EDUCAUSE 2012 Face-to-Face Annual Conference Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

Assistant Director of IT, College of Health and Human Sciences1
A/R Staff Accountant1
Academic Application Specialist, Information Services Academic Tech Svcs1
Academic Associate1
Academic Chair, School of Business1
Academic Computing1
Academic Consultant - Video Conferencing & Classroom Technology1
Academic Coordinator1
Academic Dean Department of Hospitality1
Academic Dean Department of Tourism1
Academic Dean of University of Massachusetts Cyber Security Certificate Programs1
Academic Department Chairman1
Academic Development Coordinator1
Academic Director, CMRI/AssociateProfessor1
Academic English Instructor1
Academic Information and Communication Technologist1
Academic Instructional Technologist1
Academic Partnership Manager1
Academic Program Manager, Inst. Advanced Analytics1
Academic Project Management1
Academic Support Manager, Information and Communications Technology1
Academic Talent Scout, UC Scout1
Academic Technologies Manager1
Academic Technologist1
Academic Technology Consultant4
Academic Technology Coordinator2
Academic Technology Integrator1
Academic Technology Lab Services Manager1
Academic Technology Manager1
Academic Technology Project Leader1
Academic Technology Specialist5
Academic Technology Support Specialist1
Account Manager1
Account Manager-Research IT1
Accounting Instructor1
Accounts Payable Staff Accountant1
ACE Fellow3
Acting Chief Information Security Offficer1
Acting Director1
Acting Director, ICT Client Services1
Acting Manager, Enterprise Services Section1
Acting Provost and Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic1
Adjunct Faculty1
Adjunct Professor1
Adjunct Professor of Music Research1
Admin Manager1
Administrative Assistant1
Administrative Assistant I1
Administrative Liaison for Computing1
Administrative Manager1
Administrative Operations Officer1
Administrative Secretary1
Administrative Staff1
Administrative Systems and Services Coordinator1
Advanced Analyst1
Advanced Applications Outreach1
Advisor ICT & Education/Research1
Advisor ICT in Education1
Advisory Board Chairman1
Agriculture Instructor1
Analyst/ Project Manager1
Analyst/Programmer Lead1
Applicant Specialist1
Application Administrator - Blackboard1
Application Analyst1
Application Programming Manager1
Application Systems Analysts1
Applications Development Manager2
Applications Development Team Lead1
Applications Manager1
Applications System Analyst1
Architect, Convergence & Collaborative Systems1
Arts and Sciences Information Services1
Ass. Dir. of ITSS1
Ass. Dir. Portfolio & Service Management1
Assessment Coordinator1
Assessment Librarian1
Assisistant Director of IT, College of Business1
Assistant CIO5
Assistant CIO & Director of Technology Services1
Assistant CIO for Academic Technology and the Technology Directors1
Assistant CIO for Educational Technologies1
Assistant CIO for Policy & Communications1
Assistant CIO; Director, Network Operations1
Assistant Conference Director1
Assistant Dean1
Assistant Dean for Academic Technology, College of Letters and Science1
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration1
Assistant Dean for IT2
Assistant Dean for Library Technologies1
Assistant Dean for Technology at Newhouse1
Assistant Dean IS1
Assistant Dean of Instructional Technology and Media, Journalism School1
Assistant Dean of IT1
Assistant Dean Technology and Digital Strategies1
Assistant Dean Technology Services1
Assistant Dean, Learning Technologies, and Director, LFS Learning Centre1
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs, University College1
Assistant Dean/Professor1
Assistant Dean/University Library1
Assistant Director11
Assistant Director - ELearning Fellow1
Assistant Director - Housing IT1
Assistant Director - Information Technology Services1
Assistant Director - Network and Operations Services1
Assistant Director Academic Affairs, Kenai Peninsula College1
Assistant Director Corporate Information and Computing Services1
Assistant Director CSU Accessible Technology Initiative1
Assistant Director Engineering Research and Development1
Assistant Director Enterprise Services1
Assistant Director Faculty IT Support1
Assistant Director for Learning Design, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute1
Assistant Director for Learning Space Support1
Assistant Director for Teaching & Learning1
Assistant Director for Web Development & Database1
Assistant Director Information Technologies and Digital Development1
Assistant Director Information Technology1
Assistant Director IT Consulting1
Assistant Director of Application Services1
Assistant Director of Campus Collaborative Services1
Assistant Director of Client and Infrastructure Services1
Assistant Director of Educational Technologies1
Assistant Director of Educational Technology and Innovation1
Assistant Director of Enterprise Information Systems1
Assistant Director of Faculty Computing Services1
Assistant Director of Information Technology2
Assistant Director of Infrastructure and Security1
Assistant Director of Infrastructure Support Services1
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology1
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology Services1
Assistant Director of IT2
Assistant Director of IT, Humanities & Sciences1
Assistant Director of Projects and Information Security1
Assistant Director of Records Management1
Assistant Director of Technology Procurement and Network Infrastructure1
Assistant Director of User Services1
Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center1
Assistant Director, Academic Solution Development1
Assistant Director, Centro de Computacao Electronica1
Assistant Director, CIT Commercial Applications1
Assistant Director, CTL1
Assistant Director, e-Learning1
Assistant Director, eLearning Technologies1
Assistant Director, Enterprise Systems & Services1
Assistant Director, Information Security1
Assistant Director, Infrastructure1
Assistant Director, Instructional1
Assistant Director, IT1
Assistant Director, Learning Services1
Assistant Director, Learning Systems1
Assistant Director, Multi-media Services1
Assistant Director, Project Management Office1
Assistant Director,Cornell Information Technologies1
Assistant Director- Project Management Office1
Assistant Director-Technology Support Services1
Assistant Director: Systems Support1
Assistant Directory - Technology1
Assistant Executive Director for eLearning and Instructional Technology1
Assistant Head, Centre for Learning and Teaching1
Assistant IT Director, Web-Business Systems1
Assistant LMS Administrator1
Assistant Manager of Technology Support Services1
Assistant Managing Director2
Assistant Professor5
Assistant Professor of Chemistry1
Assistant Professor of Computer Science1
Assistant Professor of Economics1
Assistant Professor of French Studies1
Assistant Professor of German and Russian1
Assistant Professor of International Business1
Assistant Provost1
Assistant Provost, Educational Technology Services1
Assistant Registrar for Systems1
Assistant to the CIO - Administration & Finance1
Assistant to the Title IX Coordinator1
Assistant V.P. - Information Services1
Assistant Vice Chancellor1
Assistant Vice Chancellor - University Technology Services1
Assistant Vice Chancellor and CIO1
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Program Dev1
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer1
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Information Systems and Deputy CIO1
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Information Technology1
Assistant Vice Chancellor of IT-CIO1
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Success1
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Technology Services1
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Client Engagement1
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Chief Strategy Officer1
Assistant Vice President3
Assistant Vice President & Deputy CIO1
Assistant Vice President & University Registrar1
Assistant Vice President - CIO1
Assistant Vice President - IT1
Assistant Vice President for Academic Systems1
Assistant Vice President for Academic Technology Solutions2
Assistant Vice President for eLearning1
Assistant Vice President for Information Resources1
Assistant Vice President for Technology & Auxiliary Services / CIO1
Assistant Vice President for Technology and CIO1
Assistant Vice President of Information Technology2
Assistant Vice President of Information Technology (CIO)1
Assistant Vice President of Information Technology and Deputy CIO1
Assistant Vice President, Customer Service & Support - UW Information Technology1
Assistant Vice President, Enterprise Operations1
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology1
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Services1
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology/CIO1
Assistant Vice President, IT Customer Service & Support1
Assistant Vice President, Network and System Services1
Assistant Vice President, Planning and Systems Management1
Assistant Vice President, Portfolio and Process Management1
Assistant Vice President, Technology Infrastructure1
Assistant Vice President, UMS1
Assistant Vice President-CIO1
Assistant Vice Provost for Research1
Assistant Vice-President, Information Technology1
Assistant VP1
Assistant VP & Chief Information Officer1
Assistant VP and CIO1
Assistant VP and CSO1
Assistant VP for Information Technology and CIO1
Assistant VP for Technology Services1
Assistant VP, Information Technology2
Assistant VP, IS&T1
ASSISTments Specialist1
Assoc Director Academic Technology Services1
Assoc Director, ITS Learning Envir-Internet Servic1
Assoc VC and CIO1
Assoc Vice Chancellor and CIO1
Assoc Vice President of UC IT1
Assoc Vice Provost for Learning Technologies & DoIT Dir of Academic Technology1
Assoc VP for Academic Affairs & CIO1
Assoc. Dean, Dept. of Learning Design1
Assoc. Director1
Assoc. Director for Information Resources1
Assoc. Director, Programming and Design Group1
Assoc. District Director, Information Technology1
Assoc. Provost for Info. Serv. & Tech. and CIO1
Assoc. University Librarian, Enterprise Services1
Assoc. Vice President1
Assoc. Vice President for Operations1
Assoc. Vice President, Student Affairs1
Assoc. Vice Provost for Learning Sciences1
Assoc. Vice Provost for Online Education1
Associage Professor1
Associate Academic Vice President for Instruction1
Associate Chief Information Officer3
Associate Chief Information Officer, Director Enterprise Infrastructure Services1
Associate Chief Information Officer, Office of Inf1
Associate CIO18
Associate CIO / Director, Teaching Learning and Technology center1
Associate CIO and Director, Enterprise Application Systems1
Associate CIO for Academic Technology1
Associate CIO for Academic Technology Services1
Associate CIO for Applications and Middleware1
Associate CIO for Customer Experience1
Associate CIO for Technology Infrastructure, Information Services1
Associate CIO, Academic and Client services1
Associate CIO, Academic Engagement1
Associate CIO, Applications1
Associate CIO, Business Relations1
Associate CIO, Health Sciences1
Associate CIO, IT Services1
Associate CIO, Research Computing1
Associate CIO, Student and Chief Technology Officer1
Associate CIO-Director of NeSIS1
Associate Continuing Lecturer1
Associate Counsel1
Associate Counsel, Office of General Counsel1
Associate Dean4
Associate Dean & CIO, Law1
Associate Dean for Academic Planning and Research1
Associate Dean for Curriculum1
Associate Dean for Digital Strategies and Services1
Associate Dean for Information Technology1
Associate Dean for Libraries-Deputy Director Data1
Associate Dean for Media and Digital Strategies1
Associate Dean for Public Services1
Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning1
Associate Dean of Curriculum Design and Assessment1
Associate Dean of Digital Scholarship1
Associate Dean of Information Technology1
Associate Dean of Online Learning1
Associate Dean of the Library1
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies & UOnline Director1
Associate Dean Technology Management1
Associate Dean, Career and Technical Education1
Associate Dean, CIO1
Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences1
Associate Dean, Distance Learning2
Associate Dean, Libraries IT1
Associate Dean, University Libraries2
Associate Dean-Liberal1
Associate Director9
Associate Director - Business Analytics1
Associate Director - ITS1
Associate Director Client Technology Services1
Associate Director for Digital Infrastructure1
Associate Director for Information Technology1
Associate Director for Instructional Resources1
Associate Director for Learning Environments1
Associate Director for Learning Services1
Associate Director for Service Delivery and Technology Services1
Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives1
Associate Director for Teaching and Learning1
Associate Director in Strategy, Portfolio Management and Governance1
Associate Director Network Systems1
