EDUCAUSE 2012 Online Annual Conference Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

Academic Consultant1
Academic Librarian1
Academic Systems Coordinator1
Accociate Vice President, Chief Information Officer1
Acting Director Strategy and Support, Interim Director Client Services1
Administrative Analyst/Specialist1
Administrative Assistant3
Administrative Associate1
Administrative Asst IV1
Administrative Systems Coordinator1
Applications Developer2
Assistant Dean1
Assistant Dean, Information Technology - Facilities1
Assistant Dean, Learning Technologies, and Director, LFS Learning Centre1
Assistant Director1
Assistant Director - Enterprise Information Systems Services1
Assistant Director of Information Technology1
Assistant Director of instructional and Information technology1
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology1
Assistant Director of IT for Instructional Technol1
Assistant Director, Academic Systems Integration and Support, LITS1
Assistant Director, Planning & Assessment - DELTA1
Assistant Director, Systems Support Services1
Assistant Professor2
Assistant Professor/ Reference Librarian, Liaison for IL and Distance Learning1
Assistant to the Vice President for IT & CITO1
Assistant Vice Chancellor1
Assistant Vice Chancellor, ITS1
Assistant Vice President for Analytics1
Assistant Vice President, Information Technologies & Services1
Assistant Vice President, Telecommunications, Media Support and User Services1
Assoc. Dean, Learning Systems1
Assoc. VP of IT1
Associate CIO1
Associate Dean of Libraries1
Associate Director2
Associate Director - Client Services1
Associate Director of Client Services & Operations, ITS1
Associate Director Service Desk1
Associate Director, Administration1
Associate Director, Client Support and Communication1
Associate Director, Computing & Communications1
Associate Director, Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support1
Associate Director, Engineering Anywhere1
Associate Director, Information Technology1
Associate Director, Instructional Technology1
Associate Professor1
Associate Professor and Director1
Associate Registrar1
Associate University Librarian1
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer1
Associate Vice President1
Associate Vice President for Enterprise Systems1
Associate Vice President, Academic Computing Resources1
Associate VP for Information Technology Services1
Asst Dir - Instr Des & Support1
Asst. Director for Communications & Training1
Business Process Consultant1
CANR/MAES/MSUE Chief Information Officer1
Chief Clerk1
Chief Information & Planning Officer1
Chief Information Officer5
Chief Information Officer and Dean1
Chief Information Officer- HGSE1
Chief Information Security Officer1
Chief Privacy Officer1
Chief Technology Officer1
Classroom Technology Engineer1
Client Relationships Consultant1
Client Support and Training Specialist1
Clinical Assistant Professor1
College Librarian1
Communication & Training Support Technician1
Communication Manager1
Computer Officer1
Computer Officer 11
Content and Development Manager1
Coordinator of Online Education1
Coordinator, Technology Development1
CTO, VP of IT (interim)1
Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education1
Dean of Instruction1
Deputy CIO2
Digital Initiatives Librarian1
Dir IT Services Admin & Finance1
Dir. Technology1
Director - IT1
Director Academic Technologies1
Director Information Systems1
Director Instructional Media Services1
Director Instructional Support1
Director of Academic and Learning Technologies, School of Dentistry1
Director of Academic Computing1
Director of Computing Services1
Director of Distance Education1
Director of e-Learning Services1
Director of Enterprise Information Systems1
Director of ICT, School of Business1
Director of Information and Technology, College of Business1
Director of Information Security1
Director of Information Technology2
Director of Infrastructure1
Director of Instructional Design1
Director of Instructional Development1
Director of Instructional Technology2
Director of IT2
Director of IT Security & Infrastructure1
Director of IT Services1
Director of IT Support Services1
Director of Learning Technology Services1
Director of Network Services1
Director of Online Programs and Associate Director1
Director of Operations for IT1
Director of Project Management1
Director of Strategic Initiatives1
Director of Student and Academic Services Division1
Director of Systems Engineering1
Director of Technology Services1
Director of Telecommunications1
Director Technology & Innovation1
Director, Academic Computing1
Director, Academic Technology3
Director, Academic Technology Services & IT Business Services1
Director, Applications and Integration1
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning1
Director, Educational Technology & Design1
Director, Faculty Center for Teaching with Technology1
