ELI 2012 Online Annual Meeting Registration Counts
by Organization (includes corporate participants)

Auburn University11.0%
Augusta University22.0%
Baylor University11.0%
Brigham Young University11.0%
Brown University11.0%
Bucks County Community College11.0%
California State University, Northridge11.0%
California State University, Office of the Chancellor11.0%
Carleton College11.0%
Carthage College11.0%
Chatham University11.0%
Coconino Community College11.0%
Cornell University11.0%
Davidson College11.0%
Drexel University22.0%
Duke University11.0%
Emmanuel College11.0%
Emory University11.0%
Framingham State University11.0%
Furman University11.0%
Georgetown University11.0%
Georgia Gwinnett College22.0%
Georgia Institute of Technology11.0%
Georgia Perimeter College11.0%
Glendale Community College11.0%
Hamilton College11.0%
Harvard University11.0%
Hutchinson Community College & Area Vocational School11.0%
Indiana State University11.0%
Louisiana State University11.0%
Metropolitan State University of Denver11.0%
Michigan State University11.0%
Montgomery County Community College11.0%
Mount Royal University11.0%
NC State University11.0%
New York University22.0%
North Carolina A&T State University11.0%
Occidental College11.0%
Oregon State University11.0%
Pittsburg State University11.0%
Rio Salado College11.0%
Samuel Merritt University11.0%
San Jacinto College District11.0%
South Dakota State University11.0%
Southern Oregon University11.0%
St. Philip's College11.0%
Stonehill College11.0%
Texas State University22.0%
The Johns Hopkins University22.0%
The Ohio State University11.0%
The Pennsylvania State University22.0%
The University of Iowa11.0%
Trinity College11.0%
University at Albany, SUNY11.0%
University of Central Florida11.0%
University of Florida11.0%
University of Illinois at Chicago11.0%
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor11.0%
University of Minnesota11.0%
University of North Carolina Greensboro11.0%
University of Oklahoma11.0%
University of Oregon11.0%
University of South Carolina11.0%
University of Southern California11.0%
University of Texas at Austin11.0%
University of Texas at San Antonio11.0%
University of the Pacific11.0%
University of Tulsa11.0%
University of West Georgia11.0%
University of Wisconsin-Madison22.0%
Utah Valley University11.0%
Washburn University11.0%
Whitman College11.0%
Widener University11.0%
Winona State University11.0%
Wyoming Humanities Council11.0%
York College of Pennsylvania11.0%