EDUCAUSE 2011 Face-to-Face Meeting Registration Counts
by Specific Job Title (includes corporate participants)

Assistant Director of IT, College of Health and Human Sciences1
A/R Staff Accountant1
Academic Associate1
Academic Computing Analyst2
Academic Dean1
Academic Dean of University of Massachusetts Cyber Security Certificate Programs1
Academic Liaison for Computing1
Academic Program Coordinator1
Academic Project Management1
Academic System Director1
Academic Tech Specialist1
Academic Technologist2
Academic Technologist, College of Pharmacy1
Academic Technology Consultant2
Academic Technology Coordinator1
Academic Technology Engineer1
Academic Technology Manager1
Academic Technology Project Leader1
Academic Technology Specialist3
Access Services Manager and Reference Librarian1
Accessibility Consultant1
Accessibility Coordinator1
Account Manager1
Accounts Payable Staff Accountant1
Acting Chief Information Security Offficer1
Acting Provost1
Adjunct Assistant Professor1
Adjunct Faculty1
Adjunct Faculty, Maritime Administration1
Adjunct Professor1
Administration Staff1
Administrative Assistant1
Administrative Assistant, Library & IT1
Administrative Dean, Technology1
Administrative Operations Officer1
Administrative Staff1
Administrator: Email Enterprise System1
Advanced Applications Outreach1
Advanced Placement Professional Development Operations1
Advisor to the President1
Analyst Programmer I1
Analyst, Emerging Technologies1
Apple Platform Administrator/ Software Manager1
Application Administrator1
Application Operations Manager1
Application Support Specialist1
Applications Administrator2
Applications Coordinator1
Applications Development Manager1
Applications Director1
Applications Manager1
Architect, Convergence & Collaborative Systems1
Architectural Planning Manager1
Area Manager2
Area Technology Operations Manager1
Arthur Thurnau Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Education1
Asistant Vice President of Technology1
Ass. Dir. Portfolio & Service Management1
Assessment & User Experience Librarian1
Assessment Coordinator1
Asset & Vendor Relations Manager1
Assist Dir Strategic Info Tech1
Assist. Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness1
Assistant Academic Dean1
Assistant Business Director, Information Technology Business Service Center1
Assistant Chief Information Officer1
Assistant Chief Technology Officer1
Assistant CIO3
Assistant CIO for Academic Technology and the Technology Directors1
Assistant CIO for Academic Technology Services1
Assistant CIO for Policy & Communications1
Assistant CIO, Academic Technology and Support Services1
Assistant CIO; Director, Network Operations1
Assistant Dean1
Assistant Dean & CIO1
Assistant Dean for Administration, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences1
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration1
Assistant Dean for I.T. & Finance, River Campus Libraries1
Assistant Dean for Instruction, Assessment and Engagement1
Assistant Dean for Instructional Support and Assessment1
Assistant Dean for IT1
Assistant Dean for Technology1
Assistant Dean of Instructional Technology and Media, Journalism School1
Assistant Dean of IT1
Assistant Dean, Digital Initiatives, Sterling C. Evans Library1
Assistant Dean, Educational Information Resources1
Assistant Dean, Learning Commons and Academic Support Services1
Assistant Dean, School of Business Admin1
Assistant Dean, Whitman School of Management1
Assistant Dean/Professor1
Assistant Dean/University Library1
Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement1
Assistant Director12
Assistant Director - ELearning Fellow1
Assistant Director - Enterprise Information Systems Services1
Assistant Director - Financial App Dev1
Assistant Director - IT Support Services1
Assistant Director - ITS1
Assistant Director - User Services1
Assistant Director and Instructional Designer1
Assistant Director Client Support Services1
Assistant Director CSU Accessible Technology Initiative1
Assistant Director Distributed Systems1
Assistant Director Enterprise Services1
Assistant Director for AIS Application Services1
Assistant Director for Learning Design, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute1
Assistant Director for Technology1
Assistant Director for Web Services1
Assistant Director Help Desk Support1
Assistant Director of Application Services1
Assistant Director of Digital Engagement1
Assistant Director of E-Learning Systems1
Assistant Director of Educational Technologies1
Assistant Director of Educational Technology1
Assistant Director of Information Services1
Assistant Director of Information Technology1
Assistant Director of Infrastructure1
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology1
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology Services1
Assistant Director of IT1
Assistant Director of IT, Abington Campus1
Assistant Director of IT, Humanities & Sciences1
Assistant Director of ITS Office of Telecommunications- Finance1
Assistant Director of Legal Resources1
Assistant Director of Operations and Budget Control1
Assistant Director of Projects and Information Security1
Assistant Director of Student Technology Support1
Assistant Director of Technology Procurement and Network Infrastructure1
Assistant Director Projects & Planning1
Assistant Director Systems2
Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center1
Assistant Director, Academic Systems Integration and Support, LITS1
Assistant Director, Academic Technologies2
Assistant Director, Academic Technologies Operations1
Assistant Director, Academic Technology1
Assistant Director, Application Development1
Assistant Director, Application Services1
Assistant Director, CFAIT, College of Fine Arts1
Assistant Director, Computer Services1
Assistant Director, DRC Development1
Assistant Director, Information Security1
Assistant Director, Infrastructure Services1
Assistant Director, Office of Educational Technology1
Assistant Director, PMO1
Assistant Director, Project Management Office2
Assistant Director, Security Standards and Compliance1
Assistant Director, Technical Services1
Assistant Director, Training and Asssessment1
Assistant Director, Web Development1
Assistant Directory for Information Technology, MBA1
Assistant Head, Centre for Learning and Teaching1
Assistant IT Director1
Assistant IT Director, Web-Business Systems1
Assistant Manager1
Assistant Manager of Technology Support Services1
Assistant Manager, Academic Computing Services, HSB1
Assistant Manager, Information Systems1
Assistant Managing Director1
Assistant Managing Director of IT Help Central1
Assistant Professor12
Assistant Professor of Chemistry1
Assistant Professor of Education1
Assistant Professor, Information Technology1
Assistant Professor, Office Information Technologies1
Assistant Professor/Assistant Coordinator, Center for Distance Learning1
Assistant Provost for Learning Initiatives & Associate Professor of Management1
Assistant Provost for Online Learning1
Assistant Provost for Operations1
Assistant Provost for Technology1
Assistant Teaching Professor1
Assistant to the CIO - Administration & Finance1
Assistant to the NDUS CIO, Core Technology Services1
Assistant to the Vice President of Information Technology1
Assistant Vice Chancellor2
Assistant Vice Chancellor - University Technology Services1
Assistant Vice Chancellor and CIO1
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Deputy CIO1
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Information Systems and Deputy CIO1
Assistant Vice Chancellor of IT-CIO1
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Technology Services1
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Client Engagement1
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enterprise Services Operations1
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Chief Strategy Officer1
Assistant Vice President6
Assistant Vice President - CIO1
Assistant Vice President - IT1
Assistant Vice President for Curriculum and Instruction1
Assistant Vice President for Information Resources1
Assistant Vice President for Information Technology/Deputy CIO1
Assistant Vice President for IT1
Assistant Vice President for Technology and CIO1
Assistant Vice President of Information Technology and Deputy CIO1
Assistant Vice President, Client Support Services1
Assistant Vice President, Customer Service & Support - UW Information Technology1
Assistant Vice President, DivIT and Executive Director, MAX1
Assistant Vice President, Enterprise Operations1
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources1
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology/CIO1
Assistant Vice President, IT Customer Service & Support1
Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Membership1
Assistant Vice President, Network and System Services1
Assistant Vice President, Portfolio and Process Management1
Assistant Vice President, Project Management Office1
Assistant Vice President, Telecommunications, Media Support and User Services1
Assistant Vice President-CIO1
Assistant Vice Provost1
Assistant Vice-President, Information Technology1
Assistant VP1
Assistant VP for Academic and Instructional Technologies1
Assistant VP for Technology Services1
Assistant VP, Information Technology1
Assistant VP/IT1
Assitant Director Instructional Technology1
Assoc Dir of Communicatons and Computing, College of Engineering1
Assoc Dir Systems1
Assoc Director Computing & Communications1
Assoc Director of Enterprise Systems1
Assoc Director of Information Technology1
Assoc Prof of Art1
Assoc Provost for Computing & Communications, Retired1
Assoc VC and CIO1
Assoc Vice President of UC IT1
Assoc Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness & Chief Data Officer1
Assoc Vice Provost for Learning Technologies & DoIT Dir of Academic Technology1
Assoc VP Engagement1
Assoc VP for Academic Affairs & CIO1
Assoc. Dean for IT & Senior Lecturer1
Assoc. Dean, Academic Affairs; Ed Tech Liaison, Liberal Studies1
Assoc. Dir., OIR1
Assoc. Director of IT & Information Security Officer1
Assoc. Director, Programming and Design Group1
Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Communication1
Assoc. Provost for Info. Serv. & Tech. and CIO1
Assoc. Provost for Information Resources1
Assoc. Vice Chancellor and CIO1
Assoc. Vice President1
Assoc. Vice Provost for Educational Technology1
Assoc. Vice Provost for Learning Sciences1
Assoc. Vice Provost for Online Education1
Assoc. VP for Distance Education, Director of NU Online Worldwide1
Associate Chief Information Officer4
Associate Chief Information Officer, Office of Inf1
Associate CIO9
Associate CIO / Director, Teaching Learning and Technology center1
Associate CIO and Director, Enterprise Application Systems1
Associate CIO for Academic Technology1
Associate CIO for Academic Technology Services1
Associate CIO for Technology Infrastructure, Information Services1
Associate CIO ITS1
Associate CIO, Academic and Client services1
Associate CIO, Academic Engagement1
Associate CIO, Project & Technology Consulting Office1
Associate CIO, Research Computing1
Associate CIO, Student and Chief Technology Officer1
Associate CIO-Director of NeSIS1
Associate CITO1
Associate Counsel1
Associate Counsel, Office of General Counsel1
Associate Dean5
Associate Dean & CIO, Law1
Associate Dean for Digital Strategies and Services1
Associate Dean for Information Technology2
Associate Dean for Libraries-Deputy Director Data1
Associate Dean for Library Services and Collections1
Associate Dean for Media and Digital Strategies1
Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning1
Associate Dean of Admissions for Technology and Operations1
Associate Dean of Curriculum Design and Assessment1
Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning and Technology1
Associate Dean of Technology & Information Services1
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies & UOnline Director1
Associate Dean Technology Management1
Associate Dean, AUC Library1
Associate Dean, Digital Learning1
Associate Dean, Distance Learning1
Associate Dean, Fox School of Business1
Associate Dean, Libraries IT1
Associate Dean, Library Technology Planning and Policy1
Associate Dean, Program Development & Quality Assurance1
Associate Director13
Associate Director - Academic Technology1
Associate Director - Office of Information Technology1
Associate Director and Network Operations Director1
Associate Director Enterprise Systems2
Associate Director for Analytics and Reporting, UI1
Associate Director for Information Security and Compliance1
Associate Director for Information Technology1
Associate Director for Instructional Resources1
Associate Director for Learning Services1
Associate Director for Operations1
Associate Director for Policy, Planning, and Analysis1
Associate Director for Public Services1
Associate Director for Service Delivery and Technology Services1
Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives1
Associate Director for the Library1
Associate Director for Training & Online Learning1
Associate Director for User and Infrastructure Services1
Associate Director Information Systems and Security1
Associate Director ITS1
Associate Director Network Systems1
Associate Director of Academic Technology1
