EDUCAUSE 2011 Online Annual Conference Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

A-R Staff Accountant10.2%
Academic Computing Analyst and Support Specialist10.2%
Academic Computing Coordinator10.2%
Academic Consultant10.2%
Academic Systems Coordinator10.2%
Academic Technologies Instruction Librarian10.2%
Academic Technology Specialist10.2%
Accounts Payable Staff Accountant10.2%
Adjunct Faculty10.2%
Adjunct Instructor10.2%
Administrative Assistant10.2%
Administrative Asst IV10.2%
Administrative Clerk10.2%
Administrative Coordinator10.2%
Administrative Systems Coordinator10.2%
Apllication Development Manager10.2%
Application Administrator - Blackboard10.2%
Application Support Specialist10.2%
Assistant Dean10.2%
Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs10.2%
Assistant Dean for Information Systems10.2%
Assistant Dean, Learning Technologies, and Director, LFS Learning Centre10.2%
Assistant Director10.2%
Assistant Director - IT Service Desk10.2%
Assistant Director and Manager of Educational Technology10.2%
Assistant Director of Education and Computing Technology10.2%
Assistant Director of Information Technology10.2%
Assistant Director of IT for Instructional Technol10.2%
Assistant Director Technology Services10.2%
Assistant Professor/ Reference Librarian, Liaison for IL and Distance Learning10.2%
Assistant Registrar10.2%
Assistant Vice Chancellor10.2%
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Technology Services10.2%
Assistant Vice President, Information Technologies & Services10.2%
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Services10.2%
Assistant Vice Provost, Learning Ventures10.2%
Assistant VP and CIO10.2%
Assitant Director10.2%
Assoc Director, ITS Learning Envir-Internet Servic10.2%
Assoc. Vice President and Chief Information Officer10.2%
Associate Dean20.5%
Associate Director30.7%
Associate Director Cloud Services and Infrastructure10.2%
Associate Director of Computing Services10.2%
Associate Director of Libraries10.2%
Associate Director, Academic Services10.2%
Associate Director, Design & Development10.2%
Associate Director, ITS10.2%
Associate Professor10.2%
Associate Professor and Director10.2%
Associate Provost & Chief Information Officer10.2%
Associate Provost for Academic Administration10.2%
Associate Sr. Vice President for Administrative and Fiscal Services10.2%
Associate University Registrar for IT10.2%
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer10.2%
Associate Vice President, Client Services and Support10.2%
Associate Vice President, Information Services10.2%
Associate Vice President/CIO10.2%
Associate Vice Provost for Information Technology10.2%
Associate VP and Deputy CIO10.2%
Associate VP for Information Technology-CIO10.2%
Asst. Director, Center for Instructional Technology10.2%
Asst. Vice President - ITS Client Services10.2%
AUL, Digital Programs & Systems10.2%
AV Tech Manager10.2%
AVP of Library and Information Services and Library Director10.2%
Business Analyst10.2%
Business Operations Manager20.5%
Business Process Consultant10.2%
Business Systems Analyst10.2%
Campus Technology Services Manager10.2%
Chief Architect, Enterprise Services & Security10.2%
Chief Information & Planning Officer10.2%
Chief Information Officer20.5%
Chief Information Officer (retired)10.2%
Chief Information Officer, Penn State Altoona10.2%
Chief Information Security Officer20.5%
Chief of Staff10.2%
Chief Operating Officer10.2%
Chief Technology Officer10.2%
CIO-AVP Technology Services10.2%
Client Services Manager10.2%
Communications and Information Security Policy Specialist10.2%
Communications Manager10.2%
Comp Support Spec Exec10.2%
Computer Officer10.2%
Computer Officer 110.2%
Connected Learning Manager, Wharton Executive Education10.2%
Content and Development Manager10.2%
Coordinator of Online Learning10.2%
Coordinator, Library Automation10.2%
Corporate Relations Coordinator10.2%
Database Manager10.2%
Dean and Wayne T. Smith Distinguished Professor10.2%
Dean of Administration10.2%
Department Head10.2%
Deputy Director, Next Generation Learning Challenge10.2%
Digital Initiatives Librarian10.2%
Digital Services Librarian10.2%
Dir., IT Application Services10.2%
Director - Identity and Access Management10.2%
Director - ITS Systems10.2%
Director - Online Learning Strategies10.2%
Director Administrative Computing10.2%
Director de la Dirección de Informática Académica10.2%
Director Information & Instructional Technology Services10.2%
Director Information Technology Services10.2%
Director of Academic and Instructional Technology10.2%
Director of Academic Computing10.2%
Director of Analytics Infrastructure10.2%
Director of Analytics Services10.2%
