ELI 2012 Annual Meeting Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

Academic Assistant10.2%
Academic Consultant10.2%
Academic Director, CMRI/AssociateProfessor10.2%
Academic Health Center: Academic Technology Support Coordinator10.2%
Academic Information Associate10.2%
Academic Technologies Intern10.2%
Academic Technologist (Retired)10.2%
Academic Technology Lab Services Manager10.2%
Access Services Librarian10.2%
Account Representative10.2%
Acquisitions and Emerging Technologies Librarian10.2%
Adjunct Professor10.2%
Administrative Dean, Technology10.2%
Arthur Thurnau Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Education10.2%
Assessment & User Experience Librarian20.3%
Assessment Coordinator and Instruction Librarian10.2%
Assistant Chancellor, Academic Technologies & Institutional Research10.2%
Assistant Coordinator of Faculty Development10.2%
Assistant Dean for Information Technology, Textiles10.2%
Assistant Dean Technology Enhanced Instruction10.2%
Assistant Director40.7%
Assistant Director - DoIT Academic Technology20.3%
Assistant Director for Instructional Design10.2%
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology20.3%
Assistant Director of IT10.2%
Assistant Director, Academic Tech Services10.2%
Assistant Director, Academic Technology10.2%
Assistant Director, Academy for Teaching & Learning10.2%
Assistant Director, Education Technology Services10.2%
Assistant Director, Instructional Design10.2%
Assistant Director, Office of Educational Technology10.2%
Assistant Director, Online Teaching & Learning Services10.2%
Assistant Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies10.2%
Assistant Professor101.7%
Assistant Professor of Chemistry10.2%
Assistant Professor of Education20.3%
Assistant Professor of Mathematics10.2%
Assistant Professor of Strategy, GSBM10.2%
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Leadership, Technology & Human Development10.2%
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development10.2%
Assistant Professor, School of Law10.2%
Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Department of Neurology10.2%
Assistant Provost, Program Support10.2%
Assistant Provost, Undergraduate Education10.2%
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Chief Strategy Officer10.2%
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Enhancement10.2%
Assistant Vice President Institutional Assessment and Planning10.2%
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology for Digital Education10.2%
Assistant VP for Academic and Instructional Technologies10.2%
Assoc Director Academic Technology Services10.2%
Assoc. Dir. Information Technology10.2%
Assoc. Prof. of History, Principal, Honors Residential College10.2%
Assoc. Professor10.2%
Associate Chair Physical Therapy10.2%
Associate CIO for Academic Technology10.2%
Associate CIO, Academic and Client services10.2%
Associate CITO10.2%
Associate Dean10.2%
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs10.2%
Associate Dean for Curriculum10.2%
Associate Dean for Professional Instruction and Faculty Development10.2%
Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning, and Research10.2%
Associate Dean Learning, Design & Technology10.2%
Associate Dean, Masters Programs10.2%
Associate Dean, University Library10.2%
Associate Department Head10.2%
Associate Director10.2%
Associate Director for Learning Services10.2%
Associate Director of Academic Technology Strategy and Support10.2%
Associate Director of Education10.2%
Associate Director of Educational Technology10.2%
Associate Director of eLearning10.2%
Associate Director of ITS10.2%
Associate Director of Learning Technology10.2%
Associate Director, Academic Technology10.2%
Associate Director, Academic Technology, UF Informaiton Technology10.2%
Associate Director, Communication across the Curriculum10.2%
Associate Director, Instructional Technology10.2%
Associate Director, Library10.2%
Associate Director, Research Initiative for Teachi10.2%
Associate Director, SUNY Learning Network10.2%
Associate Executive Director10.2%
Associate Head, Research and Information Services10.2%
Associate Head, User Experience10.2%
Associate Professor50.8%