Associate Director of Administrative Applications1
Associate Director of Administrative Systems2
Associate Director of Core Services1
Associate Director of eLearning & Academic Technologies1
Associate Director of Enterprise Services1
Associate Director of HR Information Technology1
Associate Director of Information Technology1
Associate Director of Instructional Technology1
Associate Director of IT Services1
Associate Director of Purchasing1
Associate Director of Technical Services1
Associate Director of Technology1
Associate Director of Technology Strategy and Digital Initiatives1
Associate Director Servers & Storage1
Associate Director, Academic Technology1
Associate Director, Academic Technology Services1
Associate Director, Applications & Network Operations1
Associate Director, Center for Innovation1
Associate Director, Center for New Media Teaching and Learning1
Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning1
Associate Director, Client Services1
Associate Director, Client Support and Communication1
Associate Director, Course & Learning Technologies1
Associate Director, Database & Software Development, Stern School fo Business1
Associate Director, Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support1
Associate Director, Douglas & Judith Krupp Library1
Associate Director, Educational Technologies1
Associate Director, Educational Technology1
Associate Director, eEducation Centre1
Associate Director, Enabling Technologies1
Associate Director, Enterprise Application Services, Student Services1
Associate Director, Enterprise Middleware and Database Management1
Associate Director, Enterprise Projects1
Associate Director, Enterprise Systems1
Associate Director, Enterprise Systems and Programming1
Associate Director, Implementation and Business Process Improvement1
Associate Director, Information Technologies & Services Dept1
Associate Director, Instructional Technology1
Associate Director, ISC Network Operations1
Associate Director, IT Business & Service1
Associate Director, IT Portfolios & Campus Engagement1
Associate Director, IT Process Improvement & Education1
Associate Director, IT Services1
Associate Director, ITMS1
Associate Director, Multimedia1
Associate Director, Network and Monitoring Services1
Associate Director, Network Engineering and Services1
Associate Director, Online Strategy1
Associate Director, PMO2
Associate Director, Professional Development Content1
Associate Director, Project Management1
Associate Director, RITE1
Associate Director, Student & Academic Services1
Associate Director, Technical Services2
Associate Director, Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute1
Associate Director-User Support Services1
Associate Editor1
Associate Exec Director, Policy & Planning1
Associate Executive Director2
Associate Executive Director, Student Academic & Advisement services1
Associate General Counsel1
Associate Market Research Manager1
Associate Prof. of English & Special Assistant to the Provost1
Associate Professor19
Associate Professor - Director of Academic Computing1
Associate Professor / Director of Educational Innovation1
Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Education1
Associate Professor Communication1
Associate Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering1
Associate Professor of Chemistry1
Associate Professor of English1
Associate Professor of Law and Public Affairs1
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice1
Associate Professor of Practice1
Associate Professor, Computer Engineering Department1
Associate Professor, IS1
Associate Professor, Learning Technologies Librarian1
Associate Professor, Politics1
Associate Professor, Research Institute for Information Technology1
Associate Provost1
Associate Provost & CIO1
Associate Provost - Chief Information Officer1
Associate Provost and CIO3
Associate Provost and Director of Libraries1
Associate Provost for Civic Engagement1
Associate Provost for Library and Information Technology and CIO1
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies1
Associate Provost of Educational Technology and Innovation1
Associate Provost, Academic and IT1
Associate Provost, IT1
Associate Registrar3
Associate University Librarian2
Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies1
Associate Vice Chancellor2
Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO1
Associate Vice Chancellor & Deputy CIO1
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer1
Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO1
Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO1
Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Resources1
Associate Vice President3
Associate Vice President & CIO2
Associate Vice President - C&CS1
Associate Vice President - ITS1
Associate Vice President and Director of PMO1
Associate Vice President and Interim Head of IT1
Associate Vice President for Academic Technologies1
Associate Vice President for Administrative Technologies and Chief Technology Of1
Associate Vice President for Curriculum and Instructional Technology1
Associate Vice President for Digital Innovation1
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Operations1
Associate Vice President for Enterprise Services1
Associate Vice President for Enterprise Systems1
Associate Vice President for Financial Administration1
Associate Vice President for Info Technology1
Associate Vice President for Information Technology1
Associate Vice President for IT & CIO2
Associate Vice President for IT - Academic Technology1
Associate Vice President for IT Projects & Portfolio Management1
Associate Vice President for Technology & Operations1
Associate Vice President Infrastructure and Support Services1
Associate Vice President of Academic Technology1
Associate Vice President of Information Support1
Associate Vice President of Information Technology / Chief Information Officer1
Associate Vice President Public Safety and Institutional Assurance1
Associate Vice President, Academic Computing Resources1
Associate Vice President, Analytics and Institutional Research1
Associate Vice President, Chief Information Officer1
Associate Vice President, Community Engagement1
Associate Vice President, Computer Services1
Associate Vice President, Distributed Learning1
Associate Vice President, Enterprise Services1
Associate Vice President, Enterprise Systems1
Associate Vice President, Info Tech1
Associate Vice President, Information Technology1
Associate Vice President, IS&T1
Associate Vice President, IT2
Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies, and Dean for IT1
Associate Vice President, Process Improvement and College-wide Initiatives1
Associate Vice President, Technology and Library Services and Dean of Library1
Associate Vice Provost2
Associate Vice Provost & Deputy CIO1
Associate Vice Provost for Systems and Resources1
Associate Vice-President - ITS1
Associate VP1
Associate VP & Deputy Chief Information Officer1
Associate VP & Deputy CIO1
Associate VP - CIO1
Associate VP and Deputy CIO1
Associate VP Computer Science and CISO1
Associate VP for Information Technology Services1
Associate VP for IT-Deputy CIO1
Associate VP for Learning & Information Technology1
Associate VP for Technology1
Associate VP for Technology and CTO1
Associate VP Information Technology Services1
Associate VP of Instructional Technology - Academic Computing1
Associate VP OIT1
Associate VP, Admin Systems1
Associate VP, Computing & Technology Services1
Associate VP, Core Technology Infrastructure1
Associated Professor1
Asst Provost for Faculty Affairs1
Asst Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer1
Asst Vice President for Information Systems Services1
Asst. Dir., Telecom Systems Dept1
Asst. Director for Communications & Training1
Asst. Director of Campus Technology Support- Solutions Architect1
Asst. Director of IT, Psychology1
Asst. Director of User Support & Learning Technology Services1
Asst. Vice Chancellor and CIO2
Asst. Vice Chancellor and Deputy CIO1
Asst. Vice Chancellor, Finance IT1
Asst. Vice President - ITS Client Services1
Asst. Vice President Continuing Education1
Asst. Vice-President, Enterprise Technology Services1
Asst. VP for Information Technology1
Asst. VP for Strategic Communications1
Asst. VP UCIT1
Asst. Web Manager/Network Sys. Engineer1
Audio Visual Coordinator1
AVC - Enterprise Applications1
AVP & Chief Information Security Officer1
AVP - Strategic Initiatives, CIO1
AVP Academic - Educational Excellence1
AVP and Assistant CIO1
AVP and Chief Enterprise Architect1
AVP and Deputy CIO1
AVP Digital Education and Engagement1
AVP for Information Operations1
AVP for Information Security, Policy & Records (Retired)1
AVP for IT and CIO1
AVP for Technology / CIO1
AVP Information Technology and Chief Information Officer1
AVP Information Technology, CIO1
AVP New Business Ventures1
AVP of IT, Director of Administrative Computing1
AVP of Technology and Online Learning1
AVP Office of Technology, CTO1
AVP Science & Research Infrastructure, AVP IT Ops1
AVP Technology Services and Information Systems1
AVP, Core Enterprise Systems, IRT1
AVP, Information Services1
AVP, Information Technology1
AVP, Instructional Technology2
AVP, Planning and Strategic Initiatives1
AVP, Technology Services1
AVP, Trust and Identity1
AVP-IT Operations1
Biology Instructor1
Blackboard Specialist1
Blackboard System Manager1
Bursar and CAO, Victoria University1
Business & Operations Manager1
Business Analyst4
Business Architect1
Business Area Manager1
Business Developer1
Business Development Associate1
Business Development Manager1
Business Engagement1
Business Information manager1
Business Manager2
Business Manager, Faculty of Arts1
Business Manager, Information Technology Services, Business Administration1
Business Officer, Information Technology1
Business Process Consultant1
Business Relationship Director2
Business Systems Analyst1
Business Systems Trainer1
Campus Auxiliary Liaison1
Campus Projectcoordinator1
Campus Technology Officer1
Campus Technology Services Manager1
Capital Projects Manager1
CEO & Library Director1
CEO and Founder1
CEO Innovative Education & System VP Information Technology, CIO1
CEO/ Co-Founder1
CFO/Associate Dean for Finance and IT1
Chairman and CEO1
Change Management Director1
Chief Architect1
Chief Consultant1
Chief Digital Officer and Associate Vice President, .edu Services1
Chief Director: Information Technology1
Chief Executive Officer3
Chief Infomation Officer1
Chief Information Officer125
Chief Information Officer & Director, CIT1
Chief Information Officer (Library & IT)1
Chief Information Officer - College of Engineering1
Chief Information Officer and Adjunct Professor1
Chief Information Officer and Vice Chancellor for IT1
Chief Information Officer and Vice President for IT1
Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives1
Chief Information Officer, Berks Campus1
Chief Information Officer, Comprehensive Cancer Center1
Chief Information Officer, Information Technology1
Chief Information Officer, Medical School1
Chief Information Officer-Vice President1
Chief Information Security Officer5
Chief Information Technology Officer5
Chief Innovation Officer1
Chief Instructional Technology Officer and Deputy CITO/CGTO1
Chief Learning Officer2
Chief of Administrative Affairs, Office of the President1
Chief of Staff1
Chief Operating Officer1
Chief Operating Officer, Clinical and Translational Science Institute1
Chief Policy Analyst1
Chief Research Officer3
Chief Service Manager1
Chief Services Officer & Deputy CITO/CGTO1
Chief Strategy Officer1
Chief System Architect1
Chief Technologist and PM - Common Education Data Standards1
Chief Technology Officer28
Chief Technology Officer, McDonough School of Business1
Chief Technology Officer-Law School1
Chief Technology Operations Officer1
Chief, IT1
CIO & Assoc VP Information Technologies1
CIO & Associate Vice-Principal (ITS)1
CIO & AVP, Business Services1
CIO & Dean of Information Technology1
CIO & Executive Director of LITS1
CIO & Library Dir-Sch of Education, Asst Vice Provost for IT Relations1
CIO & VP of Information Resources and Technology1
CIO & VP, Information Technology & Research Servic1
CIO - Director of Information Services1
CIO - The Wharton School1
CIO - Virtual University - TEC de Monterrey1
CIO / Head of ICT Division1
CIO and Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology1
CIO and Associate Vice President1
CIO and AVP of IT1
CIO and AVP of Technology1
CIO and Director, Information Systems & Technology1
CIO and Vice President for Information Technologie1
CIO and Vice Provost1
CIO and Vice Provost for IET1
CIO Liaison/Enterprise Architect1
CIO NYU College of Dentistry1
CIO SFS Qatar (retired)1
CIO, Assoc VP of Clinical Affairs IT1
CIO, AVP of I.T. Services1
CIO, College of Arts and Sciences1
CIO, College of Liberal Arts1
CIO, Emeritus1
CIO, Exec. Dir. Information Systems1
CIO, Executive Vice President1
CIO, Information Technology1
CIO, Learning Technologies Center, Graduate School of Education1
CIO, Professor, Director-General of IIMC1
CIO, USF Polytechnic1
CIO, VP-Technology1
CIO-Associate Vice President1
CIO-AVP Technology Services1
CIO-Director of IT1
CIO-Director, Institutional Computing1
CIO-Vice President1
CIO/AVP Information Technology1
