EDUCAUSE 2011 Face-to-Face Meeting Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

Assistant Director of IT, College of Health and Human Sciences10.0%
A-R Staff Accountant10.0%
Academic Computing Analyst20.1%
Academic Computing Coordinator and Instructional Designer10.0%
Academic Dean10.0%
Academic Liaison for Computing10.0%
Academic Program Coordinator10.0%
Academic Project Management10.0%
Academic System Director10.0%
Academic Tech Specialist10.0%
Academic Technologist20.1%
Academic Technologist, College of Pharmacy10.0%
Academic Technology Consultant30.1%
Academic Technology Coordinator10.0%
Academic Technology Engineer10.0%
Academic Technology Manager10.0%
Academic Technology Project Leader10.0%
Academic Technology Specialist30.1%
Access Services Manager and Reference Librarian10.0%
Accessibility Coordinator10.0%
Account Manager10.0%
Accounts Payable Staff Accountant10.0%
Acting Chief Information Security Offficer10.0%
Acting Provost10.0%
Adjunct Assistant Professor10.0%
Adjunct Faculty10.0%
Adjunct Faculty, Maritime Administration10.0%
Adjunct Professor10.0%
Administration Staff10.0%
Administrative Assistant10.0%
Administrative Assistant, Library & IT10.0%
Administrative Dean, Technology10.0%
Administrative Operations Officer10.0%
Administrative Staff10.0%
Administrator: Email Enterprise System10.0%
Advanced Applications Outreach10.0%
Advanced Placement Professional Development Operations10.0%
Advisor to the President10.0%
Analyst Programmer I10.0%
Analyst, Emerging Technologies10.0%
Apple Platform Administrator/ Software Manager10.0%
Application Administrator10.0%
Application Operations Manager10.0%
Application Support Specialist10.0%
Applications Administrator20.1%
Applications Coordinator10.0%
Applications Development Manager10.0%
Applications Director10.0%
Applications Manager10.0%
Architect, Convergence & Collaborative Systems10.0%
Architectural Planning Manager10.0%
Area Manager20.1%
Area Technology Operations Manager10.0%
Arthur Thurnau Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Education10.0%
Asistant Vice President of Technology10.0%
Ass. Dir. Portfolio & Service Management10.0%
Assessment & User Experience Librarian10.0%
Assessment Coordinator10.0%
Asset & Vendor Relations Manager10.0%
Assist Dir Strategic Info Tech10.0%
Assist. Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness10.0%
Assistant Academic Dean10.0%
Assistant Business Director, Information Technology Business Service Center10.0%
Assistant Chief Information Officer10.0%
Assistant Chief Technology Officer10.0%
Assistant CIO30.1%
Assistant CIO for Academic Technology and the Technology Directors10.0%
Assistant CIO for Policy & Communications10.0%
Assistant CIO, Academic Technology and Support Services10.0%
Assistant CIO; Director, Network Operations10.0%
Assistant Dean & CIO10.0%
Assistant Dean and Chief Information Officer10.0%
Assistant Dean for Administration, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences10.0%
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration10.0%
Assistant Dean for I.T. & Finance, River Campus Libraries10.0%
Assistant Dean for Instruction, Assessment and Engagement10.0%
Assistant Dean for Instructional Support and Assessment10.0%
Assistant Dean for IT10.0%
Assistant Dean for Technology10.0%
Assistant Dean of Instructional Technology and Media, Journalism School10.0%
Assistant Dean of IT10.0%
Assistant Dean, Educational Information Resources10.0%
Assistant Dean, School of Business Admin10.0%
Assistant Dean, Whitman School of Management10.0%
Assistant Dean/Professor10.0%
Assistant Dean/University Library10.0%
Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement10.0%
Assistant Director110.3%
Assistant Director - ELearning Fellow10.0%
Assistant Director - Enterprise Information Systems Services10.0%
Assistant Director - Financial App Dev10.0%
Assistant Director - IT Support Services10.0%
Assistant Director - ITS10.0%
Assistant Director - User Services10.0%
Assistant Director and Instructional Designer10.0%
Assistant Director Client Support Services10.0%
Assistant Director CSU Accessible Technology Initiative10.0%
Assistant Director Distributed Systems10.0%
Assistant Director Enterprise Services10.0%
Assistant Director for AIS Application Services10.0%
Assistant Director for Learning Design, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute10.0%
Assistant Director for Technology10.0%
Assistant Director for Web Services10.0%
Assistant Director Help Desk Support10.0%
Assistant Director of Application Services10.0%
Assistant Director of Digital Engagement10.0%
Assistant Director of E-Learning Systems10.0%
Assistant Director of Educational Technologies10.0%
Assistant Director of Educational Technology10.0%
Assistant Director of Information Services10.0%
Assistant Director of Information Technology20.1%
Assistant Director of Infrastructure10.0%
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology10.0%
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology Services10.0%
Assistant Director of IT10.0%
Assistant Director of IT, Abington Campus10.0%
Assistant Director of IT, Humanities & Sciences10.0%
Assistant Director of ITS Office of Telecommunications- Finance10.0%
Assistant Director of Legal Resources10.0%
Assistant Director of Operations and Budget Control10.0%
Assistant Director of Projects and Information Security10.0%
Assistant Director of Student Technology Support10.0%
Assistant Director of Technology Procurement and Network Infrastructure10.0%
Assistant Director Projects & Planning10.0%
Assistant Director Systems20.1%
Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center10.0%
Assistant Director, Academic Systems Integration and Support, LITS10.0%
Assistant Director, Academic Technologies20.1%
Assistant Director, Academic Technologies Operations10.0%
Assistant Director, Academic Technology10.0%
Assistant Director, Application Development10.0%
Assistant Director, Application Services10.0%
Assistant Director, CFAIT, College of Fine Arts10.0%
Assistant Director, Client Relationship Manager10.0%
Assistant Director, Computer Services10.0%
Assistant Director, Computing Technology Support Services10.0%
Assistant Director, DRC Development10.0%
Assistant Director, Information Security10.0%
Assistant Director, Infrastructure Services10.0%
Assistant Director, Office of Educational Technology10.0%
Assistant Director, PMO10.0%
Assistant Director, Project Management Office20.1%
Assistant Director, Security Standards and Compliance10.0%
Assistant Director, Technical Services10.0%
Assistant Director, Training and Asssessment10.0%
Assistant Director, Web Development10.0%
Assistant Directory for Information Technology, MBA10.0%
Assistant Head, Centre for Learning and Teaching10.0%
Assistant IT Director10.0%
Assistant IT Director, Web-Business Systems10.0%
Assistant Manager10.0%
Assistant Manager of Technology Support Services10.0%
Assistant Manager, Academic Computing Services, HSB10.0%
Assistant Manager, Information Systems10.0%
Assistant Managing Director10.0%
Assistant Managing Director of IT Help Central10.0%
Assistant Professor120.3%
Assistant Professor of Chemistry10.0%
Assistant Professor of Education10.0%
Assistant Professor, Information Technology10.0%
Assistant Professor, Office Information Technologies10.0%
Assistant Professor/Assistant Coordinator, Center for Distance Learning10.0%
Assistant Provost for Learning Initiatives & Associate Professor of Management10.0%
Assistant Provost for Online Learning10.0%
Assistant Provost for Operations10.0%
Assistant Provost for Technology10.0%
Assistant Teaching Professor10.0%
Assistant to the CIO - Administration & Finance10.0%
Assistant to the NDUS CIO, Core Technology Services10.0%
Assistant to the Vice President of Information Technology10.0%
Assistant Vice Chancellor20.1%
Assistant Vice Chancellor - University Technology Services10.0%
Assistant Vice Chancellor and CIO10.0%
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Information Systems and Deputy CIO10.0%
Assistant Vice Chancellor of IT-CIO10.0%
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Technology Services10.0%
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Client Engagement10.0%
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enterprise Services Operations10.0%
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Chief Strategy Officer10.0%
Assistant Vice President70.2%
Assistant Vice President - CIO10.0%
Assistant Vice President - IT10.0%
Assistant Vice President for Information Resources10.0%
Assistant Vice President for Information Technology/Deputy CIO10.0%
Assistant Vice President for IT10.0%
Assistant Vice President for Technology and CIO10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Client Support Services10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Customer Service & Support - UW Information Technology10.0%
Assistant Vice President, DivIT and Executive Director, MAX10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Enterprise Operations10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology for Digital Education10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology/CIO10.0%
Assistant Vice President, IT Customer Service & Support10.0%
Assistant Vice President, ITS10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Membership10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Network and System Services10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Office of Information Technology10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Portfolio and Process Management10.0%
Assistant Vice President, Project Management Office10.0%
Assistant Vice President,Telecommunications of Media Support and User Services U10.0%
Assistant Vice President-CIO10.0%
Assistant Vice Provost10.0%
Assistant Vice-President, Information Technology10.0%
Assistant VP10.0%
Assistant VP for Academic and Instructional Technologies10.0%
Assistant VP for Technology Services10.0%
Assistant VP, Information Technology10.0%
Assistant VP/IT10.0%
Assitant Director Instructional Technology10.0%
Assoc Dir of Communicatons and Computing, College of Engineering10.0%
Assoc Dir Systems10.0%
Assoc Director Computing & Communications10.0%
Assoc Director of Enterprise Systems10.0%
Assoc Director of Information Technology10.0%
Assoc Prof of Art10.0%
Assoc Provost for Computing & Communications, Retired10.0%
Assoc VC and CIO10.0%
Assoc Vice President of UC IT10.0%
Assoc Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness & Chief Data Officer10.0%
Assoc VP Engagement10.0%
Assoc VP for Academic Affairs & CIO10.0%
Assoc. Dean for IT & Senior Lecturer10.0%
Assoc. Dean, Academic Affairs; Ed Tech Liaison, Liberal Studies10.0%
Assoc. Dir., OIR10.0%
Assoc. Director of IT & Information Security Officer10.0%
Assoc. Director, Projects and Development Group10.0%
Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Communication10.0%
Assoc. Provost for Info. Serv. & Tech. and CIO10.0%
Assoc. Provost for Information Resources10.0%
Assoc. Vice Chancellor and CIO10.0%
Assoc. Vice President and Chief Information Officer10.0%
Assoc. Vice Provos for Learning Sciences10.0%
Assoc. Vice Provost for Educational Technology10.0%
Assoc. Vice Provost for Online Education10.0%
Assoc. VP for Distance Education, Director of NU Online Worldwide10.0%
Associate Chief Information Officer50.1%
Associate Chief Information Officer, Office of Inf10.0%
Associate CIO110.3%
Associate CIO / Director, Teaching Learning and Technology center10.0%
Associate CIO and Director, Enterprise Application Systems10.0%
Associate CIO for Academic Technology10.0%
Associate CIO for Academic Technology Services10.0%
Associate CIO for Technology Infrastructure, Information Services10.0%
Associate CIO ITS10.0%
Associate CIO, Academic and Client services10.0%
Associate CIO, Academic Engagement10.0%
Associate CIO, Research Computing10.0%
Associate CIO, Student and Chief Technology Officer10.0%
Associate CIO-Director of NeSIS10.0%
Associate CITO10.0%
Associate Counsel10.0%
Associate Counsel, Office of General Counsel10.0%
Associate Dean50.1%
Associate Dean & CIO, Law10.0%
Associate Dean for Digital Strategies and Services10.0%
Associate Dean for Information Technology20.1%
Associate Dean for Libraries-Deputy Director Data10.0%
Associate Dean for Library Services and Collections10.0%
Associate Dean for Media and Digital Strategies10.0%
Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning10.0%
Associate Dean of Admissions for Technology and Operations10.0%
Associate Dean of Curriculum Design and Assessment10.0%
Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning and Technology10.0%
Associate Dean of Technology & Information Services10.0%
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies & UOnline Director10.0%
Associate Dean Technology Management10.0%
Associate Dean, AUC Library10.0%
Associate Dean, Digital Learning10.0%
Associate Dean, Distance Learning10.0%
Associate Dean, Fox School of Business10.0%
Associate Dean, Libraries IT10.0%
Associate Dean, Library Technology Planning and Policy10.0%
Associate Dean, Office of Faculty Affairs10.0%
Associate Dean, Program Development & Quality Assurance10.0%
Associate Director130.3%
Associate Director - Academic Technology10.0%
Associate Director - Office of Information Technology10.0%
Associate Director and Network Operations Director10.0%
Associate Director Enterprise Systems20.1%
Associate Director for Analytics and Reporting, UI10.0%
Associate Director for Client Operations10.0%
Associate Director for Communication Technology Support and Services10.0%
Associate Director for Information Security and Compliance10.0%
Associate Director for Information Technology10.0%
Associate Director for Instructional Resources10.0%
Associate Director for Learning Services10.0%
Associate Director for Operations10.0%
Associate Director for Policy, Planning, and Analysis10.0%
Associate Director for Public Services10.0%
Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives10.0%
Associate Director for the Library10.0%
Associate Director for Training & Online Learning10.0%
Associate Director for User and Infrastructure Services10.0%
Associate Director Information Systems and Security10.0%
Associate Director ITS10.0%
Associate Director Network Systems10.0%
Associate Director of Academic Technology10.0%
Associate Director of Administrative Applications10.0%
Associate Director of Administrative Systems20.1%
Associate Director of Core Services10.0%
Associate Director of Educational & Scholarly Technology Services10.0%
Associate Director of eLearning & Academic Technologies10.0%
