ELI 2012 Annual Meeting Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

Academic Assistant1
Academic Director, CMRI/AssociateProfessor1
Academic Health Center: Academic Technology Support Coordinator1
Academic Information Associate1
Academic Technologies Intern1
Academic Technologist (Retired)1
Academic Technology Lab Services Manager1
Access Services Librarian1
Acquisitions and Emerging Technologies Librarian1
Adjunct Professor1
Administrative Dean, Technology1
Arthur Thurnau Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Education1
Assessment & User Experience Librarian2
Assessment Coordinator and Instruction Librarian1
Assistant Chancellor, Academic Technologies & Institutional Research1
Assistant CIO for Academic Technology Services1
Assistant Coordinator of Faculty Development1
Assistant Dean for Information Technology, Textiles1
Assistant Dean Technology Enhanced Instruction1
Assistant Director2
Assistant Director - DoIT Academic Technology1
Assistant Director Emerita1
Assistant Director for Instructional Design1
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology2
Assistant Director of IT1
Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies - Training & Development1
Assistant Director, Academic Tech Services1
Assistant Director, Academy for Teaching & Learning1
Assistant Director, Education Technology Services1
Assistant Director, IT and Director, ASC1
Assistant Director, Office of Educational Technology1
Assistant Professor9
Assistant Professor of Chemistry1
Assistant Professor of Education2
Assistant Professor of Mathematics1
Assistant Professor of Strategy, GSBM1
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Leadership, Technology & Human Development1
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development1
Assistant Professor, School of Law1
Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Department of Neurology1
Assistant Provost, Program Support1
Assistant Provost, Undergraduate Education1
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Chief Strategy Officer1
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Enhancement1
Assistant Vice President Institutional Assessment and Planning1
Assistant VP for Academic and Instructional Technologies1
Assoc Director Academic Technology Services1
Assoc Vice Provost for Learning Technologies & DoIT Dir of Academic Technology1
Assoc. Dean, Learning Systems1
Assoc. Dir. Information Technology1
Assoc. Prof. of History, Principal, Honors Residential College1
Assoc. Professor1
Associate Chair Physical Therapy1
Associate CIO for Academic Technology1
Associate CIO, Academic and Client services1
Associate CITO1
Associate Dean1
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs1
Associate Dean for Curriculum1
Associate Dean for Professional Instruction and Faculty Development1
Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning, and Research1
Associate Dean Learning, Design & Technology1
Associate Dean, Masters Programs1
Associate Dean, University Library1
Associate Department Head1
Associate Director1
Associate Director for Learning Services1
Associate Director of Academic Technology Strategy and Support1
Associate Director of Education1
Associate Director of Educational Technology1
Associate Director of eLearning1
Associate Director of ITS1
Associate Director of Learning Technology1
Associate Director, Academic Technology1
Associate Director, Academic Technology, UF Informaiton Technology1
Associate Director, Communication across the Curriculum1
Associate Director, Instructional Technology1
Associate Director, Library1
Associate Director, RITE1
Associate Director, SUNY Learning Network1
Associate Executive Director1
Associate Head, Research and Information Services1
Associate Head, User Experience1
Associate Prof. of English & Special Assistant to the Provost1
Associate Professor6
Associate Professor & Co-Director, DHi1
Associate Professor of Biochemistry1
Associate Professor of Biology1
Associate Professor of Chemistry1
Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology1
Associate Professor of Instructional Technology1
Associate Professor of Law1
Associate Professor of Library Science1
Associate Professor of Mathematics1
Associate Professor of Music Education1
Associate Professor, Emeritus1
Associate Provost1
Associate Provost - Chief Information Officer1
Associate Provost for Academic Technology & Information Services1
Associate Provost of Instruction1
Associate Provost, Online Learning1
Associate University Librarian for Collections & Services1
Associate University Librarian for Research and Scholarly Communication1
Associate Vice President1
Associate Vice President & CIO1
Associate Vice President, Distributed Learning1
Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies, and Dean for IT1