CIO/Director of Information & Educational Technologies1
CIO/Director of OIS1
CIO/IT Director1
CIO/VP of IT & President Online1
CIS Faculty1
Classroom Technology Analyst1
Client Account Manager1
Client Relationship Manager1
Client Services1
Client Services Manager2
Clinical Associate Professor MD1
Clinical Professor1
Co-Director, Business Intelligence1
Co-ordinator education and IT1
Collaboration Systems Specialist1
College Librarian1
College Technology Director1
College Technology Manager1
College Technology Specialist1
Communication Specialist1
Communications Coordinator1
Communications Director2
Communications Manager3
Communications Network Specialist1
Communications Officer2
Community Manager1
Computer Labs Manager1
Computer Manager1
Computer Specialist1
Computer Support Specialist1
Computer Support Technician1
Computer Tech1
Computer Trainer - Adjunct Professor1
Connected Learning Technologist1
Consultant E-learning1
Consultant IT & Education1
Consultant, ECAR1
Continuing Education Coordinator1
Contracts Administrator, Business Process Management1
COO - EdPlus1
COO/CIO, Japan campus1
Coord., Computer Services and Laboratories1
Coordinator Distance Education1
Coordinator for Academic Technology Initiatives1
Coordinator for Instructional Technology1
Coordinator for Tutoring and Testing1
Coordinator Instructional Design and Faculty Support1
Coordinator of Academic Computing and Instructional Designer1
Coordinator of Audio Visual Resources1
Coordinator of Classroom Technology2
Coordinator of Library Technology1
Coordinator of Library Technology Services1
Coordinator of Technology Training1
Coordinator, Computing Center at Cox Hall1
Coordinator, Distance Learning & Instructional Media Services1
Coordinator, Info. Acq. and Delivery and Head, Tech. Services1
Coordinator, Strategic Systems1
Coordinator, User Services1
Copyright and Digital Content Specialist1
Corporate Relations Coordinator1
Course Design Specialist1
Course Designer-Online Support1
CRAi Manager1
CSO for Student Affairs IT1
ctcLink Project Director1
CTO, Associate Vice President1
CTO, Library Technologies1
Customer Support Manager1
Data Architect1
Data Architect & Applications Developer1
Data Privacy Administrator1
Database Administrator1
Database Developer & Reports Designer1
Dean & Prof.1
Dean - Learning Support Services1
Dean and Director of the Library1
Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science1
Dean Flexible Learning Options and Academic Technology1
Dean for Information Technology & Services1
Dean Humanities & Social Sciences1
Dean of Academic Records and Institutional Research1
Dean of Academic Technology2
Dean of Academic Technology and Learning Support1
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid1
Dean of Distance Learning and Technology1
Dean of Graduate Studies1
Dean of Information Technology & CIO1
Dean of Instructional Resources1
Dean of Learning and Technology Resources1
Dean of Libraries5
Dean of Libraries & Center for Creative Photography1
Dean of Libraries and Learning Technologies1
Dean of Libraries, and Professor, College of Computing & Informatics1
Dean of Libraries; Vice Provost for Digital Educat1
Dean of Library Services1
Dean of School of Business and Tech Mgt1
Dean of School of Compuer Science1
Dean of Science1
Dean of Technology1
Dean of the Library2
Dean of the University Library1
Dean of University Libraries2
Dean, Academic Administration & Services1
Dean, Academic Strategic Planning & Development1
Dean, Administration and Finance1
Dean, College of Business1
Dean, Learning Resources and Online Learning1
Dean, Library & Academic Support1
Dean, Online and Distributed Learning1
Dean, School of Business & Technology1
Dean, University Libraries and Teaching/Learning Technologies1
Dean, University Library1
Dean, Zach S. Henderson Library1
Demand manager Education Solutions1
Department Chair1
Department Chair, Information Technology1
Department Head of Computer Science1
Departmental Support Manager1
Dept. Head, Liaison, Instruction, & Reference Services1
Deputy Chief Academic Technology Officer1
Deputy Chief Information Officer5
Deputy Chief Information Officer and Dean1
Deputy Chief Technology Officer2
Deputy CIO10
Deputy CIO & Associate Chief Librarian1
Deputy CIO & AVP for Strategic Initiatives & Portfolio Management1
Deputy CIO & AVP, Information Technology1
Deputy CIO & CTO1
Deputy CIO & Director, Technical Services1
Deputy CIO & Executive Dir, Technology Systems Division1
Deputy CIO - IT Service Delivery1
Deputy CIO and Associate Director, CCS1
Deputy CIO and Executive Director, UIS1
Deputy CIO at the Information System Department - Head of the ICET Unit1
Deputy CIO for Academic Technology1
Deputy CIO for Information Security & Risk1
Deputy CIO, Dir of Adm. Applications1
Deputy CIO, IT Services1
Deputy CTO & AVP for Information Technology Infrastructure1
Deputy Director and Head of Project Services1
Deputy Director for Cybersecurity1
Deputy Director IT Services1
Deputy Director, Education, Postsecondary Success1
Deputy Director, Educational Technology and Publishing Unit1
Deputy Director, FITW, JUICE Program1
Deputy Director, IETD1
Deputy Director, IT Services1
Deputy Director, Next Generation Learning Challenge1
Deputy Division Manager1
Deputy Exective Director / CIO1
Deputy Executive Director, TLOS1
Deputy Vice Chancellor: Operations1
Deputy Vice President for Education / Director & Professor, CPEHE1
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Services) and Chief Information Officer1
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Innovation & Technology1
Desktop Engineer1
Development and Project Manager1
DIGC Manager1
Digital Scholarship and Services Librarian1
Digital Systems Librarian1
Digital Technologies Librarian1
Dir Info Technology & Services1
Dir Networking & IT Security1
Dir, Instructional Design and Development & D2L Administrator1
Dir. Admin Systems1
Dir. Applications Development1
Dir. Enterprise Infrastructure and Support1
Dir. Strategic Information Tech1
Dir., Educational Technology1
Dir., Network Services & Senior Systems Programmer1
Directeur Technologie et Pedagogie1
Director - Academic Technologies1
Director - Computer Services1
Director - Core Technologies1
Director - Enterprise Systems2
Director - Information Technology and Informatics/Assistant Teaching Professor1
Director - Infrastructure Services1
Director - IT1
Director - IT Customer Support1
Director - Learning & Research Information Systems1
Director - Network Services1
Director - Simulation and Technologies1
Director - Teaching and Learning Technologies1
Director - Technology Support Center1
Director - UT System Shared Applications1
Director - WebLion1
Director / Computing Resources Dept1
Director Academic Computing1
Director Academic Technologies1
Director Admin Information Systems1
Director Administrative Application Services1
Director Administrative Technology Services1
Director Application Services1
Director Applications Systems Development1
Director Applied Information Technology1
Director Arts ISIT1
Director Center for Teaching and Learning & Scott Memorial Library1
Director CIS1
Director Client Care and Provider Services, ISC Client Services1
Director College Administration Support Training1
Director Computer & Network Services1
Director Corporate Inofrmation and Computing Services1
Director de Servicios y Recursos de Información1
Director de Sistemas1
Director Desarrollo Academico1
Director Education Technology and Interactive Media1
Director eLearning1
Director End User Svc Improvements1
Director Enterprise Applications1
Director Enterprise Information Systems1
Director Escuela Informatica y Telecomunicaciones1
Director Faculty & Student Computing1
Director Financial Aid & Scholarships1
Director Financial and Business Systems1
Director for Application Services1
Director for Identity Services1
Director for Instructional Design and Training1
Director for IT, Student Affairs1
Director for Strategic Initiatives in Technology1
Director for Teaching, Learning, & Technology1
Director for the Center for Creative Instruction & Technology1
Director for User Services1
Director for User Services / Instructional Technologies1
Director Info Technology1
Director Information Security/Special Initiatives1
Director Information Systems1
Director Information Technology2
Director Information Technology Services1
Director Institutional Research2
Director Instructional Media Services1
Director Instructional Support & Technology Training1
Director Instructional Technology1
Director Instructional Technology & Distributed Le1
Director IS&T Appl. Architecture1
Director ISO1
Director IT Consulting and Support1
Director IT Operations1
Director IT Services2
Director IT Strategic Planning/Portfolio Mgmt & Marketing1
Director IT, Faculty of Engineering1
Director ITS2
Director ITS Operations1
Director MIS1
Director Mobile Communication1
Director Network Engineering & Telecommunications1
Director of Acad. and Inst. Technology1
Director of Academic Computing3
Director of Academic Computing and End User Servic1
Director of Academic Engagement and IT Governance1
Director of Academic Fellowship Program1
Director of Academic Information Services1
Director of Academic Operations1
Director of Academic Outreach, Office of Informati1
Director of Academic Services2
Director of Academic Technologies3
Director of Academic Technologies and Training1
Director of Academic Technology6
Director of Academic Technology Services3
Director of Academic Technology, College of Libera1
Director of Administration1
Director of Administrative Computing2
Director of Administrative Information Services1
Director of Administrative Information Systems1
Director of Administrative Systems2
Director of Administrative Technology Services1
Director of Analytics Infrastructure1
Director of Analytics Services1
Director of Applications2
Director of Applications, Information Technologies1
Director of Assessment and Academic Technology1
Director of Budget, Planning and Telecommunications1
Director of Business Analytics1
Director of Business Relations, Application Solutions Group1
Director of Business Support Services (IS&T)1
Director of Campus Information and Analysis1
Director of Campus IT Partner Relationships and Development1
Director of Campus Systems1
Director of Campus Technology Services1
Director of Classroom Technology1
Director of Client Relations1
Director of Client Services6
Director of Client Services and IT Procurement1
Director of Client Services, Electronic Library1
Director of Client Support1
Director of Client Support Services1
Director of College Information Systems1
Director of College Software1
Director of Commonwealth Campus Libraries1
Director of Communications & Special Projects, Academic Technologies1
Director of Computer & Network Services1
Director of Computer and Communications Services1
Director of Computer Center1
Director of Computer Policy & Security1
Director of Computer Services and operations1
Director of Computing Infrastructure Services1
Director of Computing Services1
Director of Computing Services - Metro1
Director of Computing Services, CIO1
Director of Computing Services, Heinz College1
Director of Customer Experience1
Director of Design Practice1
Director of Digital Learning1
Director of Digital Learning & Program Development1
Director of Digital Learning Design & Analytics1
Director of Digital Learning Initiatives1
Director of Digital Media and Pedagogy1
Director of Distance Education1
Director of Distance Learning4
Director of E-communication Services1
Director of E-Learning2
Director of Early College Second Life Program1
Director of Ed Tech, Distance Learning, & Information Services1
Director of Education1
Director of Education and Assessment-School of Pharmacy1
Director of Education Technology1
Director of Education Technology Services1
Director of Education/Information Technology1
Director of Educational Design and Technology1
Director of Educational Experience1
Director of Educational Media Technologies1
Director of Educational Research and Lecturer in Educational Studies1
Director of Educational Technology2
Director of Educational Technology and Distance Learning1
Director of Educational Technology and Support Services1
Director of Educational Technology Services1
Director of eLearning1
Director of eLearning & Instructional Technology1
Director of eLearning and Academic Computing1
Director of Enrollment Communications1
Director of Enterprise Application Services2
Director of Enterprise Applications5
Director of Enterprise Applications, Integration & Administration (EAIA)1
Director of Enterprise Business Systems1
Director of Enterprise Information Systems2
Director of Enterprise Infrastructure Services1
Director of Enterprise IT Programs1
Director of Enterprise Programming and Integration1
Director of Enterprise System Services1
Director of Enterprise Systems5
Director of Enterprise Systems and Services1
Director of Enterprise Technology1
Director of Faculty Development1
Director of Faculty Engagement1
Director of Finance & Administration1
Director of Finance & Operations1
Director of Fiscal & Business Operations1
Director of Global Learning1
Director of HelpDesk and Training1
Director of Identity Management Services1