Associate Director of Enterprise Services10.0%
Associate Director of Enterprise Software Development10.0%
Associate Director of HR Information Technology10.0%
Associate Director of Instructional Technology10.0%
Associate Director of IT Services10.0%
Associate Director of Purchasing10.0%
Associate Director of Technical Services10.0%
Associate Director of Technology10.0%
Associate Director of Technology Strategy and Digital Initiatives10.0%
Associate Director Servers & Storage10.0%
Associate Director, Academic Technology10.0%
Associate Director, Academic Technology Services10.0%
Associate Director, Applications & Network Operations10.0%
Associate Director, Center for Innovation10.0%
Associate Director, Center for New Media Teaching and Learning10.0%
Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning10.0%
Associate Director, Client Services10.0%
Associate Director, Client Support and Communication10.0%
Associate Director, Course & Learning Technologies10.0%
Associate Director, Database & Software Development, Stern School fo Business10.0%
Associate Director, Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support10.0%
Associate Director, Douglas & Judith Krupp Library10.0%
Associate Director, Educational Technologies10.0%
Associate Director, Educational Technology10.0%
Associate Director, eEducation Centre10.0%
Associate Director, Enabling Technologies10.0%
Associate Director, Enterprise Application Services, Student Services10.0%
Associate Director, Enterprise Middleware and Database Management10.0%
Associate Director, Enterprise Projects10.0%
Associate Director, Enterprise Systems10.0%
Associate Director, Enterprise Systems and Programming10.0%
Associate Director, Information Technologies & Services Dept10.0%
Associate Director, Instructional Technology10.0%
Associate Director, ISC Network Operations10.0%
Associate Director, IT Business & Service10.0%
Associate Director, IT Portfolios & Campus Engagement10.0%
Associate Director, IT Process Improvement & Education10.0%
Associate Director, IT Services10.0%
Associate Director, ITMS10.0%
Associate Director, Multimedia10.0%
Associate Director, Network Engineering and Services10.0%
Associate Director, Network Services10.0%
Associate Director, Online Strategy10.0%
Associate Director, PMO10.0%
Associate Director, Professional Development Content10.0%
Associate Director, Project Management10.0%
Associate Director, Research Initiative for Teachi10.0%
Associate Director, Student & Academic Services10.0%
Associate Director, Technical Services20.1%
Associate Director, Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute10.0%
Associate Director-User Support Services10.0%
Associate Editor10.0%
Associate Executive Director20.1%
Associate Executive Director, OIT10.0%
Associate Executive Director, Student Academic & Advisement services10.0%
Associate General Counsel10.0%
Associate Market Research Manager10.0%
Associate Professor190.5%
Associate Professor - Director of Technology in Education10.0%
Associate Professor / Director of Educational Innovation10.0%
Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Education10.0%
Associate Professor Communication10.0%
Associate Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering10.0%
Associate Professor of Chemistry10.0%
Associate Professor of English10.0%
Associate Professor of Law and Public Affairs10.0%
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice10.0%
Associate Professor of Practice10.0%
Associate Professor, Computer Engineering Department10.0%
Associate Professor, IS10.0%
Associate Professor, Learning Technologies Liaison10.0%
Associate Professor, Politics10.0%
Associate Professor, Research Institute for Information Technology10.0%
Associate Provost10.0%
Associate Provost & CIO10.0%
Associate Provost - Chief Information Officer10.0%
Associate Provost and CIO30.1%
Associate Provost and Director of Libraries10.0%
Associate Provost for Civic Engagement10.0%
Associate Provost for Library and Information Technology and CIO10.0%
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies10.0%
Associate Provost of Educational Technology and Innovation10.0%
Associate Provost, Academic and IT10.0%
Associate Provost, IT10.0%
Associate Provost- Chief Academic Technology Offic10.0%
Associate Registrar30.1%
Associate University Librarian20.1%
Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies10.0%
Associate Vice Chancellor20.1%
Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO10.0%
Associate Vice Chancellor & Deputy CIO10.0%
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer10.0%
Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO10.0%
Associate Vice Chancellor and IT Strategist (former)10.0%
Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO10.0%
Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Resources10.0%
Associate Vice President20.1%
Associate Vice President & CIO20.1%
Associate Vice President - C&CS10.0%
Associate Vice President - ITS10.0%
Associate Vice President and Director of PMO10.0%
Associate Vice President and Interim Head of IT10.0%
Associate Vice President for Academic Technologies10.0%
Associate Vice President for Administration and IT/Chief Information Officer10.0%
Associate Vice President for Curriculum and Instructional Technology10.0%
Associate Vice President for Digital Innovation10.0%
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Operations10.0%
Associate Vice President for Enterprise Services10.0%
Associate Vice President for Enterprise Systems10.0%
Associate Vice President for Financial Administration10.0%
Associate Vice President for Info Technology10.0%
Associate Vice President for Information Technology10.0%
Associate Vice President for IT & CIO20.1%
Associate Vice President for IT - Academic Technology10.0%
Associate Vice President for IT Projects & Portfolio Management10.0%
Associate Vice President for Technology & Operations10.0%
Associate Vice President Infrastructure and Support Services10.0%
Associate Vice President of Academic Technology10.0%
Associate Vice President of Information Support10.0%
Associate Vice President of Information Technology / Chief Information Officer10.0%
Associate Vice President Public Safety and Institutional Assurance10.0%
Associate Vice President, Academic Computing Resources10.0%
Associate Vice President, Analytics and Institutional Research10.0%
Associate Vice President, Chief Information Officer10.0%
Associate Vice President, Community Engagement10.0%
Associate Vice President, Computer Services10.0%
Associate Vice President, Distributed Learning10.0%
Associate Vice President, Enterprise Services10.0%
Associate Vice President, Enterprise Systems10.0%
Associate Vice President, Info Tech10.0%
Associate Vice President, Information Technology10.0%
Associate Vice President, IS&T10.0%
Associate Vice President, IT20.1%
Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies, and Dean for IT10.0%
Associate Vice President, Technology and Library Services and Dean of Library10.0%
Associate Vice Provost20.1%
Associate Vice Provost for Systems and Resources10.0%
Associate Vice-President - ITS10.0%
Associate VP10.0%
Associate VP & Deputy Chief Information Officer10.0%
Associate VP & Deputy CIO10.0%
Associate VP - CIO10.0%
Associate VP and Deputy CIO10.0%
Associate VP Computer Science and CISO10.0%
Associate VP for Information Technology Services10.0%
Associate VP for IR & CIO10.0%
Associate VP for IT-Deputy CIO10.0%
Associate VP for Learning & Information Technology10.0%
Associate VP for Technology10.0%
Associate VP for Technology and CTO10.0%
Associate VP Information Technology Services10.0%
Associate VP of Instructional Technology - Academic Computing10.0%
Associate VP OIT10.0%
Associate VP, Admin Systems10.0%
Associate VP, Computing & Technology Services10.0%
Associate VP, Core Technology Infrastructure10.0%
Associate VP, Learning Technologies, and Director10.0%
Associated Professor10.0%
Asst Provost for Faculty Affairs10.0%
Asst Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer10.0%
Asst Vice President for Information Systems Services10.0%
Asst. Dir., Telecom Systems Dept10.0%
Asst. Director10.0%
Asst. Director for Communications & Training10.0%
Asst. Director of Campus Technology Support- Solutions Architect10.0%
Asst. Director of IT, Psychology10.0%
Asst. Director of User Support & Learning Technology Services10.0%
Asst. Vice Chancellor and CIO20.1%
Asst. Vice Chancellor and Deputy CIO10.0%
Asst. Vice Chancellor, Finance IT10.0%
Asst. Vice President - ITS Client Services10.0%
Asst. Vice President Continuing Education10.0%
Asst. VP for Information Technology10.0%
Asst. VP for Strategic Communications10.0%
Asst. VP UCIT10.0%
Asst. Web Manager/Network Sys. Engineer10.0%
Audio Visual Coordinator10.0%
AVC - Enterprise Applications10.0%
AVP & Chief Information Security Officer10.0%
AVP & COO10.0%
AVP & CTO10.0%
AVP - Strategic Initiatives, CIO10.0%
AVP Academic - Educational Excellence10.0%
AVP and Assistant CIO10.0%
AVP and Chief Enterprise Architect10.0%
AVP and Deputy CIO10.0%
AVP Digital Education and Engagement10.0%
AVP for Information Operations10.0%
AVP for Information Security, Policy & Records (Retired)10.0%
AVP for IT and CIO10.0%
AVP for ITS-CIO10.0%
AVP for Technology / CIO10.0%
AVP Information Technology and Chief Information Officer10.0%
AVP Information Technology, CIO10.0%
AVP New Business Ventures10.0%
AVP of IT, Director of Administrative Computing10.0%
AVP of Technology and Online Learning10.0%
AVP Office of Technology, CTO10.0%
AVP Science & Research Infrastructure, AVP IT Ops10.0%
AVP Technology Services and Information Systems10.0%
AVP, Core Enterprise Systems, IRT10.0%
AVP, Information Services10.0%
AVP, Information Technology10.0%
AVP, Instructional Technology20.1%
AVP, IT10.0%
AVP, Planning and Strategic Initiatives10.0%
AVP, Technology Services10.0%
AVP, Trust and Identity10.0%
AVP-IT Operations10.0%
Biology Instructor10.0%
Blackboard Specialist10.0%
Blackboard System Manager10.0%
Bursar and CAO, Victoria University10.0%
Business & Operations Manager10.0%
Business Analyst40.1%
Business Analyst - Teaching and Learning10.0%
Business Architect10.0%
Business Area Manager10.0%
Business Developer10.0%
Business Development Associate10.0%
Business Development Manager10.0%
Business Engagement10.0%
Business Information manager10.0%
Business Manager20.1%
Business Manager, Faculty of Arts10.0%
Business Manager, Information Technology Services, Business Administration10.0%
Business Office Director10.0%
Business Officer, Information Technology10.0%
Business Process Consultant10.0%
Business Relationship Director20.1%
Business Systems Analyst10.0%
Business Systems Trainer10.0%
Campus Auxiliary Liaison10.0%
Campus Projectcoordinator10.0%
Campus Technology Officer10.0%
Campus Technology Services Manager10.0%
Capital Projects Manager10.0%
CEO & Library Director10.0%
CEO and Founder10.0%
CEO Innovative Education & System VP Information Technology, CIO10.0%
CEO/ Co-Founder10.0%
CFO/Associate Dean for Finance and IT10.0%
Chairman and CEO10.0%
Change Management Director10.0%
Chief Architect10.0%
Chief Digital Officer and Associate Vice President, .edu Services10.0%
Chief Director: Information Technology20.1%
Chief Executive Officer30.1%
Chief Infomation Officer10.0%
Chief Information Officer1203.1%
Chief Information Officer & Director, CIT10.0%
Chief Information Officer (Library & IT)10.0%
Chief Information Officer - College of Engineering10.0%
Chief Information Officer and Adjunct Professor10.0%
Chief Information Officer and Vice Chancellor for IT10.0%
Chief Information Officer and Vice President for IT10.0%
Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives10.0%
Chief Information Officer, Berks Campus10.0%
Chief Information Officer, Comprehensive Cancer Center10.0%
Chief Information Officer, Information Technology10.0%
Chief Information Officer, Medical School10.0%
Chief Information Officer-Vice President10.0%
Chief Information Officer/Associate Vice President for Technology Services10.0%
Chief Information Security Officer60.2%
Chief Information Technology Officer50.1%
Chief Innovation Officer10.0%
Chief Learning Officer20.1%
Chief of Administrative Affairs, Office of the President10.0%
Chief of Staff20.1%
Chief Operating Officer10.0%
Chief Operating Officer, Clinical and Translational Science Institute10.0%
Chief Policy Analyst10.0%
Chief Research Officer10.0%
Chief Service Manager10.0%
Chief Services Officer & Deputy CITO/CGTO10.0%
Chief Strategy Officer10.0%
Chief System Architect10.0%
Chief Technologist and PM - Common Education Data Standards10.0%
Chief Technology Officer280.7%
Chief Technology Officer, McDonough School of Business10.0%
Chief Technology Officer-Law School10.0%
Chief Technology Operations Officer10.0%
Chief Technology Strategist10.0%
Chief, IT10.0%
CIO & Associate Dean for WellesleyX10.0%
CIO & Associate Vice-Principal (ITS)10.0%
CIO & AVP, Business Services10.0%
CIO & Dean of Information Technology10.0%
CIO & Executive Director of LITS10.0%
CIO & Library Dir-Sch of Education, Asst Vice Provost for IT Relations10.0%
CIO & VP of Information Resources and Technology10.0%
CIO & VP, Information Technology & Research Servic10.0%
CIO - Director of Information Services10.0%
CIO - The Wharton School10.0%
CIO - Virtual University - TEC de Monterrey10.0%
CIO / Head of ICT Division10.0%
CIO and Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology10.0%
CIO and AVP of IT10.0%
CIO and Director, Information Systems & Technology10.0%
CIO and Vice President for Information Technologie10.0%
CIO and Vice Provost10.0%
CIO and Vice Provost for IET10.0%
CIO at SAIS10.0%
CIO Liaison/Enterprise Architect10.0%
CIO NYU College of Dentistry10.0%
CIO SFS Qatar10.0%
CIO, Assoc VP of Clinical Affairs IT10.0%
CIO, AVP of I.T. Services10.0%
CIO, College of Arts and Sciences10.0%
CIO, Emeritus10.0%
CIO, Exec. Dir. Information Systems10.0%
CIO, Executive Vice President10.0%
CIO, Information Technology10.0%
CIO, Learning Technologies Center, Graduate School of Education10.0%
CIO, Professor, Director-General of IIMC10.0%
CIO, USF Polytechnic10.0%
CIO, VP-Technology10.0%
CIO- Vice Provost for Information Services10.0%
CIO-Associate Vice President10.0%
CIO-AVP Technology Services10.0%
CIO-Director of IT10.0%
CIO-Director, Institutional Computing10.0%
CIO-Vice President10.0%
CIO/AVP Information Technology10.0%
CIO/Director of Information & Educational Technologies10.0%
CIO/Director of OIS10.0%
CIO/IT Director10.0%
CIO/VP of IT & President Online10.0%
CIS Faculty10.0%
Classroom Technology Analyst10.0%
Client Account Manager10.0%
