Security Professionals Conference 2012 Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

Adjunct Professor, Information Assurance / Security10.3%
Assistant Director Information Security10.3%
Assistant Director of Information Security Services20.5%
Assistant Director, Application Services10.3%
Assistant Director, Information Security10.3%
Assistant IT Security Officer10.3%
Assistant Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer10.3%
Assoc VC and CIO10.3%
Associate CIO10.3%
Associate Director - Information Security10.3%
Associate Director for Information Security and Compliance10.3%
Associate Director of Information Security Services10.3%
Associate Director of Security and Networks10.3%
Associate Director, Information Security Management10.3%
Associate Director, Information Security Office10.3%
Associate Director, Research Data Security10.3%
Associate Director, Security Operations10.3%
Associate Executive Director, OIT10.3%
Associate Professor of CSE10.3%
Associate Professor of Law and Public Affairs10.3%
Associate Provost & CIO10.3%
Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO10.3%
Associate Vice President Public Safety and Institutional Assurance10.3%
Associate VP and Deputy CIO10.3%
Associate VP for IT-Deputy CIO10.3%
Asst Director/Compliance Officer10.3%
Asst. Dir. Technology10.3%
AVP & Chief Information Security Officer10.3%
AVP for Information Security, Policy & Records (Retired)10.3%
Business Analyst10.3%
Campus Information Security Specialist10.3%
Campus Openflow Intern10.3%
Certified Instructor10.3%
Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer10.3%
Chief Information Officer51.3%
Chief Information Officer and Vice President for IT10.3%
Chief Information Security and Policy Officer10.3%
Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer10.3%
Chief Information Security Officer236.0%
Chief Information Security Officer/Dir Enterprise IT10.3%
Chief Innovation Officer10.3%
Chief Risk Officer10.3%
Chief Security Officer20.5%
Chief Technology Officer41.0%
Chief Technology Offier10.3%
CIO and Vice Provost10.3%
CIS Faculty10.3%
CISO & Director, Enterprise Architecture10.3%
COM Technology Services Asst. Director10.3%
Computer Scientist10.3%
Computer Security Analyst10.3%
Coordinator of Data Management10.3%
Coordinator, Security Awareness and Outreach10.3%
Corporate Relations Coordinator10.3%
Data Security Analyst10.3%
Database and Information Systems Manager10.3%
Deputy CIO for Information Security & Risk10.3%
Deputy CIO, Federal Student Aid Technology Office10.3%
Desktop Security10.3%
Director IAMO10.3%
Director Information Security10.3%
Director IT Security & Compliance10.3%
Director of Analytics Services10.3%
Director of Computer Policy & Security10.3%
Director of DRA Operations, IT GRC & Cybersecurity Programs10.3%
Director of Enterprise Applications, Integration & Administration (EAIA)10.3%
Director of Housing for Financial & IT Services10.3%
Director of Information Security20.5%
Director of Information Security and ERM & Int. Assoc. Director of Computing10.3%
Director of Information Security Services10.3%
Director of Information Systems10.3%
Director of Information Technology Services10.3%
Director of IT10.3%
Director of IT Security30.8%
Director of IT, Retired10.3%
Director of Network Operations and Information Security, Fischer College10.3%
Director of Network Services10.3%
Director of Networking, Operations & Systems10.3%
Director of Operations & Technology10.3%
Director of Special Projects10.3%
Director of Telecommunications / Security Coordinator10.3%
Director, Architecture, Platforms & Integration10.3%
Director, Client Services10.3%
Director, Computer and Network Security10.3%
Director, Conferences and Events10.3%
Director, Information Security10.3%
Director, Information Security and Unix Systems10.3%
Director, Information Security, Policy, and Access10.3%
Director, Information Services10.3%
Director, IT Policy & Compliance10.3%
Director, Network and Systems10.3%
Director, Online Conferences and Events10.3%
Director/Security Architect10.3%
Emeritus Director, Information Security Services10.3%
Enterprise Architect10.3%
Enterprise Security IT Manager10.3%
Executive Director20.5%
Executive Director of Network Operations and Information Security10.3%
Executive Director, Information Security Office10.3%
Executive Director, REN-ISAC10.3%
Former ISO10.3%
Full Staff10.3%
Graduate Student in Cyber Forensics10.3%
Head & Assistant Professor, Information and Educational Technology10.3%
Head of Operational Security and Incident Response10.3%
Head of Security Operations and Incident Response10.3%
Identity and Access Program Manager10.3%
Incident Response Manager10.3%
Incident Response Manager, Lead Security Analyst10.3%
Info Security Engr Lead10.3%
Info Security Policy Comp Mgr10.3%
Info Security Training & Awareness Coordinator10.3%
Information Policy Officer10.3%