Director of Informatics and Computing Services1
Director of Information and Technology Services1
Director of Information Literacy & Instructional Technology1
Director of Information Security1
Director of Information Security and Administration1
Director of Information Services2
Director of Information Services and Instructional Technology1
Director of Information Systems6
Director of Information Systems Services1
Director of Information Systems, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences1
Director of Information Technologies1
Director of Information Technology21
Director of Information Technology - College of Business1
Director of Information Technology and Strategic Initiatives1
Director of Information Technology Resources1
Director of Information Technology Services7
Director of Information Technology Services-CIO1
Director of Information Technology, Columbian College1
Director of Infrastructure and Enterprise Services1
Director of Infrastructure Services and Network Se1
Director of Infrastructure Systems1
Director of Infrastructure Technology1
Director of Innovation Consulting1
Director of Institutional Effectiveness1
Director of Institutional Planning1
Director of Institutional Sales1
Director of Instructional & Emerging Technologies1
Director of Instructional & Research Services1
Director of Instructional Design & Technologies1
Director of Instructional Services1
Director of Instructional Support1
Director of Instructional Support & Library Services, College of Engineering1
Director of Instructional Technical Services1
Director of Instructional Technology8
Director of Instructional Technology & Training1
Director of Instructional Technology Management Program1
Director of Instructional Technology Services1
Director of Instructional Technology, School of Medicine1
Director of Instructional Transformation1
Director of Integrated Information Systems/CIO1
Director of Internet Services1
Director of IS1
Director of IT7
Director of IT & CIO1
Director of IT Client Services1
Director of IT Development Services1
Director of IT Enterprise Solutions1
Director of IT Finance1
Director of IT Infrastructure1
Director of IT Instructional Services1
Director of IT Management Systems1
Director of IT Operations1
Director of IT Risk Management1
Director of IT Security2
Director of IT Services2
Director of IT Services, Deputy CIO1
Director of IT Strategy1
Director of IT Support Services3
Director of IT, College of Education1
Director of IT, College of Science1
Director of IT, Mendoza College of Business1
Director of IT, Yerkes National Primate Research Center1
Director of IT/Program Coordinator, School of Graduate and Professional Studies1
Director of ITS1
Director of ITS, Infrastructure and Programming1
Director of Learning and Literacy Assessment1
Director of Learning and Teaching Services, FAS Libraries, Harvard University1
Director of Learning Initiatives1
Director of Learning Technologies1
Director of Learning Technologies and the Center for Instruction & Technology1
Director of Learning Technology1
Director of Learning Technology Services1
Director of Liberal Arts IT1
Director of Libraries2
Director of Library1
Director of Library & Information Technology1
Director of Library Academic Partnerships1
Director of Library Services3
Director of Library Technologies1
Director of Management Systems & Planning1
Director of Media Services1
Director of Microcomputer Support1
Director of Mobile and Web Strategy, Education & Research1
Director of Multimedia & Classroom Support1
Director of Network & Operations Services1
Director of Network and Telecommunications1
Director of Network Infrastructure & Systems1
Director of Network Operations2
Director of Network Services2
Director of Network Systems1
Director of Networking Services1
Director of Networking, Operations & Systems1
Director of Networks1
Director of Networks, Servers and Security1
Director of OIT1
Director of OIT Camden Computing Services1
Director of Online Academic Technology1
Director of Online and Digital Learning1
Director of Online Education3
Director of Online Learning5
Director of Online Learning and Social Media Technologies1
Director of Online Programs1
Director of Online Technology1
Director of Operations1
Director of Operations and Infrastructure1
Director of Operations, Apollo Publishing1
Director of Operations, College of Health & Human Sciences1
Director of Operations, Student and Administrative Systems1
Director of Organisational Performance & CIO1
Director of Outreach & Partner Relations1
Director of Planning & Administration1
Director of Planning and Communication1
Director of Planning and Engagement1
Director of PMO1
Director of Policy and Government Relations1
Director of Program Development1
Director of Project and Process Management1
Director of Project and Service Management1
Director of Project Development1
Director of Project Management1
Director of Project Management and Data Services, Kelley School1
Director of Public Services1
Director of Purchasing1
Director of Research Services1
Director of Research Support and Educational Technology1
Director of Server Infrastructure1
Director of Servers and Networks1
Director of Service Management and Campus Technology1
Director of Software Delivery1
Director of Software Development1
Director of Software Solutions1
Director of Special Projects2
Director of Student Life1
Director of Student Services1
Director of System Administration1
Director of Systems Administration2
Director of Systems Administration & Web Services1
Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies1
Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies1
Director of Teaching, Learning & Technology, School of Education & Human Develop1
Director of Technical & Internet Services1
Director of Technical Operations and Security1
Director of Technical Resources1
Director of Technical Services4
Director of Technical Services and Support1
Director of Technical Support1
Director of Technology5
Director of Technology - Global Campus1
Director of Technology Engineering1
Director of Technology Planning1
Director of Technology Risk & Service Management1
Director of Technology Services1
Director of Technology Support2
Director of Technology Support & Media1
Director of Technology Support & Media Services1
Director of Technology Support Services5
Director of Technology, Computational Finance1
Director of Technology, Fellow Program1
Director of Telecommunications1
Director of the Center for Language & Technology1
Director of the Doceo Center1
Director of the Library1
Director of the Teaching and Learning Collaborative1
Director of Training and Academic Technology1
Director of University IT1
Director of University Systems1
Director of User Services4
Director of User Support1
Director of User Support Services1
Director of Virtual Worlds1
Director of Web Operations1
Director of Web Services1
Director of Web-Based Education1
Director Online Instruction1
Director Open Oregon State1
Director Personal and Professional Development1
Director PMO & Lean Promotion1
Director Registar Department1
Director SEAS Computing Facility1
Director Service Management & Strategy, Middleware & Integration, ITS1
Director Systemwide Learning Technologies and Program Services1
Director Tech Support1
Director Technical Services1
Director Technology and Enterprise Systems for Academic Affairs1
Director Telecommunications and Networking1
Director Web Instructional Based Services1
Director, Academic Computing2
Director, Academic Computing & Media Services1
Director, Academic Computing Services1
Director, Academic Information Services1
Director, Academic ITS1
Director, Academic Programs and Distance Learning1
Director, Academic Software License Manager1
Director, Academic Solutions Design1
Director, Academic Tech Services1
Director, Academic Technologies3
Director, Academic Technology6
Director, Academic Technology & e-Learning1
Director, Academic Technology Services5
Director, Academy for Advanced Telecommunications and Learning Technologies1
Director, Accessible Technology Initiative1
Director, Active Technologies for Engaged Learning1
Director, Administrative Development1
Director, Administrative Information Services1
Director, Administrative Information Systems1
Director, Administrative Systems1
Director, AIS1
Director, AMICAL Consortium1
Director, Application and Database Services1
Director, Application Development and Integration1
Director, Application Services2
Director, Applications & Project Mgmt1
Director, Applications and Eduction Solutions1
Director, Applications and Integration1
Director, Applications Development1
Director, Arts & Sciences Information Analysis & Planning1
Director, Blough-Weis Library and University Librarian1
Director, Business Computing Center1
Director, Business Development1
Director, Business Services and Finance, Office of the CIO1
Director, Business Systems1
Director, Campus Computing & IT1
Director, Campus Services1
Director, Campus Technology Services1
Director, Center for Creative Instruction & Technology (CCIT)1
Director, Center for Educational Technology & Innovation (CETI)1
Director, Center for Knowledge Management1
Director, Center for Learning and Development1
Director, Center for Teaching & Learning1
Director, Centre for Open Education1
Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning1
Director, Centro de Computacao Eletronica1
Director, CHSS Emerging & Instructional Technology1
Director, CIDDE1
Director, Classroom & Lab Technologies1
Director, Client and Research Services1
Director, Client and Web Services1
Director, Client Computing & Library Services1
Director, Client Services1
Director, Client Services, Special Projects and In1
Director, Client Support1
Director, Client Support Services1
Director, Communications & Middleware Technologies1
Director, Communications Operations Services1
Director, Communications/Marketing, Office of the CIO1
Director, Community Engagement1
Director, Compliance & Policy1
Director, Computer Services1
Director, Computing & Network Services1
Director, Computing Services2
Director, Core Technologies1
Director, CSS1
Director, Data Governance1
Director, Desktop Support1
Director, Digital Initiatives1
Director, Digital Library Federation Program1
Director, Distance Education1
Director, Distance Education and Instructional Technology1
Director, Division of IT, Project & Portfolio Mgmt1
Director, e-Learning1
Director, e-Learning Academic Technology & Distributed Learning1
Director, ECE Computing Facilities1
Director, Ed Tech1
Director, Educational & Cyber Infrastructure1
Director, Educational Computing1
Director, Educational Media Services1
Director, Educational Services Operations1
Director, Educational Technologies1
Director, Educational Technologies: Center for Scholarly Technology1
Director, Educational Technology1
Director, Educational Technology and Assessment, COPH1
Director, Educational Technology Services2
Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative1
Director, ELearning R&D, DETA Center1
Director, Emerging Technologies and Research Suppo1
Director, Engineering Technology/Research1
Director, Enterprise Admin Apps1
Director, Enterprise Application Services2
Director, Enterprise Applications and Operations1
Director, Enterprise Architecture1
Director, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy1
Director, Enterprise Computing and Application Services1
Director, Enterprise Infrastructure1
Director, Enterprise Infrastructure Services1
Director, Enterprise Integration and Chief Software Architect1
Director, Enterprise Reporting & Analytics1
Director, Enterprise Solutions, ITS1
Director, Enterprise Systems3
Director, Enterprise Systems and Services1
Director, Enterprise Systems, PMO, Applications & Technology, IT Services1
Director, ERP Services1
Director, EWS1
Director, Experimental Classroom1
Director, Extension Services1
Director, Faculty Ctr for Learning1
Director, Financal Systems Services1
Director, Finance & Integrated Systems1
Director, Finance and Personnel, GSEHD1
Director, Global Program Mgmt. Office1
Director, GTS HelpDesk,Media & Classroom Tech1
Director, Health Sciences Library1
Director, Howard-Online1
Director, I&IT Systems1
Director, ICT Applications1
Director, ICT Faculty Services1
Director, Identity and Collaboration1
Director, IITS, UofT Scarborough1
Director, Independent Study1
Director, Info and Instr Technology1
Director, Information & Education Tech1
Director, Information & Research Analysis, CILSS1
Director, Information Security1
Director, Information Security and Unix Systems1
Director, Information Services3
Director, Information Systems4
Director, Information Technologies1
Director, Information Technology9
Director, Information Technology and Engineering C1
Director, Information Technology Services2
Director, Information Technology, College of Engineering1
Director, Information Technology, Faculty of Medicine1
Director, Infrastructure & Operations1
Director, Infrastructure and Operations Support1
Director, Infrastructure Services3
Director, Infrastructure Services - Research Computing1
Director, Innovation in Learning Center1
Director, InnovationSpace1
Director, Institutional Research and Application Development1
Director, Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning1
