EDUCAUSE Live! July 21, 2005 1:00 p.m. EDT (12:00 p.m. CDT, 11:00 a.m. MDT, 10:00 a.m. PDT); runs one hour

Narrowcasting 101: Using Blogs, Podcasts, and Videoblogs in Higher Education

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Nicholas S. NoakesNicholas S. Noakes
Associate Director, Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching (CELT)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

Nick Noakes has been active in adult education and teacher development for 20 years in Hong Kong, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. He joined HKUST in 1994 as a senior instructor in the Language Center, where he developed courses for students and teaching staff for learning and teaching online and the center's Web site. Prior to joining HKUST, Noakes helped manage two English-language learning centers for the British Council in Bangkok. He has been an active teacher developer for both pre- and in-service teacher education since 1989. His areas of interest inlcude e-learning in higher education, learning assessment, collaborative learning, lifelong learning, epistemological and cognitive change, and institutional change strategies.

Cyprien LomasCyprien Lomas
ELI Scholar in Residence and Director, The Learning Centre, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
University of British Columbia

Cyprien Lomas is the director of The Learning Centre in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of British Columbia. His work includes projects that study the teaching and learning of science, both with and without technology. Recent projects have included implementing simulations to better prepare students for chemistry labs, creating reusable biology image learning objects, and implementing writing circle techniques and e-portfolios in a first-year biology course. His current interests focus on the exploration of the use of technology to enhance communities and social interactions.


Your host, Steve Worona, will be joined by Nick Noakes and Cyprien Lomas, and the topic will be "Narrowcasting 101: Using Blogs, Podcasts, and Videoblogs in Higher Education."

A key element of the new Web is narrowcasting, which includes Weblogs, podcasts, and video blogs. Practices surrounding narrowcasting that use RSS feeds and aggregators to distribute increasingly rich amateur content are creeping onto our campuses. This session will explore several facets of narrowcasting and the new Web. What is narrowcasting? Where did it come from, and where is it going? How might narrowcasting fit into a campus e-portfolio or course management system? What are the implications of having increasingly media-rich (and resource-intensive) content on campus? How can we filter and focus all of this new content? Join us to explore the vibrant and rapidly evolving world of Weblogs, podcasts, and video blogging and their potential impact on teaching and learning.

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