Associate Director of Academic Systems1
Associate Director of Academic Technology1
Associate Director of Academic Technology Strategy and Support1
Associate Director of Administrative Applications2
Associate Director of Administrative Systems1
Associate Director of Communication Services1
Associate Director of Computing Services1
Associate Director of Customer Relations and Engagement1
Associate Director of eLearning & Academic Technologies1
Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies1
Associate Director of Housing for Tech Serv1
Associate Director of HR Information Technology1
Associate Director of Infrastructure Services1
Associate Director of Instructional Technology1
Associate Director of ISIS1
Associate Director of Learning Technology1
Associate Director of Learning Technology Services1
Associate Director of MIS1
Associate Director of Policy & Implementation1
Associate Director of Support1
Associate Director of Systems and Operations1
Associate Director of Technical Services1
Associate Director of Technology1
Associate Director of Technology Strategy and Digital Initiatives1
Associate Director of Telecommunications1
Associate Director Technology Support Services1
Associate Director, Academic Technology1
Associate Director, Academic Technology Services1
Associate Director, Application Services1
Associate Director, BCIT Service Desk1
Associate Director, BI & Analytics1
Associate Director, CCS1
Associate Director, Center for Instructional & Learning Technologies1
Associate Director, Course & Learning Technologies1
Associate Director, Digital Security and Risk1
Associate Director, e-Learning Center1
Associate Director, Educational Technology1
Associate Director, Enabling Technologies1
Associate Director, Enterprise Middleware and Database Management1
Associate Director, Enterprise Projects1
Associate Director, Enterprise Solutions1
Associate Director, Enterprise Systems2
Associate Director, Implementation and Business Process Improvement1
Associate Director, Infrastructure1
Associate Director, IT & Digital Development - MIT Libraries1
Associate Director, IT Academic Services - Open Access Labs1
Associate Director, IT Process Improvement & Education1
Associate Director, IT Project and Service Management1
Associate Director, IT Services1
Associate Director, Network and Monitoring Services1
Associate Director, New Media & Extended Learning1
Associate Director, Office of the CIO1
Associate Director, Online Course Development1
Associate Director, Online Learning & Digital Engagement1
Associate Director, PPMO1
Associate Director, Project & Portfolio Management1
Associate Director, RITE1
Associate Director, Seneca Libraries1
Associate Director, Solution and Project Services1
Associate Director, Strategy and Compliance1
Associate Director, Student & Academic Services1
Associate Director, SUNY Learning Network1
Associate Director, Systems Infrastructure and Enterprise Operations1
Associate Director, Technical Services1
Associate Director. Library Services1
Associate Exec Director, Policy & Planning1
Associate Executive Director2
Associate Executive Director, Student Academic & Advisement services1
Associate General Counsel1
Associate Head of Information Technology, Enterprise Operations and Service1
Associate Librarian for Scholarly Support Services and Special Projects1
Associate Prof & Faculty Advisor for Instruction Tech1
Associate Prof. of English & Special Assistant to the Provost1
Associate Professor18
Associate Professor - Director of Academic Computing1
Associate Professor and Sport Management1
Associate Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering1
Associate Professor for Anthropological Research1
Associate Professor of Computer Technologies1
Associate Professor of History1
Associate Professor, College of Education1
Associate Professor, Computer Engineering Department1
Associate Professor, IS1
Associate Program Officer1
Associate Project Manager1
Associate Provost1
Associate Provost - Chief Information Officer1
Associate Provost and CIO1
Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Improvement1
Associate Provost for Learning Sciences & Technologies and Dean of the Library1
Associate Provost of Planning and Effectiveness1
Associate Provost, Academic and IT1
Associate Provost, Library Information and Technology Services1
Associate Registrar2
Associate Telecom & Network Engineer1
Associate University Librarian2
Associate University Librarian / Chief Technology Officer1
Associate University Librarian for Digital Services & Technology1
Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies1
Associate University Librarian for IT1
Associate Vice Chancellor2
Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO2
Associate Vice Chancellor & Executive Director, ROCC1
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer1
Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO1
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs1
Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Resources1
Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs1
Associate Vice Chancellor, CIO2
Associate Vice Chancellor, Technology Services1
Associate Vice Chancellor, University Technology Services1
Associate Vice President5
Associate Vice President & CIO2
Associate Vice President - C&CS1
Associate Vice President - ITS1
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer1
Associate Vice President and CIO1
Associate Vice President and CIO, University Information Systems1
Associate Vice President and Director of PMO1
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-CIO1
Associate Vice President for Academic Technologies1
Associate Vice President for Administrative Technologies1
Associate Vice President for Digital Innovation1
Associate Vice President for Enterprise Services1
Associate Vice President for Information Technology2
Associate Vice President for IT1
Associate Vice President for IT & CIO2
Associate Vice President for IT - Academic Technology1
Associate Vice President for Planning, Assessment & Innovation1
Associate Vice President Information Systems1
Associate Vice President Information Technology1
Associate Vice President Infrastructure and Support Services1
Associate Vice President IT Infrastructure1
Associate Vice President of Academic Technology1
Associate Vice President of Educational Technology Engineering Innovation1
Associate Vice President of Mulvane and Online Operations1
Associate Vice President of Technology: Deputy Chief Information Officer1
Associate Vice President, Analytics and Institutional Research1
Associate Vice President, Business & Information Technology1
Associate Vice President, Chief Information Officer1
Associate Vice President, Client Services and Support1
Associate Vice President, Distributed Learning1
Associate Vice President, Enterprise Systems1
Associate Vice President, Information Services1
Associate Vice President, Information Technology1
Associate Vice President, IT4
Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies, and Dean for IT1
Associate Vice Provost1
Associate Vice Provost & Deputy CIO1
Associate Vice Provost and Registrar1
Associate Vice Provost for Information Technology1
Associate Vice Provost for Information Technology Services and Deputy CIO1
Associate Vice-President - ITS1
Associate VP1
Associate VP & Deputy Chief Information Officer1
Associate VP - CIO1
Associate VP - Electronic Library1
Associate VP Academic1
Associate VP and Deputy CIO1
Associate VP for Facilities & IT1
Associate VP for Information Resources1
Associate VP for Information Technology-CIO1
Associate VP for IT-Deputy CIO1
Associate VP for Technology2
Associate VP IT Services and CIO1
Associate VP IT Shared Services & CTO1
Associate VP of Human Resources1
Associate VP Solution Delivery & Deputy CIO1
Asst Dir for Information Resource Management1
Asst Dir for IT, University Residences1
Asst Dir QA/Release Mgt1
Asst Director - PMO1
Asst Director Identity Management1
Asst Director IT Research and Development1
Asst Professor1
Asst. Coordinator, Library Tech Services1
Asst. Dean for Strategic Initiatives1
Asst. Dir Imaging & Network1
Asst. Director of Campus Technology Support- Solutions Architect1
Asst. Director of ITS1
Asst. Director of User Support & Learning Technology Services1
Asst. IT Director1
Asst. IT Manager1
Asst. Lecturer1
Asst. Professor1
Asst. Professor/Title III Director1
Asst. Vice Chancellor and CIO2
Asst. Vice Chancellor and Deputy CIO1
Asst. Vice-President, Enterprise Technology Services1
Asst. VP for Information Technology1
Asst. VP for Strategic Communications1
Asst. VP UCIT1
AT - IT Coordinator1
Athletics IT Director1
AV Instructional Technology Specialist1
AV Specialist1
AVC for IT and CIO1
AVP & Deputy CIO, Enterprise Software Engineering1
AVP Academic - Educational Excellence1
AVP Analytics and Metrics1
AVP and Chief Enterprise Architect1
AVP Digital Education and Engagement1
AVP for Advancement of Teaching & Learning1
AVP for End User Services1
AVP for IT and CIO1
AVP for Technology / CIO1
AVP Institutional Efficiencies1
AVP Institutional Research & Assessment1
AVP of IT and Associate CIO1
AVP of Technology Services1
AVP Technology1
AVP, Information Services1
AVP, Information Technology1
AVP, Instructional Technology1
AVP, ISC Networking and Telecommunications1
AVP, Planning and Strategic Initiatives1
AVP, Technology1
AVP, Trust and Identity1
AVP-IT Operations1
Bart Cardon Associate Dean1
BI Application Architect1
Biology Instructor2
Board Member1
Bursar and CAO, Victoria University1
Busines Development Manager1
Business Analyst5
Business and Licensing Manager1
Business Architect1
Business Area Manager1
Business Engagement1
Business Information Manager1
Business Intelligence Analyst1
Business Intelligence Analyst and Programmer1
Business Intelligence and Portal Manager1
Business Intelligence developer1
Business Intelligence Technical Lead1
Business Manager3
Business Manager II1
Business Relationship Director1
Business Solutions Manager1
Business Systems Team Lead1
Campus Chief Information Officer1
Campus CIO2
Campus Executive Officer1
Campus Network Manager1
Campus Technology Officer1
Capital Projects Manager1
CCCOnline Science Division Chair1
CEAS College Computing Director1
Center Director1
CEO and Founder1
CEO Innovative Education & System VP Information Technology, CIO1
CEO, Book Store1
CEO/ Co-Founder1
CES IT Director1
Chair, Associate Professor1
Chairman and CEO1
Chairman of the Board1
Chief Academic & Student Affairs Officer1
Chief Academic Officer, College for America1
Chief Academic Technology Officer1
Chief Architect1
Chief Consultant1
Chief Data Officer1
Chief Digital Officer and Associate Vice President, .edu Services1
Chief Executive Officer2
Chief Executive Officer, Florida LambdaRail (FLR)1
Chief Financial Officer1
Chief Information and Strategy Officer1
Chief Information Officer138
Chief Information Officer & Chief LIbrarian1
Chief Information Officer & Director, CIT1
Chief Information Officer (Library & IT)1
Chief Information Officer - College of Engineering1
Chief Information Officer and Adjunct Professor1
Chief Information Officer and Constance A. Jones Director of Libraries1
Chief Information Officer and Vice President for IT1
Chief Information Officer of Harvard Medical School1
Chief Information Officer, Medical School1
Chief Information Officer-Associate Vice President1
Chief Information Officer-Vice President1
Chief Information Security and Policy Officer1
Chief Information Security Officer9
Chief Information Security Officer & Assistant CIO1
Chief Information Technology Officer2
Chief Innovation Officer1
Chief IT Architect1
Chief Learning Officer2
Chief Librarian - Mississauga1
Chief of Staff2
Chief of Staff and Senior Director1
Chief of Staff, Information Technology1
Chief Operating Officer3
Chief Operating Officer, Stern School1
Chief Operations Officer1
Chief Privacy Officer1
Chief Privacy Officer and Director, Strategic IT Policy1
Chief Research Officer3
Chief Strategy Officer1
Chief Technologies for Education1
Chief Technologist and PM - Common Education Data Standards1
Chief Technology & CISO1
Chief Technology Officer23
Chief Technology Officer and Associate Vice President1
Chief Technology Officer-Law School1
CIO & Assoc VP Information Technologies1
CIO & AVP, Business Services1
CIO & Dean of Information Technology1
CIO & Library Dir-Sch of Education, Asst Vice Provost for IT Relations1
CIO & Vice President - Learning Innovation Division1
CIO & VP, Information Technology & Research Servic1
CIO - Director of Information Services1
CIO - Open Campus1
CIO - The Wharton School1
CIO / Associate Vice Chancellor for IT1
CIO and Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology1
CIO and Associate Vice President1
CIO and AVP of IT1
CIO and Vice President for Information Technologie1
CIO and Vice Provost1
CIO and Vice Provost for IET1
CIO Letters & Science1
CIO SFS Qatar (retired)1
CIO, AVP of I.T. Services1
CIO, College of Humanities and Social Sciences1
CIO, Emeritus1
CIO, Executive Vice President1
CIO, Professor, Director-General of IIMC1