Information Security & Compliance Officer10.3%
Information Security Administrator10.3%
Information Security Analyst123.1%
Information Security and Privacy Officer10.3%
Information Security and Risk Management Officer10.3%
Information Security Associate10.3%
Information Security Director20.5%
Information Security Engineer41.0%
Information Security Manager20.5%
Information Security Officer287.3%
Information Security Officer, Dir. Enterprise Services & Security10.3%
Information Security Specialist10.3%
Information Technologist III10.3%
Information Technology Security Manager10.3%
Information Technology Specialist10.3%
InfoSec Operations Manager10.3%
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO10.3%
Interim Security Officer10.3%
Internet Security Specialist I10.3%
IS Tech Srv Senior10.3%
ISO Program Manager10.3%
IT Architect10.3%
IT Compliance Officer10.3%
IT Compliance Program Manager10.3%
IT Infrastructure Manager of Identity and Access Management10.3%
IT Project Manager, PMP10.3%
IT Security10.3%
IT Security Analyst30.8%
IT Security Analyst II10.3%
IT Security Consultant10.3%
IT Security Coordinator10.3%
IT Security Engineer51.3%
IT Security Officer30.8%
IT Security Risk Analyst10.3%
IT Services Manager, Research Support10.3%
IT Support Developer10.3%
IT Technical Director10.3%
Junior Systems/Network Administrator10.3%
Lead Network Engineer20.5%
Lead Security Analyst10.3%
Lead Security Engineer20.5%
Lead, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)10.3%
Manager of Enterprise Compliance and Assessments10.3%
Manager of Network Operations10.3%
Manager of Networking, Systems, and Storage10.3%
Manager Services & Security10.3%
Manager, Enterprise Systems Administration10.3%
Manager, Identity & Access Management10.3%
Manager, Information Security Architecture and Response10.3%
Manager, ITS Training10.3%
Manager, Network and Security10.3%
Manager, Security Operations10.3%
Manager, Statewide Contract Administration10.3%
Marketing Manager10.3%
Member Services Representative10.3%
Mgr, Nationwide Security Programs, Internet2 and Mgr, InCommon Certificate Svc10.3%
Multimedia Producer10.3%
National Account Manager10.3%
Network Administrator10.3%
Network Engineer10.3%
Network Engineer/Network Security, The Connecticut Education Network10.3%
Network Infrastructure Administrator and and Security Analyst10.3%
Network Manager10.3%
Network Security Analyst41.0%
Network Security Engineer30.8%
Network Security Manager10.3%
Network Services Manager10.3%
Network Systems Administrator10.3%
Network Systems Analyst, Senior10.3%
Principal Information Security Engineer10.3%
Principal IT Security Engineer10.3%
Principal Security Engineer30.8%
Principal Security Engineer, REN-ISAC10.3%
Principal Systems Analyst10.3%
Principle Information Security Lead10.3%
Principle Network Engineer10.3%
Process Manager10.3%
Professional Assistant II10.3%
Program Manager10.3%
Project Manager20.5%
Research Scientist I10.3%
Security Administrator30.8%
Security Analyst20.5%
Security Analyst Identity and Access Mgmt10.3%
Security Architect10.3%
Security Coordinator10.3%
Security Engineer41.0%
Security Engineer, NCSA10.3%
Security Officer30.8%
Security Operations Administrator10.3%
Security Oversight Officer10.3%
Security Systems Administrator10.3%
Security Systems Engineer10.3%
Senior Advisor to the Internet2 CEO10.3%
Senior Analyst10.3%
Senior Applications Developer10.3%
Senior Assurance Engineer10.3%
Senior Consultant10.3%
Senior Director for IT Administration10.3%
Senior Director, IT Service Delivery10.3%
Senior Director, School of Arts and Sciences Computing10.3%
Senior Information Security Analyst61.6%
Senior Information Systems Auditor10.3%
Senior Security Analyst30.8%
Senior Security Engineer30.8%
Senior Security Manager10.3%
Senior Systems Engineer10.3%
Senior Technology Analyst10.3%
Senior Technology Officer10.3%
Server Security Administrator10.3%
Special Advisor, Professional Development10.3%
Sr Director Campus Tech Svcs10.3%
Sr Information Security Analyst10.3%
Sr Security Analyst10.3%
Sr Technical Architect10.3%
Sr. Information Security Architect10.3%
Sr. Information Security Specialist10.3%
Sr. Security Analyst10.3%
Sr. Security Outreach Specialist10.3%
Sr. Systems Administrator10.3%
Sr. Systems and Networks Coordinator10.3%
Supervisor, IT Security Operations10.3%
Sys Admin10.3%
System and Network Security Analyst10.3%
System Engineer II10.3%
Systems & Network Security Analyst10.3%
Systems Administrator10.3%
Systems Analyst10.3%
Systems and Network Administrator10.3%
Systems Engineer10.3%
Systems Programmer10.3%
Technical Designer10.3%
Technical Director, REN-ISAC10.3%
Technology Manager10.3%
University Information Security Officer10.3%
University IT Security Officer10.3%
UNM HSC Privacy Officer10.3%
Vendor Relations / Management10.3%
VP Information Technology and Chief Information Officer10.3%
Web Programmer10.3%