Director, Instructional Advancement and Technology1
Director, Instructional Design1
Director, Instructional Design & Technology1
Director, Instructional Innovation Services1
Director, Instructional Tech & Media Services1
Director, Instructional Technology2
Director, Instructional Technology & Learning System1
Director, Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, College of Business1
Director, Internet and Interactive Media1
Director, Iowa Community College Online Consortium1
Director, IS Technical Support1
Director, IT5
Director, IT - Client Support & Services1
Director, IT Academic Technology1
Director, IT and Platform Integration1
Director, IT Budgets and Planning1
Director, IT Compliance & Risk Management1
Director, IT Customer Support1
Director, IT Infrastructure1
Director, IT Infrastructure. Information Security Officer1
Director, IT Network Operations1
Director, IT Operations and Solutions Support1
Director, IT Planning and Administration1
Director, IT Program Management & Planning (PMO)1
Director, IT Risk and Data Integrity1
Director, IT Service Center1
Director, IT Services2
Director, IT Strategic Practices & Continuos Service Improvement1
Director, IT Strategic Sourcing and Planning1
Director, IT Strategy & Planning1
Director, IT Support1
Director, IT Support Services1
Director, IT Systems & Services1
Director, IT Training and Support Services1
Director, IT-Client Support & Services1
Director, ITS1
Director, ITS Business Operations1
Director, ITS Learning Spaces1
Director, ITS-Networking Services1
Director, ITS/Business Process & Integration1
Director, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute1
Director, Klarchek Information Commons1
Director, Learning and Teaching1
Director, Learning and Teaching Solutions1
Director, Learning Design & Technology1
Director, Learning Design and Technologies1
Director, Learning Environment Integration1
Director, Learning Innovation and Faculty Engagement1
Director, Learning Spaces1
Director, Learning Technologies Support1
Director, Learning Technology and Support Services1
Director, Learning Technology Development1
Director, Library & Information Resource Services1
Director, Library Initiatives BTAA1
Director, Library IT Production Services1
Director, Library Services1
Director, Library Technology and Digital Inititatives1
Director, Library/Academic & Instructional Innovation1
Director, LSA Information Technology1
Director, Management Information Systems2
Director, MAT1
Director, Media Services1
Director, MIS1
Director, Murphy Library1
Director, Music IT Services-Music Library1
Director, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)1
Director, National Research Data Services Project1
Director, Network & Systems1
Director, Network and Support1
Director, Network and Systems1
Director, Network and Telecommunications1
Director, Network and User Services1
Director, Network Services5
Director, Networking and Telecom1
Director, Networking and Telecommunications1
Director, Ockenga Institute1
Director, Office of Academic Computing Svcs1
Director, Office of Information Technology3
Director, Office of Institutional Data and Analytics1
Director, Office of Instruct Design & Infra, College of IST1
Director, Office of Learning Resources1
Director, Online & Distance Learning, College of Continuing Education1
Director, Online Conferences and Events1
Director, P&S C, Special Assistant to AVP1
Director, Paul J. Gutman Library1
Director, Planning, Project Management and Business Affairs1
Director, Platform Services1
Director, PMO2
Director, Policy and PMO1
Director, Professional Development1
Director, Program Management Office1
Director, Project Management1
Director, Project Management Office3
Director, Project Management Office for Technology1
Director, Project Management Office, Information T1
Director, Projects & Planning1
Director, Red McCombs School of Business1
Director, Reporting and Analytics1
Director, Research Data Center1
Director, Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) Project1
Director, RITE1
Director, Rural Information Technology Alliance1
Director, SEAS Computing Facility1
Director, Secure Enterprise Technology Initiatives1
Director, Service and Contract Management1
Director, Service Design & Development1
Director, Service Management Office1
Director, Services and Outreach1
Director, Strategic Accounts - Academic Market1
Director, Strategic Innovation1
Director, Strategic IT Projects1
Director, Strategic Learning and Teaching Innovation1
Director, Strategic Planning1
Director, Strategic Services1
Director, Student Affairs Technology1
Director, Student and Academic Support Systems1
Director, Student Applications1
Director, Student Information Systems1
Director, Student Program1
Director, Student Technology1
Director, Student Technology Collaborative1
Director, Support Services1
Director, System Support1
Director, Systems Engineering1
Director, Teaching & Learning Center1
Director, Teaching and Learning Centre1
Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies1
Director, Tech Support & Consulting1
Director, Technical Integration and Effectiveness1
Director, Technical Services1
Director, Technical Support1
Director, Technology and Building Services1
Director, Technology Learning Centers1
Director, Technology Management Services1
Director, Technology Services2
Director, Technology Support Services, OIT1
Director, The OYEZ Project1
Director, TINS1
Director, Tutoring & Learning Services1
Director, University Applications Development1
Director, University Copyright Office and Associate Professor1
Director, University Customer Support1
Director, University Information Systems1
Director, University Libraries1
Director, UNS1
Director, User & Technical Services1
Director, User Support Services2
Director, Voice and Communications Technologies1
Director, Web Services1
Director, Web Technical Services1
Director, Weill Cornell Medical Library1
Director, Wolfgram Memorial Library1
Director/ Enterprise Systems & Administration1
Director: Centre for Academic Excellence1
Director: Technical Support Services1
Diretor Adjunto Escola Superior de Redes1
Disability Accommodations Coordinator1
Distance Education1
Distance Education Coordinator1
Distance Learning Coordinator1
Distance Learning Librarian1
Distinguished Service Professor, Philosophy1
Doctor of Pharmacy Program1
Doctoral student1
Documentation Specialist1
DRES Accessible IT Group1
E-learning assistant1
e-Learning Liaison & Staff Consultant1
E-Learning Specialist2
E-Learning Technologies Specialist1
EBSP Communications Director1
ECU Online Specialist1
Editor and Manager, Publishing1
Editor in Chief1
EdTech Executive Director1
Education & Outreach Librarian1
Education Librarian1
Education Technology Support Specialist1
Educational Consultant1
Educational Delivery Specialist /BB Administrator1
Educational Technologies Manager1
Educational Technologist3
Educational Technology Consultant1
Educational Technology Librarian (Law School)1
Educational Technology Specialist - Law School1
EDUCAUSE Review Ad Sales1
eLearning Director1
eLearning Professional1
Electronic Media Coordinator1
Electronic Resources Librarian1
Email, Web Services, & Systems Development1
Emerging Technologies Librarian1
Emerging Technologies Manager1
Emerging Technology Strategist1
Emeritus Director, Information Security Services1
Emeritus Professor and Research Director, Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project1
Endowed Chair for Scholarly Communication and Professor, University Libraries1
Endpoint Developer1
Engagement Manager1
Enterprise Account Manager1
Enterprise Application Designer1
Enterprise Application Services Director1
Enterprise Applications & ERP Project Manager1
Enterprise Applications Manager1
Enterprise Architect6
Enterprise Data Architect1
Enterprise Network Infrastructure Engineer1
Enterprise Project Manager1
Enterprise Software Architect1
Enterprise Systems Manager1
ERP Project Coordinator1
ERP Technical Specialist1
EVP Finance and Administration1
Exchange Communication Specialist1
Exec Dir, Office of Strategic Management1
Exec Director of Digital Education1
Exec Director, Educational Technology1
Exec to the Dean1
Exec. Director Shared Services and Infrastructure1
Execuctive Director, Engineering Information Technology1
Executive Assistant1
Executive Assistant to the President1
Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost for Faculty Development1
Executive Assistant to Vice President, ED1
Executive Content Editor,TMG1
Executive Director18
Executive Director & CIO1
Executive Director - Client Services1
Executive Director - Information and Physical Resources1
Executive Director - Information Technology1
Executive Director - Learning Technology Services1
Executive Director - University Services1
Executive Director - User Support Services1
Executive Director -Northwest Regional Data Center1
Executive Director Academic Enterprise Application1
Executive Director and Associate Provost, TLOS1
Executive Director and CIO Information Technology Services1
Executive Director Applications Services1
Executive Director Computer Services1
Executive Director Educational Media and Technology1
Executive Director Enterprise Systems1
Executive Director for IT, Fox School of Business1
Executive Director for Student Success1
Executive Director Infrastructure/ Deputy Chief Operating Officer1
Executive Director IT1
Executive Director MDREN1
Executive Director MEEC1
Executive Director of Academic Technologies1
Executive Director of Academic Technology Services1
Executive Director of Administrative Information Services1
Executive Director of Application and Information Services1
Executive Director of Client Services1
Executive Director of Cyber Infrastructure1
Executive Director of Digital Communications Group1
Executive Director of Distance Learning1
Executive Director of Information Technology5
Executive Director of Information Technology Services1
Executive Director of Information Technology Services and CIO1
Executive Director of IT3
Executive Director of Network Operations1
Executive Director of Network, Info Security, & Telecommunications1
Executive Director of Operations1
Executive Director of Teaching, Learning and Knowledge1
Executive Director of Technical Services1
Executive Director of the Center for Learning and Innovation1
Executive Director of UTS Business Operations1
Executive Director of Web Integration1
Executive Director Online Education1
Executive Director Special Projects1
Executive Director System1
Executive Director Systems1
Executive Director Technology Services1
Executive Director, Academic and Scholarly Technol1
Executive Director, AICT1
Executive Director, and Director, User Support1
Executive Director, ATDL1
Executive Director, Business School1
Executive Director, Client Services, Information Systems & Computing1
Executive Director, College of Doctoral Studies1
Executive Director, Educational Innovation1
Executive Director, Enterprise Applications1
Executive Director, Enterprise Information Systems1
Executive Director, ETV/TTVN1
Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Technology, Steinhardt School1
Executive Director, Gallaudet Technology Services1
Executive Director, HEITBC1
Executive Director, HETGroup1
Executive Director, Information Security Office1
Executive Director, Information Technologies1
Executive Director, Information Technology3
Executive Director, Information Technology Services3
Executive Director, IT1
Executive Director, IT Help Center1
Executive Director, IT Security1
Executive Director, IT Services2
Executive Director, ITR1
Executive Director, ITS1
Executive Director, Networking and Communications1
Executive Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges1
Executive Director, Office of Information Technology Svcs1
Executive Director, Open Learning1
Executive Director, Operations Finance & Contracts1
Executive Director, Southeast Campus1
Executive Director, Student Services1
Executive Director, Systemwide IT1
Executive Director, Tech Support Services1
Executive Director, Technology Infrastructure1
Executive Director, The Office for Student Success1
Executive Director, UITS-Kokomo1
Executive Director, University Analytics & IR1
Executive Director-Professor1
Executive editor1
Executive Officer1
Executive Vice President3
Executive Vice President - AO&T1
Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer1
Facilities Manager - Biology / NSCI1
Faculty Chair, Allied Health1
Faculty IT Director1
Faculty Member1
Faculty Technology Coordinator1
Faculty Technology Liaison1
Fellow, Dept/Prog (EE)1
Finance and Budget Analyst1
Financial Affairs1
Fmr Managing Director, Research, EDUCAUSE1
Former Associate VP for Enterprise Architecture & Strategy1
Former ISO1
Former Library Director and Coordinator of Information Services1
Founder & Chief Scientist1
Founding Dean1
Founding Director1
Futurist, Executive Director & Dean, IT Leadership Academy1
General Counsel1
General Manager, ITS Student Technology Services1
General Manager, Onward State1
General Manager/Executive Producer, GMU-TV1
General Staff Accountant1
Goldstein Director of Information Processing1
Governance, Administration & Site Team Manager1
Graduate Intern-Training & Assessment1