CIO, VP-Technology1
CIO-Associate Vice President1
CIO-AVP Technology Services1
CIO-Director Information Technology Services1
CIO-Director of IT1
CIO-Director, Institutional Computing1
CIO-Technology Resources1
CIO-Vice President1
CIO/VP of IT & President Online1
CIO/VP, Enterprise Services1
CIS Faculty1
Classroom Technology and Media Lead1
Classroom Technology Designer & Control Programmer1
Classroom Technology Manager2
Classroom Technology Support Specialist1
Client Relationship Manager1
Client Service Innovations1
Client Services Consultant1
Client Services Manager1
Client Support Services Manager1
Clinical Associate Professor MD1
Cloud Service Product Manager1
Co-Director, Babson Survey Research Group1
Co-Director, Business Intelligence1
Co-Director, the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship1
Co-manager, Technology Assisted Lifelong Learning1
Co-ordinator education and IT1
Co-ordinator, Distance Education1
Co-ordinator, Teaching Spaces Support1
Collaborative Technologies Associate1
Collection Development, Research, and Instruction Librarian1
Collections and Outreach Librarian1
College President1
College Technology Director1
Communication and Marketing Specialist1
Communications and Information Security Policy Specialist1
Communications Network Specialist1
Communications Officer1
Comp Support Spec Exec1
Computer Manager, ITG1
Computer Operator1
Computer Professional1
Computer Resources Manager1
Computer Systems Manager, Division of Student Affairs1
Computing Services Support Manager1
Computing Services-Poole COM Director of Information Technology1
Consultant E-learning1
Consultant, ECAR1
Content & Applications Manager1
Content Management Administrator1
Contracts/License Admin Specialist1
Contributing Editor1
Controller Critical Systems1
COO - EdPlus1
COO/CIO, Japan campus1
Coord., Computer Services and Laboratories1
Coordinador de Servicios de Tecnología1
Coordinator Criminal Justice Program1
Coordinator Distance Education1
Coordinator for Instructional Technology1
Coordinator of Digital Asset Visibility1
Coordinator of Instructional & Mobile Technologies1
Coordinator of Instructional Video Services1
Coordinator of Library Systems1
Coordinator of Library Technology Services1
Coordinator of Open Education, Office of Research, Innovation and Open Education1
Coordinator of User Support1
Coordinator, Computing Center at Cox Hall1
Coordinator, Distance Learning & Instructional Media Services1
Coordinator, Instructional Technology1
Coordinator, Project GOALS, Center for Persons with Disabilities1
Coordinator, Strategic Systems1
Copyright, Instruction & Reference Librarian1
Corporate Relations Coordinator1
Course Design Specialist1
Course Developer1
ctcLink Project Director1
CTO & Director, IT1
CTO - Ameritas Hispanic Pathways1
CTO, Assistant Dean of Academic Informatics1
Curriculum Coordinator1
Curriculum Manager1
Curriculum Support Librarian1
Customer Service and Support Manager1
Customer Services Manager1
Data Analyst Professional1
Data Coach1
Data Visualization Specialist1
Data Warehouse Architect/Oracle DBA1
Database Administrator3
Database Administrator & Applications Systems Manager1
Dean & Prof.1
Dean for Information Technology & Services1
Dean of Academic and Faculty Support1
Dean of Academic Technology1
Dean of Education and Graduate Studies1
Dean of Educational Resources1
Dean of General and Developmental Education1
Dean of Information Systems1
Dean of Information Technology1
Dean of Instruction2
Dean of Instructional Technology1
Dean of Learning Resources1
Dean of Libraries and Learning Technologies1
Dean of Libraries and Museums1
Dean of Libraries; Vice Provost for Digital Educat1
Dean of Library1
Dean of Library and Academic Resources1
Dean of Library Services1
Dean of Library Services and Educational Technology1
Dean of Moraine Park Technical College's West Bend Campus1
Dean of Online Learning2
Dean of Technology1
Dean of the Library1
Dean of the University College1
Dean of the University Library2
Dean of University Libraries2
Dean, Academic Information Services1
Dean, Academic Services1
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences1
Dean, College of Education and Human Services1
Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences1
Dean, Global Campus1
Dean, Helmke Library1
Dean, Information and Communication Technology1
Dean, ITS1
Dean, School of Health Professions1
Dean, University Libraries1
Dean, University Library2
Dean, Virtual Campus1
Dean, Zach S. Henderson Library1
Demand manager Education Solutions1
Departmental Support Manager1
Deputy Chief Academic Technology Officer1
Deputy Chief Information Officer1
Deputy Chief Technology Officer2
Deputy CIO13
Deputy CIO & AVP for Strategic Initiatives & Portfolio Management1
Deputy CIO & Director of IT Infrastructure1
Deputy CIO & Director, Technical Services1
Deputy CIO - IT Service Delivery1
Deputy CIO - Operations1
Deputy CIO / Assistant Director, Strategic Information Technology1
Deputy CIO and CTO1
Deputy CIO and Director, Enterprise Information Systems1
Deputy CIO and Executive Director, UIS1
Deputy CIO for Academic Technology1
Deputy CIO for Information Security & Risk1
Deputy CIO, Columbia University - Business School1
Deputy CIO, Dir of Adm. Applications1
Deputy CIO, HSPH1
Deputy Director2
Deputy Director for Cybersecurity1
Deputy Director for Instructional Design and Technology Integration1
Deputy Director of Administrative Computing1
Deputy Director of IS1
Deputy Director OSD1
Deputy Director, CyberInfrastructure Technology Integration1
Deputy Director, Education, Postsecondary Success1
Deputy Director, FITW, JUICE Program1
Deputy Director, Next Generation Learning Challenge1
Deputy Director, SDSC1
Deputy Director: Information Strategy1
Deputy Division Manager1
Deputy Head of Project Services1
Deputy Head of the Administrative Office1
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Services) and Chief Information Officer1
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Teaching Learning1
Design and Production Specialist1
Desktop Support Supervisor1
Desktop Support, Auraria Library1
Developer and Communications Specialist1
Development and Grant1
Development Manager2
Digital Curation Librarian1
Digital Developer1
Digital Initiatives Project Manager1
Digital Instruction Specialist1
Digital Library Production Manager1
Digital Media Services Manager1
Digital Scholarship Coordinator1
Dir Networking & IT Security1
Dir of IT Business & Financial Affairs1
Dir Project and Service Mgmt1
Dir. Admin Systems1
Dir. Adminstrative Computing1
Dir. College Network Operations1
Dir. UMOnline1
Dir., Communications Engineering Services1
Directeur des services numériques d'apprentissage1
Directeur Technologie et Pedagogie1
Director - Academic Technologies1
Director - Bookstores1
Director - Center for Online and Distance Learning1
Director - Client Services1
Director - Enterprise Application Services1
Director - Enterprise Computing1
Director - Enterprise Systems1
Director - Faculty Resource Center1
Director - Information & Technology Services1
Director - Instructional & Information Technology1
Director - IT1
Director - IT Customer Support1
Director - Office of Instructional Resources1
Director - Teaching and Learning Technology1
Director - Technology Support Center1
Director / Computing Resources Dept1
Director Admin Information Systems1
Director and Professor1
Director Application Services1
Director Applications Systems Development1
Director Business & IT Operations1
Director CETL1
Director CIS1
Director Computer & Network Services1
Director Computer Information Services1
Director Corporate Inofrmation and Computing Services1
Director Cyberinfrastructure1
Director Database Application Services1
Director de la Dirección de Informática Académica1
Director de Servicios y Recursos de Información1
Director Desarrollo Academico1
Director Distance Learning1
Director Education Technology and Interactive Media1
Director Faculty & Student Computing1
Director Financial Aid & Scholarships1
Director Financial and Business Systems1
Director for Enterprise Systems1
Director for Information Technology Operations1
Director for IT, Student Affairs1
Director for Strategic Initiatives in Technology1
Director for Teaching, Learning, & Technology1
Director for Technology Services1
Director for Technology Support Services1
Director for the Office of Student Learning and Achievement1
Director for User Services / Instructional Technologies1
Director Higher Education1
Director Information Operations1
Director Information Security/Special Initiatives1
Director Information Technology4
Director Information Technology (Retired)1
Director Information Technology Services1
Director Instructional Technologies1
Director Instructional Technology & Course Production1
Director Instructional Technology & Distributed Le1
Director IT1
Director IT Consulting and Support1
Director IT Infrastructure and Operations1
Director IT Operations and Development1
Director IT PMO/Business Intellegence1
Director IT Security & Infrastructure1
Director IT Services1
Director IT Support1
Director IT, Faculty of Engineering1
Director MIS1
Director Mobile Communication1
Director Network & Telecomm1
Director Network Engineering and Operations1
Director of A/V Engineering Services1
Director of Academic and Instructional Technology1
Director of Academic Computing3
Director of Academic Computing and End User Servic1
Director of Academic Operations2
Director of Academic Outreach, Office of Informati1
Director of Academic Planning and Digital Learning1
Director of Academic Services1
Director of Academic Technologies2
Director of Academic Technologies and Training1
Director of Academic Technology6
Director of Academic Technology & Consulting1
Director of Academic Technology Services1
Director of Academic Technology/Senior Instructional Designer1
Director of Administrative and Student Information Systems1
Director of Administrative Application Services1
Director of Administrative Computing2
Director of Administrative Information Services1
Director of Administrative Information Systems2
Director of Administrative Services1
Director of Administrative Systems4
Director of Administrative Systems Integration1
Director of Administrative Technology1
Director of Advanced Technology1
Director of AIS1
Director of Analytics Infrastructure1
Director of Analytics Services1
Director of Application Technology Support1
Director of Applications, Information Technologies1
Director of Assessment and Planning1
Director of Budget and Technology1
Director of Business Information Services1
Director of Business Intelligence1
Director of Business Operations1
Director of Campus Services1
Director of Center for Learning and Teaching1
Director of Centre and Learning1
Director of Classroom Innovation and Online Education1
Director of Client Services7
Director of Client Support1
Director of Communications & Special Projects, Academic Technologies1
Director of Communications and Support1
Director of Computer Policy & Security1
Director of Computer Services1
Director of Computing Services1
Director of Computing Services, Heinz College1
Director of Computing Services/CIO1
Director of Curriculum1
Director of Curriculum and Instruction1
Director of Curriculum Innovation & E-Learning1
Director of Customer Experience1
Director of Data Center Infrastructure and Operations1
Director of Data Science Outreach1
Director of Design Practice1
Director of Digital Learning & Program Development1
Director of Digital Learning Initiatives2
Director of Digital Marketing1
Director of Digital Media and Web Development1
Director of Digital Research1
Director of Distance & Distributive Learning1
Director of Distance Ed & Instructional Design1
Director of Distance Education1
Director of Distance Education / Lead Instructional Designer1
Director of Distance Learning2
Director of Distance Learning, Swanson School of Engineering1
Director of Distributed Learning1
Director of E-communication Services1
Director of e-Education Centre1
Director of E-Learning1
Director of Ed Tech, Distance Learning, & Information Services1
Director of Education Technology Services1
Director of Education/Information Technology1
Director of Educational Experience1
Director of Educational Informatics and Technology1
Director of Educational Innovation1
Director of Educational Media Technologies1
Director of Educational Research and Innovation1
Director of Educational Research and Lecturer in Educational Studies1
Director of Educational Technology4
Director of Educational Technology and Distance Learning1
Director of Educational Technology Services1
Director of eLearning2
Director of eLearning and Continuing Education1
Director of Enterprise Application Development1
Director of Enterprise Applications3
Director of Enterprise Applications, Integration & Administration (EAIA)1
Director of Enterprise Business Systems1
Director of Enterprise Info Systems1
Director of Enterprise Information Systems2
Director of Enterprise IT Programs1
Director of Enterprise Services1
