Security Professionals Conference 2012 Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

Adjunct Professor, Information Assurance / Security1
Assistant Director Information Security1
Assistant Director of Information Security Services2
Assistant Director, Application Services1
Assistant Director, Information Security1
Assistant IT Security Officer1
Assistant Professor1
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Deputy CIO1
Assistant Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer1
Assoc VC and CIO1
Associate CIO1
Associate Director - Information Security1
Associate Director for Information Security and Compliance1
Associate Director of Information Security Services1
Associate Director of Security and Networks1
Associate Director of Telecommunications1
Associate Director, Information Security Management1
Associate Director, Information Security Office1
Associate Director, Research Data Security1
Associate Exec Director, Policy & Planning1
Associate Professor of CSE1
Associate Professor of Law and Public Affairs1
Associate Provost & CIO1
Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO1
Associate Vice President for IT1
Associate Vice President Public Safety and Institutional Assurance1
Associate VP and Deputy CIO1
Associate VP for IT-Deputy CIO1
Asst Director/Compliance Officer1
Asst. Dir. Technology1
AVP & Chief Information Security Officer1
AVP for Information Security, Policy & Records (Retired)1
Business Analyst1
Campus Information Security Specialist1
Campus Openflow Intern1
Certified Instructor1
Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer1
Chief Information Officer6
Chief Information Officer and Vice President for IT1
Chief Information Security and Policy Officer1
Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer1
Chief Information Security Officer26
Chief Information Security Officer/Dir Enterprise IT1
Chief Innovation Officer1
Chief Risk Officer1
Chief Security Officer2
Chief Technology Officer4
Chief Technology Offier1
CIO and Vice Provost1
CIS Faculty1
COM Technology Services Asst. Director1
Computer Scientist1
Computer Security Analyst1
Coordinator of Data Management1
Coordinator, Security Awareness and Outreach1
Corporate Relations Coordinator1
Cyber Risk Management Specialist1
Database and Information Systems Manager1
Deputy CIO for Information Security & Risk1
Deputy CIO, Federal Student Aid Technology Office1
Desktop Security1
Director IAMO1
Director Information Security1
Director IT Security & Compliance1
Director of Analytics Services1
Director of Computer Policy & Security1
Director of Cybersecurity and IT GRC Programs1
Director of Enterprise Applications, Integration & Administration (EAIA)1
Director of Housing for Financial & IT Services1
Director of Information Security3
Director of Information Security and ERM & Int. Assoc. Director of Computing1
Director of Information Security Services1
Director of Information Systems1
Director of Information Technology Services1
Director of Infrastructure1
Director of IT1
Director of IT Security2
Director of IT&S1
Director of Network Operations and Information Security, Fischer College1
Director of Network Services1
Director of Networking, Operations & Systems1
Director of Operations & Technology1
Director of Special Projects1
Director, Client Services1
Director, Computer and Network Security1
Director, Information Security2
Director, Information Security and Unix Systems1
Director, Information Security, Policy, and Access1
Director, Information Services1
Director, IT Policy & Compliance1
Director, IT Security1
Director, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)1
Director, Network and Systems1
Director, Online Conferences and Events1
Director, Security Operations1
Emeritus Director, Information Security Services1
Enterprise Architect1
Enterprise Security IT Manager1
Executive Director1
Executive Director of Network Operations and Information Security1
Executive Director, Information Security Office1
Executive Director, Information Services / Deputy CISO1
Executive Director, REN-ISAC1
Former ISO1
Full Staff1
Graduate Student in Cyber Forensics1
Head & Assistant Professor, Information and Educational Technology1
Head of Security Operations and Incident Response1
Identity and Access Program Manager1
Incident Response Manager1