Client Relationship Manager10.0%
Client Services10.0%
Client Services Manager20.1%
Clinical Associate Professor MD10.0%
Clinical Professor10.0%
Co-Director, Business Intelligence10.0%
Co-ordinator education and IT10.0%
Collaboration Systems Specialist10.0%
College Librarian10.0%
College Technology Director10.0%
College Technology Manager10.0%
College Technology Specialist10.0%
Communication Specialist10.0%
Communications Coordinator10.0%
Communications Director20.1%
Communications Manager30.1%
Communications Network Specialist10.0%
Communications Officer20.1%
Community Manager10.0%
Computer Labs Manager10.0%
Computer Manager10.0%
Computer Specialist10.0%
Computer Support Specialist10.0%
Computer Support Technician10.0%
Computer Tech10.0%
Computer Trainer - Adjunct Professor10.0%
Computing Analyst/Training Specialist10.0%
Connected Learning Technologist10.0%
Consultant E-learning10.0%
Consultant ICT in Education10.0%
Consultant IT & Education10.0%
Consultant, ECAR10.0%
Continuing Education Coordinator10.0%
Contracts Administrator, Business Process Management10.0%
COO - EdPlus10.0%
COO/CIO, Japan campus10.0%
Coord., Computer Services and Laboratories10.0%
Coordinator Distance Education10.0%
Coordinator for Academic Technology Initiatives10.0%
Coordinator for Instructional Technology10.0%
Coordinator for Tutoring and Testing10.0%
Coordinator Instructional Design and Faculty Support10.0%
Coordinator of Audio Visual Resources10.0%
Coordinator of Classroom Technology20.1%
Coordinator of Library Technology10.0%
Coordinator of Library Technology Services10.0%
Coordinator of Online and Continuing Education (PLTS)10.0%
Coordinator of Technology Training10.0%
Coordinator, Computing Center at Cox Hall10.0%
Coordinator, Distance Learning & Instructional Media Services10.0%
Coordinator, Info. Acq. and Delivery and Head, Tech. Services10.0%
Coordinator, User Services10.0%
Copyright and Digital Content Specialist10.0%
Corporate Relations Coordinator10.0%
Course Designer-Online Support10.0%
CRAi Manager10.0%
CSO for Student Affairs IT10.0%
ctcLink Project Director10.0%
CTO, Associate Vice President10.0%
CTO, Library Technologies10.0%
Customer Support Manager10.0%
Data Architect10.0%
Data Architect & Applications Developer10.0%
Data Privacy Administrator10.0%
Database Administrator10.0%
Database Developer & Reports Designer10.0%
Dean & Prof.10.0%
Dean - Learning Support Services10.0%
Dean and Director of the Library10.0%
Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science10.0%
Dean Flexible Learning Options and Academic Technology10.0%
Dean for Information Technology & Services10.0%
Dean Humanities & Social Sciences10.0%
Dean of Academic Records and Institutional Research10.0%
Dean of Academic Technology20.1%
Dean of Academic Technology and Learning Support10.0%
Dean of Academic Technology and Library Services10.0%
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid10.0%
Dean of Distance Learning and Technology10.0%
Dean of Graduate Studies10.0%
Dean of Information Technology & CIO10.0%
Dean of Instructional Resources10.0%
Dean of Learning and Technology Resources10.0%
Dean of Libraries50.1%
Dean of Libraries & Center for Creative Photography10.0%
Dean of Libraries and Learning Technologies10.0%
Dean of Libraries, and Professor, College of Computing & Informatics10.0%
Dean of Libraries; Vice Provost for Digital Educat10.0%
Dean of Library Services10.0%
Dean of School of Business and Tech Mgt10.0%
Dean of School of Compuer Science10.0%
Dean of Science10.0%
Dean of Technology10.0%
Dean of the Library20.1%
Dean of the University Library10.0%
Dean of University Libraries20.1%
Dean School of Business10.0%
Dean, Academic Administration & Services10.0%
Dean, Academic Strategic Planning & Development10.0%
Dean, Administration and Finance10.0%
Dean, College of Business10.0%
Dean, Learning Resources and Online Learning10.0%
Dean, Library & Academic Support10.0%
Dean, Online and Distributed Learning10.0%
Dean, School of Business & Technology10.0%
Dean, University Libraries and Teaching/Learning Technologies10.0%
Dean, University Library10.0%
Dean, Zach S. Henderson Library10.0%
Dean-College of Arts and Sciences10.0%
Demand manager Education Solutions10.0%
Department Chair10.0%
Department Chair, Information Technology10.0%
Department Head of Computer Science10.0%
Departmental Support Manager10.0%
Dept. Head, Liaison, Instruction, & Reference Services10.0%
Deputy Chief Academic Technology Officer10.0%
Deputy Chief Global Technology Officer10.0%
Deputy Chief Information Officer60.2%
Deputy Chief Information Officer and Dean10.0%
Deputy Chief Technology Officer20.1%
Deputy CIO90.2%
Deputy CIO & Associate Chief Librarian10.0%
Deputy CIO & AVP, Information Technology10.0%
Deputy CIO & Director, Technical Services10.0%
Deputy CIO & Executive Dir, Technology Systems Division10.0%
Deputy CIO - IT Service Delivery10.0%
Deputy CIO - Medical School10.0%
Deputy CIO and Associate Director, CCS10.0%
Deputy CIO and COO10.0%
Deputy CIO and Executive Director, UIS10.0%
Deputy CIO at the Information System Department - Head of the ICET Unit10.0%
Deputy CIO for Academic Technology10.0%
Deputy CIO for Information Security & Risk10.0%
Deputy CIO, Dir of Adm. Applications10.0%
Deputy CIO, Information Technology Services10.0%
Deputy CIO, IT Services10.0%
Deputy CTO & AVP for Information Technology Infrastructure10.0%
Deputy Director10.0%
Deputy Director and Head of Project Services10.0%
Deputy Director for Cybersecurity10.0%
Deputy Director IT Services10.0%
Deputy Director, Education, Postsecondary Success10.0%
Deputy Director, Educational Technology and Publishing Unit10.0%
Deputy Director, IETD10.0%
Deputy Director, IT Services10.0%
Deputy Director, Next Generation Learning Challenge10.0%
Deputy Division Manager10.0%
Deputy Exective Director / CIO10.0%
Deputy Executive Director, TLOS10.0%
Deputy Vice Chancellor: Operations10.0%
Deputy Vice President for Education / Director & Professor, CPEHE10.0%
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Services) and Chief Information Officer10.0%
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Innovation & Technology10.0%
Desktop Engineer10.0%
Development and Project Manager10.0%
DIGC Manager10.0%
Digital Services Librarian10.0%
Digital Systems Librarian10.0%
Digital Technologies Librarian10.0%
Dir Info Technology & Services10.0%
Dir Networking & IT Security10.0%
Dir, Instructional Design and Development & D2L Administrator10.0%
Dir. Admin Systems10.0%
Dir. Applications Development10.0%
Dir. Enterprise Infrastructure and Support10.0%
Dir. of Distance of Education and Instructional Technology10.0%
Dir. Strategic Information Tech10.0%
Dir., Educational Technology10.0%
Dir., Network Services & Senior Systems Programmer10.0%
Directeur Technologie et Pedagogie10.0%
Director - Academic Technologies10.0%
Director - Computer Services10.0%
Director - Core Technologies10.0%
Director - Enterprise Systems20.1%
Director - Information Technology and Informatics/Assistant Teaching Professor10.0%
Director - Infrastructure Services10.0%
Director - IT10.0%
Director - IT Customer Support10.0%
Director - Learning & Research Information Systems10.0%
Director - Network Services10.0%
Director - Simulation and Technologies10.0%
Director - Teaching and Learning Technologies10.0%
Director - Technology Support Center10.0%
Director - UT System Shared Applications10.0%
Director - WebLion10.0%
Director / Computing Resources Dept10.0%
Director Academic Computing10.0%
Director Academic Technologies10.0%
Director Admin Information Systems10.0%
Director Administrative Application Services10.0%
Director Application Services10.0%
Director Applications Systems Development10.0%
Director Applied Information Technology10.0%
Director Arts ISIT10.0%
Director AT&T Learning Studio10.0%
Director Center for Teaching and Learning & Scott Memorial Library10.0%
Director CIS10.0%
Director Client Care and Provider Services, ISC Client Services10.0%
Director College Administration Support Training10.0%
Director Computer & Network Services10.0%
Director Corporate Inofrmation and Computing Services10.0%
Director de Servicios y Recursos de Información10.0%
Director de Sistemas10.0%
Director Desarrollo Academico10.0%
Director Education Technology and Interactive Media10.0%
Director eLearning10.0%
Director Enterprise Applications10.0%
Director Enterprise Information Systems10.0%
Director Escuela Informatica y Telecomunicaciones10.0%
Director Faculty & Student Computing10.0%
Director Financial Aid & Scholarships10.0%
Director Financial and Business Systems10.0%
Director for Application Services10.0%
Director for Digital Partnerships10.0%
Director for Identity Services10.0%
Director for Instructional Design and Training10.0%
Director for IT, Student Affairs10.0%
Director for Strategic Initiatives in Technology10.0%
Director for Teaching, Learning, & Technology10.0%
Director for User Services10.0%
Director for User Services / Instructional Technologies10.0%
Director Info Technology10.0%
Director Information Systems10.0%
Director Information Technology20.1%
Director Information Technology Services10.0%
Director Institutional Research10.0%
Director Instructional Media Services10.0%
Director Instructional Support & Technology Training10.0%
Director Instructional Technology10.0%
Director Instructional Technology & Distributed Le10.0%
Director IS&T Appl. Architecture10.0%
Director ISO10.0%
Director IT Consulting and Support10.0%
Director IT Operations10.0%
Director IT Services20.1%
Director IT, Faculty of Engineering10.0%
Director ITS20.1%
Director ITS Operations10.0%
Director MIS10.0%
Director Mobile Communication10.0%
Director Network Engineering & Telecommunications10.0%
Director of Acad. and Inst. Technology10.0%
Director of Academic Computing30.1%
Director of Academic Computing and End User Servic10.0%
Director of Academic Engagement and IT Governance10.0%
Director of Academic Fellowship Program10.0%
Director of Academic Information Services10.0%
Director of Academic IT Services10.0%
Director of Academic Operations10.0%
Director of Academic Outreach, Office of Informati10.0%
Director of Academic Services20.1%
Director of Academic Technologies30.1%
Director of Academic Technology60.2%
Director of Academic Technology Services30.1%
Director of Academic Technology, College of Libera10.0%
Director of Administration10.0%
Director of Administrative Computing20.1%
Director of Administrative Information Services20.1%
Director of Administrative Information Systems10.0%
Director of Administrative Systems20.1%
Director of Administrative Technology Services10.0%
Director of Analytics10.0%
Director of Analytics Infrastructure10.0%
Director of Analytics Services10.0%
Director of Applications20.1%
Director of Applications, Information Technologies10.0%
Director of Assessment and Academic Technology10.0%
Director of Budget Planning and Telecommunications10.0%
Director of Business Analytics10.0%
Director of Business Support Services (IS&T)10.0%
Director of Campus Information and Analysis10.0%
Director of Campus IT Partner Relationships and Development10.0%
Director of Campus Systems10.0%
Director of Campus Technology Services10.0%
Director of Classroom Technology10.0%
Director of Client Relations10.0%
Director of Client Services70.2%
Director of Client Services and IT Procurement10.0%
Director of Client Services, Electronic Library10.0%
Director of Client Support10.0%
Director of Client Support Services10.0%
Director of College Information Systems10.0%
Director of College Software10.0%
Director of Commonwealth Campus Libraries10.0%
Director of Communications, Academic Technologies10.0%
Director of Computer & Network Services10.0%
Director of Computer and Communications Services10.0%
Director of Computer Center10.0%
Director of Computer Policy & Security10.0%
Director of Computer Services and operations10.0%
Director of Computing Infrastructure Services10.0%
Director of Computing Services10.0%
Director of Computing Services - Metro10.0%
Director of Computing Services, CIO10.0%
Director of Computing Services, Heinz College10.0%
Director of Design Practice10.0%
Director of Digital Initiatives, Sterling C. Evans Library10.0%
Director of Digital Innovation & eLearning10.0%
Director of Digital Learning10.0%
Director of Digital Learning & Program Development10.0%
Director of Digital Learning Initiatives10.0%
Director of Digital Media and Pedagogy10.0%
Director of Distance Education10.0%
Director of Distance Learning40.1%
Director of E-communication Services10.0%
Director of E-Learning20.1%
Director of Early College Second Life Program10.0%
Director of Ed Tech, Distance Learning, & Information Services10.0%
Director of Education10.0%
Director of Education and Assessment-School of Pharmacy10.0%
Director of Education Technology10.0%
Director of Education Technology Services10.0%
Director of Education/Information Technology10.0%
Director of Educational Design and Technology10.0%
Director of Educational Experience10.0%
Director of Educational Media Technologies10.0%
Director of Educational Research and Lecturer in Educational Studies10.0%
Director of Educational Technology20.1%
Director of Educational Technology and Distance Learning10.0%
Director of Educational Technology Services10.0%
Director of eLearning10.0%
Director of eLearning & Instructional Technology10.0%
Director of eLearning and Academic Computing10.0%
Director of Engagement & Implementation10.0%
Director of Enrollment Communications10.0%
Director of Enterprise Application Services20.1%
Director of Enterprise Applications50.1%
Director of Enterprise Applications, Integration & Administration (EAIA)10.0%
Director of Enterprise Business Systems10.0%
Director of Enterprise Information Systems20.1%
Director of Enterprise Infrastructure Services10.0%
Director of Enterprise IT Programs10.0%
Director of Enterprise Programming and Integration10.0%
Director of Enterprise System Services10.0%
Director of Enterprise Systems50.1%
Director of Enterprise Systems and Services10.0%
Director of Enterprise Technology10.0%
Director of Faculty Development10.0%
Director of Faculty Engagement10.0%
Director of Finance & Administration10.0%
Director of Finance & Operations10.0%
Director of Fiscal & Business Operations10.0%
Director of Global Learning10.0%
Director of HelpDesk and Training10.0%
Director of Identity Management Services10.0%
Director of Informatics and Computing Services10.0%
Director of Information and Technology Services10.0%
Director of Information Security10.0%
Director of Information Security and Administration10.0%
Director of Information Services20.1%