Director of Computing Services10.2%
Director of Computing Services/CIO10.2%
Director of Customer Relations, Service and Support10.2%
Director of Customer Services10.2%
Director of Educational Technology & Computing10.2%
Director of eLearning10.2%
Director of Global Learning10.2%
Director of Information Technology20.5%
Director of Information Technology Services10.2%
Director of Information Technology, School of Law10.2%
Director of Instructional Technology & Instructional Design & Development10.2%
Director of IS Support Services10.2%
Director of IT10.2%
Director of Libraries10.2%
Director of LTS10.2%
Director of Online Programs and Associate Director10.2%
Director of Policy and External Relations10.2%
Director of Project Management Office10.2%
Director of Research10.2%
Director of Strategic Initiatives10.2%
Director of Student and Academic Services Division10.2%
Director of Student Information & Sytem Design10.2%
Director of Support Services10.2%
Director of Systems & Security10.2%
Director of Systems Administration10.2%
Director of Teaching & Technology10.2%
Director of Technical Services20.5%
Director of Technology10.2%
Director of Technology Business Admin10.2%
Director of the Center for Instructional Support10.2%
Director of User Services10.2%
Director of Web, e-Learning and Publication Services10.2%
Director Projects and Planning10.2%
Director, Academic Computing20.5%
Director, Academic IT & Analytics10.2%
Director, Academic Technology20.5%
Director, Business Development10.2%
Director, Business Operations10.2%
Director, C&IT Quality, Communications, & Compliance10.2%
Director, Client Services20.5%
Director, Communications and Organizational Effectiveness10.2%
Director, Conferences and Events10.2%
Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative10.2%
Director, ELearning R&D, DETA Center10.2%
Director, Emeriti10.2%
Director, Enterprise Project Management10.2%
Director, Faculty Center for Teaching with Technology10.2%
Director, Finance & Administration10.2%
Director, Finance and Administration10.2%
Director, Financial Affairs (OIT)10.2%
Director, IITS, UofT Scarborough10.2%
Director, Information Systems20.5%
Director, Infrastructure Services10.2%
Director, Instructional Design10.2%
Director, Instructional Tech Services and Distance Ed10.2%
Director, Instructional Technologies10.2%
Director, IS&T Administration10.2%
Director, IT Metrics and Resources10.2%
Director, IT Support Services10.2%
Director, ITMS10.2%
Director, Network Security & Comm Services10.2%
Director, Online Conferences and Events10.2%
Director, Server and Storage Solutions10.2%
Director, University Network Planning and Services10.2%
Director, User Services10.2%
Director, WebAIM10.2%
Division Head10.2%
Editor and Manager, Publishing10.2%
Educational Technologist10.2%
Educational Technologist and NY6 ITAP Co-Director10.2%
Educational Technology Innovations Manager10.2%
Electronic Resources Librarian10.2%
Electronic Resources Management Librarian10.2%
Emerging Technologies Coordinator10.2%
Emerging Technologies Developer10.2%
Enterprise Chief Information Officer10.2%
ERP Training / Testing Coordinator10.2%
ERP Training-Testing Coordinator10.2%
Executive Analyst10.2%
Executive Assistant10.2%
Executive Assistant to the President10.2%
Executive Director41.0%
Executive Director and Deputy CIO10.2%
Executive Director and Information Security Officer10.2%
Executive Director eLearning10.2%
Executive Director for Information Technology10.2%
Executive Director of Enrollment Technology10.2%
Executive Director of ITS10.2%
Executive Director, Information Technology10.2%
Executive Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges10.2%
Executive Secretary10.2%
Fmr Managing Director, Research, EDUCAUSE10.2%
General Staff Accountant10.2%
Graduate Research Assistant/Ph.D. student10.2%
Head, Library Information Technology10.2%
Help Desk Manager10.2%
Human Resources10.2%
Info Tech Analyst10.2%
Information Security Administrator10.2%
Information Security and Policy Analyst10.2%
Information Security Support Specialist10.2%
Information Technology Director10.2%
Instructional Designer20.5%
Instructional Tech Support Specialist10.2%
Instructional Technologist20.5%
Instructional Technologist/Designer10.2%
Instructional Technology Manager10.2%
Instructional Technology Resource Spec.10.2%
Instructional Technology Specialist III10.2%
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO10.2%
Interim CIO10.2%
Interim CIO, Assistant Dean of Information Technology10.2%
Interim VP ITS10.2%
Interim VP of Information Technology/CIO10.2%
IT Chief Technology Officer10.2%
IT Coordinator10.2%
IT Director (retired)10.2%
IT Director - College of Agriculture10.2%