Associate Professor & Co-Director, DHi10.2%
Associate Professor of Biochemistry10.2%
Associate Professor of Biology10.2%
Associate Professor of Chemistry10.2%
Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology10.2%
Associate Professor of Instructional Technology10.2%
Associate Professor of Law10.2%
Associate Professor of Library Science10.2%
Associate Professor of Mathematics10.2%
Associate Professor of Music Education10.2%
Associate Professor, Emeritus10.2%
Associate Provost20.3%
Associate Provost - Chief Information Officer10.2%
Associate Provost for Academic Technology & Information Services10.2%
Associate Provost of Instruction10.2%
Associate Provost, Online Learning10.2%
Associate University Librarian for Collections & Services10.2%
Associate University Librarian for Research and Scholarly Communication10.2%
Associate Vice President10.2%
Associate Vice President & CIO10.2%
Associate Vice President, Distributed Learning10.2%
Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies, and Dean for IT10.2%
Associate VP10.2%
Associate VP - Electronic Library10.2%
Associate VP, Learning Advancement & Virtual Campus Anne Arundel Community Col.10.2%
Associate VP, Learning Technologies, and Director10.2%
Asst Director, Delphi Center for T&L10.2%
Asst. Director, Instructional Technology10.2%
Asst. Vice Chancellor for Engineering Remote Education10.2%
ATS Educational Program Manager10.2%
AVP Digital Education and Engagement10.2%
AVP Faculty Affairs10.2%
AVP Information Technology & Deputy CIO10.2%
AVP Teaching and Learning W/ Technology10.2%
AVP, Instructional Technology10.2%
Biology Instructor/Ed Tech Advisor10.2%
Business Process Consultant10.2%
Chairman and CEO10.2%
Chief Academic & Student Affairs Officer10.2%
Chief Academic Technology Officer10.2%
Chief Executive Officer10.2%
Chief Information Officer40.7%
Chief Information Officer (CIO)10.2%
Chief Information Officer and Dean10.2%
Chief Innovation Officer10.2%
Chief of Staff10.2%
Chief Technology Officer10.2%
CIO Consultant10.2%
CNG Faculty10.2%
Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Initiative10.2%
Co-Principal Investigator10.2%
Collaborative Learning and Com - Ctr Teachng & Learning (ctl)10.2%
Communication Design Specialist10.2%
Composition Coordinator10.2%
Computer Training Coordinator10.2%
Coordinator for Academic Technology Initiatives10.2%
Coordinator of Academic and Emerging Technology - College of Engineering10.2%
Coordinator, Language Acquisition Resource Center10.2%
ctor, Educational Technology10.2%
Dean for Levine Campus10.2%
Dean of Academic Affairs10.2%
Dean of Academic Technology10.2%
Dean of Continual Learning10.2%
Dean of Distance Learning10.2%
Dean of Graduate and Online Learning10.2%
Dean of Learning and Technology Resources10.2%
Dean of Summer Programs10.2%
Dean, Center for Innovation and Digital Learning10.2%
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences10.2%
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences10.2%
Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences10.2%
Dean, College of Science and Mathematics10.2%
Dean, Learning Technologies & Support Services10.2%
Dean, Retention Services10.2%
Dean, University Library10.2%
Department Head10.2%
Dept. Head, Liaison, Instruction, & Reference Services10.2%
Deputy CIO, Client Support & Educational Technology Services10.2%
Deputy CIO, Information Technology Services10.2%
Deputy Director, Next Generation Learning Challenge10.2%
Deputy Vice President for Education / Director & Professor, CPEHE10.2%
Director - Academic Technology, School of Nursing10.2%
Director - Information Technology and Informatics/Assistant Teaching Professor10.2%
Director and Professor10.2%
Director AT&T Center for Learning and Technology10.2%
Director AT&T Learning Studio10.2%
Director Curriculum Development10.2%
Director for Distance Education10.2%
Director for Teaching, Learning, & Technology10.2%
Director of Academic Technologies, Oxford College10.2%
Director of Academic Technology20.3%
Director of Academic Technology Services10.2%
Director of Assessment and Planning10.2%
Director of Classroom Innovation and Online Education10.2%
Director of Client Services10.2%