Graduate Programs Manager1
Graduate Student1
Graduate, School of Library and Information Science1
Graphic Designer1
Group Chief Learning Officer1
Group Leader1
Group Manager1
Head Department Library Campus Services1
Head division Electronic Services1
Head Librarian1
Head Librarian, Distance Learning Services & Branch Campuses1
Head Librarian, Education Services1
Head of Access Services and Systems1
Head of Application Development1
Head of Application Services1
Head of Department1
Head of Development /IT1
Head of Digital Media and Library Technologies1
Head of eLearning Group, CLeaR1
Head of Innovation1
Head of Instruction & Research1
Head of IT Innovation1
Head of Learning & Outreach1
Head of Library Information Technology Services1
Head of Library Systems and Technology1
Head of Public Services1
Head of Secretariat, COO1
Head of Section1
Head of Systems1
Head of Systems & Digital Technology1
Head of Technical Services1
Head of the Boscov-Lakin Information Commons & Thun Library1
Head of the Education Bureau1
Head of User Services1
Head, Faculty Services1
Head, Learning Engagement1
Head, Library Digital Initiatives and IT Operations and Services1
Head, Winspear Business Reference library1
Health Informatics Systems Specialist1
Health Science Education Librarian1
Help Center Manager1
Help Desk Coordinator2
Help Desk Manager3
Help Desk Service Administrator1
Helpdesk Manager1
Higher Education Technology Group (HETGroup)1
Human Resources1
I.T. Project Manager1
IAM Lead Manager1
ICT Architect1
ICT Coordinator1
ICT demand and supply manager1
ICT Teacher1
ICTO Advisor/Teacher1
Identity & Access Management Services1
IDP Project Manager1
Inaugural Dean of Libraries & Professor1
Info Tech Planning and Assessment1
Information Center Team Lead1
Information Coordinator1
Information Designer, Emerging Technologies1
Information manager-CIO1
Information Resource Consultant1
Information Security & Privacy Director1
Information Security & Quality Assurance Officer1
Information Security Analyst1
Information Security and Privacy Officer1
Information Security Manager1
Information Security Office1
Information Security Officer7
Information Services & Technology1
Information Specialist1
Information Systems Coordinator - Mail Administration1
Information Systems Technician1
Information Technologist2
Information Technologist (Functional Analyst)1
Information Technology Analyst2
Information Technology Business Process Analyst1
Information Technology Librarian1
Information Technology Manager2
Information Technology Officer1
Information Technology Planning and Forecasting Officer1
Information Technology Project Manager1
Information Technology Special Consultant1
Information Technology Specialist1
Infrastructure and System Manager1
Infrastructure Architect1
Infrastructure Consultant1
Infrastructure Manager2
Infrastructure Services & Systems Coordinator1
Instructional Consultant1
Instructional Design Librarian1
Instructional Design Program Coordinator1
Instructional Design Specialist2
Instructional Designer29
Instructional Designer & Tech Coordinator1
Instructional Designer, Centre for Learning and Teaching1
Instructional Designer, Department of Statistics1
Instructional Designer, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute1
Instructional Designer, MBA Online Program1
Instructional Designer, School of Public Health1
Instructional Developer/Coordinator of Online Initiatives1
Instructional Development Specialist1
Instructional Media Coordinator1
Instructional Media Specialist1
Instructional Multimedia Specialist and Manager of Web Services1
Instructional Support Specialist2
Instructional Technologist12
Instructional Technologist (retired)1
Instructional Technologist and LMS Administrator1
Instructional Technology1
Instructional Technology & Design Consultant1
Instructional Technology & Training Supervisor1
Instructional Technology Administrator1
Instructional Technology Analyst1
Instructional Technology and Training Specialist1
Instructional Technology Consultant1
Instructional Technology Coordinator1
Instructional Technology Director1
Instructional Technology Manager1
Instructional Technology Specialist6
Instructional Technology, LITS1
Instructor, MacPhail School of Energy1
Instructor, School of Construction2
Instructor, School of Health and Public Safety1
Instructor, School of Information and Communications Technologies2
Instructor, School of Management1
Instructor, School of Manufacturing and Automation1
Instructor, School of Transportation2
Instructor/ IT Consultant1
Interim Assoc. VP for Academic Affairs1
Interim Associate Vice President and CIO1
Interim AVP and CIO1
Interim AVP Chief Information Officer1
Interim CIO3
Interim Dean, Academic Affairs1
Interim Director of IT, Newark Computing Services1
Interim Director of Library & Information Services1
Interim Director of Research and Instruction Services1
Interim Director of Special Projects1
Interim eLearning Director1
Interim Head of Reference1
Interim Information Security Officer1
Interim Manager User Services1
Interim Provost, Associate Provost of Assessment1
Interim University Dean for Academic Initiatives1
Interim Vice Chancellor and IT Strategist (former)1
Interim Vice President, Technology Services & CIO1
Internet Security Officer1
Internet Systems Specialist1
iPad Research Assistant1
IS Director, User Services Division1
IS Manager, College of Fine Arts and Communications1
IT - Strategist1
IT Administrative Professional1
IT Administrative Systems Director of Alumni/Development Enterprise Applications1
IT Administrator1
IT Analyst1
IT Architect1
IT Assistant Director1
IT Business Analyst IV1
IT Business Manager1
IT Business Operations Specialist1
IT Consultant3
IT Coordinator3
IT Coordinator - Heritage College of Medicine Dublin1
IT Director27
IT Director - ISC Networking and Telecommunications1
IT Director of Applications1
IT Director of Customer Support1
IT Director, Biomed Division1
IT Director, College Houses & Acad Svcs1
IT Director, Institutional & Academic Technologies1
IT Director, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences1
IT Director, Law2
IT Director, SAS Computing1
IT Director, School of Business1
IT Director, School of Nursing1
IT Director, Student Registration & Financial Services1
IT Director, Waksman Institute1
IT Director, Wharton Computing1
IT Engineer1
IT Enterprise Architect1
IT Executive Director1
IT Helpdesk Manager & Computer Science Instructor1
IT Manager11
IT Manager & Informatics Instructor1
IT Manager, College of Humanities1
IT Manager, Religious Education1
IT Manager, Service Management1
IT Manger1
IT Netowrk Analyst1
IT Operations Chief1
IT Operations Manager1
IT Planning & Info Security Officer1
IT PMO Director1
IT Policy and Communication Officer1
IT Program Director2
IT Program Manager1
IT Project Analyst1
IT Project Engineer Associate1
IT Project Leader5
IT Project Manager8
IT Project Manager, ProDesk1
IT Project Manager, Systems and Services1
IT Security Manager1
IT Security Officer2
IT Senior1
IT Senior Project Leader1
IT Service Excellence Leader1
IT Service Manager1
IT Services Coordinator1
IT Specialist3
IT Specialst1
IT SR Accociate1
IT Sr. Director, Engineering School1
IT Sr. Project Leader1
IT Strategist and Enterprise Architect1
IT supervisor2
IT Support1
IT Support Analyst1
IT Support Manager2
IT Support Specialist5
IT Support Specialist, School of Medicine Information Services1
IT Systems Manager1
IT Teacher1
IT Technical Director1
IT Technical Director, The Wharton School of Business1
IT Technical Director, VPUL Technology Services1
IT Technology Director1
IT Training Coordinator1
ITS Budget Specialist1
ITS Director1
ITS Liaison and Special Projects Manager1
ITSM Program Manager1
ITT Manager1
JISC Executive Secretary1
Jr. Systems Administrator1
Key Account Manager1
Knowledge Integration Manager, Health Sciences Library1
LAN Administrator2
LAN/Systems Administrator1
Ld. Applications Programmer Analyst1
Lead Applications Developer1
Lead Architecture Professional2
Lead Consultant1
Lead DBA1
Lead Developer/Analyst1
Lead E-Learning Instructional Designer for FRC-TEC1
Lead for Client Technologies1
Lead Instructional Technologist1
Lead IT1
Lead of Server, Database & Web Services Team1
Lead Programmer/Analyst2
Lead Software Applications Developer1
Lead Systems Engineer1
Lead Systems Programmer1
Lead Technician1
Leadership Award Recipient2
Leadership Institute Faculty1
Learning & Technology Center Manager1
Learning Experience Designer1
Learning Resources Manager1
Learning Services Librarian1
Learning Studio director1
Learning Systems, University Systems1
Learning Technologies and Resources Administrator1
Lecturer, Management Consultant1
Lecturer, School of Library & Information Science1
Librarian for Digital Scholarship Initiatives1
Librarian for Life Sciences1
Librarian/Manager of Communications and Outreach1
Library Director7
Library Information Systems Admin1
Library Information Systems Manager1
Library Information Technologies and Digital Initiatives1
Library System Administrator1
Library Systems Manager1
Library Systems/Services Co-ordinator1
Library Technology Analyst1
License manager1
Life Sciences Librarian1
LMS Administrator1
LMS Administrator, Coordinator of D2L Services1
LMS Manager1
Manager - Data Storage & Integration Support1
Manager - Education & Collaboration Technology - Architecture Group1
Manager - Enterprise Applications and Systems1
Manager - ESIA Information Technology1
Manager - Information Technology, Facility Design and Construction1
Manager - Network Engineering1
Manager -- IDM and Web Applications1
Manager Academic Technology Services1
Manager Architecture, Risk and Compliance1
Manager Bachelors for Professionals1
Manager Classroom Support Academic Learning and Teaching1
Manager Computing Services - FHSS1
Manager Desktop Support Services1
Manager Educational Technology Support1
Manager Enterprise Systems1
Manager for Technology Education & Computing1
Manager Group Education and Research Services1
Manager ICT1
Manager Information Technology/ Senior Lecturer1
Manager Innovative Learning Solutions1
Manager Network & Audio Visual Solutions1
Manager of Academic Systems1
Manager of Accessibility and Usability1
Manager of Application Development1
Manager of Applications1
Manager of Customer Services1
Manager of Design & Development Services1
Manager of Digital Scholarship Research1
Manager of Enterprise Systems1
Manager of Information Solutions1
Manager of Information Technology1
Manager of Infrastructure and User Services1
Manager of Instructional Technology2
Manager of Instructional Technology and User Experience1
Manager of Instructional Technology Consulting Team & Senior Instructional Tech1
Manager of IT Communication & Special Projects1
Manager of Learning Applications1
Manager of Media Services1
Manager of Network Operations 2nd shift1
Manager of Operations for HR1
Manager of Program and Technology Development1
Manager of Student Computing2
Manager of Systems Administration1
Manager of Technical Operations1
Manager of User Services2
Manager Software Maint & Development1
Manager Strategic Planning and Communications IT1
Manager Systems and Software Development1
Manager Teaching and Learning Technology1
Manager Technical Programming1
Manager Technical Support1
Manager Technology Services1
Manager, Academic Computing Services1
Manager, Academic Computing Services, HSB1
Manager, Academic Support1
Manager, Accessibility Team1
Manager, Application Development1
Manager, Audiovisual and Classroom Technology Support1
Manager, Business Applications Support1
Manager, CalNet Identity and Access Management1
Manager, CCS Research Partnerships1
Manager, Client Productivity1
Manager, Clusters Technical Services, Academic Technology Services1
Manager, Computing Services2
Manager, Corporate Relations1
Manager, Custom Application Development1
Manager, Data Management1
Manager, Education and Outreach1
Manager, Educational Technologies1
Manager, Educational Technology Spaces, Computing Services1
Manager, Electronic Content Management1
Manager, Emerging Technology and Media1
Manager, Enterprise Operations & Academic Computing1
Manager, Enterprise Service Presentation and Delivery1
Manager, Faculty Professional Development Center1
Manager, Field Technology1
Manager, Hardware Support Services1
Manager, ICT Web Applications1
Manager, Identity and Access Management1
Manager, Identity Management Systems1
Manager, Information Systems2
Manager, Information Technology1
Manager, Innovations in Teaching and Learning1
Manager, Instruction Support Systems1
Manager, Instructional Design & Delivery1
Manager, Instructional Design and Development1
Manager, Instructional Tech. and Faculty Technology Development Center1
Manager, Instructional Technology Services1
Manager, IT Infrastructure Planning, Design and Integration, CCS1
Manager, IT Support Services1
Manager, ITS1
Manager, ITS User Services1
Manager, Knowledge Management1
Manager, LMS & Learning Technologies1
Manager, Member Services1
Manager, Network & Systems Administration1
Manager, Network and Systems Administration1
Manager, Network Engineering1
Manager, Network Operations1
Manager, Online Learning & Continuing Studies1
Manager, Online Learning Environments1
