CUMREC Annual Conference (An EDUCAUSE Affiliate)


From its first conference in 1956—envisioned and sponsored by Frank Martin at Michigan State University—to its last at Keystone, Colorado, in 2005, CUMREC had a distinguished history of advancing the professional development of administrative computing professionals in higher education. In those 50 years, information technology grew from processing keypunch cards for accounting and registration to far-ranging database-driven online services and resources, mediated by the Internet 24x7 on high-speed and wireless networks for all campus constituents. CUMREC itself changed from the College and University Machine Records Conference to CUMREC A Higher Education Administrative Technology Conference. Through the annual conference, thousands of IT professionals shared their ideas, accomplishments, technologies, methods, and solutions. In a collegial spirit of sharing, CUMREC made a lasting contribution to aligning the IT organization's mission with the institution's mission.

Many of the presentation materials from CUMREC conferences during the period of its affiliation with EDUCAUSE are accessible from the conference links below. For information on individuals recognized for their contributions to the profession and the conference, visit the archived CUMREC awards.

  • CUMREC 1999
    May 912, 1999
    San Antonio, Texas
  • CUMREC 1998
    May 1720, 1998
    Atlanta, Georgia

For more information on how the CUMREC legacy lives on through student scholarships at its founding institution, please visit The Frank B.Martin CUMREC Fellowship Program.

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