Director of Client Services, Electronic Library10.2%
Director of Curriculum Innovation & E-Learning10.2%
Director of Digital Learning & Program Development10.2%
Director of Digital Learning Research & Design10.2%
Director of Distance Education10.2%
Director of Distributed Learning10.2%
Director of Distributive Learning and Instructional Technology10.2%
Director of Ed Tech, Distance Learning, & Information Services10.2%
Director of Education for U.S. Programs10.2%
Director of Education Technology Services10.2%
Director of Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation10.2%
Director of eLearning10.2%
Director of Instructional & Research Services10.2%
Director of Instructional Design & Technology10.2%
Director of Instructional Technology30.5%
Director of Instructional Technology & Learning Management10.2%
Director of Instructional Technology and Design10.2%
Director of Instructional Technology and Training10.2%
Director of Instructional Technology Services10.2%
Director of IT, Mendoza College of Business10.2%
Director of Learning Technologies10.2%
Director of Libraries10.2%
Director of Online Education10.2%
Director of Online Learning10.2%
Director of Online Programs and Associate Director10.2%
Director of Outreach10.2%
Director of Outreach & Partner Relations10.2%
Director of Professional Development10.2%
Director of Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning10.2%
Director of Research Services and Information Literacy10.2%
Director of Special Projects10.2%
Director of Strategic Initiatives10.2%
Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies10.2%
Director of Teaching and Learning Support Services10.2%
Director of Technology10.2%
Director of Technology Services10.2%
Director of the Center for Innovative Pedagogy10.2%
Director of the Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence10.2%
Director of Undergraduate Online Learning10.2%
Director Open Oregon State10.2%
Director, Academic Computing Services10.2%
Director, Academic Digital Media Services10.2%
Director, Academic Information Services10.2%
Director, Academic Technologies10.2%
Director, Academic Technology30.5%
Director, Academic Technology & Media Services10.2%
Director, Academic Technology Services40.7%
Director, Advanced Learning Technologies10.2%
Director, Center for Academic and Innovative Techn10.2%
Director, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learn10.2%
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence10.2%
Director, Center of Instructional Innovation10.2%
Director, CIDDE Instructional Services10.2%
Director, Conferences and Events10.2%
Director, Curriculum & Learning Services10.2%
Director, Digital Scholarship Research & Development10.2%
Director, e-Learning10.2%
Director, EdTech Center10.2%
Director, Educational Technology10.2%
Director, Educational Technology Initiatives10.2%
Director, Educational Technology Services10.2%
Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative10.2%
Director, ELearning R&D, DETA Center10.2%
Director, Enterprise Academic Technology Initiatives10.2%
Director, Faculty eLearning10.2%
Director, Information Services and Systems10.2%
Director, Information Technology and Engineering C10.2%
Director, Instructional and Emerging Technologies10.2%
Director, Instructional and Learning Services10.2%
Director, Instructional Support10.2%
Director, Instructional Technology Services10.2%
Director, Iowa Community College Online Consortium10.2%
Director, Learning Environment Integration10.2%
Director, Learning Technologies10.2%
Director, Learning Technology Development20.3%
Director, Office of grants and Strategic Alliiances10.2%
Director, Online Conferences and Events10.2%
Director, Rural Information Technology Alliance10.2%
Director, Technology for the Arts10.2%
Director, Technology Transfer Project10.2%
Director, WICHE Internet Course Exchange, Forum & Alliance10.2%
Distance Learning Program Director10.2%
Doctoral Student, Games for Learning Institute10.2%
Education Coordinator10.2%
Educational Advisor10.2%
Educational Resources Developer10.2%
Educational Technologist and NY6 ITAP Co-Director10.2%
Educational Technologist for the Humanities10.2%