Director of Enterprise Systems1
Director of Enterprise Technical Services1
Director of Extension and Affiliated Education1
Director of Facilities Planning1
Director of Faculty Development and Innovation1
Director of Faculty Enrichment1
Director of Finance and Strategic Services1
Director of Financial Systems1
Director of GLTC1
Director of ICT1
Director of ICT, School of Business1
Director of Identity Management Services1
Director of Information and Technology Services1
Director of Information Science & Technology Center1
Director of Information Security1
Director of Information Security & Infrastructure1
Director of Information Services4
Director of Information Systems5
Director of Information Technology16
Director of Information Technology - EUP1
Director of Information Technology - Housing & Dining Services1
Director of Information Technology Services9
Director of Information Technology Services (CIO)1
Director of Information Technology, Columbian College1
Director of Information Technology, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences1
Director of Information Technology/CIO1
Director of Infrastructure1
Director of Infrastructure and Applications1
Director of Infrastructure and Info Security1
Director of Infrastructure Operations1
Director of Infrastructure Services1
Director of Innovation and Technology Policy1
Director of Innovation Consulting1
Director of Institutional Assessment1
Director of Instructional & Research Services1
Director of Instructional Design and Technology1
Director of Instructional Services1
Director of Instructional Technology7
Director of Instructional Technology & Training1
Director of Instructional Technology - CEHD1
Director of Instructional Technology and Design1
Director of Instructional Technology Services1
Director of Instructional Technology/Media Services1
Director of Instructional Transformation1
Director of Internet Services1
Director of IS1
Director of iSolutions1
Director of IT7
Director of IT & Media Services1
Director of IT - Academic Systems1
Director of IT Audit Services, CISA, CISSP1
Director of IT Client Services2
Director of IT Helpdesk1
Director of IT Infrastructure3
Director of IT Instructional Services1
Director of IT Management Systems1
Director of IT Network Services1
Director of IT Operations2
Director of IT Projects & Special Initiatives1
Director of IT Risk Management1
Director of IT Services2
Director of IT Services Delivery1
Director of IT Services, Deputy CIO1
Director of IT Services, Law School1
Director of IT Services/CIO1
Director of IT Strategy1
Director of IT Support Services2
Director of IT User Support Serivces1
Director of IT, College of Architecture1
Director of IT, Mendoza College of Business1
Director of IT, School of Nursing1
Director of IT/Program Coordinator, School of Graduate and Professional Studies1
Director of ITS, Infrastructure and Programming1
Director of Learning1
Director of Learning & Information Services1
Director of Learning and Teaching1
Director of Learning Technology2
Director of Learning Technology Services1
Director of Liberal Arts IT1
Director of Library & Information Technology1
Director of Library Services1
Director of Library Technologies1
Director of Library Technology Services1
Director of Library, IT & Academic Support Svcs1
Director of Media Services3
Director of Micro Repair Services1
Director of MIS and Operations1
Director of Mobile and Web Strategy, Education & Research1
Director of Network & Operations Services1
Director of Network and Infrastructure Services1
Director of Network and Systems Services1
Director of Network and Technical Services1
Director of Network and Telecom Infrastructure1
Director of Network and Telecommunications1
Director of Network Operations1
Director of Network Services3
Director of Networking1
Director of Networks & Technical Support1
Director of Networks and Operations1
Director of OIT1
Director of Online Education2
Director of Online Learning5
Director of Online Programs and Associate Director1
Director of Operations1
Director of Operations and Infrastructure1
Director of Operations and Services1
Director of Operations, College of Health & Human Sciences1
Director of Outreach & Partner Relations1
Director of PC Systems and Support1
Director of Planning & Administration1
Director of Planning and Engagement1
Director of Policy and Government Relations1
Director of Program Development1
Director of Project and Process Management1
Director of Project and Service Management1
Director of Projects & Technology Services1
Director of Research and Analytical Services1
Director of Research and Assessment1
Director of Research Services1
Director of Research Support and Educational Technology1
Director of Server Infrastructure1
Director of Service Management1
Director of Service Management and Campus Technology1
Director of Software and User Services1
Director of Software Development1
Director of Software Engineering1
Director of Special Projects1
Director of Strategic Initiatives1
Director of Strategy1
Director of Strategy and Corporate Development1
Director of Student Affairs Technical Services1
Director of Systems Administration1
Director of Systems and Operations1
Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies1
Director of Teaching and Learning Technology1
Director of Teaching, Learning & Technology, School of Education & Human Develop1
Director of Technical Operations1
Director of Technical Operations and Security1
Director of Technical Operations, Distance Ed.1
Director of Technical Services5
Director of Technical Services and Support1
Director of Technical Support1
Director of Technical Systems, Advancement and External Affairs1
Director of Technology5
Director of Technology & Security1
Director of Technology - Global Campus1
Director of Technology and Digital Initiatives1
Director of Technology and Media Resources1
Director of Technology Assistance Center1
Director of Technology Engineering1
Director of Technology Infrastructure and Systems Support1
Director of Technology Risk & Service Management1
Director of Technology Services2
Director of Technology Support & Media Services1
Director of Technology Support Services5
Director of Technology, College of Liberal Arts1
Director of Telecommunications1
Director of the Doceo Center1
Director of UIT1
Director of User & Technical Services1
Director of User Services2
Director of User Support1
Director of User Support Services3
Director of Web and Enterprise Services1
Director of Web Services and Mobile Development1
Director of Web-Based Education1
Director of Web-Based Learning1
Director OIT Enterprise Services1
Director Online Learning1
Director Online Teaching and Learning Services1
Director PMO & Lean Promotion1
Director Research Computing1
Director Service Management & Strategy, Middleware & Integration, ITS1
Director Strategic Procurement1
Director Studiekeuze1231
Director System Infrastructure1
Director Systemwide Learning Technologies and Program Services1
Director Tech Support1
Director Technical Services1
Director Technical Support Services1
Director Technology and Enterprise Systems for Academic Affairs1
Director Technology Planning and Innovation1
Director Technology Services1
Director Telecommunications and Networking1
Director, Academic & Tech Resources1
Director, Academic and Emerging Technologies1
Director, Academic and Web Technology1
Director, Academic Computing & Media Services1
Director, Academic Computing Integration Strategy1
Director, Academic Computing Services1
Director, Academic ITS1
Director, Academic Technologies3
Director, Academic Technologies: Strategy, Support1
Director, Academic Technology5
Director, Academic Technology & e-Learning1
Director, Academic Technology & Information Resources1
Director, Academic Technology & User Services1
Director, Academic Technology Center and Associate Professor1
Director, Academic Technology Services4
Director, Academy for Advanced Telecommunications and Learning Technologies1
Director, Accessible Technology Initiative1
Director, Active Technologies for Engaged Learning1
Director, Administrative Information Solutions1
Director, Administrative Information Systems1
Director, Administrative Systems2
Director, Advancement1
Director, Alumni Library1
Director, Application and Database Services1
Director, Application Services1
Director, Applications & Information Systems1
Director, Applications & Project Management1
Director, Applications and Eduction Solutions1
Director, Architecture & Service Management1
Director, ASSETT1
Director, Assistive Tech Resource Center; Assistant Professor in OT1
Director, Blough-Weis Library and University Librarian1
Director, Business Analysis and Project Management1
Director, Business Development2
Director, Business Information Systems1
Director, Business Intelligence1
Director, Business Intelligence Center1
Director, Business Systems1
Director, Business Technology1
Director, Campus Computing & IT1
Director, Campus Retail1
Director, Campus Technology Services2
Director, CASHNet Product Manager1
Director, Center for Educational Technology & Innovation (CETI)1
Director, Center for eLearning1
Director, Center for Instruction & Research Technology1
Director, Center for Instructional & Learning Technologies1
Director, Center for Instructional Delivery1
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning1
Director, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning1
Director, Center of Excellence for Middle East & Arab Cultures1
Director, Centro de Computacao Eletronica1
Director, CETL1
Director, CETLS1
Director, CHSS Emerging & Instructional Technology1
Director, CIDDE Instructional Services1
Director, Classroom & Lab Technologies1
Director, Client and Research Services1
Director, Client and Web Services1
Director, Client Computing Services1
Director, Client Services1
Director, Client Support1
Director, Communications and Organizational Effectiveness1
Director, Communications Engineering Services1
Director, Communications, Networking and Computing Infrastructure1
Director, Community Engagement1
Director, Compliance & Policy1
Director, Computer Services1
Director, Computer User Services1
Director, Computing Platforms1
Director, Computing Services1
Director, Continuing Professional Development1
Director, Corporate Development1
Director, CSS1
Director, Customer Support Services1
Director, Data Governance1
Director, Desktop-User Services1
Director, Development & DBA Services1
Director, Digital Scholarship Co-Operative1
Director, Digital Scholarship Lab1
Director, Digital Technology1
Director, Distance Education Administrative Services1
Director, Distance Education, eLearning Partnerships and Outreach1
Director, Distance Education, Learning & Teaching Support1
Director, Division of IT, Project & Portfolio Mgmt1
Director, e-Learning1
Director, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence1
Director, Ed Tech1
Director, Educational Computing1
Director, Educational Media Services1
Director, Educational Technologies: Center for Scholarly Technology1
Director, Educational Technology2
Director, Educational Technology Services1
Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative1
Director, eLearning1
Director, ELearning R&D, DETA Center1
Director, eLearning Services, FON1
Director, Emerging Technologies and Research Suppo1
Director, Engineering Technology/Research1
Director, Enterprise Academic Technology Initiatives1
Director, Enterprise Admin Apps1
Director, Enterprise Application Services1
Director, Enterprise Application Services (ITS)1
Director, Enterprise Applications3
Director, Enterprise Applications and Operations1
Director, Enterprise Architecture2
Director, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy1
Director, Enterprise Computing and Application Services1
Director, Enterprise Information Services1
Director, Enterprise Information Stewardship1
Director, Enterprise Information Systems2
Director, Enterprise Infrastructure Services2
Director, Enterprise Integration and Chief Software Architect1
Director, Enterprise Solutions, ITS1
Director, Enterprise Student Systems1
Director, Enterprise Support1
Director, Enterprise Support Services1
Director, Enterprise Systems2
Director, Enterprise Systems and Services1
Director, ERP Services1
Director, eSystems and Research Services (former)1
Director, Evening Classes1
Director, Experimental Classroom1
Director, Faculty Ctr for Learning1
Director, Finance & Integrated Systems1
Director, Finance and Administration1
Director, Hardware Services & Operations1
Director, Higher Education1
Director, I&IT MediaVision1
Director, ICT Applications1
Director, Information & Education Tech1
Director, Information Management1
Director, Information Resources1
Director, Information Resources Policy & Programs1
Director, Information Security3
Director, Information Services1
Director, Information Systems3
Director, Information Systems and Services1
Director, Information Systems Office1
Director, Information Technology7
Director, Information Technology and Campus CIO1
