ELI 2012 Annual Meeting Registration Counts
by Organization (includes corporate participants)

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences10.2%
Abilene Christian University40.7%
Alamo Community College District Central Office10.2%
Albright College10.2%
American University30.5%
Amherst College10.2%
Anderson University40.7%
Anne Arundel Community College10.2%
Ashland University10.2%
Athabasca University10.2%
Auburn University10.2%
Augusta University20.3%
Austin Community College District10.2%
Avans University10.2%
Baldwin Wallace University20.3%
Bates College10.2%
Bay Path University10.2%
Baylor University10.2%
Baylor University91.6%
Benedictine University10.2%
Biola University30.5%
Boston College10.2%
Brandeis University20.3%
Brookhaven College10.2%
Brown University10.2%
Bryn Mawr College10.2%
Bucknell University10.2%
California State University, Channel Islands10.2%
California State University, Dominguez Hills10.2%
California State University, Fresno10.2%
California State University, Northridge10.2%
California State University, San Marcos61.0%
Carnegie Mellon University20.3%
Case Western Reserve University30.5%
Central Piedmont Community College20.3%
Cerritos College10.2%
Chatham University50.9%
Chattanooga State Community College10.2%
Chicago State University10.2%
City Colleges of Chicago20.3%
City University London30.5%
Civitas Learning Inc.20.3%
Coalition for Networked Information20.3%
Colgate University10.2%
College of the Holy Cross10.2%
College of William and Mary20.3%
Colorado College20.3%
Colorado Community College System20.3%
Columbia College10.2%
Columbia University10.2%
Community College of the District of Columbia20.3%
Concordia University, Nebraska20.3%
Cornell University10.2%
Dallas County Community College District10.2%
Dartmouth College30.5%
Davidson College40.7%
Del Mar College20.3%
DePauw University10.2%
Des Moines University10.2%
Dickinson College10.2%
Drake University10.2%
Earlham College20.3%
Eckerd College10.2%
Elmira College10.2%
Elon University10.2%
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University10.2%
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide10.2%
Emory University10.2%
Emory University40.7%
Empire State College SUNY20.3%
Emporia State University20.3%
Franklin & Marshall College20.3%
Furman University20.3%
George Mason University10.2%
Georgetown University50.9%
Georgia Southern University81.4%
Georgia State University10.2%
Georgia State University40.7%
Gettysburg College20.3%
Hamilton College30.5%
Hardin-Simmons University10.2%
Harvard Business School10.2%
Harvard University10.2%
Harvard University71.2%
Harvey Mudd College20.3%
Haverford College10.2%
HEC Montreal10.2%
Herman Miller, Inc.10.2%
Hofstra University30.5%
Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen20.3%
In Mind Consulting10.2%
Indiana University10.2%
Indiana University Bloomington10.2%
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis50.9%
Information Technology Senior Management Forum10.2%
International University of Hospitality Management The Hague10.2%
Iowa Community College Online Consortium10.2%
Iowa State University of Science and Technology10.2%
Jefferson Community and Technical College10.2%
Kansas State University10.2%
Kenyon College20.3%
Kyoto University10.2%
Langara College10.2%
Lehigh University20.3%
Lone Star College System10.2%
LoudCloud Systems10.2%
Louisiana State University10.2%
Loyola Marymount University10.2%
Loyola University Chicago20.3%
Loyola University Maryland20.3%
Macalester College40.7%
Marist College10.2%
Marquette University10.2%
Miami University10.2%
Middle Tennessee State University20.3%
Millersville University of Pennsylvania10.2%
Millersville University of Pennsylvania61.0%
Minnesota State University, Mankato10.2%
NC State University71.2%
New York University20.3%
North Central College10.2%
North Dakota University System Office10.2%
North Shore Community College10.2%
Northeastern University20.3%
Northern Arizona University20.3%
Northern Virginia Community College10.2%
Northwest Iowa Community College10.2%
Northwestern University10.2%
Odigia Inc.10.2%
Ohio Board of Regents10.2%
Old Dominion University10.2%
Online Learning Consortium10.2%
Oregon State University10.2%
Oregon State University40.7%
Pace University10.2%
Pacific University10.2%
PAR Framework10.2%
Pepperdine University10.2%
Pepperdine University122.1%
Phillips Academy10.2%
Pikes Peak Community College10.2%
Pine Technical and Community College10.2%
Pomona College20.3%
Prince George's Community College10.2%
Reed College10.2%
Research Habits Digital10.2%
Rice University20.3%
Rollins College10.2%
Rowan-Cabarrus Community College10.2%
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey10.2%