Director of Information Services and Instructional Technology10.0%
Director of Information Systems70.2%
Director of Information Systems Services10.0%
Director of Information Systems, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences10.0%
Director of Information Technologies10.0%
Director of Information Technology200.5%
Director of Information Technology - College of Business10.0%
Director of Information Technology and Strategic Initiatives10.0%
Director of Information Technology Resources10.0%
Director of Information Technology Services70.2%
Director of Information Technology Services-CIO10.0%
Director of Information Technology, Columbian College10.0%
Director of Infrastructure and Enterprise Services10.0%
Director of Infrastructure Services and Network Se10.0%
Director of Infrastructure Systems10.0%
Director of Infrastructure Technology10.0%
Director of Innovation Consulting10.0%
Director of Institutional Effectiveness10.0%
Director of Institutional Planning10.0%
Director of Instructional & Emerging Technologies10.0%
Director of Instructional & Research Services10.0%
Director of Instructional Design & Technologies10.0%
Director of Instructional Services10.0%
Director of Instructional Support10.0%
Director of Instructional Support & Library Services, College of Engineering10.0%
Director of Instructional Technical Services10.0%
Director of Instructional Technology80.2%
Director of Instructional Technology & Training10.0%
Director of Instructional Technology Management Program10.0%
Director of Instructional Technology Services10.0%
Director of Instructional Technology, School of Medicine10.0%
Director of Integrated Information Systems/CIO10.0%
Director of Internet Services10.0%
Director of IS10.0%
Director of IT70.2%
Director of IT & CIO10.0%
Director of IT Client Services10.0%
Director of IT Development Services10.0%
Director of IT Enterprise Solutions10.0%
Director of IT Finance10.0%
Director of IT Infrastructure10.0%
Director of IT Instructional Services10.0%
Director of IT Management Systems10.0%
Director of IT Operations10.0%
Director of IT Risk Management10.0%
Director of IT Security20.1%
Director of IT Services10.0%
Director of IT Services, Deputy CIO10.0%
Director of IT Strategy10.0%
Director of IT Support Services30.1%
Director of IT, College of Education10.0%
Director of IT, College of Science10.0%
Director of IT, Mendoza College of Business10.0%
Director of IT, Yerkes National Primate Research Center10.0%
Director of IT/Program Coordinator, School of Graduate and Professional Studies10.0%
Director of ITS10.0%
Director of ITS, Infrastructure and Programming10.0%
Director of Learning and Literacy Assessment10.0%
Director of Learning Initiatives10.0%
Director of Learning Technologies10.0%
Director of Learning Technologies and the Center for Instruction & Technology10.0%
Director of Learning Technology10.0%
Director of Learning Technology Services10.0%
Director of Libraries20.1%
Director of Library10.0%
Director of Library & Information Technology10.0%
Director of Library Academic Partnerships10.0%
Director of Library Services30.1%
Director of Library Technologies10.0%
Director of Management Systems & Planning10.0%
Director of Media Services10.0%
Director of Microcomputer Support10.0%
Director of Middleware & Identity Management, ACT10.0%
Director of Multimedia & Classroom Support10.0%
Director of Network & Operations Services10.0%
Director of Network and Telecommunications10.0%
Director of Network Infrastructure & Systems10.0%
Director of Network Operations20.1%
Director of Network Services20.1%
Director of Network Systems10.0%
Director of Networking, Operations & Systems10.0%
Director of Networks10.0%
Director of Networks, Servers and Security10.0%
Director of OIT10.0%
Director of OIT Camden Computing Services10.0%
Director of Online Academic Technology10.0%
Director of Online and Digital Learning10.0%
Director of Online Education30.1%
Director of Online Learning50.1%
Director of Online Learning and Social Media Technologies10.0%
Director of Online Programs10.0%
Director of Online Technology10.0%
Director of Operations10.0%
Director of Operations and Infrastructure10.0%
Director of Operations, Apollo Publishing10.0%
Director of Operations, College of Health & Human Sciences10.0%
Director of Operations, Student and Administrative Systems10.0%
Director of Organisational Performance & CIO10.0%
Director of Outreach & Partner Relations10.0%
Director of Planning & Administration10.0%
Director of Planning and Communication10.0%
Director of Planning and Engagement10.0%
Director of PMO10.0%
Director of Policy and External Relations10.0%
Director of Process Improvement and Operational Performance10.0%
Director of Program Development10.0%
Director of Project and Process Management10.0%
Director of Project and Service Management10.0%
Director of Project Development10.0%
Director of Project Management10.0%
Director of Project Management and Data Services, Kelley School10.0%
Director of Public Services10.0%
Director of Purchasing10.0%
Director of Research10.0%
Director of Research and Instruction10.0%
Director of Research Services10.0%
Director of Research Support and Educational Technology10.0%
Director of Server Infrastructure10.0%
Director of Servers and Networks10.0%
Director of Service Management and Campus Technology10.0%
Director of Software Delivery10.0%
Director of Software Development10.0%
Director of Software Solutions10.0%
Director of Special Projects20.1%
Director of Student Life10.0%
Director of Student Services10.0%
Director of System Administration10.0%
Director of Systems Administration20.1%
Director of Systems Administration & Web Services10.0%
Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies10.0%
Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies10.0%
Director of Teaching, Learning & Technology, School of Education & Human Develop10.0%
Director of Technical & Internet Services10.0%
Director of Technical Operations and Security10.0%
Director of Technical Resources10.0%
Director of Technical Services40.1%
Director of Technical Services and Support10.0%
Director of Technology50.1%
Director of Technology - Global Campus10.0%
Director of Technology and Web Services10.0%
Director of Technology Engineering10.0%
Director of Technology Risk & Service Management10.0%
Director of Technology Services10.0%
Director of Technology Support20.1%
Director of Technology Support & Media10.0%
Director of Technology Support & Media Services10.0%
Director of Technology Support Services50.1%
Director of Technology, Computational Finance10.0%
Director of Telecommunications10.0%
Director of the Center for Language & Technology10.0%
Director of the Doceo Center10.0%
Director of the Library10.0%
Director of the Teaching and Learning Collaborative10.0%
Director of Training and Academic Technology10.0%
Director of University IT10.0%
Director of University Systems10.0%
Director of User Services40.1%
Director of User Support10.0%
Director of User Support Services10.0%
Director of Virtual Worlds10.0%
Director of Web Operations10.0%
Director of Web Services10.0%
Director of Web-Based Education10.0%
Director Online Instruction10.0%
Director Open Oregon State10.0%
Director Personal and Professional Development10.0%
Director PMO & Lean Promotion10.0%
Director Registar Department10.0%
Director SEAS Computing Facility10.0%
Director Systemwide Learning Technologies and Program Services10.0%
Director Tech Support10.0%
Director Technical Services10.0%
Director Technology and Enterprise Systems for Academic Affairs10.0%
Director Telecommunications and Networking10.0%
Director Web Instructional Based Services10.0%
Director, Academic Computing20.1%
Director, Academic Computing & Media Services10.0%
Director, Academic Computing Services10.0%
Director, Academic Information Services10.0%
Director, Academic ITS10.0%
Director, Academic Programs and Distance Learning10.0%
Director, Academic Software License Manager10.0%
Director, Academic Solutions Design10.0%
Director, Academic Tech Services10.0%
Director, Academic Technologies30.1%
Director, Academic Technologies/Digital Media Services10.0%
Director, Academic Technology60.2%
Director, Academic Technology & e-Learning10.0%
Director, Academic Technology Services60.2%
Director, Academic/Educational Technologies and Faculty Support Services10.0%
Director, Academy for Advanced Telecommunications and Learning Technologies10.0%
Director, Accessible Technology Initiative10.0%
Director, Active Technologies for Engaged Learning10.0%
Director, Administrative Development10.0%
Director, Administrative Information Services10.0%
Director, Administrative Information Systems10.0%
Director, Administrative Systems10.0%
Director, AIS10.0%
Director, AMICAL Consortium10.0%
Director, Application and Database Services10.0%
Director, Application Development and Integration10.0%
Director, Application Services20.1%
Director, Applications & Project Mgmt10.0%
Director, Applications and Integration10.0%
Director, Applications Development10.0%
Director, Architecture, Platforms & Integration10.0%
Director, Arts & Sciences Information Analysis & Planning10.0%
Director, Blough-Weis Library and University Librarian10.0%
Director, Business Computing Center10.0%
Director, Business Development10.0%
Director, Business Services and Finance, Office of the CIO10.0%
Director, Business Systems10.0%
Director, Campus Computing & IT10.0%
Director, Campus Services10.0%
Director, Campus Technology Services10.0%
Director, Center for Creative Instruction & Technology (CCIT)10.0%
Director, Center for Educational Technology & Innovation (CETI)10.0%
Director, Center for Knowledge Management10.0%
Director, Center for Learning and Development10.0%
Director, Center of Instructional Innovation10.0%
Director, Centre for Open Education10.0%
Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning10.0%
Director, Centro de Computacao Eletronica10.0%
Director, CHSS Emerging & Instructional Technology10.0%
Director, CIDDE10.0%
Director, Classroom & Lab Technologies10.0%
Director, Client and Research Services10.0%
Director, Client and Web Services10.0%
Director, Client Computing & Library Services10.0%
Director, Client Services10.0%
Director, Client Services, Special Projects and In10.0%
Director, Client Support10.0%
Director, Client Support Services10.0%
Director, Communications & Middleware Technologies10.0%
Director, Communications Operations Services10.0%
Director, Communications/Marketing, Office of the CIO10.0%
Director, Community Engagement10.0%
Director, Compliance & Policy10.0%
Director, Computer Services10.0%
Director, Computing & Network Services10.0%
Director, Computing Services20.1%
Director, Conferences and Events10.0%
Director, Core Technologies10.0%
Director, CSS10.0%
Director, Data Governance10.0%
Director, Desktop Support10.0%
Director, Digital Initiatives10.0%
Director, Digital Library Federation Program10.0%
Director, Digital Media Technologies10.0%
Director, Dir End User Svc Improvements10.0%
Director, Distance Education10.0%
Director, Division of IT, Project & Portfolio Mgmt10.0%
Director, e-Learning10.0%
Director, e-Learning Academic Technology & Distributed Learning10.0%
Director, ECE Computing Facilities10.0%
Director, Ed Tech10.0%
Director, Education Computing Support10.0%
Director, Educational & Cyber Infrastructure10.0%
Director, Educational Computing10.0%
Director, Educational Media Services10.0%
Director, Educational Services Operations10.0%
Director, Educational Technologies10.0%
Director, Educational Technologies: Center for Scholarly Technology10.0%
Director, Educational Technology10.0%
Director, Educational Technology and Assessment, COPH10.0%
Director, Educational Technology Services20.1%
Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative10.0%
Director, ELearning R&D, DETA Center10.0%
Director, Emerging Technologies and Research Suppo10.0%
Director, Engineering Technology/Research10.0%
Director, Enterprise Admin Apps10.0%
Director, Enterprise Application Services20.1%
Director, Enterprise Applications and Operations10.0%
Director, Enterprise Architecture10.0%
Director, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy10.0%
Director, Enterprise Computing and Application Services10.0%
Director, Enterprise Infrastructure10.0%
Director, Enterprise Infrastructure Services10.0%
Director, Enterprise Integration and Chief Software Architect10.0%
Director, Enterprise Reporting & Analytics10.0%
Director, Enterprise Solutions, ITS10.0%
Director, Enterprise Systems30.1%
Director, Enterprise Systems and Services10.0%
Director, Enterprise Systems, PMO, Applications & Technology, IT Services10.0%
Director, Enterprise Technology Services10.0%
Director, ERP Services10.0%
Director, EWS10.0%
Director, Experimental Classroom10.0%
Director, Extension Services10.0%
Director, Faculty Ctr for Learning10.0%
Director, Financal Systems Services10.0%
Director, Finance & Integrated Systems10.0%
Director, Finance and Personnel, GSEHD10.0%
Director, Global Program Mgmt. Office10.0%
Director, GTS HelpDesk,Media & Classroom Tech10.0%
Director, Health Sciences Library10.0%
Director, Howard-Online10.0%
Director, I&IT Systems10.0%
Director, ICT Applications10.0%
Director, ICT Faculty Services10.0%
Director, Identity and Collaboration10.0%
Director, IITS, UofT Scarborough10.0%
Director, Independent Study10.0%
Director, Info and Instr Technology10.0%
Director, Information & Education Tech10.0%
Director, Information & Research Analysis, CILSS10.0%
Director, Information Security10.0%
Director, Information Security and Unix Systems10.0%
Director, Information Services30.1%
Director, Information Services and Systems10.0%
Director, Information Systems40.1%
Director, Information Technologies10.0%
Director, Information Technology100.3%
Director, Information Technology and Engineering C10.0%
Director, Information Technology Services20.1%
Director, Information Technology, College of Engineering10.0%
Director, Information Technology, Faculty of Medicine10.0%
Director, Infrastructure & Operations10.0%
Director, Infrastructure and Operations Support10.0%
Director, Infrastructure Services30.1%
Director, Infrastructure Services - Research Computing10.0%
Director, Innovation in Learning Center10.0%
Director, InnovationSpace10.0%
Director, Institutional Research and Application Development10.0%
Director, Instructional Advancement and Technology10.0%
Director, Instructional Design10.0%
Director, Instructional Design & Technology10.0%
Director, Instructional Innovation Services10.0%
Director, Instructional Tech & Media Services10.0%