Director, Information Technology and Engineering C1
Director, Information Technology Resources1
Director, Information Technology Services2
Director, Information Technology Services (ITS)1
Director, Information Technology, Faculty of Medicine1
Director, Information Technology-Enterprise Systems1
Director, Infrastructure1
Director, Infrastructure & Support Services1
Director, Infrastructure and Operations Support1
Director, Infrastructure Operation1
Director, Infrastructure Services2
Director, Infrastructure Services - Research Computing1
Director, Initiatives & Enterprise Projects1
Director, Innovation Center1
Director, InnovationSpace1
Director, Institutional Research & Plnng1
Director, Institutional Research and Analysis Office1
Director, Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning2
Director, Institutional Technology2
Director, Instructional Design and Technology1
Director, Instructional Innovation Services1
Director, Instructional Resources1
Director, Instructional Tech & Media Services1
Director, Instructional Tech Services and Distance Ed1
Director, Instructional Technology1
Director, Instructional Technology Services1
Director, ISS, Health&Human Dev1
Director, IT2
Director, IT - Client Support & Services1
Director, IT and Platform Integration1
Director, IT Application Services2
Director, IT Compliance & Risk Management1
Director, IT Customer Support1
Director, IT Infrastructure and Client Services1
Director, IT Network Operations1
Director, IT Policy & Planning1
Director, IT Relations1
Director, IT Risk Management Group1
Director, IT Security and Operations1
Director, IT Services2
Director, IT Strategic Practices & Continuos Service Improvement1
Director, IT Strategy and Operations1
Director, IT Support Services2
Director, IT Systems and Information1
Director, IT Technical and Client Operations1
Director, IT Training and Support Services1
Director, IT, Faculty of Health Sciences1
Director, ITS Business Operations1
Director, ITS Client Services1
Director, ITS Learning Spaces1
Director, ITS-Networking Services1
Director, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute1
Director, KARM1
Director, Learner Support Center1
Director, learning and research infrastructure1
Director, Learning and Teaching1
Director, Learning and Teaching Solutions1
Director, Learning Design and Technologies1
Director, Learning Tech & Project Manager Svcs1
Director, Learning Technologies1
Director, Learning Technology Development1
Director, Library & Information Resource Services1
Director, Library and Learning Commons1
Director, Library and Learning Services1
Director, Library Technology and Digital Inititatives1
Director, Library, Information & Technology Services1
Director, LINK Lab1
Director, Mardigian Library1
Director, MIS1
Director, Multimedia Technologies1
Director, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)1
Director, National Research Data Services Project1
Director, Network and User Services1
Director, Network Sevices1
Director, New Media1
Director, OBFS BIS1
Director, OCTET (Educational Technology division of Center for Information Tech)1
Director, Office of Distance Learning1
Director, Office of Educational Technology1
Director, Office of Information Services1
Director, Office of Online Learning1
Director, On-Line Development1
Director, Online Conferences and Events1
Director, Online Learning2
Director, Outreach Analytics and Reporting1
Director, Penn Video Network1
Director, Physical Sciences and Engineering Department, University Libraries1
Director, Planning & Portfolio Management1
Director, Planning/Programs1
Director, Platform Services1
Director, PMO2
Director, PMO & Communications, UIS1
Director, Portal Technologies & Academic Analytics1
Director, Professional Development1
Director, Program Data and Statistics1
Director, Program Innovation for Executive Education1
Director, Project Management2
Director, Project Management Office2
Director, Project Management Office for Technology1
Director, Red McCombs School of Business1
Director, Relationship Management & Operations1
Director, Research & Collection Services1
Director, Research Data Center1
Director, RITE1
Director, Rural Information Technology Alliance1
Director, Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence1
Director, Science Community Tools1
Director, Secure Enterprise Technology Initiatives1
Director, SEI Professional Development Center1
Director, Server and Network Services1
Director, Service and Contract Management1
Director, Service Design & Development1
Director, Services and Outreach1
Director, Social Science Computing Co-op1
Director, Strategic Initiatives1
Director, Strategic Services1
Director, Strategy & Transformation1
Director, Student Affairs Information Technology1
Director, Student Technology1
Director, Support Services1
Director, System Administration1
Director, Systems1
Director, Systems & Networking1
Director, Systems & Software - Advancment Info Systems1
Director, Teaching and Learning Centre1
Director, Teaching and Learning Development1
Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies1
Director, Tech Support & Consulting1
Director, Technical Support1
Director, Technology & Distance Education1
Director, Technology Customer Services1
Director, Technology Initiatives1
Director, Technology Management Services1
Director, Technology Services4
Director, Technology Services for Student Affairs1
Director, Technology Support Services1
Director, Telecommunications/Assistant to the CIO1
Director, University Applications Development1
Director, University Information Systems2
Director, University IT Services1
Director, University Libraries1
Director, University Telecommunications1
Director, University Web & Identity Services1
Director, UOE Communication & Information Technology1
Director, User Services4
Director, User Support Services1
Director, User Support Services and Training1
Director, Vet Med Computing Services1
Director, Web Development1
Director, Web Services3
Director, Web Technology1
Director, WebAIM1
Director-Sitka Campus1
Director-Technology & Project Planning1
Director/ Enterprise Systems & Administration1
Director/Chief of Staff1
Director: IT (Development)1
Directora Adjunta de la Dirección de Informática Académica1
Diretor Adjunto Escola Superior de Redes1
Distance Education1
Distance Education Coordinator1
Distance Learning Capabilities Manager1
Distinguished Visiting Scholar1
District Director of IT Services1
District IT Manager1
Division Head of Information Management Services1
Doctor of Pharmacy Program1
Doctoral Student/Teaching Assistant1
DRES Accessible IT Group1
E-Learning and New Media Specialist1
E-Learning Technologies Specialist1
e-Learning Technologist1
Editor and Manager, Publishing1
Editor in Chief1
EdTech Executive Director1
EdTech Trainer/Consultant1
Education Executive Director1
Education Program Developer1
Education Program New Ventures Manager1
Education Research Analyst1
Education Technology Specialist1
Education Technology Systems Manager1
Educational Analyst1
Educational Consultant1
Educational Developer1
Educational ICT Consultant1
Educational Researcher1
Educational Technologist11
Educational Technology Center - Manager1
Educational Technology Consultant1
Educational Technology Consultant -Office of Information Technology1
Educational Technology Manager1
Educational Technology Specialist2
EDUCAUSE Review Ad Sales1
eLearning Director1
ELearning Professional3
eLearning Systems Specialist1
Electronic Resources Librarian1
Emergency Coordinator1
Emerging Technologies Manager1
Emerging Technology Support Manager1
Emeritus Professor1
Emeritus Professor and Research Director, Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project1
End User Computing Specialist, Sr.1
Endpoint Developer1
Enterprise Account Management & Communication1
Enterprise Account Manager1
Enterprise App Security Mgr1
Enterprise Application Architect1
Enterprise Applications & ERP Project Manager1
Enterprise Architect8
Enterprise Data Architect1
Enterprise IT Communication Liaison1
Enterprise Support Project Coordinator1
Enterprise Systems and Services Manager1
Enterprise Systems Manager1
ERP & Related Technology User-Implementation & Training Manager1
ERP Administrator1
eTeaching Support and Design Officer1
ETL Developer1
EVP Finance and Administration1
Exec Dir - Administrative Reorganization and Transformation1
Exec Dir Enterprise Systems Admin1
Exec Dir, I.T. Policy and Strategic Engagement1
Exec Dir, Office of Strategic Management1
Exec. Director Shared Services and Infrastructure1
Execuctive Director, Engineering Information Technology1
Executive Assistant to the President2
Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost for Faculty Development1
Executive Associate Director of Academic Computing & Networking Services1
Executive Director15
Executive Director & CIO1
Executive Director - Information Technology1
Executive Director - Technology Center1
Executive Director Academic Enterprise Application1
Executive Director and Associate Provost, TLOS1
Executive Director and CIO Information Technology Services1
Executive Director Applications Services1
Executive Director College of Business and Health Admin1
Executive Director Educational Media and Technology1
Executive Director Enterprise Systems1
Executive Director for Information Services1
Executive Director for Information Technology1
Executive Director for Student Success1
Executive Director Information Technology Resources1
Executive Director IT1
Executive Director MEEC1
Executive Director of Admin Apps and Services1
Executive Director of Application and Information Services1
Executive Director of Digital Communications Group1
Executive Director of Digital Scholarship Services1
Executive Director of Information Technology6
Executive Director of Information Technology Services1
Executive Director of Information Technology Services and CIO1
Executive Director of OCGlobal1
Executive Director of Online Learning and Academic Technology1
Executive Director of Operations1
Executive Director of Planning and Analysis1
Executive Director of Teaching, Learning and Knowledge1
Executive Director of Technical Services1
Executive Director of Technology Services1
Executive Director of Web Integration1
Executive Director OIT Technology Oversight Services1
Executive Director Program Innovation1
Executive Director Teaching and Learning Innovations1
Executive Director, Academic and Scholarly Technol1
Executive Director, and Director, User Support1
Executive Director, Application Services1
Executive Director, ATDL1
Executive Director, Business Management & Financial Systems1
Executive Director, Cal State Online1
Executive Director, Chief Security Officer1
Executive Director, Client Services, Information Systems & Computing1
Executive Director, Educational Innovation1
Executive Director, Enterprise Applications1
Executive Director, Enterprise Information Services1
Executive Director, Enterprise Information Systems1
Executive Director, ESI1
Executive Director, ETV/TTVN1
Executive Director, Extended Learning Strategic Initiatives1
Executive Director, Gallaudet Technology Services1
Executive Director, HETGroup1
Executive Director, Information Security Office1
Executive Director, Information Technologies1
Executive Director, Information Technology3
Executive Director, Information Technology Services3
Executive Director, IT Services1
Executive Director, IT, Kelley School of Business1
Executive Director, ITR1
Executive Director, LEARN NC1
Executive Director, Operations Finance & Contracts1
Executive Director, Southeast Campus1
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives2
Executive Director, Systemwide IT1
Executive Director, Technology Infrastructure1
Executive Director, Technology Services3
Executive Director, UITS-Kokomo1
Executive Director, University Analytics & IR1
Executive Director-Academic Systems1
Executive Director-Professor1
Executive Director-Texas Digital Libraries1
Executive Program Director1
Executive Secretary2
Executive Vice President & CAO, Ameritas Hispanic Pathways1
Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer1
Faculty Chair1
Faculty Chair, Allied Health1
Faculty Chair, Business/Mgt/Public Admin1
Faculty Chair, Social Sciences1
Faculty Department ICT Academy1
Faculty Department of Healthcare1
Faculty Development Specialist1
Faculty IT Director1
Faculty Support, Manager1
Faculty Technology Coordinator1
Faculty, Director of Library Services1
Faculty, Educational Technology1
Field Technology Coordinator1
Finance / Planning and Resources Manager1
Fiscal & Administrative Manager1
Fmr Managing Director, Research, EDUCAUSE1
Former Associate VP for Enterprise Architecture & Strategy1
Former Director of Technology1
Former ISO1
Former Library Director and Coordinator of Information Services1
Founder & President1
Founding Director1
Full time teacher1
General Counsel1
General Manager3
General Manager/Executive Producer, GMU-TV1
General Staff Accountant1
GM IT & Student Operations1
Graduate Programs Manager1
Graduate Student1
Graduate Student, Education/ILT Dept1