Sacred Heart University10.2%
Saint Louis University20.3%
Saint Michael's College20.3%
Saxion University of Applied Sciences10.2%
Seton Hall University10.2%
Sinclair Community College10.2%
Smith College10.2%
Southeastern Community College10.2%
Springfield College10.2%
St. Edward's University81.4%
St. John's University10.2%
St. Lawrence University10.2%
St. Mary's University10.2%
St. Olaf College30.5%
Stanford University10.2%
SUNY College at Oneonta10.2%
SUNY System Administration20.3%
Swarthmore College10.2%
Texas A&M University20.3%
Texas A&M University-Central Texas10.2%
Texas A&M University-Texarkana10.2%
Texas State University50.9%
Texas Wesleyan University10.2%
Texas Woman's University10.2%
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation10.2%
The Kresge Foundation10.2%
The New Media Consortium (NMC)10.2%
The Ohio State University10.2%
The Ohio State University30.5%
The Open University10.2%
The Pennsylvania State University20.3%
The Pennsylvania State University71.2%
The University of Arizona20.3%
The University of British Columbia10.2%
The University of Iowa30.5%
The University of Memphis10.2%
Trinity University30.5%
Tufts University10.2%
Tulane University10.2%
Union College20.3%
Universidad del Sagrado Corazon10.2%
Universiteit Leiden10.2%
University at Albany, SUNY10.2%
University at Buffalo-SUNY10.2%
University of Alabama10.2%
University of Alaska Anchorage10.2%
University of Alaska Anchorage111.9%
University of Alaska Fairbanks10.2%
University of Alberta30.5%
University of Bridgeport10.2%
University of California, Davis10.2%
University of California, Office of the President20.3%
University of California, San Francisco10.2%
University of Central Florida71.2%
University of Chicago10.2%
University of Colorado Boulder40.7%
University of Colorado Denver10.2%
University of Colorado System10.2%
University of Dayton10.2%
University of Florida40.7%
University of Hawaii Honolulu Community College10.2%
University of Illinois at Chicago10.2%
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign10.2%
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign40.7%
University of Illinois Central Administration10.2%
University of Kansas10.2%
University of Kentucky20.3%
University of La Verne40.7%
University of Louisville10.2%
University of Maine System20.3%
University of Manchester10.2%
University of Mary Washington10.2%
University of Maryland, Baltimore County10.2%
University of Massachusetts Amherst10.2%
University of Massachusetts Boston10.2%
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth20.3%
University of Miami20.3%
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor50.9%
University of Michigan-Dearborn10.2%
University of Minnesota30.5%
University of Minnesota-Duluth20.3%
University of Missouri50.9%
University of Nebraska - Lincoln20.3%
University of Nebraska Medical Center10.2%
University of New Brunswick, Saint John10.2%
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill10.2%
University of North Carolina Greensboro10.2%
University of North Texas30.5%
University of Northwestern, St. Paul40.7%
University of Notre Dame10.2%
University of Notre Dame40.7%
University of Oregon10.2%
University of Pennsylvania10.2%
University of Pittsburgh10.2%
University of Puget Sound20.3%
University of Rhode Island10.2%
University of Richmond20.3%
University of Saskatchewan10.2%
University of South Carolina30.5%
University of South Florida10.2%
University of Southern California30.5%
University of St. Thomas20.3%
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga10.2%
University of Texas at Austin10.2%
University of Texas at San Antonio30.5%
University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center10.2%
University of Texas of the Permian Basin10.2%
University of the Incarnate Word10.2%
University of the Pacific30.5%
University of Toronto10.2%
University of Vermont10.2%
University of Virginia20.3%
University of Washington10.2%
University of Washington Bothell20.3%
University of Washington, Tacoma10.2%
University of Waterloo10.2%
University of West Florida20.3%
University of West Georgia40.7%
University of Wisconsin System Administration20.3%
University of Wisconsin-Madison81.4%
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee91.6%
Vassar College10.2%
Virginia Commonwealth University40.7%
Virginia Community College System10.2%
Virginia Tech40.7%
Wake Forest University20.3%
Warren Wilson College10.2%
Wellesley College10.2%
West Texas A&M University10.2%
West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing (WVNET)10.2%
West Virginia University10.2%
Western University10.2%
Wheaton College10.2%
Whitman College10.2%
Wilkes University10.2%
Williams College30.5%
Wyoming Humanities Council10.2%
Yale University30.5%