Director, Instructional Technology20.1%
Director, Instructional Technology & Learning System10.0%
Director, Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, College of Business10.0%
Director, Internet and Interactive Media10.0%
Director, Iowa Community College Online Consortium10.0%
Director, IS Technical Support10.0%
Director, IT50.1%
Director, IT - Client Support & Services10.0%
Director, IT Academic Technology10.0%
Director, IT and Access Services10.0%
Director, IT Budgets and Planning10.0%
Director, IT Compliance & Risk Management10.0%
Director, IT Customer Support10.0%
Director, IT Infrastructure10.0%
Director, IT Infrastructure. Information Security Officer10.0%
Director, IT Network Operations10.0%
Director, IT Operations and Solutions Support10.0%
Director, IT Planning and Administration10.0%
Director, IT Policy and Cybersecurity Compliance10.0%
Director, IT Program Management & Planning (PMO)10.0%
Director, IT Risk and Data Integrity10.0%
Director, IT Service Center10.0%
Director, IT Services20.1%
Director, IT Strategic Practices & Continuos Service Improvement10.0%
Director, IT Strategic Sourcing and Planning10.0%
Director, IT Strategy & Planning10.0%
Director, IT Support10.0%
Director, IT Support Services10.0%
Director, IT Systems & Services10.0%
Director, IT Training and Support Services10.0%
Director, IT-Client Support & Services10.0%
Director, ITS10.0%
Director, ITS Business Operations10.0%
Director, ITS Learning Spaces10.0%
Director, ITS-Networking Services10.0%
Director, ITS/Business Process & Integration10.0%
Director, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute10.0%
Director, Klarchek Information Commons10.0%
Director, Learning and Teaching10.0%
Director, Learning and Teaching Solutions10.0%
Director, Learning Design & Technology10.0%
Director, Learning Design and Technologies10.0%
Director, Learning Environment Integration10.0%
Director, Learning Innovation and Faculty Engagement10.0%
Director, Learning Spaces10.0%
Director, Learning Technologies Support10.0%
Director, Learning Technology and Support Services10.0%
Director, Learning Technology Development10.0%
Director, Library & Information Resource Services10.0%
Director, Library IT Production Services10.0%
Director, Library Services10.0%
Director, Library/Academic & Instructional Innovation10.0%
Director, LSA Information Technology10.0%
Director, Management Information Systems20.1%
Director, MAT10.0%
Director, Media Services10.0%
Director, MIS10.0%
Director, Mobile and Web Strategy, Education and Research10.0%
Director, Murphy Library10.0%
Director, Music IT Services-Music Library10.0%
Director, National Research Data Services Project10.0%
Director, Network & Systems10.0%
Director, Network and Support10.0%
Director, Network and Systems10.0%
Director, Network and Telecommunications10.0%
Director, Network and User Services10.0%
Director, Network Planning and Integration10.0%
Director, Network Services50.1%
Director, Networking and Telecom10.0%
Director, Networking and Telecommunications10.0%
Director, Ockenga Institute10.0%
Director, Office of Academic Computing Svcs10.0%
Director, Office of Faculty Development10.0%
Director, Office of Information Technology30.1%
Director, Office of Institutional Data and Analytics10.0%
Director, Office of Instruct Design & Infra, College of IST10.0%
Director, Office of Learning Resources10.0%
Director, Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology10.0%
Director, Online & Distance Learning, College of Continuing Education10.0%
Director, Online Conferences and Events10.0%
Director, Online Programs, Marketing & Communication10.0%
Director, P&S C, Special Assistant to AVP10.0%
Director, Paul J. Gutman Library10.0%
Director, Planning, Project Management and Business Affairs10.0%
Director, Platform Services10.0%
Director, PMO20.1%
Director, Policy and PMO10.0%
Director, Princeton Project Office10.0%
Director, Program Management Office10.0%
Director, Project Management10.0%
Director, Project Management Office30.1%
Director, Project Management Office for Technology10.0%
Director, Project Management Office, Information T10.0%
Director, Projects & Planning10.0%
Director, Red McCombs School of Business10.0%
Director, Reporting and Analytics10.0%
Director, Research Data Center10.0%
Director, Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) Project10.0%
Director, Rural Information Technology Alliance10.0%
Director, SEAS Computing Facility10.0%
Director, Secure Enterprise Technology Initiatives10.0%
Director, Service and Contract Management10.0%
Director, Service Management Office10.0%
Director, Services and Outreach10.0%
Director, Strategic Accounts - Academic Market10.0%
Director, Strategic Innovation10.0%
Director, Strategic IT Projects10.0%
Director, Strategic Learning and Teaching Innovation10.0%
Director, Strategic Planning10.0%
Director, Strategic Services10.0%
Director, Student Affairs Technology10.0%
Director, Student and Academic Support Systems10.0%
Director, Student Applications10.0%
Director, Student Information Systems10.0%
Director, Student Technology10.0%
Director, Student Technology Collaborative10.0%
Director, Support Services10.0%
Director, System Support10.0%
Director, Systems Engineering10.0%
Director, Teaching & Learning Center10.0%
Director, Teaching and Learning Centre10.0%
Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies10.0%
Director, Tech Support & Consulting10.0%
Director, Technical Integration and Effectiveness10.0%
Director, Technical Services10.0%
Director, Technical Support10.0%
Director, Technology and Building Services10.0%
Director, Technology Learning Centers10.0%
Director, Technology Management Services10.0%
Director, Technology Services20.1%
Director, Technology Support Services, OIT10.0%
Director, The OYEZ Project10.0%
Director, TINS10.0%
Director, Tutoring & Learning Services10.0%
Director, University Applications Development10.0%
Director, University Copyright Office and Associate Professor10.0%
Director, University Customer Support10.0%
Director, University Information Systems10.0%
Director, University Libraries10.0%
Director, UNS10.0%
Director, User & Technical Services10.0%
Director, User Support Services20.1%
Director, Voice and Communications Technologies10.0%
Director, Web Services10.0%
Director, Web Technical Services10.0%
Director, Weigle Information Commons10.0%
Director, Weill Cornell Medical Library10.0%
Director, Wolfgram Memorial Library10.0%
Director/ Enterprise Systems & Administration10.0%
Director: Centre for Academic Excellence10.0%
Director: Technical Support Services10.0%
Diretor Adjunto Escola Superior de Redes10.0%
Disability Accommodations Coordinator10.0%
Distance Education10.0%
Distance Education Coordinator10.0%
Distance Learning Coordinator10.0%
Distance Learning Librarian10.0%
Distinguished Service Professor, Philosophy10.0%
Doctor of Pharmacy Program10.0%
Doctoral student10.0%
Documentation Specialist10.0%
DRES Accessible IT Group10.0%
E-learning assistant10.0%
e-Learning Liaison & Staff Consultant10.0%
E-Learning Specialist20.1%
E-Learning Technologies Specialist10.0%
EBSP Communications Director10.0%
ECU Online Specialist10.0%
Editor and Manager, Publishing10.0%
Editor in Chief10.0%
EdTech Executive Director10.0%
Education & Outreach Librarian10.0%
Education Librarian10.0%
Education Technology Support Specialist10.0%
Educational Consultant10.0%
Educational Delivery Specialist /BB Administrator10.0%
Educational Technologies Manager10.0%
Educational Technologist30.1%
Educational Technology Consultant10.0%
Educational Technology Librarian (Law School)10.0%
Educational Technology Specialist - Law School10.0%
EDUCAUSE Review Ad Sales10.0%
eLearning Director10.0%
eLearning Professional10.0%
Electronic Media Coordinator10.0%
Electronic Resources Librarian10.0%
Email, Web Services, & Systems Development10.0%
Emerging Technologies Librarian10.0%
Emerging Technologies Manager10.0%
Emerging Technology Strategist10.0%
Emeritus Director, Information Security Services10.0%
Emeritus Professor and Research Director, Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project10.0%
Endowed Chair for Scholarly Communication and Professor, University Libraries10.0%
Endpoint Developer10.0%
Engagement Manager10.0%
Enterprise Account Manager10.0%
Enterprise Application Designer10.0%
Enterprise Application Services Director10.0%
Enterprise Applications & ERP Project Manager10.0%
Enterprise Applications Manager10.0%
Enterprise Architect80.2%
Enterprise Data Architect10.0%
Enterprise Network Infrastructure Engineer10.0%
Enterprise Project Manager10.0%
Enterprise Software Architect10.0%
Enterprise Systems Manager10.0%
Enterprise Systems Project Manager10.0%
ERP Project Coordinator10.0%
ERP Technical Specialist10.0%
EVP Finance and Administration10.0%
Exchange Communication Specialist10.0%
Exec Dir, Office of Strategic Management10.0%
Exec Director of Digital Education10.0%
Exec Director, Educational Technology10.0%
Exec to the Dean10.0%
Exec. Director Shared Services and Infrastructure10.0%
Execuctive Director, Engineering Information Technology10.0%
Executive Assistant10.0%
Executive Assistant to the President10.0%
Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost for Faculty Development10.0%
Executive Assistant to Vice President, ED10.0%
Executive Content Editor,TMG10.0%
Executive Director190.5%
Executive Director & CIO10.0%
Executive Director - Client Services10.0%
Executive Director - Information and Physical Reso10.0%
Executive Director - Information Technology10.0%
Executive Director - Learning Technology Services10.0%
Executive Director - University Services10.0%
Executive Director - User Support Services10.0%
Executive Director -Northwest Regional Data Center10.0%
Executive Director Academic Enterprise Application10.0%
Executive Director and Associate Provost, TLOS10.0%
Executive Director and CIO Information Technology Services10.0%
Executive Director Applications Services10.0%
Executive Director Computer Services10.0%
Executive Director Educational Media and Technology10.0%
Executive Director Enterprise Systems10.0%
Executive Director for IT, Fox School of Business10.0%
Executive Director for Student Success10.0%
Executive Director Infrastructure/ Deputy Chief Operating Officer10.0%
Executive Director IT10.0%
Executive Director MDREN10.0%
Executive Director MEEC10.0%
Executive Director of Academic Technologies10.0%
Executive Director of Academic Technology Services10.0%
Executive Director of Administrative Information Services10.0%
Executive Director of Application and Information Services10.0%
Executive Director of Client Services10.0%
Executive Director of Cyber Infrastructure10.0%
Executive Director of Digital Communications Group10.0%
Executive Director of Distance Learning10.0%
Executive Director of Information Technology50.1%
Executive Director of Information Technology Services20.1%
Executive Director of IT30.1%
Executive Director of Network Operations10.0%
Executive Director of Network, Info Security, & Telecommunications10.0%
Executive Director of Operations10.0%
Executive Director of Teaching, Learning and Knowl10.0%
Executive Director of Technical Services10.0%
Executive Director of the Center for Learning and Innovation10.0%
Executive Director of UTS Business Operations10.0%
Executive Director of Web Integration10.0%
Executive Director Online Education10.0%
Executive Director Special Projects10.0%
Executive Director System10.0%
Executive Director Systems10.0%
Executive Director Technology Services10.0%
Executive Director, Academic and Scholarly Technol10.0%
Executive Director, AICT10.0%
Executive Director, and Director, User Support10.0%
Executive Director, ATDL10.0%
Executive Director, Business School10.0%
Executive Director, Client Services, Information Systems & Computing10.0%
Executive Director, College of Doctoral Studies10.0%
Executive Director, Educational Innovation10.0%
Executive Director, Enterprise Applications10.0%
Executive Director, Enterprise Information Systems10.0%
Executive Director, ETV/TTVN10.0%
Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Technology, Steinhardt School10.0%
Executive Director, Gallaudet Technology Services10.0%
Executive Director, HEITBC10.0%
Executive Director, HETGroup10.0%
Executive Director, Information Security Office10.0%
Executive Director, Information Technologies10.0%
Executive Director, Information Technology30.1%
Executive Director, Information Technology Services50.1%
Executive Director, IT10.0%
Executive Director, IT Help Center10.0%
Executive Director, IT Security10.0%
Executive Director, IT Services20.1%
Executive Director, ITR10.0%
Executive Director, ITS10.0%
Executive Director, Networking and Communications10.0%
Executive Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges10.0%
Executive Director, Office of Information Technology Svcs10.0%
Executive Director, Open Learning10.0%
Executive Director, Operations Finance & Contracts10.0%
Executive Director, Southeast Campus10.0%
Executive Director, Student Services10.0%
Executive Director, Systemwide IT10.0%
Executive Director, Tech Support Services10.0%
Executive Director, Technology Infrastructure10.0%
Executive Director, The Office for Student Success10.0%
Executive Director, UITS-Kokomo10.0%
Executive Director, University Analytics & IR10.0%
Executive Director-Professor10.0%
Executive editor10.0%
Executive Officer10.0%
Executive Vice President30.1%
Executive Vice President - AO&T10.0%
Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer10.0%
Facilities Manager - Biology / NSCI10.0%
Faculty Chair, Allied Health10.0%
Faculty IT Director10.0%
Faculty Member10.0%
Faculty Technology Coordinator10.0%
Faculty Technology Liaison10.0%
Fellow, Dept/Prog (EE)10.0%
Finance and Budget Analyst10.0%
Financial Affairs10.0%
Fmr Managing Director, Research, EDUCAUSE10.0%
Former Associate VP for Enterprise Architecture & Strategy10.0%
Former ISO10.0%
Former Library Director and Coordinator of Information Services10.0%
Founder & Chief Scientist10.0%
Founder and Instructional Designer10.0%
Founding Dean10.0%
Founding Director10.0%
Futurist, Executive Director & Dean, IT Leadership Academy10.0%
General Counsel10.0%
General Manager, ITS Student Technology Services10.0%
General Manager, Onward State10.0%
General Manager/Executive Producer, GMU-TV10.0%
General Staff Accountant10.0%
Goldstein Director of Information Processing10.0%
Governance, Administration & Site Team Manager10.0%
Graduate Intern-Training & Assessment10.0%
Graduate Programs Manager10.0%
Graduate Student10.0%
Graduate, School of Library and Information Science10.0%
Graphic Designer10.0%