Head Librarian1
Head Librarian, Distance Learning Services & Branch Campuses1
Head Librarian, Science & Engineering Library1
Head of Application Development1
Head of Application Services1
Head of Business Solutions1
Head of Development Services1
Head of Digital Learning Applications and Multimedia1
Head of Digital Library Services1
Head of Digital Transformation - UIS1
Head of E-learning Environments1
Head of Education Technology Branch1
Head of eLearning Group, CLeaR1
Head of Information & Communication Technology1
Head of Innovation1
Head of Instructional Technology & LIS1
Head of International Affairs and Partnerships1
Head of Internet Services1
Head of IT Partnering1
Head of IT Service Production1
Head of IT Services and Deputy Director of Information1
Head of ITS1
Head of Knowledge and Information Services1
Head of Library Information Technologies1
Head of Policy and Projects1
Head of Reference and Instructional Services1
Head of Secretariat, COO1
Head of Service Development1
Head Systems Section1
Head, Library Digital Initiatives and IT Operations and Services1
Head, Library IT1
Head, Library IT, Health Sciences Library1
Head, Research and Education, VCU Libraries1
Head, User Experience Department (Library)1
Help Desk Assistant Manager1
Help Desk Coordinator1
Help Desk Director1
Help Desk Manager2
Helpdesk Manager1
Helpdesk Supervisor1
History Professor1
I.T. Training Manager1
ICT Business Analyst1
IDEALS Coordinator, Scholarly Commons Co-Coordinator, Associate Professor1
IDM and Security Architect1
IDM Tech Lead1
IMS Software Developer1
Info Tech Asst Dir II1
Information Commons Technology Administrator1
Information Management and Technology1
Information Management Director1
Information Security & Privacy Director1
Information Security Analyst1
Information Security and Privacy Officer1
Information Security Coordinator1
Information Security Director1
Information Security Engineer1
Information Security Manager1
Information Security Officer6
Information Security Officer, Dir. Enterprise Services & Security1
Information Security Officer; Head of Infrastructure & Security Services1
Information Security Specialist1
Information Services & Technology1
Information Services Manager1
Information Specialist II1
Information Support Services Manager1
Information Systems & Services Manager1
Information Systems Coordinator - Mail Administration1
Information Systems Manager2
Information Technologist (Functional Analyst)1
Information Technology Center Director1
Information Technology Consultant1
Information Technology Director2
Information Technology Manager4
Information Technology Planning and Forecasting Officer1
Information Technology Project Manager1
Information Technology Senior Manager1
Information Technology Service Desk Coordinator1
Information Technology Training Specialist-Senior1
Infrastructure and Operations Coordinator1
Infrastructure and Services Manager1
Infrastructure Operations Manager1
Infrastructure Services & Systems Coordinator1
Institutional Research Coordinator/English1
Instruction Coordinator, Memorial Library1
Instruction Librarian2
Instructional Analyst1
Instructional Design Consultant1
Instructional Design Coordinator2
Instructional Design Librarian1
Instructional Design Manager1
Instructional Design Team Lead1
Instructional Designer43
Instructional Designer & Tech Coordinator1
Instructional Designer/UDL Coordinator1
Instructional Developer1
Instructional Development1
Instructional Development Specialist (Instructional Designer)1
Instructional Etchnologist1
Instructional Media Developer1
Instructional Resource Technology Systems Manager1
Instructional Support1
Instructional Support Specialist1
Instructional Support Specialist - Jedi Master1
Instructional Systems Consultant1
Instructional Technologist5
Instructional Technologist III1
Instructional Technologist, Faculty Resource Center1
Instructional Technology Consultant1
Instructional Technology Director1
Instructional Technology Specialist5
Instructional Technology Specialist II1
Instructional Technology Support Specialist1
Instructional Technology, LITS1
Instructional/Multimedia Developer1
Instructor of German Studies1
Instructor, MacPhail School of Energy2
Instructor, School of Information and Communications Technologies2
Instructor, School of Manufacturing and Automation1
Instructor, School of Transportation1
Instructor/ IT Consultant1
Interdisciplinary Research Librarian1
Interim Assoc VC - CIO1
Interim Assoc. VP for Academic Affairs1
Interim Associate Provost for IT1
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for University Technology Services and CIO1
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor IT1
Interim Associate Vice President and CIO1
Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs1
Interim AVP and CIO1
Interim Dean, Academic Affairs1
Interim Director of Research and Instruction Services1
Interim eLearning Director1
Interim Head, Scholarship and Education Services1
Interim Manager User Services1
Interim Vice President and Chief Information Officer1
Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs1
Interim Vice President, Technology Services & CIO1
Interim Vice Provost for Information Technology/CIO1
Internal Consultant1
International Business Analytics Coordinator1
Internet Program Manager1
Internet System Administrator1
Inustructor, School of Transportation1
IR Analyst1
IS Manager, College of Fine Arts and Communications1
IS Project Manager/Web Design1
IS&T Appl Tech Lead1
IT Accessibility Consultant1
IT Administator1
IT Administrator1
IT Analyst Emeritus1
IT Application Manager1
IT Architect2
IT Associate Director1
IT Audit Manager1
IT Auditor1
IT Autitor1
IT Business Analyst1
IT Business Manager1
IT Chief of Staff and Deputy CIO1
IT Client Service Manager, Document Services1
IT Communication & Training Specialist1
IT Communications Coordinator1
IT Consultant2
IT Consultant, SR1
IT Consulting Engineer1
IT Coordinator4
IT Director19
IT Director - College of Agriculture1
IT Director, College of Medicine1
IT Director, School of Engineering & Technology1
IT Director, School of Nursing1
IT Director, User Services1
IT Director, Wharton Computing1
IT Director-Application Services1
IT Director: Services and Operations1
IT Executive Director1
IT Fiscal Operations Director1
IT HEAD: Application Support1
IT Help Desk Manager1
IT Help Desk Supervisor1
IT Helpdesk Manager & Computer Science Instructor1
IT in Education Advisor1
IT Infrastructure Project Manager1
IT Integration Specialist1
IT Integrator1
IT Manager17
IT Manager & Informatics Instructor1
IT Manager -Academic Technologies1
IT Manager / Systems Administrator1
IT Manager and EA Team1
IT Manager, Campus Library1
IT Manager, College of Humanities1
IT Manager, Technical Operations1
IT Manager: Identity Services Development1
IT Manager: Science Faculty1
IT Network Manager1
IT Network Specialist1
IT Officer1
IT Operations Chief1
IT Operations Manager1
IT Planning & Info Security Officer1
IT Planning and Communications Officer1
IT Professional I1
IT Professional IV1
IT Project Leader3
IT Project Manager4
IT Project Manager, CCOM1
IT Security Officer4
IT Service Center Manager1
IT Service Delivery Manager1
IT Service Excellence Leader1
IT Service Manager1
IT Services Coordinator1
IT Services-University Systems1
IT Special Projects Coordinator1
IT Specialist4
IT Specialist II1
IT Specialist V1
IT Specialst1
IT SR Accociate1
IT Sr. Manager1
IT Strategist and Enterprise Architect1
IT Support1
IT Support Analyst1
IT Support Developer1
IT Support Manager1
IT Support Supervisor1
IT System Engineer1
IT Systems Security Analyst1
IT Technical Advisor; Darden School of Business1
IT Technical Director, VPUL Technology Services1
IT Technical Support Manager1
IT Technician3
IT Technician II1
IT Training Coordinator1
ITS Administration Manager1
ITS Budget Specialist1
ITS Portfolio Communications Officer1
ITSM Program Manager1
Junior Network Administrator1
Knowledge Management Officer, NGLC1
KnowledgeBase Manager1
Lab Manager1
Lab Manager/ PC Technician1
LAN/Systems Administrator1
Lead - Faculty Support1
Lead Analyst1
Lead Architecture Professional2
Lead Business Intelligence Specialist1
Lead Client Technologies Analyst1
Lead Consultant1
Lead for Client Technologies1
Lead Helpdesk Manager1
Lead Instructional Designer1
Lead Project Manager1
Lead Software Applications Developer1
Lead Strategist1
Lead Technician1
Lead Web & Mobile Developer1
Lead, Applications and Project Management Office1
Lead, Online Support Services1
Leadership Institute Faculty1
Learning Commons Librarian1
Learning Design Librarian1
Learning Environments Manager2
Learning Experience Designer Manager1
Learning Management Systems Administrator1
Learning Resource Operations1
Learning Services Director1
Learning Strategy & Quality Coordinator1
Learning Studio director1
Learning Technologies Coordinator1
Learning Technology System Administrator1
Lecturer, Digital Instruction Facilitator1
Leveraged Services1
Liaison for Computing1
Libr. Dig Infras.& Techn. Coord.1
Librarian/Manager of Communications and Outreach1
Libraries IT Tech Mgr1
Library Applications Developer1
Library Director2
Library Information Technologies and Digital Initiatives1
Library Information Technology Services Director1
Library Systems and Account Manager1
Library Systems Coordinator1
Library Technology Director1
License Manager1
Life Sciences Data Services Librarian1
LMS Admin, E-learning Specialist1
LMS Administrator1
Manager - Client Serivces1
Manager - Enterprise Applications and Systems1
Manager - ESIA Information Technology1
Manager - Information Technology, Facility Design and Construction1
Manager - Infrastructure1
Manager - Infrastructure & Operations1
Manager - Infrastructure Services1
Manager - Network Engineering1
Manager Application Development and Services1
Manager Classroom Services1
Manager Desktop Support Services1
Manager ERP Database, Applications & Business Intelligence1
Manager ICT&O1
Manager Information Technology/ Senior Lecturer1
Manager IT Operations1
Manager of Accessibility and Usability1
Manager of CAEN Student Computing Environment1
Manager of Campus Energy and Sustainability1
Manager of Classroom Technology1
Manager of Design & Development Services1
Manager of Desktop Computing Services1
Manager of Educational Technologies1
Manager of Information Technology1
Manager of Instructional Design1
Manager of Instructional Technology and Help Desk1
Manager of Learning Applications1
Manager of Learning Design and Analytics1
Manager of Learning Technology Suport1
Manager of Library Software Development Group1
Manager of Media Services1
Manager of MIS1
Manager of Network & Data Security1
Manager of Network and Security1
Manager of Network Services1
Manager of Strategic Systems1
Manager of Student Computing1
Manager of System Administration1
Manager of Systems Administration1
Manager of Tech Operations1
Manager of Technical Support1
Manager of User Services1
Manager of Vendor Services1
Manager of Virtualization and Learning Technologies1
Manager of Web Technologies1
Manager of Windows Services - ACNS1
Manager program IT and Business Management1
Manager Software Maint & Development1
Manager Teaching and Learning Technology1
Manager Technical Support, Learning Management System, Smart Classrooms & Labs1
Manager Third Party Applications1
Manager User Services1
Manager, Academic & End-User Technology1
Manager, Academic Language and Learning1
Manager, Academic Support Unit1
Manager, Academic Technology Systems1
Manager, Academic Web Services1
Manager, Accessibility Team1
Manager, Application Development1
Manager, Application Management & Support1
Manager, Application Services1
Manager, Applications & Systems Programming1
Manager, Applications, MITS1
Manager, Audiovisual and Classroom Technology Support1
Manager, Banner Shared Components1
Manager, Campus Computer Unit1
Manager, Campus Office of Software Licensing1
Manager, Campus Technology and Computing1
Manager, CCS Research Partnerships1
Manager, Client and Research, IT Services1
Manager, Client Services1
Manager, Collaboration Technologies1
Manager, Community Engagement, Next Generation Learning Challenges1
Manager, Corporate Relations1
Manager, Database Administration1
Manager, Database Administrator1
Manager, Departmental and Campus Applications1
Manager, Distance Education1
Manager, Emerging Technology and Media1
Manager, Employee & Identity Systems1
Manager, Engineering Computing1
Manager, Faculty Instructional Commons1
Manager, Field Technology1
Manager, Identity Management Systems1
Manager, IMG1
Manager, Information Systems3
Manager, Information Technology2
Manager, Information Technology Services1
Manager, Infrastructure and Operations1
Manager, Innovations in Teaching and Learning1
Manager, Instruction Support Systems2
Manager, Instructional Tech. and Faculty Technology Development Center1
Manager, IT1
Manager, IT Applications and Services1
Manager, IT Communications & Web Strategy1
Manager, IT Service Desk1
Manager, Knowledge Management1
Manager, Member Services1
