9%
Academic Technology Consultant20.9%
Application Programmer Specialist10.5%
Assistant CIO for Educational Technologies10.5%
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration10.5%
Assistant Director31.4%
Assistant Director, Database Administration10.5%
Assistant Director, Enterprise Systems & Services10.5%
Assistant Professor31.4%
Assistant Professor of Humanities10.5%
Assistant Professor, Drama10.5%
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Information Technology10.5%
Assistant VP10.5%
Assoc. VP for Curriculum & Instruction10.5%
Associate CIO10.5%
Associate Dean for Libraries-Deputy Director Data10.5%
Associate Dean for Research and Learning Services10.5%
Associate Dean for Research and Public Services10.5%
Associate Director10.5%
Associate Director for Instructional Technologies10.5%
Associate Director for Learning Services10.5%
Associate director of client services and system administration10.5%
Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning10.5%
Associate Director, ESS Operations10.5%
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: eLearning10.5%
Associate Vice President & CIO10.5%
Associate Vice President, Distributed Learning10.5%
Asst Dir, Teaching and Learning Technologies10.5%
Asst Director Faculty Services10.5%
Asst Director, Outreach, Communications, and Consulting10.5%
Asst. Director for Communications & Training10.5%
Blackboard Administrator and Instructional Technologist10.5%
Business Analyst10.5%
Business Architecture Specialist10.5%
Campus Chief Information Officer10.5%
Campus CIO10.5%
Campus Openflow Intern10.5%
Campus Webmaster10.5%
Chief Information Officer94.2%
Chief Information Security Officer10.5%
Chief IT Strategist, Innovation Institute10.5%
Communication Undergrad Student10.5%
Computer Consultant10.5%
Computer Tech/System Admin10.5%
Coordinator of Library Technology Services10.5%
CTO, Associate Vice President10.5%
Curriculum Coordinator10.5%
Cyber Crimes Supervisor: Supervisory Special Agent10.5%
Data & Information Specialist10.5%
Database Administrator10.5%
Dean for Levine Campus10.5%
Dean of Libraries10.5%
Dean, Retention Services10.5%
Department Chair - Web Design and Development10.5%
Deputy CIO10.5%
Desktop Support Manager10.5%
Digital Scholarship Coordinator10.5%
Director - Office of Instructional Resources10.5%
Director Application Development Financial Affairs Information Services10.5%
Director Education Workforce Training Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration10.5%
Director for Digital Partnerships10.5%
Director Higher Education10.5%
Director of Academic Computing10.5%
Director of Analytics Infrastructure10.5%
Director of Consulting Servies & Support10.5%
Director of Distance Learning10.5%
Director of Early College Second Life Program10.5%
Director of Electronic Learning10.5%
Director of Information and Instructional Technology10.5%
Director of Information Services10.5%
Director of Infrastructure Services & CISO10.5%
Director of Instructional Technology10.5%
Director of IT10.5%
Director of Learning Technologies10.5%
Director of Policy and External Relations10.5%
Director of Special Projects10.5%
Director of Technology Services10.5%
Director of User Services20.9%
Director, Academic Technology Group10.5%
Director, Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE)10.5%
Director, Business Intelligence and Operational Performance, School of Medicine10.5%
Director, Computing & Network Services10.5%
Director, Curriculum Support10.5%
Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative10.5%
Director, Enterprise Systems10.5%
Director, Information Technology and Application Development10.5%
Director, IT, Facilities,Marketing and Communications10.5%
Director, ITS Client Services10.5%
Director, Knowledge and Service Support, Information Systems10.5%
Director, Library Facilities10.5%
Director, Research Data Center10.5%
Director, Technology Services, Division of Academic & Student Affairs10.5%
Doctoral Candidate, Educational Leadership10.5%
Doctoral Student, Educational Leadership (Higher Education)10.5%
E-Learning Applications Developer10.5%
Education/Psychology Librarian10.5%
Educational Technologist10.5%
Educational Technology Director10.5%
Electronic/Systems Librarian10.5%
Executive Director20.9%
Executive Director of Financial Affairs Information Technology and BIS10.5%
Executive Director of Information Technology Services10.5%
Executive Director of Operations & Infrastructure10.5%
Executive Director, Application Services10.5%
Executive Director, Technology Infrastructure10.5%
Executive Director, Virtual College10.5%
Faculty Technology Coordinator10.5%
German Lecturer10.5%
Head of Information Services10.5%
Head of Reference10.5%
Help Desk Coordinator10.5%
Information Commons / Access Services, Head10.5%
Information Resource Consultant II10.5%
Instruction Librarian10.5%
Instructional Designer31.4%
Instructional Developer II10.5%
Instructional Projects Coordinator10.5%
Instructional Specialist II10.5%
Instructional Technologist20.9%
Interim Director, Information Technology10.5%
IT Associate Director10.5%
IT Director10.5%
IT Manager, Identity Management10.5%
IT Project Manager10.5%
IT Security Analyst10.5%
IT Services Specialist10.5%
IT Support Prof Mgr10.5%
IT Support Technician10.5%
IT Systems Support Professional10.5%
IT/Web Assistant10.5%
ITS Labs manager10.5%
Lab Supervisor10.5%
Lead Faculty10.5%
Library Technical Assistant10.5%
LMS Administrator10.5%
Manager Faculty Recruitment10.5%
Manager of Systems Administration10.5%
Manager, Community Engagement, Next Generation Learning Challenges10.5%
Manager, Member Services10.5%
Manager, Professional Development Programs10.5%
Marketing Coordinator, Conferences and Events10.5%
Media Librarian10.5%
Media Services Coordinator10.5%
Meeting Planner10.5%
Member Services Representative10.5%
Professor of Physics10.5%
Professor of spanish10.5%
Program Manager10.5%
Project Management Specialist10.5%
Project Manager10.5%
Research Officer, Computing & Information Technology10.5%
Senior Application Developer10.5%
Senior Director, eLearning Innovations and Entrepreneurial Partnerships10.5%
Senior IT Director10.5%
Senior Manager, IT Administration10.5%
Senior Program Manager10.5%
Senior Systems Administrator10.5%
Senior Systems Analyst10.5%
Senior Technical Architect10.5%
Service Desk Manager20.9%
Sr. Manager Technology Solutions10.5%
START Program Coordinator10.5%
Supervisor of PMO and QA10.5%
Systems Administrator10.5%
Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services10.5%
Systems Analyst10.5%
Systems Analyst, Sr10.5%
Systems Librarian10.5%
Systems Specialist10.5%
Systems/Network Administrator10.5%
Technology Support Analyst20.9%
U.S. History and African American Studies Librarian10.5%
Undergraduate Librarian10.5%
Vice President10.5%
Vice President for Administrative Services10.5%
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO10.5%
Vice President of Academic Leadership and Change10.5%
Vice President of Information Technology and CIO10.5%
VP, Information Technology & CIO10.5%
Web Graphic Designer10.5%
Web Services Librarian10.5%