Group Chief Learning Officer10.0%
Group Leader10.0%
Group Manager10.0%
Head Department Library Campus Services10.0%
Head division Electronic Services10.0%
Head Librarian10.0%
Head Librarian, Distance Learning Services & Branch Campuses10.0%
Head Librarian, Education Services10.0%
Head of Access Services and Systems10.0%
Head of Application Development10.0%
Head of Application Services10.0%
Head of Department10.0%
Head of Development /IT10.0%
Head of Digital Media and Library Technologies10.0%
Head of Educational Technology10.0%
Head of Innovation10.0%
Head of Instruction & Research10.0%
Head of Library Information Technology Services10.0%
Head of Library Systems and Technology10.0%
Head of Public Services10.0%
Head of Secretariat, COO10.0%
Head of Section10.0%
Head of Systems10.0%
Head of Systems & Digital Technology10.0%
Head of Technical Services10.0%
Head of the Boscov-Lakin Information Commons & Thun Library10.0%
Head of the Education Bureau10.0%
Head of User Services10.0%
Head, Learning Engagement10.0%
Head, Library Digital Initiatives and IT Operations and Services10.0%
Head, Research and Information Services10.0%
Head, Winspear Business Reference library10.0%
Health Informatics Systems Specialist10.0%
Health Science Education Librarian10.0%
Help Center Manager10.0%
Help Desk Coordinator20.1%
Help Desk Manager30.1%
Help Desk Service Administrator10.0%
Helpdesk Manager10.0%
Higher Education Technology Group (HETGroup)10.0%
Human Resources10.0%
I.T. Project Manager10.0%
IAM Lead Manager10.0%
ICT Architect10.0%
ICT Coordinator10.0%
ICT demand and supply manager10.0%
ICT Teacher10.0%
ICTO Advisor/Teacher10.0%
Identity & Access Management Services10.0%
IDP Project Manager10.0%
Inaugural Dean of Libraries & Professor10.0%
Info Tech Planning and Assessment10.0%
Information Center Team Lead10.0%
Information Coordinator10.0%
Information Designer, Emerging Technologies10.0%
Information manager-CIO10.0%
Information Resource Consultant10.0%
Information Security & Quality Assurance Officer10.0%
Information Security Analyst10.0%
Information Security and Privacy Officer10.0%
Information Security Manager10.0%
Information Security Office10.0%
Information Security Officer50.1%
Information Services & Technology10.0%
Information Specialist10.0%
Information Systems Coordinator - Mail Administration10.0%
Information Systems Technician10.0%
Information Technologist20.1%
Information Technologist (Functional Analyst)10.0%
Information Technology Analyst20.1%
Information Technology Business Process Analyst10.0%
Information Technology Librarian10.0%
Information Technology Manager40.1%
Information Technology Officer10.0%
Information Technology Planning and Forecasting Officer10.0%
Information Technology Project Manager10.0%
Information Technology Special Consultant10.0%
Information Technology Specialist10.0%
Infrastructure and System Manager10.0%
Infrastructure Architect20.1%
Infrastructure Consultant10.0%
Infrastructure Manager20.1%
Infrastructure Services & Systems Coordinator10.0%
Instructional Consultant10.0%
Instructional Design Librarian10.0%
Instructional Design Program Coordinator10.0%
Instructional Design Specialist20.1%
Instructional Designer270.7%
Instructional Designer & Tech Coordinator10.0%
Instructional Designer, Centre for Learning and Teaching10.0%
Instructional Designer, Department of Statistics10.0%
Instructional Designer, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute10.0%
Instructional Designer, MBA Online Program10.0%
Instructional Designer, School of Public Health10.0%
Instructional Developer/Coordinator of Online Initiatives10.0%
Instructional Development Specialist10.0%
Instructional Media Coordinator10.0%
Instructional Media Specialist10.0%
Instructional Multimedia Specialist and Manager of Web Services10.0%
Instructional Support Specialist20.1%
Instructional Technologist110.3%
Instructional Technologist (retired)10.0%
Instructional Technologist and LMS Administrator10.0%
Instructional Technology10.0%
Instructional Technology & Design Consultant10.0%
Instructional Technology & Training Supervisor10.0%
Instructional Technology Administrator10.0%
Instructional Technology Analyst10.0%
Instructional Technology and Training Specialist10.0%
Instructional Technology Consultant20.1%
Instructional Technology Coordinator10.0%
Instructional Technology Director10.0%
Instructional Technology Manager10.0%
Instructional Technology Specialist60.2%
Instructional Technology, LITS10.0%
Instructor, MacPhail School of Energy10.0%
Instructor, School of Construction20.1%
Instructor, School of Health and Public Safety10.0%
Instructor, School of Information and Communications Technologies20.1%
Instructor, School of Management10.0%
Instructor, School of Manufacturing and Automation10.0%
Instructor, School of Transportation20.1%
Instructor/ IT Consultant10.0%
Interim Assoc. VP for Academic Affairs10.0%
Interim Associate Vice President for Information Technology10.0%
Interim AVP Chief Information Officer10.0%
Interim Chief Information Officer10.0%
Interim Chief Information Technology Officer10.0%
Interim CIO30.1%
Interim Dean, Academic Affairs10.0%
Interim Director of IT, Newark Computing Services10.0%
Interim Director of Library & Information Services10.0%
Interim Director of Special Projects10.0%
Interim eLearning Director10.0%
Interim Head of Reference10.0%
Interim Information Security Officer10.0%
Interim Manager User Services10.0%
Interim Provost, Associate Provost of Assessment10.0%
Interim University Dean for Academic Initiatives10.0%
Interim University Librarian10.0%
Interim Vice President10.0%
Interim Vice President, Technology Services & CIO10.0%
Internet Security Officer10.0%
Internet Systems Specialist10.0%
iPad Research Assistant10.0%
IS Director, User Services Division10.0%
IS Manager10.0%
IT - Strategist10.0%
IT Administrative Professional10.0%
IT Administrative Systems Director of Alumni/Development Enterprise Applications10.0%
IT Administrator10.0%
IT Analyst10.0%
IT Architect10.0%
IT Assistant Director10.0%
IT Business Analyst IV10.0%
IT Business Manager10.0%
IT Business Operations Specialist10.0%
IT Consultant40.1%
IT Coordinator30.1%
IT Coordinator - Heritage College of Medicine Dublin10.0%
IT Director260.7%
IT Director - ISC Networking and Telecommunications10.0%
IT Director for College of Liberal Arts10.0%
IT Director of Applications10.0%
IT Director of Customer Support10.0%
IT Director, Biomed Division10.0%
IT Director, College Houses & Acad Svcs10.0%
IT Director, Institutional & Academic Technologies10.0%
IT Director, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences10.0%
IT Director, Law20.1%
IT Director, SAS Computing10.0%
IT Director, School of Business10.0%
IT Director, School of Nursing10.0%
IT Director, Student Registration & Financial Services10.0%
IT Director, Waksman Institute10.0%
IT Director, Wharton Computing10.0%
IT Engineer10.0%
IT Executive Director10.0%
IT Helpdesk Manager & Computer Science Instructor10.0%
IT Manager110.3%
IT Manager & Informatics Instructor10.0%
IT Manager, College of Humanities10.0%
IT Manager, Religious Education10.0%
IT Manager, Service Management10.0%
IT Manger10.0%
IT Netowrk Analyst10.0%
IT Operations Chief10.0%
IT Operations Manager10.0%
IT Planning & Info Security Officer10.0%
IT Policy and Communication Officer10.0%
IT Program Director20.1%
IT Program Manager10.0%
IT Project Analyst10.0%
IT Project Engineer Associate10.0%
IT Project Leader40.1%
IT Project Manager80.2%
IT Project Manager, ProDesk10.0%
IT Project Manager, Systems and Services10.0%
IT Security Manager10.0%
IT Security Officer20.1%
IT Senior10.0%
IT Service Excellence Leader10.0%
IT Service Manager10.0%
IT Services Coordinator10.0%
IT Specialist30.1%
IT Specialst10.0%
IT SR Accociate10.0%
IT Sr. Director, Engineering School10.0%
IT Sr. Project Leader10.0%
IT supervisor20.1%
IT Support10.0%
IT Support Analyst10.0%
IT Support Manager20.1%
IT Support Specialist50.1%
IT Support Specialist Sr.10.0%
IT Support Specialist, School of Medicine Information Services10.0%
IT Systems Manager10.0%
IT Teacher10.0%
IT Technical Director10.0%
IT Technical Director, The Wharton School of Business10.0%
IT Technical Director, VPUL Technology Services10.0%
IT Technology Director10.0%
IT Training Coordinator10.0%
ITS Budget Specialist10.0%
ITS Director10.0%
ITSM Program Manager10.0%
ITT Manager10.0%
JISC Executive Secretary10.0%
Jr. Systems Administrator10.0%
Key Account Manager10.0%
Knowledge Integration Manager, Health Sciences Library10.0%
LAN Administrator20.1%
LAN/Systems Administrator10.0%
Ld. Applications Programmer Analyst10.0%
Lead Applications Developer10.0%
Lead Architecture Professional20.1%
Lead Consultant10.0%
Lead DBA10.0%
Lead Developer/Analyst10.0%
Lead E-Learning Instructional Designer for FRC-TEC10.0%
Lead for Client Technologies10.0%
Lead Instructional Technologist10.0%
Lead IT10.0%
Lead of Server, Database & Web Services Team10.0%
Lead Programmer/Analyst20.1%
Lead Software Applications Developer10.0%
Lead Systems Engineer10.0%
Lead Systems Programmer10.0%
Lead Technician10.0%
Lead, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)10.0%
Leadership Award Recipient20.1%
Leadership Institute Faculty10.0%
Learning & Technology Center Manager10.0%
Learning Resources Manager10.0%
Learning Services Librarian10.0%
Learning Systems, University Systems10.0%
Learning Technologies and Resources Administrator10.0%
Lecturer, Management Consultant10.0%
Lecturer, School of Library & Information Science10.0%
Librarian for Digital Scholarship Initiatives10.0%
Librarian for Life Sciences10.0%
Librarian/Manager of Communications and Outreach10.0%
Library Director70.2%
Library Information Systems Admin10.0%
Library Information Systems Manager10.0%
Library Information Technologies and Digital Initiatives10.0%
Library System Administrator10.0%
Library Systems Manager10.0%
Library Systems/Services Co-ordinator10.0%
Library Technology Analyst10.0%
License manager10.0%
Life Sciences Librarian10.0%
LMS Administrator10.0%
LMS Administrator, Coordinator of D2L Services10.0%
LMS Manager10.0%
Manager - CreATE10.0%
Manager - Data Storage & Integration Support10.0%
Manager - Education & Collaboration Technology - Architecture Group10.0%
Manager - Enterprise Applications and Systems10.0%
Manager - ESIA Information Technology10.0%
Manager - Information Technology, Facility Design and Construction10.0%
Manager - Network Engineering10.0%
Manager -- IDM and Web Applications10.0%
Manager Academic Technology Services10.0%
Manager Architecture, Risk and Compliance10.0%
Manager Bachelors for Professionals10.0%
Manager Classroom Support Academic Learning and Teaching10.0%
Manager Computing Services - FHSS10.0%
Manager Desktop Support Services10.0%
Manager Educational Technology Support10.0%
Manager Enterprise Systems10.0%
Manager for Technology Education & Computing10.0%
Manager Group Education and Research Services10.0%
Manager ICT10.0%
Manager Information Technology/ Senior Lecturer10.0%
Manager Innovative Learning Solutions10.0%
Manager International Affairs10.0%
Manager Network & Audio Visual Solutions10.0%
Manager of Academic Systems10.0%
Manager of Accessibility and Usability10.0%
Manager of Application Development10.0%
Manager of Applications10.0%
Manager of Customer Services10.0%
Manager of Design & Development Services10.0%
Manager of Digital Scholarship Research10.0%
Manager of Enterprise Systems10.0%
Manager of Information Solutions10.0%
Manager of Information Technology10.0%
Manager of Infrastructure and User Services10.0%
Manager of Instructional Technology30.1%
Manager of Instructional Technology and User Experience10.0%
Manager of Instructional Technology Consulting Team & Senior Instructional Tech10.0%
Manager of IT Communication & Special Projects10.0%
Manager of Learning Applications10.0%
Manager of Media Services10.0%
Manager of Network Operations 2nd shift10.0%
Manager of Operations for HR10.0%
Manager of Program and Technology Development10.0%
Manager of Student Computing20.1%
Manager of Systems Administration10.0%
Manager of Technical Operations10.0%
Manager of User Services30.1%
Manager Software Maint & Development10.0%
Manager Strategic Planning and Communications IT10.0%
Manager Systems and Software Development10.0%
Manager Teaching and Learning Technology10.0%
Manager Technical Programming10.0%
Manager Technical Support10.0%
Manager Technology Services10.0%
Manager, Academic Computing Services10.0%
Manager, Academic Computing Services, HSB10.0%
Manager, Academic Support10.0%
Manager, Accessibility and Usability10.0%
Manager, Accessibility Team10.0%
Manager, Application Development10.0%
Manager, Business Applications Support10.0%
Manager, CalNet Identity and Access Management10.0%
Manager, CCS Research Partnerships10.0%
Manager, Client Productivity10.0%
Manager, Clusters Technical Services, Academic Technology Services10.0%
Manager, Computing Services20.1%
Manager, Corporate Relations10.0%
Manager, Custom Application Development10.0%
Manager, Data Management10.0%
Manager, Education and Outreach10.0%
Manager, Educational Technologies10.0%
Manager, Educational Technology Spaces, Computing Services10.0%
Manager, Electronic Content Management10.0%
Manager, Enterprise Operations & Academic Computing10.0%
Manager, Enterprise Service Presentation and Delivery10.0%
Manager, Faculty Professional Development Center10.0%
Manager, Field Technology10.0%
Manager, Hardware Support Services10.0%
Manager, ICT Web Applications10.0%
Manager, Identity and Access Management10.0%
Manager, Identity Management Systems10.0%
Manager, Information Systems20.1%
Manager, Information Technology10.0%
Manager, Innovations in Teaching and Learning10.0%
Manager, Instruction Support Systems10.0%
Manager, Instructional Design & Delivery10.0%
Manager, Instructional Design and Development10.0%
Manager, Instructional Tech. and Faculty Technology Development Center10.0%
Manager, Instructional Technology Services10.0%
Manager, IT Infrastructure Planning, Design and Integration, CCS10.0%
Manager, IT Support Services10.0%
Manager, ITS10.0%
Manager, ITS User Services10.0%
Manager, Knowledge Management10.0%
Manager, LMS & Learning Technologies10.0%
Manager, Member Services10.0%
Manager, Network & Systems Administration10.0%
Manager, Network and Systems Administration10.0%
Manager, Network Engineering10.0%
Manager, Network Operations10.0%
Manager, Online Learning & Continuing Studies10.0%
Manager, Online Learning Environments10.0%
Manager, Organizational Change10.0%
Manager, Planning & Emerging Technology10.0%
Manager, Professional Development Programs20.1%