Manager, Multimedia Production, Academic Technology1
Manager, Network and Systems Administration1
Manager, Networks & Infrastructure1
Manager, Organizational Change1
Manager, Research Computing2
Manager, Strategic Technology Acquisition1
Manager, Student Information Systems1
Manager, Systems Administration2
Manager, Systems Management1
Manager, Tech Commons1
Manager, Technology1
Manager, Technology Infrastructure1
Manager, Technology Installation and Maintenance Services1
Manager, Technology Training Programs1
Manager, Technology-Enriched Learning1
Manager, Unix & Network Applications Support1
Manager, User Services1
Manager, User Support Services, Kresge Library1
Manager, Video Services1
Managing Director2
Managing Director -OLE (Open Library Environment)1
Managing Director of Infrastructure1
Managing Director Student Information Systems1
Managing Director, Academic and Administrative Technology Services1
Managing Director, Information Systems1
Managing Director, IT Learning Spaces1
Managing Director, IT Technology Support1
Managing Editor1
Marketing and Communications Manager1
Marketing Coordinator, Conferences1
Marketing Coordinator, Conferences and Events1
Marketing Coordinator, Membership1
Marketing Coordinator, NGLC, ELI1
Marketing Director1
Marketing Manager1
Marketing Manager, Conferences1
Marketing Manager, ELI and Corporate Relations1
Marketing Manager, ELI and NGLC1
Marketing/PR Specialist1
Media Coordinator, IT Classroom Support1
Media Instructional Design Assistant1
Media Librarian1
Media Services Librarian1
Media Specialist1
Media Systems Administrator1
Media Technician, Boulder High School1
Media Technologist1
Media Technology Specialist1
Meeting Coordinator1
Meeting Planner1
Member Services Representative3
Mgr, Educational Technology1
Mgr. Strategic Planning, Communication, ITS1
Microsoft Systems Engineer1
MLT Program Director1
Mobile, Media and Training Specialist1
Multimedia Consultant1
Multimedia Developer1
Multimedia Producer1
Multimedia Project Coordinator1
Multimedia Technology Specialist1
National Account Manager1
National Director of Data, Technology and Analytics1
Network & Systems Administrator1
Network & Systems Engineer1
Network & Telecom Technician1
Network Administrator4
Network Analyst1
Network and System Engineer1
Network and Systems Engineer1
Network and Systems Manager1
Network and Telecommunications Manager1
Network and User Services Manager1
Network Communications Manager1
Network Engineer3
Network Engineer 31
Network Engineer II1
Network Engineering Manager1
Network Manager6
Network Security Enginer1
Network Service Admin1
Network Services Director2
Network Specialist1
Network Systems Engineer II1
Network Technician1
Network-System Engineer1
Network-Systems Engineer1
Network/Systems Manager1
Online Curriculum Renewal Leader1
Online Education Support Coordinator1
Online Instructional Designer1
Online Instructional Resources Developer1
Online Services Developer1
Online Systems Administrator1
Online Teaching Specialist1
Open Computer Labs Supervisor1
Open Education Ambassador1
Open Education Resources Manager/Adjunct Faculty1
Open Source Architect1
Open SUNY HelpDesk Manager1
Operating Systems Analyst/Streaming Engineer1
Operations / Telecom Supervisor1
Operations Coordinator1
Operations Manager1
Operations Manager, University Libraries1
Outreach Team1
PC Support Team Lead1
PC-Network Services Manager1
Pedagogical Consultant1
Phone Systems Administrator1
PHP Web Developer1
PMO Director1
PMO Manager1
Policy Advisor1
Policy Consultant Research&Education1
Political Science and History Instructor1
Portal Developer Lead1
Portal Manager1
Portal Technical Lead1
Portfolio Manager, Education1
PR & Communication Manager1
President & CEO1
President and CEO2
President and Chief Executive Officer1
President and Chief Operating Officer1
President Emeritus1
President Emeritus and University Professor1
President of the Open College at Kaplan University1
President's Professor, School of Earth & Space Exploration1
Prgm Analyst, Identity & Access Mgmt1
Principal Attorney1
Privacy Officer, Division of Finance and Administrative Affairs1
Pro Vice Chancellor (Information Services)1
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Educational Innovation and International)1
Pro-Vice Chancellor1
Process Analyst1
Process Improvement Specialist1
Procurement & Sourcing Manager1
Product Manager1
Product Manager, DoIT1
Product/Project Manager1
Production Editor1
Professional Development Online Event Production Manager1
Professional Services Manager1
Professor & Associate Dean1
Professor & Tech. Liaison-School of A&D1
Professor - Instructional Technology1
Professor / Educational Technology1
Professor and Associate Dean1
Professor and Chair, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology1
Professor and Co-Chair of Chemistry Department1
Professor and Instructional Technology Specialist1
Professor and LEAT Director, Computer Science Department1
Professor CIS/Department Chair Computer InformationSystems1
Professor Emeritus1
Professor Emeritus, Learning, Design and Technology1
Professor of Communication, Arts Department1
Professor of Computer Information Technology1
Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics1
Professor of Education2
Professor of Instructional Design1
Professor of Practice1
Professor of Speech and Hearing Science1
Professor, Centre for Academic Excellence1
Professor, College of Business & Economics1
Professor, Computer Science1
Professor, Director of the Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies1
Professor, Political Science1
Professor, Vice CIO1
Program Coordinator2
Program Coordinator, Next Generation Learning Chal1
Program Director, Acad. Pres. Trust, and Senior Director, Content Stewardship1
Program Director, MSEM Program1
Program Director, Student Administration Systems1
Program Director, Teaching & Learning1
Program Head for Access and Information Services1
Program Management Director, Online Learning and Academic Programs1
Program Manager3
Program Manager for Educational Computing1
Program Manager, ECAR Working Groups1
Program Manager, HQ AETC Chief Learning Office1
Program Manager, Institutional Centers of Excellen1
Program Manager, Internet2 Net+ Services1
Program Officer3
Program Officer for IT Services1
Program Officer, Next Generation Learning Challenges1
Programme Manager IT and Education1
Programme Specialist Learning Technologies1
Programmer Analyst4
Programmer Manager1
Project Assistant1
Project Coordinator1
Project Coordinator - Graduate PASS1
Project Director2
Project Director, Learning First Program1
Project Director, WACS Accreditation1
Project Leader1
Project Leader - Virtual Learning Environment1
Project Manager24
Project Manager ICT in Education1
Project manager IT and Education1
Project Manager, Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute1
Project Manager, Enterprise Reporting and Analytics1
Project Manager, IT2
Project Manager/Business Analyst1
Projects and Planning Officer1
Promotions & Industry Liaison1
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs2
Provost/Chief Academic Officer1
Public Affairs & Government Relations Manager1
Public Sector System Solutions Bureau sales manager1
Publicist, Computer Science Department1
Publisher/Editor, EDUCAUSE Review1
Quality Assurance Coordinator, CCCONLINE1
Quality Control and Publications Manager1
R&DE IT Operations Project Manager1
Radiography Program Director1
Reference Librarian1
Reference Librarian/Instruction Coordinator1
Reference Services Librarian1
Regional Campus CIO1
Regional Chief Information Officer1
Regional Director - Northeast U.S. Oracle Linux & Virtualization1
Regional Director of Technology1
Regional Director of Technology Services1
Regional Director, Fuller Texas1
Research Analyst1
Research and Communications Manager1
Research Associate2
Research Associate Professor1
Research Associate, Data, Research and Analytics1
Research Director, Higher Education1
Research IT Architect1
Research Officer, Computing & Information Technology1
Retired CIO1
Retired Director, Information Technology1
retired, Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies1
Risk and Compliance Manager, HR Specialist1
Security Architect1
Security Officer1
Security Operations Manager1
Senior Academic Technologist1
Senior Academic Technology Officer1
Senior advisor1
Senior Advisor ICT Architecture1
Senior Advisor to the Internet2 CEO1
Senior Analyst for Online Learning, Center for Educational Innovation1
Senior Application / System Analyst1
Senior Application Specialist1
Senior Assoc. Dean for Academic Innovation & Chief Academic Technology Officer1
Senior Associate Director1
Senior Associate In1
Senior Associate Registrar1
Senior Associate Vice President / Operational Excellence1
Senior Associate VP and CIO1
Senior Client Services Manager2
Senior Computer Consultant1
Senior Computer Support Specialist1
Senior Computing Officer1
Senior Conference Director, Instructional Technology1
Senior Consultant4
Senior Consultant, CIO's Office1
Senior Contracting Officer1
Senior Director2
Senior Director Digital Infrastructure and User Services1
Senior Director Education & Research1
Senior Director for Online Initiatives and Innovation1
Senior Director of Darden Media1
Senior Director of Development1
Senior Director of Information and Technology Management1
Senior Director of Information Technology2
Senior Director of IT1
Senior Director of ITS1
Senior Director of Learning Resources1
Senior Director of Teaching and Learning With Tech1
Senior Director Quality Assurance-Special Projects1
Senior Director, Administrative Information Services, ITS1
Senior Director, Conferences and Educational Activities1
Senior Director, Content1
Senior Director, CTELT1
Senior Director, Enterprise Application Services1
Senior Director, Enterprise Applications1
Senior Director, Enterprise Applications and Data Services1
Senior Director, Enterprise Solutions1
Senior Director, Industry Engagement1
Senior Director, Info Tech Srvcs1
Senior Director, Information Technology2
Senior Director, IT Services and Infrastructure1
Senior Director, IT Systems and Support1
Senior Director, Learning Environments1
Senior Director, Learning Innovations: Ctr for Excellence in Teaching & Learning1
Senior Director, Management Analysis1
Senior Director, Online Programs1
Senior Director, Strategic Operations1
Senior Director, Strategy & Innovation1
Senior Distance Education Instructional Designer1
Senior Editor1
Senior Educational technology Advisor1
Senior ELearning Professional1
Senior Enterprise Architect1
Senior Evaluation Consultant1
Senior Executive Director, Advancement Information Services1
Senior Fellow1
Senior Identity Management and Business Process Engineer1
Senior Information Processing Consultant1
Senior Information Technology Manager, CIS1
Senior Instructional Designer2
Senior Instructional Designer, DELTA1
Senior Instructional Technologist3
Senior Instructional Technologist and Designer, Stanford Medicine1
Senior Instructional Technology Analyst1
Senior IT Auditor1
Senior IT Commodity Manager1
Senior IT Communications Strategist1
Senior IT Consultant, TAMU IT1
Senior IT Director2
Senior IT Director - The Wharton School1
Senior IT Director, Research & Innovation1
Senior IT Manager1
Senior IT Project Manager1
Senior IT Technologist II1
Senior Lecturer1
Senior Manager1
Senior Manager, Academic & Learning Systems Support1
Senior Manager, Client Services IT1
Senior Manager, Contract and Vendor Management1
Senior Manager, Desktop and IT Service Centre1
Senior Manager, Desktop Support Program1
Senior Manager, Distributed Research Computing Support1
Senior Manager, IT Process1
Senior Manager, Media & Classroom Services1
Senior Manager, Systems Development1
Senior Media Editor1
Senior Network Administrator1
Senior Network and Systems Administrator1
Senior Network Engineer1
Senior New Media Editor1
Senior Policy Advisor1
Senior Policy Advisor Learning & iCT1
Senior Product and Portfolio Manager1
Senior Product Manager2
Senior Program Manager3
Senior Program Officer3
Senior Program Officer, Postsecondary Success1
Senior Program Specialist1
Senior Programmer/Analyst2
Senior Project Manager1
Senior Project Manager - Identity and Access Management1
Senior Public Relations Coordinator1
Senior Research Analyst1
Senior Research Associate1
Senior Research Manager, HarvardX1
Senior Research Scientist2
Senior Research Support Specialist1
Senior Scientist1
Senior Security Analyst1
Senior Specialist, IT Service Management1
Senior Strategist, SUNY Academic Innovation1
Senior Systems Administrator1
Senior Systems Analyst1
Senior Systems Engineer1
Senior Teaching and Technology Consultant, ASSETT1
Senior Technology Officer1
Senior Vice President2
Senior Vice President & CIO1
Senior Vice President / Chief Information Officer1
Senior Vice President / CIO1
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer1
Senior Vice Provost for Instructional Innovation1
Senior Web Engineer1
Server Administrator1
Server Tech1
Service and Project Portfolio Manager, Sr.1