Manager, Organizational Change1
Manager, Planning & Emerging Technology1
Manager, Project Management1
Manager, Research IT1
Manager, Research Programmer1
Manager, Software Support Services1
Manager, Student Applications Development1
Manager, System and Network Support1
Manager, Systems Software1
Manager, Teaching and Learning1
Manager, Tech Commons1
Manager, Technology Help Desk1
Manager, Technology Infrastructure1
Manager, Technology Infrastructure Services1
Manager, Technology Services1
Manager, Technology Services and Support1
Manager, Technology-Enriched Learning1
Manager, UFIT Web Services1
Manager, Unix & Network Applications Support1
Manager: Learning and Teaching Systems1
Managing Director -OLE (Open Library Environment)1
Managing Director Online & Digital Learning1
Managing Director Student Information Systems1
Managing Director, Academic and Administrative Technology Services1
Managing Director, Academic Technology Services1
Managing Director, IT Technology Support1
Market Manager1
Marketing Coordinator, Conferences and Events1
Marketing Coordinator, Membership1
Marketing Director1
Marketing Manager1
Marketing Manager, Conferences1
Marketing Manager, ELI and NGLC1
Master of Arts in Educational Technology, Program Coordinator1
Materials Manager1
Media Librarian1
Media Systems Administrator1
Meeting Planner1
Member Services Representative2
Messiah College - Learning Technology Services1
Mgr, Advisement Systems and Program Development1
Mgr, Educational Technology1
Mgr. Dsk. Srvcs1
Mgr. Strategic Planning, Communication, ITS1
Mgr.- Methods and Education Services1
Microcomputer Support Administrator1
MLIS Graduate1
Mobile Learning Support Specialist1
Mobile, Media and Training Specialist1
Moodle Project Manager1
Mulitmedia Developer1
Multimedia Application Developer II1
Multimedia Instructional Technologist1
Multimedia Producer1
Music Instructor1
Network & Systems Administrator1
Network & Telecom Technician1
Network Administrator3
Network and Systems Manager1
Network Architect1
Network Development Manager1
Network Engineer4
Network Engineer II1
Network Engineer Sr.1
Network Manager6
Network Security Analyst1
Network Service Admin1
Network Service Technician1
Network Services Director1
Network Services Manager-Berks Campus1
Network Specialist2
Network Specialist/IT Planner1
Network Systems Engineer II1
Network Technician1
Network-System Engineer1
Network/ Systems Administrator1
Network/Telecom Specialist1
New Media Librarian1
NSSE Research Analyst1
Office of Admissions, Director of Information Technology1
Office of Information Technology, HR Manager1
Online Curriculum Renewal Leader1
Online Faculty Quality Manager1
Online Learning Coordinator1
Online Learning Services Coordinator1
Online Vice President1
Open Education Ambassador1
Open Source Architect1
Operating Systems Programmer1
Operations Manager2
Operations Manager for Admissions1
Organizational Effectiveness Consultant1
Outreach and Information Technology Librarian1
Outreach Coordinator1
Partner Relationship Manager1
Partnerships and Innovation Developer1
PC Support Specialist3
PC Support Specialist, School of Information and Communications Technologies1
PC-Network Services Manager1
Pedagogical Consultant1
PeopleSoft Security1
PhD Student1
Phone Systems Administrator1
Planning Associate1
PMO Director1
PMO Manager1
Policy Specialist, Washington Office1
President & CEO1
President - Distance Learning1
President and CEO3
President Emeritus1
President of the Open College at Kaplan University1
President TCC Connect Campus1
President, Drexel University Online1
Prgm Analyst, Identity & Access Mgmt1
Principal Analyst and Consultant1
Principal Consultant1
Principal Instructional and Collaborative Technolo1
Principal Systems Analyst / Administrator & Team Leader1
Principal Systems Analyst, Teaching and Learning Technologies, UITS1
Privacy and Security Officer1
Pro-Dean, Professor1
Procurement & Sourcing Manager1
Procurement and Contracts Analyst1
Product Manager1
Product Manager (Learning Technologies)1
Product Manager - Core Services1
Production Editor1
Professor & Associate Dean2
Professor - Instructional Technology1
Professor / Educational Technology1
Professor and Instructional Technology Specialist1
Professor CRJ1
Professor Emeritus2
Professor Emeritus, Coordinator of Special IT Projects & Faculty Collaboration1
Professor of Chemistry1
Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus1
Professor of Chemistry, Executive Director, Center1
Professor of Communication1
Professor of Communication Studies1
Professor of Communication, Arts Department1
Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics1
Professor of Education2
Professor of Finance1
Professor of Higher Education1
Professor of Information Technology1
Professor of Learning Innovations1
Professor of Management Information Systems1
Professor of MIS, School of Business1
Professor of Practice1
Professor of Psychology1
Professor, Assistant to the President1
Professor, College of Business & Economics1
Professor, Computer Science1
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering1
Professor, Director1
Professor, Director of the Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies1
Professor, Doctoral Leadership Department1
Professor, Vice CIO1
Professor-Chair Psych.Dept1
Professor/IT Consultant1
Program Analyst1
Program Chair & Faculty- Networking & Cyber Security1
Program Coordinator2
Program Director3
Program Director - Information Systems1
Program Director, Student Administration Systems1
Program Management1
Program Manager3
Program Manager, Digital Learning in Residential Education1
Program Manager, ECAR Working Groups1
Program Manager, Online Accessibility1
Program Manager, Online Programs1
Program Manager, School of Medicine1
Program Manager-Strategic Initiatives1
Program Officer1
Program Officer for IT Services1
Program Officer, Next Generation Learning Challenges1
Program Specialist1
Program Specialist for Monitoring and eLearning1
Programme Manager IT and Education1
Programmer / Analyst1
Programmer Analyst2
Programmer Analyst Sr.1
Programmer Analyst, Wharton Research Data Services1
Programmer Faculty of Arts1
Programmer Manager1
Project Analyst1
Project Coordinator1
Project Coordinator - Graduate PASS1
Project Director1
Project Director, Dartmouth Research Commons1
Project Director, Postsecondary Sector1
Project Director, WACS Accreditation1
Project Engineer1
Project Leader1
Project Leader Administrative Systems1
Project Management1
Project Manager22
Project Manager for Faculty Initiatives1
Project manager ICT in Education1
Project Manager IT & Education1
Project Manager, Enrollment Management1
Project Manager, ITServices1
Project Manager, Marriott Library1
Project Manager, Sr.1
Project Manager, Technology Support Services1
Project Manager, The Orange Grove1
Project Program Manager1
Project/Program Specialist1
Projects and Planning Officer1
Provost & VP for Academic Affairs1
Provost and Vice President1
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs2
Provost/Chief Academic Officer1
Psychology Instructor1
Public Health Informatics1
Publisher Chairman1
Publisher/Editor, EDUCAUSE Review1
Publishing Director1
Purchasing Coordinator1
Quality Assurance Specialist1
Quality coordinator1
Reference and Instructional Technology Librarian1
Reference Librarian1
Regional Campus CIO1
Regional Chief Information Officer1
Regional Director of Technology Services1
Regional Director, Fuller Texas1
Research Analyst1
Research Associate, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute1
Research Commons Librarian1
Research Commons Student Assistant1
Research Computing1
Research Data Manager1
RETIRED - Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services1
Retired IT Professional1
RETIRED March 15, 2012: Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services/CIO1
Safety & Security Supervisor, College of Veterinary Medicine1
Scholarly Communication Librarian1
Security & Systems Admin1
Security Analyst2
Security Services Manager1
Senior Academic Technologist1
Senior Academic Technology Officer-ATI Director1
Senior Advancement Specialist1
Senior Advisor for Privacy and Compliance1
Senior advisor ICT and education1
Senior Analyst1
Senior Application / System Analyst1
Senior Application Specialist1
Senior Architect for Usability and Design1
Senior Assessment Specialist1
Senior Assoc. Dean for Academic Innovation & Chief Academic Technology Officer1
Senior Associate Dean2
Senior Associate Vice President / Operational Excellence1
Senior Associate VP and CIO1
Senior Business Analyst2
Senior Business Analyst, Teaching and Learning, ITS1
Senior Business Process Engineer1
Senior Client Data Analyst1
Senior Consultant1
Senior Consultant and Adjunct Faculty, Educational Technologies1
Senior Consultant Learning Technology1
Senior Consultant, CIO's Office1
Senior Contract Manager & Business Consultant1
Senior Contracting Officer1
Senior Database Administrator1
Senior Desktop Support Specialist / Academic Lead1
Senior Desktop Support Specialist, Administrative Lead1
Senior Director2
Senior Director - Technology and Information Management1
Senior Director Enterprise Systems1
Senior Director for IT & Admin Initiatives, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences1
Senior Director for Online Initiatives and Innovation1
Senior Director of Darden Media1
Senior Director of Education Policy1
Senior Director of Information and Technology Management1
Senior Director of Information Technology2
Senior Director of Information Technology Services1
Senior Director of IT1
Senior Director of Systems, Information Security & Compliance1
Senior Director of Teaching and Learning With Tech1
Senior Director, Administrative Information Services, ITS1
Senior Director, CeDAR1
Senior Director, Client Relationship Management1
Senior Director, Conferences and Educational Activities1
Senior Director, Content1
Senior Director, CTELT1
Senior Director, Distance Learning Center Business Operations1
Senior Director, Enterprise Applications Analysis and Development1
Senior Director, Enterprise Applications and Data Services1
Senior Director, Info Tech Srvcs1
Senior Director, Information Technology2
Senior Director, IT Operations1
Senior Director, IT Service Delivery1
Senior Director, IT Services and Infrastructure1
Senior Director, IT Systems and Support1
Senior Director, Learning Environments1
Senior Director, Learning Innovations: Ctr for Excellence in Teaching & Learning1
Senior Director, Middleware and Security1
Senior Director, Online Professional Development1
Senior Director, School of Arts and Sciences Computing1
Senior Director, Strategic Operations1
Senior Director: IT1
Senior Editor1
Senior Education Development Officer2
Senior Educational and Sustainability IT Project Manager1
Senior Electronic Media Coordinator1
Senior Evaluation Consultant1
Senior Fellow2
Senior Identity Manager1
Senior Information Officer1
Senior Instructional Designer5
Senior Instructional Developer1
Senior Instructional Media Services Specialist1
Senior Instructional Technologist2
Senior instructor1
Senior IT Change Manager`1
Senior IT Commodity Manager1
Senior IT Consultant, TAMU IT1
Senior IT Director4
Senior IT Director - The Wharton School1
Senior IT Director, Research & Innovation1
Senior IT Project Manager1
Senior Lead IT Consultant1
Senior Lecturer2
Senior Lecturer in Biology1
Senior Manager1
Senior Manager - Strategy and Planning1
Senior Manager BCDR1
Senior Manager for User Support1
Senior Manager, Academic & Learning Systems Support1
Senior Manager, Distributed Research Computing Support1
Senior Manager, Institutional Research1
Senior Manager, Library Technology Services1
Senior Manager, Media Services1
Senior Manager, Network Services1
Senior Media Producer1
Senior Network Administrator1
Senior Network Analyst1
Senior Network Engineer1
Senior Network Security Administrator1
Senior New Media Editor1
Senior Policy Adviser, Education1
Senior Program Manager2
Senior Program Officer, Postsecondary Success1
Senior Programmer/Analyst4
Senior Project Manager2
Senior Project Manager, Division of Computing Services1
Senior Project Officer IT1
Senior Reporter1
Senior Research Analyst2
Senior Research Manager, HarvardX1
Senior Researcher1
Senior Specialist, IT Service Management1
Senior Strategic Advisor. Office of Digital Learning & Director, OEIT1
Senior Strategic IT Consultant1
Senior Support Specialist1
Senior Support Technician1
Senior Systems Administrator1
Senior Systems Analyst2
Senior Systems Engineer1
Senior Systems Integrator1
Senior Systems Support Analyst1
Senior Technology Consultant1
Senior Technology Engineer1
Senior Technology Officer2
Senior Technology Support Manager/IT Project Manager1
Senior Vice President1
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer1
Senior Vice President of Client Relations1
Senior Vice President Student Life & Admin Services1
Senior Vice President/Online Learning and President of Drexel University Online1
Senior Vice Provost1
Senior Web Developer, Communications & Middleware Technologies1
Senior Web Developer/Webmaster - Admissions1
Server Administrator1
Server and Network Manager1
Service and Project Portfolio Manager, Sr.1
Service Delivery Manager for Information and Communications Technology1