Manager, Project Management10.0%
Manager, Research IT10.0%
Manager, Research Programmer10.0%
Manager, Software Support Services10.0%
Manager, Stanford Online Accessibility Program10.0%
Manager, Student Applications Development10.0%
Manager, System and Network Support10.0%
Manager, Systems Software10.0%
Manager, Teaching and Learning10.0%
Manager, Tech Commons10.0%
Manager, Technology Help Desk10.0%
Manager, Technology Infrastructure10.0%
Manager, Technology Infrastructure Services10.0%
Manager, Technology Services10.0%
Manager, Technology Services and Support10.0%
Manager, Technology-Enriched Learning10.0%
Manager, UFIT Web Services10.0%
Manager, Unix & Network Applications Support10.0%
Manager: Learning and Teaching Systems10.0%
Managing Director Online & Digital Learning10.0%
Managing Director Student Information Systems10.0%
Managing Director, Academic and Administrative Technology Services10.0%
Managing Director, Academic Technology Services10.0%
Managing Director, IT Technology Support10.0%
Market Manager10.0%
Marketing Coordinator, Conferences and Events10.0%
Marketing Coordinator, Membership10.0%
Marketing Manager10.0%
Marketing Manager, Conferences10.0%
Marketing Manager, ELI and NGLC10.0%
Master of Arts in Educational Technology, Program Coordinator10.0%
Materials Manager10.0%
Media Librarian10.0%
Media Systems Administrator10.0%
Meeting Planner10.0%
Member Services Representative20.1%
Messiah College - Learning Technology Services10.0%
Mgr, Advisement Systems and Program Development10.0%
Mgr, Educational Technology10.0%
Mgr. Dsk. Srvcs10.0%
Mgr. Strategic Planning, Communication, ITS10.0%
Mgr.- Methods and Education Services10.0%
Microcomputer Support Administrator10.0%
MLIS Graduate10.0%
Mobile Learning Support Specialist10.0%
Mobile, Media and Training Specialist10.0%
Moodle Project Manager10.0%
Mulitmedia Developer10.0%
Multimedia Application Developer II10.0%
Multimedia Instructional Technologist10.0%
Multimedia Producer10.0%
Music Instructor10.0%
Network & Systems Administrator10.0%
Network & Telecom Technician10.0%
Network Administrator30.1%
Network and Systems Manager10.0%
Network Architect10.0%
Network Development Manager10.0%
Network Engineer40.1%
Network Engineer II10.0%
Network Engineer Sr.10.0%
Network Manager70.2%
Network Security Analyst10.0%
Network Service Admin10.0%
Network Service Technician10.0%
Network Services Director10.0%
Network Services Manager-Berks Campus10.0%
Network Specialist20.1%
Network Specialist/IT Planner10.0%
Network Systems Engineer II10.0%
Network Technician10.0%
Network-System Engineer10.0%
Network/ Systems Administrator10.0%
Network/Telecom Specialist10.0%
New Media Librarian10.0%
NSSE Research Analyst10.0%
Office of Admissions, Director of Information Technology10.0%
Office of Information Technology, HR Manager10.0%
Online Curriculum Renewal Leader10.0%
Online Faculty Quality Manager10.0%
Online Learning Coordinator10.0%
Online Learning Services Coordinator10.0%
Online Vice President10.0%
Open Source Architect10.0%
Operating Systems Programmer10.0%
Operations Manager20.1%
Operations Manager for Admissions10.0%
Organizational Effectiveness Consultant10.0%
Outreach and Information Technology Librarian10.0%
Outreach Coordinator10.0%
Partner Relationship Manager10.0%
Partnerships and Innovation Developer10.0%
PC Support Specialist30.1%
PC Support Specialist, School of Information and Communications Technologies10.0%
PC-Network Services Manager10.0%
Pedagogical Consultant10.0%
PeopleSoft Security10.0%
PhD Student10.0%
Phone Systems Administrator10.0%
Planning Associate10.0%
PMO Director10.0%
PMO Manager10.0%
Policy Specialist, Washington Office10.0%
PoP Up Presenter10.0%
President & CEO10.0%
President - Distance Learning10.0%
President and CEO30.1%
President Emeritus10.0%
President of the Open College at Kaplan University10.0%
President TCC Connect Campus10.0%
President, Drexel University Online10.0%
Prgm Analyst, Identity & Access Mgmt10.0%
Principal Analyst and Consultant10.0%
Principal Consultant10.0%
Principal Instructional and Collaborative Technolo10.0%
Principal Systems Analyst / Administrator & Team Leader10.0%
Principal Systems Analyst, Teaching and Learning Technologies, UITS10.0%
Privacy and Security Officer10.0%
Process Improvement Manager10.0%
Procurement & Sourcing Manager10.0%
Procurement and Contracts Analyst10.0%
Product Manager (Learning Technologies)10.0%
Product Manager - Core Services10.0%
Production Editor10.0%
Professor & Associate Dean20.1%
Professor - Instructional Technology10.0%
Professor / Educational Technology10.0%
Professor and Instructional Technology Specialist10.0%
Professor CRJ10.0%
Professor Emeritus20.1%
Professor Emeritus, Coordinator of Special IT Projects & Faculty Collaboration10.0%
Professor of Chemistry10.0%
Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus10.0%
Professor of Chemistry, Executive Director, Center10.0%
Professor of Communication10.0%
Professor of Communication Studies10.0%
Professor of Communication, Arts Department10.0%
Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics10.0%
Professor of Education20.1%
Professor of Finance10.0%
Professor of Higher Education10.0%
Professor of Information Technology10.0%
Professor of Learning Innovations10.0%
Professor of Management Information Systems10.0%
Professor of MIS, School of Business10.0%
Professor of Practice10.0%
Professor of Psychology10.0%
Professor, Assistant to the President10.0%
Professor, College of Business & Economics10.0%
Professor, Computer Science10.0%
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering10.0%
Professor, Director10.0%
Professor, Director of the Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies10.0%
Professor, Doctoral Leadership Department10.0%
Professor, Vice CIO10.0%
Professor-Chair Psych.Dept10.0%
Professor/IT Consultant10.0%
Program Analyst10.0%
Program Chair & Faculty- Networking & Cyber Security10.0%
Program Coordinator20.1%
Program Director30.1%
Program Director - Information Systems10.0%
Program Director, Student Administration Systems10.0%
Program Management10.0%
Program Manager30.1%
Program Manager, ECAR Working Groups10.0%
Program Manager, Online Programs10.0%
Program Manager, School of Medicine10.0%
Program Manager-Strategic Initiatives10.0%
Program Officer10.0%
Program Officer for IT Services10.0%
Program Officer, Next Generation Learning Challenges10.0%
Program Specialist10.0%
Program Specialist for Monitoring and eLearning10.0%
Programme Manager IT and Education10.0%
Programmer / Analyst10.0%
Programmer Analyst20.1%
Programmer Analyst Sr.10.0%
Programmer Analyst, Wharton Research Data Services10.0%
Programmer Faculty of Arts10.0%
Programmer Manager10.0%
Project Analyst10.0%
Project Coordinator10.0%
Project Coordinator - Graduate PASS10.0%
Project Director10.0%
Project Director, Dartmouth Research Commons10.0%
Project Director, Postsecondary Sector10.0%
Project Director, WACS Accreditation10.0%
Project Engineer10.0%
Project Leader10.0%
Project Leader Administrative Systems10.0%
Project Management10.0%
Project Manager220.6%
Project Manager for Faculty Initiatives10.0%
Project Manager IT & Education10.0%
Project Manager, EGC10.0%
Project Manager, Enrollment Management10.0%
Project Manager, ITServices10.0%
Project Manager, Marriott Library10.0%
Project Manager, Technology Support Services10.0%
Project Manager, The Orange Grove10.0%
Project Program Manager10.0%
Project/Program Specialist10.0%
Projects and Planning Officer10.0%
Provost & VP for Academic Affairs10.0%
Provost and Vice President10.0%
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs20.1%
Provost/Chief Academic Officer10.0%
Psychology Instructor10.0%
Public Health Informatics10.0%
Publisher Chairman10.0%
Publisher/Editor, EDUCAUSE Review10.0%
Publishing Director10.0%
Purchasing Coordinator10.0%
Purchasing Manager10.0%
Quality Assurance Specialist10.0%
Quality coordinator10.0%
Reference & Instruction Librarian10.0%
Reference and Instructional Technology Librarian10.0%
Reference Librarian10.0%
Regional Campus CIO10.0%
Regional Chief Information Officer10.0%
Regional Director of Technology Services10.0%
Regional Director, Fuller Texas10.0%
Research Analyst10.0%
Research Associate, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute10.0%
Research Commons Librarian10.0%
Research Commons Student Assistant10.0%
Research Computing10.0%
Research Data Manager10.0%
RETIRED - Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services10.0%
Retired IT Professional10.0%
RETIRED March 15, 2012: Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services/CIO10.0%
Safety & Security Supervisor, College of Veterinary Medicine10.0%
Scholarly Communication Librarian10.0%
Security & Systems Admin10.0%
Security Analyst20.1%
Security Services Manager10.0%
Senior Academic Technologist10.0%
Senior Academic Technology Officer-ATI Director10.0%
Senior Advancement Specialist10.0%
Senior Advisor for Information Security10.0%
Senior Advisor for Privacy and Compliance10.0%
Senior advisor ICT and education10.0%
Senior Analyst10.0%
Senior Application / System Analyst10.0%
Senior Application Specialist10.0%
Senior Architect for Usability and Design10.0%
Senior Assessment Specialist10.0%
Senior Associate Dean20.1%
Senior Associate Director10.0%
Senior Associate Vice President / Operational Excellence10.0%
Senior Associate VP and CIO10.0%
Senior Business Analyst20.1%
Senior Business Process Engineer10.0%
Senior Client Data Analyst10.0%
Senior Consultant20.1%
Senior Consultant and Adjunct Faculty, Educational Technologies10.0%
Senior Consultant Learning Technology10.0%
Senior Consultant, CIO's Office10.0%
Senior Contract Manager & Business Consultant10.0%
Senior Contracting Officer10.0%
Senior Database Administrator10.0%
Senior Desktop Support Specialist / Academic Lead10.0%
Senior Desktop Support Specialist, Administrative Lead10.0%
Senior Director20.1%
Senior Director - Technology and Information Management10.0%
Senior Director Enterprise Systems10.0%
Senior Director for IT Administration10.0%
Senior Director for Online Initiatives and Innovation10.0%
Senior Director of Darden Media10.0%
Senior Director of Education Policy10.0%
Senior Director of Information and Technology Management10.0%
Senior Director of Information Technology20.1%
Senior Director of Information Technology Services10.0%
Senior Director of IT10.0%
Senior Director of IT & Admin Initiatives, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences10.0%
Senior Director of Systems, Information Security & Compliance10.0%
Senior Director of Teaching and Learning With Tech10.0%
Senior Director, Administrative Information Services, ITS10.0%
Senior Director, CeDAR10.0%
Senior Director, Client & Infrastructure Services10.0%
Senior Director, Client Relationship Management10.0%
Senior Director, Conferences and Educational Activities10.0%
Senior Director, Content10.0%
Senior Director, CTELT10.0%
Senior Director, Distance Learning Center Business Operations10.0%
Senior Director, Enterprise Applications Analysis and Development10.0%
Senior Director, Enterprise Applications and Data Services10.0%
Senior Director, Info Tech Srvcs10.0%
Senior Director, Information Technology10.0%
Senior Director, IT Operations10.0%
Senior Director, IT Service Delivery10.0%
Senior Director, IT Services and Infrastructure10.0%
Senior Director, IT Systems and Support10.0%
Senior Director, Learning Environments10.0%
Senior Director, Middleware and Security10.0%
Senior Director, Online Professional Development10.0%
Senior Director, School of Arts and Sciences Computing10.0%
Senior Director, Strategic Operations10.0%
Senior Director, Strategic Projects and Initiatives10.0%
Senior Director, University Information Systems10.0%
Senior Editor10.0%
Senior Education Development Officer20.1%
Senior Educational and Sustainability IT Project Manager10.0%
Senior Electronic Media Coordinator10.0%
Senior Evaluation Consultant10.0%
Senior Fellow20.1%
Senior Identity Manager10.0%
Senior Information Officer10.0%
Senior Instructional Designer60.2%
Senior Instructional Developer10.0%
Senior Instructional Media Services Specialist10.0%
Senior Instructional Technologist10.0%
Senior Instructional Technologist, Global Technology10.0%
Senior instructor10.0%
Senior IT Change Manager`10.0%
Senior IT Commodity Manager10.0%
Senior IT Consultant, TAMU IT10.0%
Senior IT Director40.1%
Senior IT Director - The Wharton School10.0%
Senior IT Director, Research & Innovation10.0%
Senior IT Project Manager10.0%
Senior Lead IT Consultant10.0%
Senior Lecturer20.1%
Senior Lecturer in Biology10.0%
Senior Manager10.0%
Senior Manager - Strategy and Planning10.0%
Senior Manager BCDR10.0%
Senior Manager for User Support10.0%
Senior Manager, Collaboration Services Group10.0%
Senior Manager, Distributed Research Computing Support10.0%
Senior Manager, Institutional Research10.0%
Senior Manager, Library Technology Services10.0%
Senior Manager, Media Services10.0%
Senior Manager, Network Services10.0%
Senior Media Producer10.0%
Senior Network Administrator10.0%
Senior Network Analyst10.0%
Senior Network Engineer10.0%
Senior New Media Editor10.0%
Senior Policy Adviser, Education10.0%
Senior Program Director10.0%
Senior Program Manager30.1%
Senior Program Officer, Postsecondary Success10.0%
Senior Programmer/Analyst40.1%
Senior Project Manager20.1%
Senior Project Manager, Division of Computing Services10.0%
Senior Project Officer IT10.0%
Senior Reporter10.0%
Senior Research Analyst20.1%
Senior Research Manager, HarvardX10.0%
Senior Researcher10.0%
Senior Specialist, IT Service Management10.0%
Senior Strategic Advisor. Office of Digital Learning & Director, OEIT10.0%
Senior Strategic IT Consultant10.0%
Senior Support Specialist10.0%
Senior Support Technician10.0%
Senior Systems Administrator10.0%
Senior Systems Analyst20.1%
Senior Systems Engineer10.0%
Senior Systems Integrator10.0%
Senior Systems Support Analyst10.0%
Senior Technology Consultant10.0%
Senior Technology Engineer10.0%
Senior Technology Officer20.1%
Senior Technology Support Manager/IT Project Manager10.0%
Senior Vice President10.0%
Senior Vice President Student Life & Admin Services10.0%
Senior Vice President/Online Learning and President of Drexel University Online10.0%
Senior Vice Provost10.0%
Senior Vice Provost for Analytics & Technologies10.0%
Senior Web Developer, Communications & Middleware Technologies10.0%
Senior Web Developer/Webmaster - Admissions10.0%
Server Administrator10.0%
Server and Network Manager10.0%
Service and Project Portfolio Manager, Sr.10.0%
Service Delivery Manager for Information and Communications Technology10.0%