Associate VP1
Associate VP - Electronic Library1
Associate VP, Learning Advancement & Virtual Campus Anne Arundel Community Col.1
Asst Director, Delphi Center for T&L1
Asst. Director, Instructional Technology1
ATS Educational Program Manager1
AVP Digital Education and Engagement1
AVP Faculty Affairs1
AVP Information Technology & Deputy CIO1
AVP Teaching and Learning W/ Technology1
AVP, Instructional Technology1
Biology Instructor/Ed Tech Advisor1
Business Process Consultant1
Business Specialist - Digital Education1
Chairman and CEO1
Chief Academic & Student Affairs Officer1
Chief Academic Technology Officer1
Chief Executive Officer1
Chief Information Officer4
Chief Information Officer (CIO)1
Chief Information Officer and Dean1
Chief Innovation Officer1
Chief Technology Officer1
CIO & Assoc VP Information Technologies1
CNG Faculty1
Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Initiative1
Co-Principal Investigator1
Collaborative Learning and Com - Ctr Teachng & Learning (ctl)1
Communication Design Specialist1
Composition Coordinator1
Computer Training Coordinator1
Coordinator for Academic Technology Initiatives1
Coordinator, Computer Labs1
Coordinator, Language Acquisition Resource Center1
ctor, Educational Technology1
Dean for Levine Campus1
Dean of Academic Affairs1
Dean of Academic Technology1
Dean of Continual Learning1
Dean of Distance Learning1
Dean of Graduate and Online Learning1
Dean of Learning and Technology Resources1
Dean of Summer Programs1
Dean, Center for Innovation and Digital Learning1
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences1
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences1
Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences1
Dean, College of Science and Mathematics1
Dean, Learning Technologies & Support Services1
Dean, Retention Services1
Dean, University Library1
Department Head1
Dept. Head, Liaison, Instruction, & Reference Services1
Deputy Director, Next Generation Learning Challenge1
Deputy Vice President for Education / Director & Professor, CPEHE1
Digital Technologies, Development Librarian1
Director - Academic Technology, School of Nursing1
Director - Information Technology and Informatics/Assistant Teaching Professor1
Director and Professor1
Director AT&T Center for Learning and Technology1
Director Curriculum Development1
Director for Distance Education1
Director for Teaching, Learning, & Technology1
Director of Academic Technologies, Oxford College1
Director of Academic Technology2
Director of Academic Technology Services1
Director of Assessment and Planning1
Director of Classroom Innovation and Online Education1
Director of Client Services, Electronic Library1
Director of Curriculum Innovation & E-Learning1
Director of Digital Learning & Program Development1
Director of Digital Learning Research & Design1
Director of Distance Education1
Director of Distributed Learning1
Director of Distributive Learning and Instructional Technology1
Director of Ed Tech, Distance Learning, & Information Services1
Director of Education for U.S. Programs1
Director of Education Technology Services1
Director of Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation1
Director of eLearning1
Director of Instructional & Research Services1
Director of Instructional Design1
Director of Instructional Design & Technology1
Director of Instructional Technology3
Director of Instructional Technology & Learning Management1
Director of Instructional Technology and Design1
Director of Instructional Technology and Training1
Director of Instructional Technology Services1
Director of IT & Media Services1
Director of IT Services1
Director of IT, Mendoza College of Business1
Director of Learning Technologies1
Director of Liberal Arts IT1
Director of Libraries1
Director of Online Education1
Director of Online Learning1
Director of Online Programs and Associate Director1
Director of Outreach1
Director of Outreach & Partner Relations1
Director of Professional Development1
Director of Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning1
Director of Research Services and Information Literacy1
Director of Special Projects1
Director of Strategic Initiatives1
Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies1
Director of Teaching and Learning Support Services1
Director of Technology1
Director of Technology Services1
Director of the Center for Innovative Pedagogy1
Director of the Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence1
Director of Undergraduate Online Learning1
Director Online Teaching and Learning Services1
Director Open Oregon State1
Director, Academic Computing Services1
Director, Academic Digital Media Services1
Director, Academic Information Services1
Director, Academic Technologies1
Director, Academic Technology3
