EDUCAUSE Institute Learning Technology Leadership Program 2011

June 20–June 24, 2011 • Portland, Oregon

The EDUCAUSE Institute Learning Technology Leadership Program is designed to broaden perspectives and develop leadership abilities, enabling participants to assume leadership roles in applying learning technology to improve teaching and learning within their institutions. Designed as a leadership immersion experience, the program is intense, with participants engaged in active learning experiences throughout the day and into the evening.

Who Should Attend

The Learning Technology Leadership Program is meant for those who have implemented and supported the use of technology in teaching and learning and have significant experience in such areas as instructional design, instructional technology, learning support, e-learning, and e-scholarship and who aspire to a higher level of leadership in higher education, both formal and informal.

Please ensure you can answer yes to these questions before registering.

  1. Do you have experience in the use of technology in higher education teaching and learning?
  2. If you have experience in the field, do you aspire to a higher level of leadership in higher education, both formal and informal?

If you cannot answer yes to these two questions, please consider registering for the EDUCAUSE Institute Management Program.

If you have questions as to the level of experience required, please contact the LTL Program Liaison for further clarification.

About the Learning Technology Leadership Program

The Learning Technology Leadership Program is held each summer. The program, led by seasoned and knowledgeable national leaders in the field, offers participants a unique opportunity to connect with peers.

This Institute program focuses on how to develop leadership and the ability to influence institutional directions in enhancing the learning environment rather than on the delivery of instructional design or instructional support services. The program explores how individuals can facilitate systemic transformation of teaching and learning in institutions of higher education.

The distinguishing feature of this program is its emphasis on the transition of the professional role of learning technologist from responding to an identified need for instructional support to that of an initiator of academic change. Transformative leadership in this context may not be attached to the position title but rather be assumed and exercised by the professional. It is leadership in the context of learning design and technology that makes this program unique.

Leadership is contextual. Critical success factors for leadership in higher education include understanding the style and context in which decisions are made, effective communication, relationship building, and organizational skills. One of the program’s goals is to make participants aware of the realities of leadership on campus.

Collectively, participants will focus on the roles and challenges of contextual leadership and acquiring a skill set to employ on returning to their campuses. This program provides an intense immersive experience. Participants will work in teams to address strategic issues associated with leadership, teaching, and learning and are expected to engage in all of the Institute’s day and evening sessions.

This five-day intensive program offers you a valuable opportunity to:

  • gain knowledge about yourself as a team member and leader and develop your leadership capabilities
  • sharpen your understanding of the expanding influence of learning technology on today’s campuses
  • explore leadership roles that learning technologists can play on today’s campuses, particularly on your own campus
  • engage in the program as a leader in thinking, relationship building, communication, and decision making
  • acquire strategies for opening channels of communication across campus constituencies
  • learn how to collaborate and negotiate with individuals from different institutional perspectives
  • discover strategies for fostering systemic initiatives
  • identify effective ways to plan for and initiate change within your institution
  • develop insights into career management
  • argue the case for teaching and learning initiatives on your campus
  • work with faculty and peers in the day and evening programs