eLearning Specialist10.2%
Emeritus Professor and Research Director, Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project10.2%
Enterprise Architect10.2%
Executive Director50.8%
Executive Director Emeritus10.2%
Executive Director Student Affairs Operations10.2%
Executive Director, Academic and Scholarly Technol10.2%
Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence10.2%
Executive Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges10.2%
Executive Director, UAF eLearning10.2%
Executive Director, UWM Online10.2%
Executive staff10.2%
Executive Vice President10.2%
Faculty Fellow10.2%
Faculty Professional Development Specialist10.2%
Faculty Programs Coordinator10.2%
Founder & CEO10.2%
Founder & Chief Scientist10.2%
Government Documents and Instruction Librarian10.2%
Graduate Fellow for the Academy for Teaching and Learning10.2%
Head of Access and Discovery Services10.2%
Head of Access Services, Widener Library10.2%
Head of Instructional Services10.2%
Head of Reference and Instruction10.2%
Head of Research & Instruction10.2%
Head of the Centre for Technology Enhanced Education, senior policy advisor10.2%
Head, Library Instruction Services Dept, Shields Library10.2%
Head, Research & Instruction - Boatwright Library10.2%
Hospitality Management Trainer10.2%
Humanities/History Librarian10.2%
I.T. Training Manager10.2%
Information Research Specialist10.2%
Information Security Analyst10.2%
Information Security Officer & Director, Enterprise Systems Group10.2%
Information Systems Librarian10.2%
Instructional Design Consultant10.2%
Instructional Design Consultant, Learning Technology Center10.2%
Instructional Designer203.4%
Instructional Designer-E-learing-Expert20.3%
Instructional Developer10.2%
Instructional Developer - Office of Dental Education10.2%
Instructional Development Specialist10.2%
Instructional Services Outreach Librarian10.2%
Instructional Technologist71.2%
Instructional Technology Analyst10.2%
Instructional Technology Coordinator10.2%
Instructional Technology Librarian10.2%
Instructional Technology Manager10.2%
Instructional Technology Specialist20.3%
Instructional Technology Training Coordinator10.2%
Instructional/Multimedia Designer10.2%
Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs10.2%
Interim Associate Vice President for Information Technology10.2%
Interim Dean10.2%
Interim Department Chair10.2%
Interim DIrector Academic Technologies10.2%
Interim Director, Center for Teaching and Learning10.2%
IT Director for College of Liberal Arts10.2%
IT Director, Candler School of Theology10.2%
IT Manager - Systems & Security10.2%
ITS Assessment Director10.2%
Lead Instructional Designer & Technologist10.2%
Lead Librarian, Digital Services Development10.2%
Lead Systems Programmer10.2%
Learning Designer10.2%
Learning Spaces Manager10.2%
Learning Technology Consultant20.3%
Learning Technology Designer10.2%
Library Director20.3%
LMS Analyst10.2%
Manager AV Services10.2%
Manager ICT&O10.2%
Manager Instructional Tech10.2%
Manager of Academic Support10.2%
Manager of Educational Technologies10.2%
Manager of Instructional Technology Consulting Team & Senior Instructional Tech10.2%
Manager Student Computing Services10.2%
Manager Technology and Learning10.2%
Manager, Classroom Technology Services10.2%
Manager, Community Engagement, Next Generation Learning Challenges10.2%
Manager, Corporate Relations10.2%
Manager, Instructional Technology Services10.2%
Manager, Learning Technology/Consulting10.2%
Manager, Member Services10.2%
Manager, Network and Systems Administration10.2%
Manager, Professional Development Programs10.2%
Manager, Web Courseware10.2%
Managing Director, Academic Technology Services10.2%
Marketing Manager, ELI and NGLC10.2%
Media Learning Technologist10.2%
Media Specialist10.2%
Mgr of Classroom and Conf Media Engr10.2%
Multimedia Authoring Specialist10.2%
Multimedia Developer10.2%
Multimedia Producer10.2%
Music Librarian/Head of Access Services10.2%
NUIT Manager of Faculty Support Services10.2%
Online Curriculum Renewal Leader10.2%
Online Educational Specialist10.2%
Online Instructional Designer10.2%
Online Learning10.2%
Online Learning Lead10.2%
Online Program Director, Department of Health Studies10.2%
