Security Professionals Conference 2012 Registration Counts
by Carnegie Class (institutional registrants only)

DR EXT - Doctoral/Research Universities-17349.1%
DR INT - Doctoral/Research Universities-5315.1%
MA I - Masterís Colleges and Universitie3911.1%
SYS - System Offices 236.5%
AA - Associate's Colleges 174.8%
BA LA - Baccalaureate Colleges-Liberal A133.7%
Unavailable 102.8%
BA GEN - Baccalaureate Colleges-General 41.1%
BUS - Schools of Business and Management41.1%
MA II - Masterís Colleges and Universiti41.1%
MED - Medical Schools and Medical Center41.1%
OTHER - Other Specialized Institutions 30.9%
ENGR - Schools of Engineering and Techno20.6%
FAITH - Theological Seminaries and Other20.6%
BA AA - Baccalaureate/Associateís Colleg10.3%