Director, Academic Technology & Media Services1
Director, Academic Technology Services3
Director, Advanced Learning Technologies1
Director, Center for Academic and Innovative Techn1
Director, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learn1
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence1
Director, CIDDE Instructional Services1
Director, Curriculum & Learning Services1
Director, Digital Scholarship Research & Development1
Director, e-Learning1
Director, EdTech Center1
Director, Educational Technology1
Director, Educational Technology Initiatives1
Director, Educational Technology Services1
Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative1
Director, ELearning R&D, DETA Center1
Director, Enterprise Academic Technology Initiatives1
Director, Faculty eLearning1
Director, Information Technology and Engineering C1
Director, Instructional and Emerging Technologies1
Director, Instructional and Learning Services1
Director, Instructional Support1
Director, Instructional Technology Services1
Director, Iowa Community College Online Consortium1
Director, Learning Environment Integration1
Director, Learning Technologies1
Director, Learning Technology Development2
Director, Office of grants and Strategic Alliiances1
Director, Online Conferences and Events1
Director, RITE1
Director, Rural Information Technology Alliance1
Director, Special Projects1
Director, Technology for the Arts1
Director, Technology Transfer Project1
Director, WICHE Internet Course Exchange, Forum & Alliance1
Distance Learning Program Director1
Doctoral Student, Games for Learning Institute1
Education Coordinator1
Educational Advisor1
Educational Resources Developer1
Educational Technologist1
Educational Technologist and NY6 ITAP Co-Director1
eLearning Specialist1
Emeritus Professor and Research Director, Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project1
Enterprise Architect1
Executive Director5
Executive Director Emeritus1
Executive Director Student Affairs Operations1
Executive Director, Academic and Scholarly Technol1
Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence1
Executive Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges1
Executive Director, UAF eLearning1
Executive Director, UWM Online1
Executive staff1
Executive Vice President1
Faculty Fellow1
Faculty Professional Development Specialist1
Faculty Programs Coordinator1
Founder & CEO1
Founder & Chief Scientist1
Government Documents and Instruction Librarian1
Graduate Fellow for the Academy for Teaching and Learning1
Head of Access and Discovery Services1
Head of Access Services, Widener Library1
Head of Faculty Human Resources1
Head of Instructional Services1
Head of Reference and Instruction1
Head of Research & Instruction1
Head of the Centre for Technology Enhanced Education, senior policy advisor1
Head, Library Instruction Services Dept, Shields Library1
Head, Research & Instruction - Boatwright Library1
Humanities/History Librarian1
I.T. Training Manager1
Information Research Specialist1
Information Security Analyst1
Information Security Officer & Director, Enterprise Systems Group1
Information Systems Librarian1
Instructional Design Consultant1
Instructional Design Consultant, Learning Technology Center1
Instructional Designer20
Instructional Designer-E-learing-Expert2
Instructional Developer1
Instructional Developer - Office of Dental Education1
Instructional Development Specialist1
Instructional Innovation Program Manager1
Instructional Services Outreach Librarian1
Instructional Technologist7
Instructional Technology Analyst1
Instructional Technology Coordinator1
Instructional Technology Librarian1
Instructional Technology Manager1
Instructional Technology Specialist2
Instructional Technology Training Coordinator1
Instructional/Multimedia Designer1
Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs1
Interim Dean1
Interim Department Chair1
Interim DIrector Academic Technologies1
Interim Director, Center for Teaching and Learning1
Interim Vice Provost for Information Technology/CIO1
IT Director, Candler School of Theology1
IT Manager - Systems & Security1
ITS Assessment Director1
Lead Instructional Designer & Technologist1
Lead Systems Programmer1
Learning Designer1
Learning Studio director1
Learning Technology Consultant1
Learning Technology Designer1
Library Director2
LMS Analyst1
Manager AV Services1
Manager ICT&O1
Manager Instructional Tech1
Manager of Academic Support1
Manager of Educational Technologies1
Manager of Instructional Technology Consulting Team & Senior Instructional Tech1
Manager Student Computing Services1
Manager Technology and Learning1
Manager, Academic Technologies1
Manager, Classroom Technology Services1
Manager, Community Engagement, Next Generation Learning Challenges1