Service Desk Coordinator10.0%
Service Desk Manager10.0%
Service Desk Team Leader20.1%
Service Manager10.0%
SIS Manager10.0%
SIS Security Coordinator10.0%
Snr. System Administrator10.0%
Social Media and Interactive Technology Manager10.0%
Social Media Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment10.0%
Sociology/Latino Studies Librarian10.0%
Software Architect10.0%
Software Engineer20.1%
Software Sales Executive10.0%
Software Solutions Developer10.0%
Software Support Analyst10.0%
Solutions Architect20.1%
Speaker Liaison10.0%
Special Advisor10.0%
Special Advisor, Professional Development10.0%
Special Assistant to the Chancellor10.0%
Special Assistant to the COO10.0%
Special Assistant to the President10.0%
Special Assistant to the Provost10.0%
Special Projects Coordinator10.0%
Sr Application Developer10.0%
Sr Data Info Specialist (Evaluator)10.0%
Sr IT Director, Student Reg and Financial Services10.0%
Sr IT Manager10.0%
Sr Lead Systems and Data Administrator10.0%
Sr Manager, Business Process Reengineering10.0%
Sr Network Engineer10.0%
Sr Prog/Analyst10.0%
Sr Project Manager10.0%
Sr Systems Analyst, Richard Ivey School of Business10.0%
Sr, Technology Educator, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center College of Medicine10.0%
Sr. Academic Tech. Specialist10.0%
Sr. Academic Technology Specialist10.0%
Sr. Advisor to NET+10.0%
Sr. Advisor, IT Infrastructure Planning10.0%
Sr. Applications Programmer/Analyst10.0%
Sr. Associate Director, Applications Development, DELTA10.0%
Sr. Communications Coordinator and Strategist10.0%
Sr. Computing Consultant10.0%
Sr. Computing Consultant & Instructor10.0%
Sr. Consultant for Engineering, Data Sec & Spec Projects10.0%
Sr. Dir. Faculty Engagement, Innovation and Techno10.0%
Sr. Director of Client Engagement, IT10.0%
Sr. Director of Information Technology10.0%
Sr. Director of Network and Infrastructure10.0%
Sr. Director Telecom & Networking10.0%
Sr. Director Telecommunications & Networking Services10.0%
Sr. Director, Academic Systems10.0%
Sr. Director, Customer Support & Quality of Service Assurance10.0%
Sr. Director, Strategic Initiatives10.0%
Sr. Instructional Designer10.0%
Sr. Instructional Technologist10.0%
Sr. Instructional Technology Specialist10.0%
Sr. IT Audit Consultant10.0%
Sr. IT Communications Analyst10.0%
Sr. IT Consultant, Division of Information Technology10.0%
Sr. IT Director10.0%
Sr. IT Enterprise Consultant10.0%
Sr. IT Project Leader, Software Licensing10.0%
Sr. IT Security Analyst10.0%
Sr. IT Technology Consultant20.1%
Sr. Manager10.0%
Sr. Manager, Instructional Technology10.0%
Sr. Manager, Web and Communications10.0%
Sr. Network Engineer10.0%
Sr. Programmer Analyst, SUNY ITEC10.0%
Sr. Programmer/Analyst10.0%
Sr. Project Manager10.0%
Sr. Project Manager-Advisor10.0%
Sr. Systems Administrator, IU School of Medicine10.0%
Sr. Systems Analyst10.0%
Sr. Systems Analyst/Programmer10.0%
Sr. Vice President - CIO10.0%
Sr. Vice President of Administration & Finance10.0%
Sr. Vice President, Analytics, Planning & Technolo10.0%
Sr. Vice President, Finance & Administration10.0%
Sr. Web Specialist10.0%
Stanford Software Licensing20.1%
Statewide Director of Higher Education eLearning10.0%
Strategic Advisor10.0%
Strategic Innovations Lead10.0%
Strategic IT Initiatives10.0%
Strategic Operations Manager10.0%
Strategic Planning & Consulting / University Information Technologies (UNIT)10.0%
Strategic Planning-Software Licensing10.0%
Strategic Relations Manager10.0%
Strategic Technologist10.0%
Strategy & Design Manager10.0%
Strategy & Planning Consultant, Product Manager10.0%
Student Computing10.0%
Student Network Coordinator10.0%
Sub director10.0%
Supervising Programmer Analyst10.0%
Supervisor, Data Centre10.0%
Supervisor, Network Services10.0%
Supervisor/Support Sepecialist10.0%
Support and Training Specialist10.0%
Support Manager10.0%
SVP Data & Analytics10.0%
Sys Admin20.1%
System Administrator50.1%
System Analyst20.1%
System Engineer20.1%
System specialist10.0%
System Supporter10.0%
Systems Administrator40.1%
Systems Administrator III10.0%
Systems Analyst20.1%
Systems and Network Administrator10.0%
Systems Coordinator, College of Business10.0%
Systems Engineer10.0%
Systems Engineer - IAM Lead Architect10.0%
Systems Engineer, Application Engineering10.0%
Systems Engineer/Admin10.0%
Systems Engineering Manager10.0%
Systems Manager40.1%
Systems Programmer20.1%
Systems Programmer Sr10.0%
Systems Specialist for the Kimmel School of Engineering10.0%
Systems Support Analyst10.0%
Systems/Network Administrator10.0%
Teacher/Coordinator ICT & Education10.0%
Teaching & Learning Facilities Manager, ITS10.0%
Teaching and Learning Services20.1%
Teaching and Learning Technologies Librarian10.0%
Teaching and Learning with Technology10.0%
Team Lead Engineer10.0%
Team Lead, Application Development10.0%
Team Lead, Managed IT Support Services10.0%
Team Lead, Sauder IT, Information Technology10.0%
Team Lead, User Experience, Teaching & Learning10.0%
Team Leader DITR-Plus10.0%
Team Leader of Administrative Computing Support10.0%
Tech Coordinator10.0%
Tech Fee Coordinator10.0%
Tech Support Analyst10.0%
Tech Support Analyst Associate10.0%
Tech Support Specialist10.0%
Technical Director10.0%
Technical Director of Network Operations10.0%
Technical Director, Enterprise Information Services10.0%
Technical Director, REN-ISAC10.0%
Technical Director-The Wharton School10.0%
Technical Help Desk Coordinator10.0%
Technical Lead10.0%
Technical Lead, Center for Teaching and Learning10.0%
Technical Manager, College of Arts & Sciences10.0%
Technical Product Manager, College for America10.0%
Technical Sales Engineer10.0%
Technical Services Manager10.0%
Technical Solutions Architect10.0%
Technical Specialist30.1%
Technical Support Assistant Manager10.0%
Technical Support Specialist10.0%
Technical Support Specialist & Developer10.0%
Technical Support Specialist, CA&S10.0%
Technical support Technician10.0%
Technical Writer10.0%
Technologies & Library Services Administrator10.0%
Technology Accessibility Specialist10.0%
Technology Administrator10.0%
Technology Coordinator - Computer Labs10.0%
Technology Director, ITS Support Services10.0%
Technology Manager, Academic & Collaborative Applications, UW-IT10.0%
Technology Manager, History Department10.0%
Technology Project Manager10.0%
Technology Services Director10.0%
Technology Services Manager10.0%
Technology Support Coordinator10.0%
Technology Support Mktg & Communications Manager10.0%
Technology Support Services Manager10.0%
Technology Support Specialist20.1%
Technology Training Consultant10.0%
Telecom Director10.0%
Telecommunication System Administrator10.0%
Telecommunications Administrator10.0%
Television Program Manager10.0%
Texas A&M IT Product Strategy and Communication10.0%
Training and Learning Spaces Director10.0%
Training and Support Consultant10.0%
Training Coordinator10.0%
Training Manager20.1%
Training Specialist20.1%
Training Specialist III10.0%
U.S. History and African American Studies Librarian10.0%
United States Chief Technology Officer10.0%
Univeristy Director ERP Training10.0%
University Chief Information Officer10.0%
University Dean for Libraries and Information Resources10.0%
University Director of Academic Technology10.0%
University Director, OIT Enterprise Application Services10.0%
University Librarian80.2%
University President10.0%
University Privacy Officer10.0%
University Staff10.0%
University VP and CIO10.0%
UNM HSC Privacy Officer10.0%
User Support Analyst10.0%
User Support Manager10.0%
V. P. of Information Technology / CIO10.0%
V.P. of Info Tech10.0%
VC Administrative Services10.0%
Vendor Relations / Management10.0%
Vice Chairman of Pearson U.S. Higher Ed and CEO of Pearson Learning Solutions10.0%
Vice Chancellor & CIO10.0%
Vice Chancellor & CIO, Division of Information Technology10.0%
Vice Chancellor (Interim)10.0%
Vice Chancellor / Chief Information Officer10.0%
Vice Chancellor / CIO10.0%
Vice Chancellor for Facilities, Planning & Infomration Technology10.0%
Vice Chancellor for Information Services10.0%
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology10.0%
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & CIO10.0%
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO20.1%
Vice Chancellor of Information Technology and CIO10.0%
Vice Chancellor of Technology & CTO10.0%
Vice Chancellor, Education and Technology10.0%
Vice Chancellor/CIO10.0%
Vice Dean10.0%
Vice President40.1%
Vice President & Chief Information Officer30.1%
Vice President & CIO30.1%
Vice President Academic10.0%
Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer10.0%
Vice President and Chief Information Officer20.1%
Vice President and CIO40.1%
Vice President and CIO, Information Technology10.0%
Vice President Business Development10.0%
Vice President Campus Life and Information Services10.0%
Vice President for Academic Administration10.0%
Vice President for Academic Affairs10.0%
Vice President for Academic Success & Innovation10.0%
Vice President for Administration30.1%
Vice President for Administration / Chief Information Officer10.0%
Vice President for Administration and Chief Business Officer10.0%
Vice President for Administration and Finance10.0%
Vice President for College Advancement and CIO10.0%
Vice President for Educational Technology & Distance Learning10.0%
Vice President for Enrollment Management10.0%
Vice President for Global Technology10.0%
Vice President for Information Resources & CIO10.0%
Vice President for Information Services20.1%
Vice President for Information Services and Assessment10.0%
Vice President for Information Services and CIO30.1%
Vice President for Information Services and Librarian of the College10.0%
Vice President for Information Technology60.2%
Vice President for Information Technology & CIO20.1%
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO40.1%
Vice President for Information Technology Services40.1%
Vice President for Information Technology-CIO Emerita10.0%
Vice President for Integrated Technology Services10.0%
Vice President for IT10.0%
Vice President for IT & Chief Information Officer10.0%
Vice President for IT and Associate Provost10.0%
Vice President for IT and CIO20.1%
Vice President for IT and CIO Emeritus10.0%
Vice President for Libraries and IT10.0%
Vice President for Library & Information Technology10.0%
Vice President for Operations and CIO10.0%
Vice President for Operations, Residential Education10.0%
Vice President for Student Affairs10.0%
Vice President for Technology20.1%
Vice President for Technology & Communication10.0%
Vice President For Technology / Chief Information Officer10.0%
Vice President for Technology and CIO20.1%
Vice President for Technology and Security10.0%
Vice President Information Technology10.0%
Vice President Information Technology, Chief Infor10.0%
Vice President IT and Operations10.0%
Vice President of Business Affairs, CFO10.0%
Vice President of Corporate Communications10.0%
Vice President of Information Services & Chief Information Officer10.0%
Vice President of Information Technology20.1%
Vice President of Information Technology and CIO10.0%
Vice President of IT & Chief Information Officer10.0%
Vice President of Operations10.0%
Vice President Student Services & Planning10.0%
Vice President Technology Assessment and Planning10.0%
Vice President, Administration & Finance10.0%
Vice President, Chief Information Officer10.0%
Vice President, CIO30.1%
Vice President, Client Development10.0%
Vice President, Community Engagement10.0%
Vice President, Data, Research, and Analytics10.0%
Vice President, Global Campus10.0%
Vice President, Information and Technology Resources10.0%
Vice President, Information Services10.0%
Vice President, Information Technology10.0%
Vice President, Information Technology and Infrastructure10.0%
Vice President, Information Technology Services30.1%
Vice President, Instructional & Information Technology10.0%
Vice President, Libraries & IT10.0%
Vice President, Membership Outreach & Engagement10.0%
Vice President, Operations & Chief Information Officer10.0%
Vice President, Planning and Operation10.0%
Vice President, Research & Development10.0%
Vice President, Strategic Accounts10.0%
Vice President-Chief Information Officer10.0%
Vice President-CIO20.1%
Vice President-University Services10.0%
Vice President/Chief Information Officer10.0%
Vice President/CIO10.0%
Vice Provost20.1%
Vice Provost and CIO10.0%
Vice Provost and CIO (Retired)10.0%
Vice Provost for Distributed Learning10.0%
Vice Provost for Information Services / CIO10.0%
Vice Provost for Information Technology10.0%
Vice Provost for Information Technology-CIO20.1%
Vice Provost for IT and CIO10.0%
Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Student S10.0%
Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services10.0%
Virtual Lab Administrator10.0%
Visiting Assistant Professor10.0%
Visiting Professor of Information Systems10.0%
Visual Resources Librarian10.0%
VP & Chief Information Officer10.0%
VP & CIO20.1%
VP & CIO Media & IT10.0%
VP and Managing Director, Ed Tech Industry Network10.0%
VP Enrollment Management10.0%
VP for Information and Library Services10.0%
VP for Information and Technology Services10.0%
VP for Information Technology20.1%
VP for Information Technology & Library Services10.0%
VP for Information Technology and CIO30.1%
VP for Information Technology, CIO20.1%
VP for Information Technology-CTO10.0%
VP for IT & CIO10.0%
VP for IT & IR10.0%
VP for IT and CIO10.0%
VP for IT and CITO for NYU New York10.0%
VP for IT and Dean of University Libraries10.0%
VP Information Technology - CIO10.0%
VP Information Technology / CIO10.0%
VP Information Technology and Chief Information Officer10.0%
VP MIS10.0%
VP of Administration and CIO10.0%
VP of Business Affairs/CFO10.0%
VP of Information Systems10.0%
VP of IT & CIO20.1%
VP of IT/CIO10.0%
VP of Technology and Academic Services10.0%
VP, Business Technology10.0%
VP, CIO10.0%
VP, Information Systems & Technology10.0%
VP, Student Development & University Planning10.0%
VP-Strategic Alliances10.0%
Web & Mobile Services Manager10.0%
Web & Systems Administrator10.0%
Web Analyst10.0%
Web Application Administrator10.0%
Web Application Developer20.1%
Web Applications Developer10.0%
Web Architect / Internet Specialist10.0%
Web Coordinator10.0%
Web Designer20.1%
Web Developer50.1%
Web Director10.0%
Web Program Manager10.0%
Web Services10.0%
Web Services Project Manager10.0%
Web Strategist, CTLT10.0%
Web Support Assistant10.0%
Web Support Specialist10.0%
Welder, School of Manufacturing and Automation10.0%
Williams School Technology Coordinator10.0%