IT Fiscal Operations Director10.2%
IT Manager30.7%
IT Operations Specialist10.2%
IT Policy and Compliance Officer - Information Services10.2%
IT Principal Analyst10.2%
IT Service Management Manager10.2%
IT Services Office Coordinator10.2%
IT Training and Special Events Coordinator10.2%
IT Training Manager10.2%
JM USDA HNRCA Info Tech Manager10.2%
Lead Quality Analyst10.2%
Lead, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)10.2%
Learning & Development Manager10.2%
Library & Learning Support Manager10.2%
Library Director10.2%
Library Technology and Security manager10.2%
Manager Application Development and Services10.2%
Manager ITS Business Admin10.2%
Manager of Academic Technologies10.2%
Manager of Educational Technologies10.2%
Manager of Online Learning10.2%
Manager of Server Administration10.2%
Manager of Wireless Networks10.2%
Manager, Central IT Operations10.2%
Manager, Communication and Program Administration10.2%
Manager, Community Engagement, Next Generation Learning Challenges10.2%
Manager, Corporate Relations10.2%
Manager, DoIT Communication Services10.2%
Manager, Faculty & Student Experience10.2%
Manager, Information Services10.2%
Manager, Information Technology10.2%
Manager, Instructional Design Services10.2%
Manager, Member Services10.2%
Manager, Membership Development & K-20 Program Mgr10.2%
Manager, Network and Systems Administration10.2%
Manager, Network Operations Center10.2%
Manager, Professional Development Programs20.5%
Manager, Software Mgt and Compliance10.2%
Manager, Systems Administration10.2%
Manager, Workforce Development10.2%
Market Manager10.2%
Marketing Coordinator, Conferences and Events10.2%
Marketing Coordinator, Membership10.2%
Marketing Manager10.2%
Marketing Manager, Conferences10.2%
Marketing Manager, ELI and NGLC10.2%
Marketing Manager, Membership10.2%
Meeting Coordinator10.2%
Meeting Planner10.2%
Member Services Representative30.7%
Mgr of Systems, Networks, and Telecomm10.2%
Multimedia Producer10.2%
Network Coordinator and Computer Support Specialist10.2%
Network Manager10.2%
Network/Desktop Support Manager10.2%
Office Manager, Washington Office10.2%
Operations Manager10.2%
Planning and Technology Specialist10.2%
Policy Specialist, Washington Office10.2%
President Emeritus10.2%
Process Improvement Specialist10.2%
Product Manager, Office of IT10.2%
Production Editor10.2%
Program Coordinator10.2%
Program Manager10.2%
Program Manager, ECAR Working Groups10.2%
Program Manager, UA/IMT type 3, Situation Unit-Leader10.2%
Program Officer10.2%
Program Officer, Next Generation Learning Challenges10.2%
Programmer Analyst10.2%
Project Analyst10.2%
Project Manager30.7%
Project Manager for University Initiatives10.2%
Publisher/Editor, EDUCAUSE Review10.2%
QA/QC Manager10.2%
Retired CIO10.2%
Senior Academic Technology Officer10.2%
Senior Consultant and Adjunct Faculty, Educational Technologies10.2%
Senior Director of Informatics10.2%
Senior Director, Conferences and Educational Activities10.2%
Senior Director, Content10.2%
Senior Editor10.2%
Senior Programmer/Analyst20.5%
Senior Strategic Advisor. Office of Digital Learning & Director, OEIT10.2%
Senior Systems Applications Consultant10.2%
Senior Vice President20.5%
Senior VP for IT/CIO10.2%
Social Media Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment10.2%
Software Applications Coordinator10.2%
Speaker Liaison10.2%
Special Advisor, Professional Development10.2%
Sr. Data Center Mgr10.2%
Sr. Mgr, Systems Administration10.2%
Strategy & Planning Consultant, Product Manager10.2%
Student Employment Program, Mgr.10.2%
System Analyst-Enterprise Computing10.2%
Systems Analyst20.5%
Systems Analyst/Functional Specalist10.2%
Systems and Network Engineer10.2%
Systems Librarian10.2%
Systems/Network Administrator10.2%
Technical Administrator for Information Technology10.2%
Technical Support Specialist10.2%
Technology Accessibility Specialist10.2%
Technology Specialist10.2%
Technology Support10.2%
Technology Support Coordinator10.2%
Training Coordinator10.2%
Training Manager10.2%
Vice President10.2%
Vice President & CIO10.2%
Vice President for Administration - CIO10.2%
Vice President for Institutional Research, Analytics & Consulting10.2%
Vice President, Data, Research, and Analytics10.2%
Vice President, Operations10.2%
Vice President-Chief Information & Technology Officer10.2%
Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer10.2%
Vice Provost for IT and CIO10.2%
VP Educational Services10.2%
VP for Information Technology, CIO10.2%
VP for IT and CITO for NYU New York10.2%
VP Information Technology / CIO10.2%
VP of Information Technology-CIO10.2%
VP of Operations10.2%
Web Designer10.2%
Web Support Assistant10.2%
Web Support Specialist10.2%