ELI Webinar, December 5, 2011 1:00 p.m. ET (UTC-5); convert to your time zone

Games in Education: Realizing Opportunities and Overcoming Obstacles

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Andy PetroskiAndy Petroski
Director and Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Andy Petroski coordinates the Learning Technologies Master of Science (LTMS) program and learning technologies at Harrisburg University as Director of Learning Technologies. As Director of the LTMS program, he oversees several courses and a concentration focused on serious games and simulations. As Director of Learning Technologies Andy works with faculty to integrate games into their curriculum and with the Director of the Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies (CAELT) to produce serious games for business and government. In 2010, Andy received the "Technology Educator of the Year" honors from TECHQuest PA. The honor recognizes Andy as an "outstanding example of ‘Information Age Educator’ using current technologies to educate, motivate and inspire students to develop careers in technology fields and become lifelong learners." The award-winning instructional technologist has more than 14 years of e-learning design and development experience in multimedia production firms, independent consulting, corporate learning, and education.

Chris StubbsChris Stubbs
Project Manager, Educational Gaming Commons
Pennsylvania State University

Chris Stubbs is the Project Manager for Penn State’s Educational Gaming Commons (EGC) — a university-wide initiative devoted to exploring the use of games for teaching, learning, and research. In this role, Chris is responsible for a wide range of edugaming-related activities, including faculty consulting, course design, educational game design, research and assessment, and the oversight of the EGC’s gaming lab facility. When he is not saving the world through educational gaming, Chris is also an instructional technologist and designer for Penn State’s Education Technology Services group, where he leverages new and emerging technologies, including digital and social media, to improve education.


Join Malcolm Brown, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative director, and Veronica Diaz, ELI associate director, as they moderate this webinar with Andy Petroski and Chris Stubbs. The potential for games to augment traditional education and create entirely new learning opportunities is seemingly endless. But along with its new opportunities, educational gaming also brings a host of new challenges for educators to consider. How do I design and assess an educational game? How can I support educational gaming, in a single class or for an entire institution? How do I even get started?

In this session, Andy and Chris will discuss these questions and many others as they share their experiences bringing educational gaming to Harrisburg and Penn State Universities. They'll explore and share examples of the many ways that educational games can be played, from traditional web games to cutting-edge alternate reality. They'll discuss common myths about educational gaming, share some of their best (and worst) practices, and even take a look into the future. From design to institutional support and everything in between, this session will discuss all things educational gaming.