Incident Response Manager, Lead Security Analyst1
Info Security Engr Lead2
Info Security Policy Comp Mgr1
Information Policy Officer1
Information Security & Compliance Officer1
Information Security Adjunct Faculty1
Information Security Administrator2
Information Security Analyst11
Information Security and Privacy Officer1
Information Security and Risk Management Officer1
Information Security Associate1
Information Security Director2
Information Security Engineer4
Information Security Manager3
Information Security Officer26
Information Security Officer, Dir. Enterprise Services & Security1
Information Security Specialist2
Information Technologist III1
Information Technology Security Manager1
Information Technology Specialist1
InfoSec Operations Manager1
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO1
Interim Director, Information Security1
Interim Security Officer1
Internet Security Specialist I1
IS Tech Srv Senior1
ISO Program Manager1
IT Analyst Emeritus1
IT Compliance Officer1
IT Compliance Program Manager1
IT Infrastructure Manager of Identity and Access Management1
IT Project Manager, PMP1
IT Security1
IT Security Analyst4
IT Security Analyst II1
IT Security Consultant1
IT Security Coordinator2
IT Security Engineer4
IT Security Officer2
IT Security Risk Analyst1
IT Services Manager, Research Support1
IT Support Developer1
IT Technical Director1
Junior Systems/Network Administrator1
Lead Network Engineer2
Lead Security Analyst1
Lead Security Engineer2
Manager of Network Operations1
Manager of Networking, Systems, and Storage1
Manager Services & Security1
Manager, Enterprise Systems Administration1
Manager, Identity & Access Management1
Manager, Information Management and Security1
Manager, ITS Training1
Manager, Network and Security1
Manager, Security Operations1
Manager, Statewide Contract Administration1
Marketing Manager1
Member Services Representative1
Multimedia Producer1
National Account Manager1
Network Administrator1
Network Engineer1
Network Engineer/Network Security, The Connecticut Education Network1
Network Infrastructure Administrator and and Security Analyst1
Network Security Analyst3
Network Security Engineer3
Network Security Manager1
Network Services Manager1
Network Systems Administrator1
Network Systems Analyst, Senior1
Principal IT Security Engineer1
Principal Security Engineer3
Principal Security Engineer, REN-ISAC1
Principal Systems Analyst1
Principle Information Security Lead1
Principle Network Engineer1
Process Manager1
Professional Assistant II1
Program Manager1
Project Manager2
Research Programmer1
SecOps and IR @ NCSA1
Security Administrator2
Security Analyst2
Security Analyst Identity and Access Mgmt1
Security Architect1
Security Coordinator1
Security Engineer4
Security Officer3
Security Operations Administrator1
Security Oversight Officer1
Security Systems Administrator1
Security Systems Engineer1
Senior Advisor to the Internet2 CEO1
Senior Applications Developer1
Senior Assurance Engineer1
Senior Consultant1
Senior Director, IT Service Delivery1
Senior Director, School of Arts and Sciences Computing1
Senior Information Security Analyst6
Senior Information Systems Auditor1
Senior Security Analyst2
Senior Security Engineer3
Senior Security Manager1
Senior Technology Analyst1
Senior Technology Officer1
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer1
Server Security Administrator1
Special Advisor, Professional Development1
Sr Director Campus Tech Svcs1
Sr Information Security Analyst1
Sr Security Analyst1
Sr Technical Architect1
Sr. Information Security Architect1
Sr. Information Security Engineer1
Sr. Information Security Specialist1
Sr. Security Analyst1
Sr. Security Outreach Specialist1
Sr. Systems Administrator1
Sr. Systems and Networks Coordinator1
Supervisor, IT Security Operations1
Sys Admin1
System and Network Security Analyst1
System Engineer II1
System Security Officer1
Systems & Network Security Analyst1
Systems Administrator1
Systems Analyst1
Systems and Network Administrator1
Systems Engineer1
Systems Programmer1
Technical Designer1
Technical Director, REN-ISAC1
Technology Manager1
University Chief Technology Officer1
University Incident Response Lead1
University IT Security Officer1
UNM HSC Privacy Officer1
Vendor Relations / Management1
Web Programmer1