Director, Financial Affairs (OIT)1
Director, Information Technology1
Director, Information Technology Services1
Director, Instructional Design1
Director, Instructional Design and Training1
Director, Instructional Support Services1
Director, Instructional Technology and Client Serv1
Director, Instructional Technology, Design, Development, and Decision Support1
Director, IT1
Director, IT and Libraries1
Director, IT Metrics and Resources1
Director, ITS Service Quality1
Director, Learning Technology1
Director, Office of Learning Technologies1
Director, Online Conferences and Events1
Director, Project Management Office1
Director, Web Presence1
Division Chair Conference Coordinator1
Division Head1
EDTC Innovation Analyst1
Education Technology, Portal & Mobile Services Architect1
Electronic Resources Librarian1
ERP Training / Testing Coordinator1
Executive Director3
Executive Director and Deputy CIO1
Executive Director of Academic Technologies1
Executive Director of Informational Technology Services1
Executive Director Technology Resources & Planning1
Executive Director, Architecture1
Executive Director, Information Technology1
Executive Director, Networking and Communications1
Executive Secretary1
Executive Vice Provost and Dean1
Faculty Director, Center for Teaching and Learning1
Fiscal Analyst, IT1
Grad Student, Human Factors1
Graduate Student, Education/ILT Dept1
Head of Maps, Media, Data and Government Information1
HuskyTech Manager1
ILT Instructional Design Student1
Information Technology Coordinator1
Informational Processing Consultant1
Innovation Transition Manager1
Instruction Librarian1
Instructional Design Specialist1
Instructional Designer5
Instructional Technologist2
Interim CIO1
Interim Information Security Officer1
IST Data Support and Security Manager1
IT Director1
IT Help Desk Manager1
IT Manager1
IT Policy and Compliance Officer - Information Services1
IT Training Manager1
Lead Quality Analyst1
Lead Systems Programmer1
Library & Learning Support Manager1
Library Director1
Library Technician1
Manager of Educational Technologies1
Manager Service Marketing and Communications1
Manager, Academic Computing Services1
Manager, Educational Technology Spaces, Computing Services1
Manager, Information Services1
Manager, Innovations in Teaching and Learning1
Manager, Instructional Technology1
Manager, IT Training and Documentation1
Manager, Media Services1
Manager, Student IT Support1
Marketing Coordinator, Conferences1
Marketing Manager, Conferences1
Member Services Representative3
Mgr of Systems, Networks, and Telecomm1
Mgr- Media Services1
Network Analyst1
Outreach and Information Technology Librarian1
Planning and Technology Specialist1
PMO Director1
Policy & Implementation Specialist1
PR & Communication Manager1
Professional Development Online Event Production Manager1
Program Assistant 1. University Libraries1
Program Manager1
Project Manager2
Research Programmer1
Retired Director of Academic Computing1
Secretary to the Dean of the Library1
Senior Academic Technology Officer-ATI Director1
Senior Analyst/Managing Editor1
Senior Consultant and Adjunct Faculty, Educational Technologies1
Senior Desktop Tech1
Senior Director User Services1
Senior Director, Content1
Senior Media Designer1
Senior Programmer/Analyst2
Senior Technology Analyst1
Senior Technology Officer1
Senior Video Strategist1
Snr. Editor1
Software Services Coordinator1
Special Advisor, Professional Development1
Special Assistant to the Dean, Universities Libraries1
Statewide Director of Higher Education eLearning1
Strategist for Academic Engagement1
Student Services Associate1
System Analyst-Enterprise Computing1
Systems Library1
Teaching and Learning Services1
Team Lead, Business Intelligence1
Team Lead, eLearning Initiatives and Digital Strategy, School of Kinesiology1
Team Leader IAM Team (Data-Directories)1
Team Manager Library1
Technical Training and Documentation Administrator1
Technology Trainer1
Training and Education Clerk1
Training Manager1
University Data Manager1
University Privacy Officer1
Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Enrollment Management1
Vice Chancellor, Information Technology1
Vice President1
Vice President / CIO1
Vice President and CIO1
Vice President for Administration - CIO1
Vice President for Facilities & Technology Services1
Vice President for Information Management and Technology1
Vice President for Information Technology1
Vice President for Planning and Partnerships1
Vice President for Technology1
Vice President of Information Technology2
Vice President of Student Services1
Vice President, Information Technology1
Vice President, New Media and Business Solution Partners1
Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School1
VP for Information Technology, CIO1
VP for IT & CIO1
VP for IT and CIO1
VP of Information Technology & CIO1
VP Product & Co-Founder1
Web Designer1