EDUCAUSE 2012 Online Annual Conference Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

Academic Consultant10.3%
Academic Librarian10.3%
Academic Systems Coordinator10.3%
Acting Director Strategy and Support10.3%
Administrative Analyst/Specialist10.3%
Administrative Assistant31.0%
Administrative Associate10.3%
Administrative Asst IV10.3%
Administrative Systems Coordinator10.3%
Applications Developer20.6%
Assistant Dean10.3%
Assistant Dean, Information Technology - Facilities10.3%
Assistant Dean, Learning Technologies, and Director, LFS Learning Centre10.3%
Assistant Director10.3%
Assistant Director - Enterprise Information Systems Services10.3%
Assistant Director of Information Technology10.3%
Assistant Director of instructional and Information technology10.3%
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology10.3%
Assistant Director of IT for Instructional Technol10.3%
Assistant Director, Academic Systems Integration and Support, LITS10.3%
Assistant Director, Planning & Assessment - DELTA10.3%
Assistant Director, Systems Support Services10.3%
Assistant Professor10.3%
Assistant Professor/ Reference Librarian, Liaison for IL and Distance Learning10.3%
Assistant to the Vice President for IT & CITO10.3%
Assistant Vice Chancellor10.3%
Assistant Vice Chancellor, ITS10.3%
Assistant Vice President for Analytics10.3%
Assistant Vice President, Information Technologies & Services10.3%
Assistant Vice President,Telecommunications of Media Support and User Services U10.3%
Assoc. VP of IT10.3%
Associate CIO20.6%
Associate Dean of Libraries10.3%
Associate Director31.0%
Associate Director - Client Services10.3%
Associate Director Service Desk10.3%
Associate Director, Administration10.3%
Associate Director, Client Support and Communication10.3%
Associate Director, Computing & Communications10.3%
Associate Director, Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support10.3%
Associate Director, Engineering Anywhere10.3%
Associate Director, Information Technology10.3%
Associate Director, Instructional Technology10.3%
Associate Professor10.3%
Associate Professor and Director10.3%
Associate Provost of IT and CIO10.3%
Associate Registrar10.3%
Associate University Librarian10.3%
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer10.3%
Associate Vice President10.3%
Associate Vice President for Enterprise Systems10.3%
Associate Vice President, Academic Computing Resources10.3%
Associate VP for Information Technology Services10.3%
Asst Dir - Instr Des & Support10.3%
Asst. Director for Communications & Training10.3%
Asst. Vice Chancellor for Engineering Remote Education10.3%
Business Process Consultant10.3%
CANR/MAES/MSUE Chief Information Officer10.3%
Chief Clerk10.3%
Chief Information & Planning Officer10.3%
Chief Information Officer41.3%
Chief Information Officer and Dean10.3%
Chief Information Officer- HGSE10.3%
Chief Information Security Officer10.3%
Chief of Staff10.3%
Chief Privacy Officer10.3%
Chief Technology Officer10.3%
Classroom Technology Engineer10.3%
Client Relationships Consultant10.3%
Client Support and Training Specialist10.3%
Clinical Assistant Professor10.3%
College Librarian10.3%
Communication & Training Support Technician10.3%
Communication Manager10.3%
Computer Officer10.3%
Computer Officer 110.3%
Content and Development Manager10.3%
Coordinator of Online Education10.3%
Coordinator, Technology Development10.3%
Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education10.3%
Dean of Instruction10.3%
Deputy CIO20.6%
Digital Initiatives Librarian10.3%
Dir IT Services Admin & Finance10.3%
Dir. Technology10.3%
Director - IT10.3%
Director Academic Technologies10.3%
Director Center for Teaching & Learning10.3%
Director II, Deputy CIO10.3%
Director Information Systems10.3%
Director Instructional Media Services10.3%
Director Instructional Support10.3%
Director of Academic and Learning Technologies, School of Dentistry10.3%
Director of Academic Computing10.3%
Director of Computing Services10.3%
Director of Distance Education10.3%
Director of e-Learning Services10.3%
Director of Enterprise Information Systems10.3%
Director of ICT, School of Business10.3%
Director of Information and Technology, College of Business10.3%
Director of Information Security10.3%
Director of Information Technology20.6%
Director of Infrastructure10.3%
Director of Instructional Design10.3%
Director of Instructional Development10.3%
Director of Instructional Technology20.6%
Director of IT20.6%
Director of IT Services10.3%
Director of IT Support Services10.3%
Director of Learning Technology Services10.3%
Director of Network Services10.3%
Director of Online Programs and Associate Director10.3%
Director of Operations for IT10.3%
Director of Project Management10.3%
Director of Strategic Initiatives10.3%
Director of Student and Academic Services Division10.3%
Director of Systems Engineering10.3%
Director of Technology Services10.3%
Director of Telecommunications10.3%
Director Technology & Innovation10.3%
Director, Academic Computing10.3%
Director, Academic Technology41.3%
Director, Academic Technology Services & IT Business Services10.3%
Director, Applications and Integration10.3%
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning10.3%
Director, Educational Technology & Design10.3%
Director, Faculty Center for Teaching with Technology10.3%
Director, Financial Affairs (OIT)10.3%