Service Desk Coordinator1
Service Desk Manager1
Service Desk Team Leader2
Service Manager1
SIS Manager1
SIS Security Coordinator1
Snr. System Administrator1
Social Media and Interactive Technology Manager1
Social Media Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment1
Software Architect1
Software Engineer2
Software Sales Executive1
Software Solutions Developer1
Software Support Analyst1
Solutions Architect2
Speaker Liaison1
Special Advisor1
Special Advisor, Professional Development1
Special Assistant to the Chancellor1
Special Assistant to the COO1
Special Assistant to the President1
Special Assistant to the Provost1
Special Projects Coordinator1
Sr Application Developer1
Sr IT Director, Student Reg and Financial Services1
Sr IT Manager1
Sr Lead Systems and Data Administrator1
Sr Manager, Business Process Reengineering1
Sr Prog/Analyst1
Sr Project Manager1
Sr Systems Analyst, Richard Ivey School of Business1
Sr, Technology Educator, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center College of Medicine1
Sr. Academic Tech. Specialist1
Sr. Advisor to NET+1
Sr. Advisor, IT Infrastructure Planning1
Sr. Applications Programmer/Analyst1
Sr. Associate Director, Applications Development, DELTA1
Sr. Communications Coordinator and Strategist1
Sr. Computing Consultant1
Sr. Computing Consultant & Instructor1
Sr. Consultant for Engineering, Data Sec & Spec Projects1
Sr. Dir. Faculty Engagement, Innovation and Techno1
Sr. Director of Client Engagement, IT1
Sr. Director of Information Technology1
Sr. Director of Network and Infrastructure1
Sr. Director Telecom & Networking1
Sr. Director Telecommunications & Networking Services1
Sr. Director, Academic Systems1
Sr. Director, Customer Support & Quality of Service Assurance1
Sr. Director, Strategic Initiatives1
Sr. Evaluation Consultant1
Sr. Instructional Designer1
Sr. Instructional Technologist1
Sr. Instructional Technology Specialist1
Sr. IT Audit Consultant1
Sr. IT Communications Analyst1
Sr. IT Consultant, Division of Information Technology1
Sr. IT Director1
Sr. IT Enterprise Consultant1
Sr. IT Project Leader, Software Licensing1
Sr. IT Security Analyst1
Sr. IT Technology Consultant2
Sr. Manager1
Sr. Manager, Instructional Technology1
Sr. Manager, Web and Communications1
Sr. Network Engineer1
Sr. Programmer Analyst, SUNY ITEC1
Sr. Programmer/Analyst1
Sr. Project Manager1
Sr. Project Manager-Advisor1
Sr. Senior Instructional Technologist1
Sr. Systems Administrator, IU School of Medicine1
Sr. Systems Analyst1
Sr. Systems Analyst/Programmer1
Sr. Vice President / Chief Information Officer1
Sr. Vice President / CIO (Retired)1
Sr. Vice President of Administration & Finance1
Sr. Vice President, Analytics, Planning & Technolo1
Sr. Vice President, Finance & Administration1
Sr. Web Specialist1
Stanford Software Licensing2
Statewide Director of Higher Education eLearning1
Strategic Advisor1
Strategic Innovations Lead1
Strategic IT Initiatives1
Strategic Operations Manager1
Strategic Planning & Consulting / University Information Technologies (UNIT)1
Strategic Planning-Software Licensing1
Strategic Relations Manager1
Strategic Technologist1
Strategy & Design Manager1
Strategy & Planning Consultant, Product Manager1
Student Computing1
Student Network Coordinator1
Sub director1
Supervising Programmer Analyst1
Supervisor, Data Centre1
Supervisor, Network Services1
Supervisor/Support Sepecialist1
Support and Training Specialist1
Support Manager1
SVP Data & Analytics1
Sys Admin2
System Administrator5
System Analyst2
System Engineer2
System specialist1
System Supporter1
Systems Administrator4
Systems Administrator III1
Systems Analyst2
Systems and Network Administrator1
Systems Coordinator, College of Business1
Systems Engineer1
Systems Engineer - IAM Lead Architect1
Systems Engineer, Application Engineering1
Systems Engineer/Admin1
Systems Engineering Manager1
Systems Manager4
Systems Programmer2
Systems Programmer Sr1
Systems Specialist for the Kimmel School of Engineering1
Systems Support Analyst1
Systems/Network Administrator1
Teacher/Coordinator ICT & Education1
Teaching & Learning Facilities Manager, ITS1
Teaching and Learning Services1
Teaching and Learning Technologies Librarian1
Teaching and Learning with Technology1
Team Lead Engineer1
Team Lead, Application Development1
Team Lead, Managed IT Support Services1
Team Lead, Sauder IT, Information Technology1
Team Lead, User Experience, Teaching & Learning1
Team Leader DITR-Plus1
Team Leader of Administrative Computing Support1
Tech Coordinator1
Tech Fee Coordinator1
Tech Support Analyst1
Tech Support Analyst Associate1
Tech Support Specialist1
Technical Director1
Technical Director of Network Operations1
Technical Director, Enterprise Information Services1
Technical Director, REN-ISAC1
Technical Director-The Wharton School1
Technical Help Desk Coordinator1
Technical Lead1
Technical Lead, Center for Teaching and Learning1
Technical Manager, College of Arts & Sciences1
Technical Product Manager, College for America1
Technical Sales Engineer1
Technical Services Manager1
Technical Solutions Architect1
Technical Specialist3
Technical Support Assistant Manager1
Technical Support Specialist1
Technical Support Specialist & Developer1
Technical Support Specialist, CA&S1
Technical support Technician1
Technical Writer1
Technologies & Library Services Administrator1
Technology Accessibility Specialist1
Technology Administrator1
Technology Coordinator - Computer Labs1
Technology Director, ITS Support Services1
Technology Manager, Academic & Collaborative Applications, UW-IT1
Technology Manager, History Department1
Technology Project Manager1
Technology Services Director1
Technology Services Manager1
Technology Support Coordinator1
Technology Support Mktg & Communications Manager1
Technology Support Specialist2
Telecom Director1
Telecommunication System Administrator1
Telecommunications Administrator1
Television Program Manager1
Texas A&M IT Product Strategy and Communication1
Training and Learning Spaces Director1
Training and Support Consultant1
Training Coordinator1
Training Manager2
Training Specialist2
Training Specialist III1
U.S. History and African American Studies Librarian1
under and Course Designer1
United States Chief Technology Officer1
Univeristy Director ERP Training1
University Chief Information Officer1
University Chief Technology Officer1
University Dean for Libraries and Information Resources1
University Director of Academic Technology1
University Director, OIT Enterprise Application Services1
University Librarian10
University President1
University Privacy Officer1
University Staff1
UNM HSC Privacy Officer1
User Support Analyst1
User Support Manager1
V. P. of Information Technology / CIO1
V.P. of Info Tech1
VC Administrative Services1
Vendor Relations / Management1
Vice Chairman of Pearson U.S. Higher Ed and CEO of Pearson Learning Solutions1
Vice Chancellor & CIO1
Vice Chancellor & CIO, Division of Information Technology1
Vice Chancellor (Interim)1
Vice Chancellor / Chief Information Officer1
Vice Chancellor / CIO1
Vice Chancellor for Facilities, Planning & Infomration Technology1
Vice Chancellor for Information Services1
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology1
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & CIO1
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO2
Vice Chancellor of Information Technology and CIO1
Vice Chancellor of Technology & CTO1
Vice Chancellor, Education and Technology1
Vice Chancellor/CIO1
Vice Dean1
Vice President4
Vice President & Chief Information Officer2
Vice President & CIO2
Vice President Academic1
Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer1
Vice President and Chief Information Officer5
Vice President and CIO5
Vice President and CIO, Information Technology1
Vice President Business Development1
Vice President Campus Life and Information Services1
Vice President for Academic Affairs1
Vice President for Academic Success & Innovation1
Vice President for Administration3
Vice President for Administration / Chief Information Officer1
Vice President for Administration and Chief Business Officer1
Vice President for Administration and Finance1
Vice President for College Advancement and CIO1
Vice President for Educational Technology & Distance Learning1
Vice President for Enrollment Management1
Vice President for Global Technology1
Vice President for Information Resources & CIO1
Vice President for Information Services1
Vice President for Information Services - Retired1
Vice President for Information Services and Assessment1
Vice President for Information Services and CIO3
Vice President for Information Services and Librarian of the College1
Vice President for Information Technologies1
Vice President for Information Technology5
Vice President for Information Technology & CIO1
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO4
Vice President for Information Technology and CTO1
Vice President for Information Technology Services5
Vice President for Information Technology-CIO Emerita1
Vice President for Integrated Technology Services1
Vice President for IT1
Vice President for IT & Chief Information Officer1
Vice President for IT / CIO1
Vice President for IT and Associate Provost1
Vice President for IT and CIO2
Vice President for IT and CIO Emeritus1
Vice President for Libraries and IT1
Vice President for Library & Information Technology1
Vice President for Operations, Residential Education1
Vice President for Planning and Partnerships1
Vice President for Student Affairs1
Vice President for Technology2
Vice President for Technology & Communication1
Vice President For Technology / Chief Information Officer1
Vice President for Technology and CIO2
Vice President for Technology and Security1
Vice President for Trust and Identity1
Vice President Information Technology1
Vice President Information Technology, Chief Infor1
Vice President IT and Operations1
Vice President of Business Affairs, CFO1
Vice President of Computer Services and CIO1
Vice President of Corporate Communications1
Vice President of Information Services & Chief Information Officer1
Vice President of Information Technology2
Vice President of Information Technology & CIO1
Vice President of Information Technology and CIO1
Vice President of IT & Chief Information Officer1
Vice President of Operations1
Vice President Student Services & Planning1
Vice President Technology Assessment and Planning1
Vice President, Administration & Finance1
Vice President, Analytics1
Vice President, Chief Information Officer1
Vice President, CIO3
Vice President, Client Development1
Vice President, Community Engagement1
Vice President, Data, Research, and Analytics1
Vice President, Global Campus1
Vice President, Information and Technology Resources1
Vice President, Information Services1
Vice President, Information Technology1
Vice President, Information Technology and Infrastructure1
Vice President, Information Technology Services3
Vice President, Instructional & Information Technology1
Vice President, Libraries & IT1
Vice President, Membership Outreach & Engagement1
Vice President, Operations & Chief Information Officer1
Vice President, Planning and Operation1
Vice President, Product Management1
Vice President, Research & Development1
Vice President, Strategic Accounts1
Vice President-Chief Information Officer1
Vice President-CIO2
Vice President-University Services1
Vice President/Chief Information Officer1
Vice President/CIO1
Vice Provost3
Vice Provost and CIO1
Vice Provost and CIO (Retired)1
Vice Provost for Distributed Learning1
Vice Provost for Information Services / CIO1
Vice Provost for Information Technology1
Vice Provost for Information Technology-CIO1
Vice Provost for IT and CIO1
Virtual Lab Administrator1
Visiting Assistant Professor1
Visiting Professor of Information Systems1
Visual Resources Librarian1
VP & Chief Information Officer1
VP & CIO Media & IT1
VP and CIO1
VP and Managing Director, Ed Tech Industry Network1
VP Enrollment Management1
VP for Information and Library Services1
VP for Information and Technology Services1
VP for Information Technology2
VP for Information Technology & Library Services1
VP for Information Technology and CIO3
VP for Information Technology, CIO2
VP for Information Technology-CTO1
VP for IT & CIO1
VP for IT & IR1
VP for IT and CIO1
VP for IT and CITO for NYU New York1
VP for IT and Dean of University Libraries1
VP Information Technology - CIO1
VP Information Technology / CIO1
VP of Administration and CIO1
VP of Business Affairs/CFO1
VP of Information Systems1
VP of IT & CIO2
VP of Technology and Academic Services1
VP, Business Technology1
VP, Information Systems & Technology1
VP, Student Development & University Planning1
VP-Strategic Alliances1
Web & Mobile Services Manager1
Web & Systems Administrator1
Web Analyst1
Web Application Administrator1
Web Application Developer2
Web Applications Developer1
Web Architect / Internet Specialist1
Web Coordinator1
Web Designer1
Web Designer and Production Specialist1
Web Developer5
Web Director1
Web Program Manager1
Web Services1
Web Services Project Manager1
Web Strategist, CTLT1
Web Support Assistant1
Web Support Specialist1
Welder, School of Manufacturing and Automation1
Williams School Technology Coordinator1