Manager, Corporate Relations1
Manager, Emerging Technology and Media1
Manager, Instructional Technology Services1
Manager, Learning Technology/Consulting1
Manager, Member Services1
Manager, Network and Systems Administration1
Manager, Web Courseware1
Managing Director, Academic Technology Services1
Marketing Manager, ELI and NGLC1
Media Learning Technologist1
Media Specialist1
Mgr of Classroom and Conf Media Engr1
Multimedia Authoring Specialist1
Multimedia Developer1
Multimedia Producer1
Music Librarian/Head of Access Services1
NUIT Manager of Faculty Support Services1
Online Curriculum Renewal Leader1
Online Educational Specialist1
Online Instructional Designer1
Online Learning1
Online Learning Lead1
Online Program Director, Department of Health Studies1
Open Education Ambassador1
President Emeritus1
President, Lone Star-University Park1
Professor / Faculty Director1
Professor of Chemistry, Executive Director, Center1
Professor of Communication1
Professor of Economics1
Professor of Mathematics, Director of Developmental Mathematics1
Professor of Open Education1
Professor of Practice, Online Instruction1
Professor, Dept. of Leadership, Tech & Human Dev1
Professor, School of Law1
Professor/Librarian IV1
Program Coordinator1
Program Director1
Program Director, Acad. Pres. Trust, and Senior Director, Content Stewardship1
Program Director, Internationally Educated Physiotherapists Bridging Program1
Program Director, Teaching & Learning1
Program Manager2
Program Manager-Pilot Research1
Program Officer1
Program Officer, Next Generation Learning Challenges1
Programme Manager IT and Education1
Project Director, Dartmouth Research Commons1
Project Director, WACS Accreditation1
Project Manager2
Project manager IT and Education1
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs1
Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs1
Publisher/Editor, EDUCAUSE Review1
Reference Librarian1
Regents Professor1
Research Assistant/ Ph.D. Candidate1
Research Associate1
Research Librarian1
Research Porfessor1
Research Scientist IV1
Science, Technology Learning Specialist1
Senior Academic Consultant2
Senior Academic Technologist1
Senior Augmented Reality Developer1
Senior Client Technologies Analyst1
Senior Director of Information Technology Services1
Senior Director of IT Administration and Client Services1
Senior Director of Teaching and Learning With Tech1
Senior Director, Content1
Senior Director, Digital Scholarship & Development1
Senior Director, Educational Technology Services1
Senior Director, Learning Innovations: Ctr for Excellence in Teaching & Learning1
Senior Director, Networked Knowledge Collaboration Services1
Senior e-Learning Specialist1
Senior Editor1
Senior Educational Policy Advisor & Program Manager eLearning1
Senior Educational Technologist2
Senior Evaluation Consultant1
Senior Fellow1
Senior Instructional Designer2
Senior Instructional Developer, Emerging Technologies1
Senior Instructional Technologist1
Senior Learning Technology Consultant1
Senior Lecturer in Biology1
Senior Research Associate1
Senior Scientist1
Senior Software Engineer1
Senior Staff Officer ICT in Education1
Senior Technology Analyst1
Service Manager for Learning Management, ITS Teaching & Learning1
Social Media Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment1
Social Sciences Liaison1
Special Academic Officer to the Dean and FT Faculty1
Special Assistant,VP,Information Techn1
Sr Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies1
Sr Web Systems Consultant1
Student Instructional Technology Assistant1
Student Intern -Information Resources1
Student Services & Institutional Research Manager1
Student Worker1
Systems Librarian1
Systems Programmer/Specialist, Shared Services1
Systems Scientist1
Teaching, Learning and Research Support Services Manager1
Team Leader, IT Communications1
Technology Support Manager1
Technology Support Specialist1
Technology Training Analyst1
Title III Activity Director and eLearning Instructional Specialist1
UDL Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-121
University Librarian1
University Library Associate1
University Programme Manager ICT in Education1
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs1
Vice President1
Vice President and CIO1
Vice President for Planning and Partnerships1
Vice President for Technology and CIO1
Vice President of Operations1
Vice President, Data, Research, and Analytics1
Vice Provost & Chief Academic Technology Officer1
Vice Provost - CIO1
Vice Provost for Education1
Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Initiatives1
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Faculty Governance1
VP for Information and Library Services1
Web and Instructional Technology Librarian1
Web Architect1
Wirth Professor in Learning Technologie1