Director, Information Technology10.3%
Director, Information Technology Services10.3%
Director, Instructional Design10.3%
Director, Instructional Design and Training10.3%
Director, Instructional Support Services10.3%
Director, Instructional Technology and Client Serv10.3%
Director, Instructional Technology, Design, Development, and Decision Support10.3%
Director, IT10.3%
Director, IT and Libraries10.3%
Director, IT Metrics and Resources10.3%
Director, ITS Service Quality10.3%
Director, Office of Learning Technologies10.3%
Director, Online Conferences and Events10.3%
Director, Project Management Office10.3%
Director, Web Presence10.3%
Division Chair Conference Coordinator10.3%
Division Head10.3%
EDTC Innovation Analyst10.3%
Education Technology, Portal & Mobile Services Architect10.3%
Electronic Resources Librarian10.3%
ERP Training / Testing Coordinator10.3%
Executive Director31.0%
Executive Director and Deputy CIO10.3%
Executive Director of Academic Technologies10.3%
Executive Director of Informational Technology Services10.3%
Executive Director Solutions Delivery10.3%
Executive Director Technology Resources & Planning10.3%
Executive Director, Architecture10.3%
Executive Director, Information Technology10.3%
Executive Director, Networking and Communications10.3%
Executive Secretary10.3%
Executive Vice Provost and Dean10.3%
Fiscal Support Specialist10.3%
Grad Student, Human Factors10.3%
Graduate Student, Education/ILT Dept10.3%
Head of Maps, Media, Data and Government Information10.3%
HuskyTech Manager10.3%
ILT Instructional Design Student10.3%
Information Security Officer10.3%
Information Technology Coordinator10.3%
Informational Processing Consultant10.3%
Innovation Transition Manager10.3%
Instruction Librarian10.3%
Instructional Design Specialist10.3%
Instructional Designer51.6%
Instructional Technologist20.6%
Interim CIO10.3%
Interim Information Security Officer10.3%
IST Data Support and Security Manager10.3%
IT Director10.3%
IT Help Desk Manager10.3%
IT Manager10.3%
IT Policy and Compliance Officer - Information Services10.3%
IT Training Manager10.3%
Lead Quality Analyst10.3%
Lead Systems Programmer10.3%
Library & Learning Support Manager10.3%
Library Director10.3%
Library Technician10.3%
Manager of Educational Technologies10.3%
Manager Service Marketing and Communications10.3%
Manager, Academic Computing Services10.3%
Manager, Educational Technology Spaces, Computing Services10.3%
Manager, Information Services10.3%
Manager, Innovations in Teaching and Learning10.3%
Manager, Instructional Technology10.3%
Manager, IT Training and Documentation10.3%
Manager, Media Services10.3%
Manager, Professional Development Programs10.3%
Manager, Student IT Support10.3%
Marketing Coordinator, Conferences10.3%
Marketing Manager, Conferences10.3%
Member Services Representative31.0%
Mgr of Systems, Networks, and Telecomm10.3%
Mgr- Media Services10.3%
Network Analyst10.3%
Online Meeting Planner10.3%
Online Video Specialist10.3%
Outreach and Information Technology Librarian10.3%
Planning and Technology Specialist10.3%
PMO Director10.3%
Policy & Implementation Specialist10.3%
PR & Communication Manager10.3%
Program Assistant 1. University Libraries10.3%
Program Manager10.3%
Project Manager20.6%
Research Programmer10.3%
Retired Director of Academic Computing10.3%
Secretary to the Dean of the Library10.3%
Senior Academic Technology Officer-ATI Director10.3%
Senior Analyst/Managing Editor10.3%
Senior Consultant and Adjunct Faculty, Educational Technologies10.3%
Senior Desktop Tech10.3%
Senior Director User Services10.3%
Senior Director, Content10.3%
Senior Media Designer10.3%
Senior Programmer/Analyst20.6%
Senior Technology Analyst10.3%
Senior Technology Officer10.3%
Snr. Editor10.3%
Software Services Coordinator10.3%
Special Advisor, Professional Development10.3%
Special Assistant to the Dean, Universities Libraries10.3%
Statewide Director of Higher Education eLearning10.3%
Strategist for Academic Engagement10.3%
Student Services Associate10.3%
System Analyst-Enterprise Computing10.3%
Systems Library10.3%
Teaching and Learning Services10.3%
Team Lead, Business Intelligence10.3%
Team Lead, eLearning Initiatives and Digital Strategy, School of Kinesiology10.3%
Team Leader IAM Team (Data-Directories)10.3%
Team Manager Library10.3%
Technical Training and Documentation Administrator10.3%
Technology Trainer10.3%
Training and Education Clerk10.3%
Training Manager10.3%
University Data Manager10.3%
University Privacy Officer10.3%
Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Enrollment Management10.3%
Vice Chancellor, Information Technology10.3%
Vice President10.3%
Vice President / CIO10.3%
Vice President and CIO10.3%
Vice President for Administration - CIO10.3%
Vice President for Facilities & Technology Services10.3%
Vice President for Information Management and Technology10.3%
Vice President for Information Technology10.3%
Vice President for Technology10.3%
Vice President of Information Technology20.6%
Vice President of Student Services10.3%
Vice President, Information Technology10.3%
Vice President, New Media and Business Solution Partners10.3%
Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School10.3%
Vice Provost, Research & Innovation in Learning10.3%
VP & CIO10.3%
VP for Information Technology, CIO10.3%
VP for IT & CIO10.3%
VP for IT and CIO10.3%
VP of Information Technology & CIO10.3%
Web Designer10.3%