President Emeritus10.2%
Professor / Faculty Director10.2%
Professor of Chemistry, Executive Director, Center10.2%
Professor of Communication10.2%
Professor of Economics10.2%
Professor of Mathematics, Director of Developmental Mathematics10.2%
Professor of Open Education10.2%
Professor of Practice, Online Instruction10.2%
Professor, Dept. of Leadership, Tech & Human Dev10.2%
Professor, School of Law10.2%
Professor/Librarian IV10.2%
Program Coordinator10.2%
Program Director10.2%
Program Director, Acad. Pres. Trust, and Senior Director, Content Stewardship10.2%
Program Director, Internationally Educated Physiotherapists Bridging Program10.2%
Program Director, Teaching & Learning10.2%
Program Manager20.3%
Program Manager-Pilot Research10.2%
Program Officer10.2%
Program Officer, Next Generation Learning Challenges10.2%
Programme Manager IT and Education10.2%
Project Director, Dartmouth Research Commons10.2%
Project Director, WACS Accreditation10.2%
Project Manager20.3%
Project manager IT and Education10.2%
Project Manager, EGC10.2%
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs10.2%
Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs10.2%
Publisher/Editor, EDUCAUSE Review10.2%
Reference Librarian10.2%
Regents Professor10.2%
Research Assistant10.2%
Research Assistant/ Ph.D. Candidate10.2%
Research Associate10.2%
Research Librarian10.2%
Research Porfessor10.2%
Research Scientist IV10.2%
Science, Technology Learning Specialist10.2%
Senior Academic Consultant10.2%
Senior Academic Technologist10.2%
Senior Augmented Reality Developer10.2%
Senior Client Technologies Analyst10.2%
Senior Director of Information Technology Services10.2%
Senior Director of IT Administration and Client Services10.2%
Senior Director of Teaching and Learning With Tech10.2%
Senior Director, Content10.2%
Senior Director, Digital Scholarship & Development10.2%
Senior Director, Educational Technology Services10.2%
Senior Director, Networked Knowledge Collaboration Services10.2%
Senior e-Learning Specialist10.2%
Senior Editor10.2%
Senior Educational Policy Advisor & Program Manager eLearning10.2%
Senior Educational Technologist20.3%
Senior Evaluation Consultant10.2%
Senior Fellow10.2%
Senior Instructional Designer20.3%
Senior Instructional Developer, Emerging Technologies10.2%
Senior Instructional Technologist10.2%
Senior Learning Technology Consultant10.2%
Senior Lecturer in Biology10.2%
Senior Research Associate10.2%
Senior Scientist10.2%
Senior Software Engineer10.2%
Senior Staff Officer ICT in Education10.2%
Senior Technology Analyst10.2%
Service Manager for Learning Management, ITS Teaching & Learning10.2%
Social Media Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment10.2%
Social Sciences Liaison10.2%
Special Academic Officer to the Dean and FT Faculty10.2%
Special Assistant,VP,Information Techn10.2%
Sr Web Systems Consultant10.2%
Student Instructional Technology Assistant10.2%
Student Intern -Information Resources10.2%
Student Services & Institutional Research Manager10.2%
Student Worker10.2%
Systems Librarian10.2%
Systems Scientist10.2%
Teaching, Learning and Research Support Services Manager10.2%
Team Leader, IT Communications10.2%
Technology Support Manager10.2%
Technology Support Specialist10.2%
Technology Training Analyst10.2%
Title III Activity Director and eLearning Instructional Specialist10.2%
UDL Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-1210.2%
University Library Associate10.2%
University Programme Manager ICT in Education10.2%
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs10.2%
Vice President10.2%
Vice President for Technology and CIO10.2%
Vice President of Operations10.2%
Vice President, Data, Research, and Analytics10.2%
Vice Provost & Chief Academic Technology Officer10.2%
Vice Provost - CIO10.2%
Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Student S10.2%
Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Initiatives10.2%
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Faculty Governance10.2%
VP for Information and Library Services10.2%
Web and Instructional Technology Librarian10.2%
Web Architect10.2%
Wirth Professor in Learning Technologie10.2%