Service Delivery Manager1
Service Delivery Manager for Information and Communications Technology1
Service Delivery Manager, Finance and Research1
Service Desk Manager2
Servicemanager & Accountmanager IT and Education1
Services Manager1
Shared Services Design Manager1
Shared Services Program Manager1
Smart Classroom & Lab Management1
Snr. Information Technology Officer1
Snr. System Administrator1
Social Media Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment1
Social Sciences Division Chair, CCCONLINE1
Software Development Mgr.1
Software Engineering Manager1
Software Support Analyst1
Solution Architect1
Solutions Developer1
Solutions Engineer1
Soporte a Programas Academicos DIr1
Sourcing manager1
Spanish Instructor1
Speaker Liaison1
Speaker Liaison-Meeting Coordinator1
Spec II, Info Tech1
Special Advisor1
Special Advisor, Professional Development1
Special Assistant to Senior Vice Chancellor1
Special Assistant to the Provost1
Special Assistant to the Vice President of IT1
Special Assistant,VP,Information Techn1
Special Liaison for International Affairs and former CIO1
Special Projects Lead1
Special Projects, Office of the CIO1
Sponsoring Editor1
Sr Director for Academic Technology in OIT1
Sr Director, Academic & Research Technologies1
Sr Director, Network Infrastructure Systems & Services1
Sr Director, System Operations1
Sr Director-Assistant To the CIO1
Sr Lead Systems and Data Administrator1
Sr Manager, Business Process Reengineering1
Sr Manager, Web Design and Development1
Sr Mgr. Library & Instructional Resources1
Sr Systems Analyst, Richard Ivey School of Business1
Sr. Academic Tech. Specialist1
Sr. Advisor to NET+1
Sr. Application Analyst1
Sr. Associate Dean, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences Technology Services1
Sr. Associate Director, Applications Development, DELTA1
Sr. Client Services Manager1
Sr. Computing Consultant & Instructor1
Sr. Consultant Education & IT1
Sr. Curricular Innovation Specialist1
Sr. Dir. Admin & IT Services1
Sr. Director1
Sr. Director Distance Education1
Sr. Director for Information Technology1
Sr. Director for IT Communications and Customer Ad1
Sr. Director for Strategic Initiatives1
Sr. Director of Academic Technology1
Sr. Director of Client Engagement, IT1
Sr. Director Telecommunications & Networking Services1
Sr. Director, Academic Systems1
Sr. Director, Academic Technology Services1
Sr. Director, Customer IT Solutions1
Sr. Director, Customer Support & Quality of Service Assurance1
Sr. Director, Enterprise Systems1
Sr. Director, Information Technology1
Sr. Director, Information Technology Services1
Sr. Director, Strategic Initiatives1
Sr. Director, Strategic Technologies and New Initatives1
Sr. Director, Technology Development1
Sr. Director, Technology Support1
Sr. e-Learning Technologist1
Sr. I.T. Procurement Specialist1
Sr. Instructional Designer1
Sr. IT Consultant/Project Manager1
Sr. IT Director1
Sr. IT Project Manager1
Sr. Manager, Database and Applications1
Sr. Manager, Systems1
Sr. Mgr, Systems Administration1
Sr. Network Security Administrator1
Sr. Product Development Manager, Higher Education1
Sr. Programmer/Analyst1
Sr. Project Manager1
Sr. Project Manager-Advisor1
Sr. Senior Instructional Technologist1
Sr. System Analyst2
Sr. Systems Administrator1
Sr. Systems Engineer1
Sr. Technical Analyst1
Sr. Vice President / Chief Information Officer1
Sr. Vice President / CIO (Retired)1
Sr. Vice President for Administration1
Sr. VP1
Sr. Web Developer, Team Leader1
Sr. Web Specialist1
Staff Employee ICT & Data Management1
Stanford Software Licensing1
Strategic Advisor1
Strategic IT Procurement Officer1
Strategic Operations Manager1
Strategic Planner1
Strategic Planning-Software Licensing1
Strategic Projects Librarian1
Strategic Research Associate and Information Resource Consultant1
Student and Administrative Systems Support Representative1
Student Computing1
Student Retention Specialist1
Student Success Developer1
Student Success Specialist1
Student Support Manager1
Student Technology Coordinator1
Studio Classroom Manager1
Subdirectora de Servicios Escuelas1
Supervising Programmer Analyst1
Supervisor Technology Support Services1
Supervisor, Desktop Systems1
Supervisor, ITV Operations1
Supervisor; Training Services1
Support IT Analyst1
Support Systems Analyst Sr1
SVP, Technology & Operations1
Sys Admin1
System Administrator3
System Analyst /Developer1
System CIO1
System Director Distance Learning1
System Director for Research1
System Engineer1
System Engineer/Site Supervisor2
Systems & Emerging Technology Librarian1
Systems Admin1
Systems Admin-LMS1
Systems Administrator8
Systems Analyst5
Systems Analyst 11
Systems and Network Administrator1
Systems Application Analyst1
Systems Engineer3
Systems Engineer/Admin1
Systems Group Manager1
Systems Licensing & Contract Officer1
Systems Manager3
Systems Specialist for the Kimmel School of Engineering1
Systems Support Engr Mgr Sr1
Systems/Helpdesk Manager1
Systems/Network Administrator1
Teaching & Learning Consultant1
Teaching & Learning Facilities Manager, ITS1
Teaching and Learning Consultant2
Teaching and Learning Services Coordinator1
Team Lead of Techsupport1
Team Lead, Managed IT Support Services1
Team leader: Training & Communications1
Team Manager2
Teamleader Educational Technology Social Sciences1
Technical Analyst1
Technical Architect1
Technical Director5
Technical Director of Informatics2
Technical Director, REN-ISAC1
Technical Services Manager1
Technical Specialist1
Technical staff2
Technical Support Manager2
Technical Support Specialist1
Technologies & Library Services Administrator1
Technology Accessibility Specialist1
Technology Coordinator - Computer Labs1
Technology Coordinator for Academic Facilities1
Technology Corporate Director1
Technology Facilitator1
Technology Services Director1
Technology Specialist2
Technology Support Analyst1
Technology Support Director1
Technology Support Specialist2
Technology Support Team Leader1
Technology Trainer1
Technology Training Coordinator1
Television Production Manager1
Training and Professional Development Coordinator1
Training Facilitator1
Trust & Identity Program Lead1
UMC IT Manager1
University Chief Information Officer1
University Chief Technology Officer1
University Counsel1
University Director of Academic Technology1
University Director of IT Service Delivery1
University Director, OIT Enterprise Application Services1
University Librarian5
University Registrar1
Unix Systems Administrator1
UNM HSC Privacy Officer1
User Experience Consultant1
User Support Analyst1
user Support Supervisor1
V. P. of Information Technology / CIO1
V.P. of Info Tech1
Vendor Manager1
Vice Chancellor & Chief Operating Officer1
Vice Chancellor & Chief Technology Officer1
Vice Chancellor & CIO1
Vice Chancellor & CIO, Division of Information Technology1
Vice Chancellor (Interim)1
Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer1
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs1
Vice Chancellor for Facilities, Planning & Infomration Technology1
Vice Chancellor for Information Services1
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology2
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & CIO1
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology - CIO1
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO1
Vice Chancellor of Information Technology and CIO1
Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Services1
Vice Chancellor of Technology & CTO1
Vice Chancellor, CIO and Acting CISO1
Vice Chancellor, Education and Technology1
Vice Chancellor, Technology & Learning Services1
Vice CTO1
Vice President3
Vice President & CFO, Administration & Finance1
Vice President & Chief Information Officer5
Vice President & CIO5
Vice President / CIO1
Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer1
Vice President and Chief Information Officer3
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer1
Vice President and CIO7
Vice President and CIO, Information Technology1
Vice President Emeritus for Information Technology1
Vice President for Academic Affairs1
Vice President for Administration1
Vice President for Administration / Chief Information Officer1
Vice President for Administrative Services1
Vice President for Business Operations1
Vice President for College Advancement and CIO1
Vice President for Enrollment Management1
Vice President for Information Management and Technology1
Vice President for Information Resources & CIO1
Vice President for Information Services - Retired1
Vice President for Information Services and Assessment1
Vice President for Information Services and CIO3
Vice President for Information Systems1
Vice President for Information Technology7
Vice President for Information Technology & CIO1
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO3
Vice President for Information Technology and CTO1
Vice President for Information Technology Services4
Vice President for Information Technology-CIO Emerita1
Vice President for IT1
Vice President for IT / CIO1
Vice President for IT and Associate Provost1
Vice President for IT and CIO3
Vice President for IT and CIO Emeritus1
Vice President for IT-CIO1
Vice President for IT/CIO1
Vice President for Libraries and IT1
Vice President for Library & Information Technology1
Vice President for Planning and Partnerships1
Vice President for Technology2
Vice President for Technology & Communication1
Vice President for Technology and CIO1
Vice President for Technology and Security1
Vice President for Technology/Chief Information Officer1
Vice President Information Services1
Vice President Information Technology, Chief Infor1
Vice President of Academic Affairs1
Vice President of Information Services & Chief Information Officer1
Vice President of Information Technology1
Vice President of Information Technology and CIO1
Vice President of Information Technology Services1
Vice President of ITS / CIO1
Vice President of Operations2
Vice President Strategic Initiaitives1
Vice President Technology Assessment and Planning1
Vice President, Academic Affairs1
Vice President, Administrative Services1
Vice President, Analytics1
Vice President, CIO1
Vice President, Client Development1
Vice President, Community Engagement1
Vice President, Community Programs1
Vice President, Corporate Development1
Vice President, Corporate Services2
Vice President, Curriculum & Content Services1
Vice President, Data, Research, and Analytics1
Vice President, Finance and Administration1
Vice President, Information and Technology Resources1
Vice President, Information Services1
Vice President, Information Technology2
Vice President, Information Technology Services1
Vice President, Institutional Advancement1
Vice President, Instructional & Information Technology1
Vice President, Libraries & IT1
Vice President, Partnerships & Operations1
Vice President, Planning and Operation1
Vice President, Research & Development1
Vice President-Chief Information & Technology Officer1
Vice President-CIO2
Vice President/CIO1
Vice Provost2
Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer1
Vice Provost and CIO2
Vice Provost and CIO (Retired)1
Vice Provost for Distributed Learning1
Vice Provost for Information Services / CIO1
Vice Provost for Information Technology-CIO1
Vice Provost for IT & Chief Information Officer1
Vice Provost for IT & CIO1
Vice Provost for IT and CIO1
Vice-Provost-CIO Information Resources1
Vice-Rector of Administration1
Video Broadcast Engineer1
Visiting Assistant Professor1
VP & CIO Media & IT1
VP and CIO1
VP and Distinguished Analyst1
VP and Managing Director, Ed Tech Industry Network1
VP for Administration & CTO1
VP for Administration and Finance1
VP for Information and Library Services1
VP for Information Technology2
VP for Information Technology and Dean of Librarie1
VP for Information Technology and Institutional Research1
VP for Information Technology, CIO1
VP for Information Technology-CTO1
VP for Infrastructure and Chief Information Officer1
VP for IT & CIO1
VP for IT & IR1
VP for IT and Dean of University Libraries1
VP for Technology & CIO1
VP forf Administration1
VP Information Technologies & CIO1
VP Information Technology - CIO1
VP Information Technology / CIO1
VP Learning Technologies1
VP of Business Affairs/CFO1
VP of Information & Media Technology1
VP of Information Systems1
VP of Information Technology-CIO1
VP of IT & CIO2
VP of Student & Academic Services1
VP of Technology1
VP of Technology and Academic Services1
VP Student Experience1
VP, Administration & Finance1
VP, Information Systems & Technology1
VP, Learner Success & Strategic Analytics1
VP, Student Success and Retention1
VP-Strategic Alliances1
Web & Mobile Services Manager1
Web and Digital Content Specialist1
Web and Mobile Development Manager1
Web Application Developer1
Web Developer5
Web Developer, Enterprise Information Systems1
Web Development Manager1
Web Programmer Analyst1
Web Services Specialist1
Web Support Assistant1
Web Support Specialist1
Web System Administrator1
Webmaster/Asst Admin1
Website Technology Specialist1
Williams School Technology Coordinator1